On line meeting of Living people – schedule

Hello People. On line meeting of living people, the first in such a truncated format, has already been planned and arranged in not very detailed but still detailed.

The guest lecturers are phenomenal. I dare say that there are very few who can organize such quality lecturers with extremely interesting topics.

The schedule is as follows.

Wednesday 27.05.

18 – 19:30 – Dražen Destroyer of the Worlds: “Delegalization”

20:30 – 22h – Luck Mieering: “Who is the author of your life script”

Thursday 28.05.

18 – 19: 30h – Juraj Jogunica: “Multidimensional nature of man”

20:30 – 22h – Jure Stanić: “…In the mind – mind..”?

Friday 29.05.

17 – 19h ZeMArC – Zana Zu and Michael Rice: “Bioarchitecture, holistic design and repleted space”

20:30 – 22h Robert Shenk: “Experiences from Blatusa”

Saturday 30.05.

18 – 19: 30h Miran Rubin: “Geoengineering”

20:30 – 22h Harald Kautz: “AI gods, How the machine is running the world.”

Sunday 31.05.

18 – 19: 30h Dušan Dunđer: “How to respond to the Global Political Situation”

20:30 – 22:30 Dražen Destroyer of the Worlds: “Enough kidding”


• The price for participation in all zoom meetings is 40 kn (5 €), there is no discount given the symbolic price, in fact who wants to give more is welcome.
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o in Split and surroundings Dražen 0954552071
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o in Zadar and its surroundings Vedran 0915848804
o in Belgrade and around Krle 0659579111
o If you are not in any of these cities, and you pay only in cash, contact Dražen on the first phone number for an appointment.
• Information required during registration is name, email, phone. Additional information by email: kontrolauma2016@gmail.com
• The zoom platform works via computers but also via smartphones, so you can participate wherever you are. Who does not understand the download and installation. Get a little informed, take a look at YouTube or at www.zoom.us
All lectures will be available later on YouTube and will probably be subtitled if we find a sufficient number of helpers in the translation process.


The zoom platform works via computers but also via smartphones, so you can participate wherever you are. Who does not understand the download and installation. Get a little informed, take a look at YouTube or at www.zoom.us

All lectures will be available later on YouTube and will probably be subtitled if we find a sufficient number of helpers in the translation process.

The meeting will be via a zoom platform.


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All participants will have their microphone and camera turned off, and will not be able to join the meeting directly. All questions should be asked via the chat button where you enter the question at any time during the meeting and the host will answer at the end if possible.

I hope I said it all.

Meetings that are in English will hopefully be translated later! All meetings will be available on public platforms, but I can’t say when. Depends.

On line meeting of Living People 27.5. – 31.5.

Dear people, I would like to inform you that we are ready to organize an online convention for you. We will not pretend that this is a standard convention because it is not. The experience is to meet, talk, hug, this way online it’s different, but at least the virus can’t do anything to us, until they invent someone who can spread virtually. We don’t have the possibility of such a physical meeting at the moment, we agreed to this online concession .
In meetings that will last five days and there will probably be 2 meetings a day in the afternoon and evening. In addition to talking about the community of living people and completing the legal story of the Community through delegalization, I will speak in other important steps for further awareness of the community. These meetings are multi-national because we will have more lecturers from several countries (Germany, the Netherlands, Austria) of which it is important to point out is the visit in these circles of the famous and popular researcher Harald Kautz who agreed to be present at the meetings. We are in negotiations with two other lecturers from Slovenia and Serbia who will most likely be guest lecturers, but at the moment we cannot confirm that. It is time for such topics, because the desire of the controller is to quickly get used to the “new normality”, and we see in that a chance to go a step beyond any system imposed by the system!
Lecturers, topics and timetables will be published later. Meetings will be held from 27.5 (Wednesday) to 31.5 (Sunday) in the afternoon and evening.
• The price for participation in all zoom meetings is 40 kn (5 €), there is no discount given the symbolic price, in fact who wants to give more is welcome.
• We receive payments through the IBAN account: HR9723600003248567133, can also be sent to Revolut at no. phone 00385954552071 paypal: mihaelkasalo112@gmail.com
• We also accept cash payments from those who do not have an account or do not work through it
o in Split and surroundings Dražen 0954552071
o in Zagreb and the surroundings of Jaka 0977074838
o in Zadar and its surroundings Vedran 0915848804
o in Belgrade and around Krla 0659579111
o If you are not in any of these cities, and you pay only in cash, contact Dražen on the first phone number for an appointment.
• Information required during registration is name, email, phone. Additional information by email: kontrolauma2016@gmail.com
• The zoom platform works via computers but also via smartphones, so you can participate wherever you are. Who does not understand the download and installation. Get a little informed, take a look at YouTube or at www.zoom.us
All lectures will be available later on YouTube and will probably be subtitled if we find a sufficient number of helpers in the translation process.

