Identity card of the community of living people

It is used in cases where a Living Man is not in legal circulation, ie it is outside the contractual relationship in any commercial sense. In legal transactions, a natural person is obliged to use his / her personal first and last name, (identity card), while out of legal traffic it is not. How do you know if you are legal or not? Well simple. Simply showing your ID, ie identifying it, is considered proof that you are within the legal circulation, a citizen of the Republic of Croatia subject to the constitutional and legal framework. If you do not identify yourself with the same you claim that you are not part of this order, and officials who at any cost want to place you in their jurisdiction (trade) will have to prove that you are not what you claim.

Although your statement that you are a Living Man is only evident, that is obvious, nevertheless, if administrative persons do not trust your statement you can show her an ID. It is proof that you are registered in the Register of Living People and are no longer within the legal circulation, so no legal administer has jurisdiction over you.

You use your card at your own risk and in good faith towards all people, regardless of their official capacity. The card is not a contract document, so no other or third party can claim to have any right over you if you identify with it. In this case, the Register of Living People is not a classic register, because by registering no one waives any rights, assumes new ones or gets any duties. The pass is evidence, an excerpt from the record, an eyewitness that you are a Living Man and not a natural person or any other legal person.