Delegalisation of property & enrolment of belongings.

The spiritual property of Man is only his Soul and it is something that is truly his, that is, inseparable from him, he is that. The material aspect of property that is today mostly talked about, dished out and lived for it is the one that a Man “acquired” through his work, or commercially, the one he paid with money, legally, the one he inherited. Here, we are mostly talking about buildings (houses, flats, business premises) or land of different types, alleged uses and sizes. Although it is not intended to claim that man is the master of all objects and land, and especially not the owner of the same, with this subject in the spirit of the fundamental truths of the Community of Living People should be careful.
Yet today is a time of change and the best moment to put the new paradigm into practice. The situation is changing for the benefit of Man even though many have not seen it, and therefore the wind in the back and the support of the forces of light and truth are on side of Man at this moment more than before, so this is, again, the best time to apply the knowledge that we have gained in recent years.
Namely, we are advocates that tangible goods belong only to the man who uses them, inherit, who possess them, and in this sense any accumulation of real estate in the hereditary sense is not desirable at the moment. A Living Man is a Man of a spiritual nature whose material possessions are not the dominant priority, but we will not say that they are in the last place. Many “living people” have not set foot in some of “their” lands for years, but they claim to be theirs. Some people do not even know where they are, but they do not mind that they continue to claim that these lands belong to them.
The general attitude of the Community is that a Man belongs to what he needs and what he uses and that is inalienable, whether it is a house, an apartment, a land, a business premises, or all of that.
When I said that these tangible goods belong to a Man inalienably, then I meant that they could never be taken away under any conditions. Unless one ceases to use them, it is the right of another Man to use them for their own good in the manner of a good master.
No purchase of land or houses etc. Houses abandoned for more than 5 years should be lawfully allocated to someone who needs and uses them. Land that has not been used also for longer than, let’s say, 10 years can be taken as a landlord by anyone. And it is a natural right, by divine design, that has also created the Earth and Man for the heir to the same as everything that is on it.
In a commercial-financial trading system, the fundamental question is how to create more “wealth” (pump up GDP) so that bankers or other usurers (bloodsuckers) can issue promissory notes or other types of “securities” (read create money) at the expense of those assets. Therefore, people hungry for money and trade banalities and costume jewelry rushed to register “their property” which would be a pledge to newly created debt (read credit, money creation) and legalized their property. They first legalized themselves as participants in trading processes (registration, birth certificate) and then legalized their assets in order to have a stake on the gambling and trading desk of commercial relations.
The property, when it was legalized, became a legal matter, subject to commercial and legal transactions, and thus alienable, and was recorded in the King’s registers as the property of a legal or natural person who is a party to legal transactions.

It’s simple isn’t it …

Thus, property that is legalized becomes alienable because it is in legal traffic. This is also confirmed by the English legal term “lien-able” which, when disassembled, means the possibility of a pledge, while un-lien-able is impossible to pledge translated into us as inalienable. Therefore, every thing in legal traffic is alienating (lien-able), as opposed of a thing that is not in legal traffic, thing that doesn’t have legal personality.

In support of this, I appoint to article of the Enforcement/Foreclosure Act of the Republic of Croatia:

Assets and subject of enforcement and security; Article 4; (4) The subject of enforcement may not be things outside the legal traffic, as well as other things for which this is stipulated by a special law.

Therefore,  with the Proclamation (declaration, announcement, publication, promulgation) of Freedom and Sovereignty of a Living Man and its delivery opened the possibility for the Living Man to exit the trade-legal system because he has an inalienable right to exercise his free will, and choice inherit by its nature.

“Revocation of Ownership Contracts;

Ownership is to Nature an unknown term and does not exist as such. Nature belongs to everyone, but not to anyone in particular, and no one can claim to have any property over anything that is alive, that is Earth and All on Earth. Ownership, as a title of the right over a piece of land with compulsory compensation, was introduced by the “God’s Agent on Earth” (read: institution of Pope’s) by ordinary statements and announcements, which are opposed by this document. By this document, we declare all the land registers void, especially in the part where self-proclaimed agents, representatives of the fictitious entity of REPUBLIC OF CROATIA-RH and all the other fictitious entities resulting therefrom, recorded in land registers (read: registers) as the right of ownership to all land, we call the Republic of Croatia, which derives from the allegedly granted right to the whole earth of self-proclaimed God’s representative, Lord of Land. Living people do not admit such abduction, theft, and stealing of the Earth given to Man to the managing and use from the Creator, through the Gift of Life and Being on Earth. Therefore, all ownership sheets, possessory sheets and other certificates that prohibit or restrict the use of land, by publishing this document become null and void. The land belongs to the one who is on it and is used in a useful and correct way. The use or estate on land is in accordance with the Natural Law, unlike the property, because over the Life there is no authority, there is no one who can have it.

Ownership as an author work, act or fiction is possible only in a world that is not alive, in the world of fiction, in the world of absence, the world of the dead, but the Creator of All Visible and Living is not and will never give to anyone property over Creation. All statements or announcements of anyone about having property over Earth, Nature, Man and Life, and that they were entrusted with it, are the most common fabrications, blasphemy, and are absolutely unacceptable, false,null and void.

Any contract, request and/or record, regardless of whether it is signed or not, which registration permits the authority of fictitious entities over any Form of life (Earth, Air, Water, Flora, Fauna, Man) or over the results and yields of labor and creativity of Man, by this proclamation is rejected. It is the duty, on an individual request of the Living Man, to delete any record of ownership, from the registry in which it is kept, as well as all the data relating to the property that is managed and used by the Living Man.

We emphasize particularly, that all contracts or insinuations about the existence of the same are terminated, by which anyone who claims to have rights to the Body of Man, organs, genes or anything related with the Human Body, including the corpse (Ashes to ashes, Nature to Nature). We also point out that all contracts or insinuations that anyone has any rights over the Spirit of Man, Thoughts, Energy, or anything else that is, through multidimensional Reality, directly related with Him/Her are terminated. No approval is given, consent, or any kind of permission for usurpation of Reality to anybody, and all such contracts Here and Now have ceased to be valid.
All other contracts, not explicitly mentioned herein, are terminated and void, and are reguated by laws, acts, rule books, regulations and other acts within the constitutional order of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA-RH or any other order on the Earth, that is claiming to have rights over the Living Man.

  • The community also informs everyone that it will physically enter the possession of a part of the Earth that is found to be abandoned and not to be used because Man belongs to Earth, and The Earth belongs to Man, not to a fictitious person called an owner/proprietor enrolled in the Land Registry. The country always belonged to the one who is on it and who uses it. This is a Natural Law, bigger than any law passed by individuals or corporations. In this, we give guarantees under material, criminal and moral responsibility that we will use the land in the manners of a good and just master, and that we will be concerned with the Mother Earth by care and love. We also declare that we will not pollute the land, water and air, at least to a lesser extent than what is currently being done to the land and the environment…
  • The community takes the right to establish private court records/archives.

Parts from Proclamation (declaration, announcement, publication, promulgation) of
Freedom and Sovereignty of a Living Man

Many people have already take over responsibility and become Co-creators in this Community by clearly expressing their will to exit the imaginary legally-commercial system.
So the problem arises with the belongings because the belongings is linked to an account, (your first name in all capital letters) that is kept as the owner of the registered property. It is legalized, that is, alienable, and it is issued a pledge in the form of government bonds without your knowledge, because you are no longer the heir to that property, but the owner, which is an abusive commercial and legal title.
Therefore, all objects should be de-legalized and possibly archived in the register/archive of a Living Man. The same register that already exists for Living Man, then cars as movable property, should do the same for facilities and land.
Cars are checking out, and so should objects and lands.


There are more ideas for how to do this:

  • It may be possible to enter into a purchase or gift contract between the owner and the buyer (in this case, a living man) who, apart from his name, has neither OIB (SSN) nor residence. Such a contract that is not concluded between legal entities is as valid as any other contract signed consciously or with your own hand. You can sign this contract (recommended) with three witnesses who have a OIB (SSN), and a residence, and whose signatures will be certified by the notary, as opposed to the buyer’s signature. It is important to emphasize in the contract that the buyer (living man) does not buy the ownerdhip because he is not interested in any legal title but only buys the object / land. The contract also does not have to specify the purchase price as it can be a trade secret, but the buyer confirms with a special article that the buyer has fulfilled all the conditions they have agreed to!
  • The same thing is possible with a gift contract, or perhaps with a loan or credit where the lender or creditor is a Living Man.
  • Such a contract or a clean agreement is then submitted, together with the request for deletion, to the competent court where the alienated property is registered.
  • The buyer of the property / land will not ask for the entry in the land books, because everything if he requested such the court cannot satisfy his/her request, since he/she does not have an identity card and is not in legal circulation, but will ask for the signing up/notice of the existence of a purchase contract to be entered in the title deed. or any other legal document confirming the change in the data sheet (something like a note type or burden)
  • Given that the court is likely to issue a “wise” decision or completely ignore/deny the request, it would be good for the previous owner to file a request to remove his name from the ownership list, which will attach a copy of the contract clearly stating that he no longer owns the property in question he had already sold it to the Living Man. Nowhere in any law does it say that a property cannot be sold to someone who is not in legal circulation/traffic.
  • The contract does not need to be carried to the tax administration, since no legal transactions have been made, since no ownership rights have been purchased and there is no transfer thereof.
  • If the court rejects this request, which is very likely, it should appeal to the court and go to a higher instance court, which we can talk about later.
  • A Living Man, and it would be good that he did not represent himself as a buyer because this is a legal category, he should seek to print the property from the land register because it is now out of legal circulation/traffic, through some let’s call it “Demand for De-legalisation”.

All this paperwork brings some legal confusion to the line of the constitutional-legal bureaucracy because people in role of bureaucracy is not accustomed to having anything but legal and natural persons and will be amazed at every request you make. But get used to it.

After this paperwork, which is not so big, and for which we will make some sample copies, it is necessary to inform the City / Municipality about the new legal status of the object or land, remove the house number from the house and return it to the City / Municipality.

After that, it would be a good idea to completely remove the mailbox or remove it from the wall of the house and place it on a separate stand and write it in capital letters

“The Living Man such and such
For correspondence purposes only,
I do not accept any
legal/official documents “

Again, write clearly on the board:

An object is the belonging of a living man
and it is not allowed to enter to persons in
any official capacity,
but exclusively to living humans.

This can also be noted on the door of an apartment or office space while all other markings should be removed. On the plot just lay a board or something like that.
With such registration/archive, the property acquires extraterritorial status and it would not even be a bad idea to hang a white flag on the door or land entrance. Extraterritoriality arises from the deletion of property from the register (books) of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, which makes its jurisdiction disappear.
Entry of the property/real estate in the register of living people is possible only for those who have become Co-Creators Of The Community, ie who have declared themselves Living People. If you didn’t do it first, it’s priority. Those who are, but wish to enter the property in the register, should send the request to info@zivicovjek.org where they will be explained the procedure and when they will receive a QR code registering the property register of a Living Man.

Most important: This above is not legal advice. Every Living Man who wants to delegalize their property does everything at their own responsibility.
Warning: If you are not prepared to deal with the onslaught and pressure of money ever-hungry cities and municipalities and their associated utilities, (the state will not be mentioned) it may be better not to enter into these procedures. If you are, and are ready to live to the fullest in this game you have our full support in every sense.

Canceling of IV konvention of Living Man

Only formally, though it is clear to all and without publication, the IV convention of living humans has been canceled until further notice. You will be notified of the new convention date.

It is possible to have the convention online via the zoom platform, where we are currently in the process of agreeing and organizing, and you will also be notified later.

Cheers and don’t let viruses penetrate your mind!

Vaccine is, now proven, bio weapon

The vaccine is one of the most important levers of Kabbalists immersed in the so-called. a deep state that governs all systems of the world, including in Croatia. One of the leaders of this group, Henry Kissinger, said in 2009 that the game was over as soon as people accepted the vaccine, they would no longer be able to slip out of the fist of the NWO. Given that many people, especially parents, are fighting vaccinations in Italy, one agency has taken on the task of independently testing the vaccine, with the support of the state. The results are very important and interesting so I publish them publicly on these pages.

Italy Blows the Lid Off Vaccine Scam. Will No Longer Poison Citizens with Globalist Eugenics.

Italian leaders actually care about the health and well-being of their citizens, Congratulations, Giulia Grillo, for standing up against the globalist agenda of maiming and destroying human life.
More insight from Jim Stone:

“Italy sacked it’s vaccine scammers, and put in their place 100 percent new people who are not part of the global conspiracy to destroy people with vaccines, and then subsequently and practically immediately discovered that the vaccines have absolutely nothing they are advertised for, which begs the question: What the hell is really in those shots?

Vaccine advocacy group Corvelva, which is not compromised, spearheaded Italy’s investigation into the vaccine scam.

The Eugenicists are up in arms over Corvelva, a vaccine advocacy group appointed by the Italian government to investigate the vaccines which has now received over $50, 000 in funding to test all the vaccines and see if they are scams. And more, the Eugenicists are upset about WHERE the funding is coming from – top Italian medical science teams are funding Corvelva’s efforts, unlike what this Sott article implies in it’s headline and subsequently tries to state by claiming “scientists” are questioning the Italian government’s actions that the Italian government is off it’s rocker. That’s not what the headline should be. Here is what the headline should be:

FIVE NWO approved science scammers are protesting a vaccine safety investigation being conducted by Italy’s real top scientists who are rapidly and easily uncovering the truth about what the current childhood vaccines really are, and that they are not vaccines at all, they are something else entirely.

As it turns out, all it takes to find out what is really in the vaccines is to break rank, seize a sample of what is being injected into the children, put it in a real lab that is not compromised by kikes, and VOILA!!! suddenly it is known that the vaccines are not at all what they are claimed to be. You can’t do that in the United States. No parent is allowed to walk out the door with a shot that has not been injected into their kids, take it to a lab, and test it. This is NOT ALLOWED. WHY? Italy just got the answer.

The MSM is holding this topic by the gills at arm’s length like a diseased fish because of what Corvelva has found – that the vaccines really don’t have anything they are advertised for and are instead full on scams.

You can’t find a legitimate MSM report on this topic. Instead, the reports are all slander, calling Italians stupid, backwards, “conspiratorial”, against “established science” and anything else they can muster, and they HAVE TO because the vaccine eugenics programs are one of their greatest treasures, with carefully placed totally compromised despicable hateful and soulless people in all key positions to keep a lid on the scam and allow the destruction of our children proceed without a hitch.

Italy just blew the lid off the vaccine scam, and this one is not going away folks, Italy is NOT ZIMBABWE, they are clearly a first world country that can speak with authority. So the MSM is now trying to slander Italy because Italy uncovered one of kikedom’s NWO eugenics plots.

As if we did not all know the vaccines were wrecking our kids all along, – Gee, one in 35 kids now gets autism and “nobody can figure out why??” They know damn well at Newsweek, Sott and more. The entire shadow government KNOWS IT and now that Italy broke free of their grasp they are trying to bury it. Instead, they ought to just put a fork in it. THANKS ITALY for finally putting it in print from an official level. We knew it all along, but it is nice to get real confirmation from the top ranks of a first world government.”

[gview file=”http://covjek.insertioweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/CORVELVA-MRC-5-contained-in-Priorix-Tetra-Complete-genome-sequencing.pdf”]

All of this files can be found on https://www.corvelva.it/en/

Putin And Trump vs The New World Order: The Final Battle

SORCE: https://orientalreview.org/

We live in exciting times.

The unknown that lays ahead for all of us is both exhilarating and scary. Exhilarating in the long term, but rather scary in the short term. All empires eventually die and we’re in the terminal phase of the New World Order that will not recover from the Russian roulette game it has been playing, for Vladimir Putin handed it a loaded gun and it pulled the trigger.

The last few weeks put everything in place for the last battle. There are so many different facts and events, left and right, and I will try to do my best to remain methodical in this complicated expose. Bare with me, I’ve been struggling for three weeks with this article because of the insane amount of additional details that each day provides. It might have been a wrong time to quit smoking, but I enjoy a good challenge.

Dropping dollars

A little context is required. The New World Order concept is simply the wish of a handful of international bankers that want to economically and politically rule the whole planet as one happy family. It started in 1773 and if it went through important changes over the years, but the concept and objective haven’t changed an iota. Unfortunately for them, international banks that have been looting the planet through the US dollar since 1944 are now threatened by hyperinflation, as their printing machine has been rotating for years to cover their absurd spendings to sustain oil and resource wars that they’ve all ultimately lost. In order to prevent this upcoming hyperinflation, they generated a virus attack on four countries (China, Iran, Italy and now the United States) to spread panic in the population, with the precious help of their ignominious medias. Even though this corona virus isn’t different from any new viruses that attack humans every year, the media scare pushed people to voluntarily isolate themselves through fear and terror. Some lost their jobs, companies are going bankrupt, the panic created a stock exchange crash that emptied wallets and dried assets, resulting in a few trillion virtual dollars off the market to release pressure off the currency.

Stock Exchange

So far, so good, but everything else went wrong in this desperate and ultimate banzai. The top virologist on the planet confirmed that chloroquine was being used by the Chinese with spectacular results to cure patients, then he improved his magic potion by adding a pneumonic antibacterial called azythromicin, and saved everyone of his first 1000 cases, but one. Donald Trump immediately imposed the same treatment through a fight against his own Federal Drug Administration, bought and owned by the deep state. This forced all medias to talk about Dr Didier Raoult’s Miracle Elixir, signing the death warrant on our confidence in all Western governments, their medical agencies, the World Health Organization, and medias that were trying to destroy the impeccable doctor’s reputation, while inventing sudden «dangerous side effects» of a nearly inoffensive drug that has been used for 60 years to treat malaria. Not so far away in Germany, internationally praised Dr Wolfgand Wodarg noted that the engineered panic was totally useless, since this virus isn’t any different than the others that affect us every years. This has been an amazing victory for Trump and the general population on social medias, whom exposed together the pathological lies of the official communication channels of every New World Order country. De facto, the credibility’s of these puppet governments have vanished in the air, and from the eye of the storm, Italy will surely exit the EU right after the crisis, which will trigger a domino effect running through every EU countries and NATO members. My friends, globalism is dead and ready for cremation.

Digging the abyss

International bankers couldn’t see it coming in 1991, when they dominated 95% of the planet after the fall of the Soviet Union. It seemed that nothing could halt their ultimate mission to complete their Orwellian dream: destroy a few countries in the Middle East, enlarge Israel, and get the total control over the world oil market, the last piece of their Xanadu puzzle that they’ve been working on for a whole century, starting with the Balfour declaration in 1917.

When Vladimir Putin got charge of Russia, there was no sign that he would do better than the drunk he had replaced. An ex KGB officer seemed like a choice more driven by nostalgia rather than ideology, but Putin had many more assets going for him than first met the eyes: patriotism, humanism, a sense of justice, cunning ruse, a genius economist friend named Sergey Glazyev whom openly despised the New World Order, but above all, he embodied the reincarnation of the long lost Russian ideology of total political and economical independence. After a few years spent at draining the Russian swamp from the oligarchs and mafiosis that his stumbling predecessor had left in his trail of empty bottles, Vlad rolled his sleeves and got to work.

Because his opponents had been looting the planet for 250 years through colonization insured by a military dominance, Vlad knew that he had to start by building an invincible military machine. And he did. He came up with different types of hypersonic missiles that can’t be stopped, the best defensive systems on the planet, the best electronic jamming systems, and the best planes. Then to make sure that a nuclear war wouldn’t be an option, he came up with stuff which nightmares are made of, such as the Sarmat, the Poseidon and the Avangard, all unstoppable and able to destroy any country in a matter of a few hours.

Putin and the military
Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, gestures while speaking during an annual meeting with top military officials in the National Defense Control Center in Moscow, December 24, 2019. Putin said that Russia is the only country in the world that has hypersonic weapons even though its military spending is a fraction of the U.S. military budget. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, left, and Chief of General Staff of Russia Valery Gerasimov, right, attend the meeting.

With a new and unmatched arsenal, he could proceed to defeat any NATO force or any of its proxies, as he did starting in September 2015 in Syria. He proved to every country that independence from the NWO banking system was now a matter of choice. Putin not only won the Syrian war, but he won the support of many New World Order countries that suddenly switched sides upon realizing how invincible Russia had become. On a diplomatic level, it also got mighty China by its side, and then managed to protect independent oil producers such as Venezuela and Iran, while leaders like Erdogan of Turkey and Muhammad Ben Salman of Saudi Arabia decided to side with Russia, who isn’t holding the best poker hand, but the whole deck of cards.

Ending in the conclusion that Putin now controls the all-mighty oil market, the unavoidable energy resource that lubricates economies and armies, while the banksters’ NATO can only watch, without any means to get it back. With the unbelievable results that Putin has been getting in the last five years, the New World Order suddenly looks like a house of cards about to crumble. The Empire of Banks has been terminally ill for five years, but it’s now on morphine, barely realizing what’s going on.

Tragedy and hope

Since there is no hope in starting WW3 which is lost in advance, the last banzai came out of the bushes in the shape of a virus and the ensuing media creation of a fake pandemic. The main focus was to avoid a catastrophic hyperinflation of the humongous mass of US dollar that no one wants anymore, to have time to implement their virtual world crypto-currency, as if the chronically failing bankers still have any legitimacy to keep controlling our money supplies. It seemed at first that the plan could work. That’s when Vlad took out his revolver to start the Russian roulette game and bankers blew their brains out upon the pressure on the trigger.

He called a meeting with OPEP and killed the price of oil by refusing to lower Russia’s production, taking the barrel to under 30 dollars. Without any afterthought and certainly even less remorse, Vlad killed the costly Western oil production. All the dollars that had been taken out of the market had to be re-injected by the Fed and other central banks to avoid a downslide and the final disaster. By now, our dear bankers are out of solutions.

In the meantime, Trump also poked at the tie-wearing gangsters. While medias avoided the corona-killing chloroquine subject, an old pill designed to cure malaria, Trump imposed to the FDA the use of this life-saving drug on US infected patients. Medias didn’t have any choice but to start talking about it, which ignited a chain reaction: big pharmas CEO’s were fired because they had just lost the vaccine contract, countries like Canada looked like genocidal fools for not using the cheap and inoffensive medication, while a most outrageous criminal act by a government was exposed in full light: the Macron government had proclaimed in January 2020 that chloroquine was harmful and had restrained its use, just a couple of weeks before the burst of the fake pandemic! Russian roulette is a popular game in Western governments these days around.

Russia announced its own corona-killing brew

On Saturday March 28th, Russia announced its own corona-killing brew, based on Dr Raoult’s magic potion. Yet another Cossack blow, this time to the big pharmas jugular vein, while most Western countries now have to implement the good doctor’s treatment, or face the slap of a Russian pill coming to save its citizen. Putin is in the lifesaving business these days: in the last week of March, he sent 15 military planes filled with doctors and supplies directly to North Italy, after an aid plane from China was blocked by the Czech Republic. We’re about to learn that European countries fear that China or Russia finds the truth in the Lombardy region, where people are not dying from some corona bug, but probably from a deadly cocktail hybrid from two earlier vaccines for meningitis and influenza, that they were injected in separate vaccination campaigns.

The punchline

I said earlier that everyday brings amazing news. Well on Sunday March 29th, the most stunning of them all fell like a ton of bricks on social medias: confined onlookers learned that Trump had taken control over the Federal Reserve, that is now handled by two representatives of the Treasury of State. Of all the crazy news within the last month, this is by far the best and most shocking. After three years in power, Trump has finally fulfilled his electoral promise of taking private banks out of the US public affairs, ending a century of exploitation of the American citizens. He has put the infamous Blackrock investment group to start buying important corporations for the Fed, meaning that he’s nationalizing chunks of the economy, while avoiding the crash of the market by implicating important private investors in the deal.

Trump and Powell
President Donald Trump gestures with Jerome Powell, his nominee to become chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve at the White House in Washington, U.S., November 2, 2017

This outmost daring move comes at a crucial point in time, and faces us with the realization that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are united and have taken humanity to the crossroads of the New World Order and freedom. As I have stated often before, I thought that the world would deeply change between 2020 and 2024, because these would be the last 4 years of these two heroes in political power of their nations.

The New World Order is facing the two most powerful countries on the planet, and this fake pandemic changed everything. It showed how desperate the banksters are, and if we don’t want to end up with nuclear warheads flying in both directions, Putin and Trump have to stop them now.

Terminate the BIS, the World Bank, the IMF, the European Central bank, the EU, NATO, now. Our world won’t be perfect, but it might get much better soon.

Easter resurrection is coming. This might get biblical.

Korona virus by Harald Kautz-Vella

Harald Kautz-Vella is supposed to be a guest at the IV Convention of Living People if it takes place because of all the problems we already know. However, this did not stop us from contacting him earlier and listen to what Harald has to say, and he is already planetary known for his knowledge and subjects.

For some reason, the Living People community comes in contact with people and the knowledge of this profile, and this is some indication that they should adopt the knowledge that some people already have, and Harald is certainly one of them.

The conversation was conducted in English, more specifically Croatian-English and German-English, with Harald’s being much better than mine.

Given that there are people who do not understand English, I will write briefly what Harald said about the korona virus and this events.

Namely, the corona virus is a common virus from the influenza family and is by no means dangerous or more deadly than a common flu virus. However, this virus appears to be technologically advanced and has features and programs that no ordinary virus has. Harald calls it an weaponized virus. It is based on Nano technology and possible sprayed through air. There are supposedly some AIDS virus sequences, but this is all the information that is currently unavailable, because very little is known about this.

Furthermore, there is a similarity between the symptoms of a corona virus and the body’s exposure to a frequency of 60 GHZ when it binds to oxygen in the body and begins to swirl it in a way that literally dies of suffocation, ie inability to breathe, because blood can’t absorb such oxygen. Such cases have been seen in China when people simply fall down in the street, and it cannot be proven at all whether exposure to the virus or ultra-high frequency radiation is the cause.

Therefore, there is a suspicion that this pandemic is related to the 5G network, which is also not provable at this time.

Treatment methods are detoxification of the body with MMS or with Nano – copper particles, there are other alternative methods and all can be found on the Internet.

Although many people think that in some countries the 5G network is banned, the Harald denies saying that it is banned in some countries for civilian purposes, but the network goes without any problems for military, police, and other commercial-service purposes. So the story of many about how the 5G network is stopped doesn’t hold water.

Harald also added that there is a possibility that the corona virus is a cover story or veil that actually hides the collapse of the banking and monetary system and the complete cancellation of money without cover (fiat money), which is again in the realm of speculation, since no information is officially available about it, but that the pandemic is not the ideal story for a complete upheaval of the economic system, it is. This could do a lot of good for people, but about that thereafter. Furthermore, Harald says that it is not necessary to panic, but to inform and take responsibility in your own hands, not to give others the choice to make decisions for you, which is a very important point so that the agony of humanity does not continue.

We said goodbye with the agreement to meet again.

Privatization of science – a silent phenomenon

Review article
UDK: 001.891:61
Lidija Gajski (Croatia)
Health Center Zagreb – Center, Zagreb

Privatization is one of the most significant phenomena and characteristics of contemporary science, but also probably its greatest eviation. Through the growing funding of research by private companies, science has been increasingly used to create profit. It is instrumentalized by being reduced to a marketing tool. In medicine today, most of the applied research is sponsored by the producers of agents and  quipment for diagnostics and treatment. Through the manipulation by the methodology of research, result presentation and selective publication, they produce findings which are invalid and biased. The topic of research is less and less relevant for the health and well-being of the population. With the medical science being privatized, the prospects of significant discoveries and progress in disease treatment and prevention are slim. A rise of costs is inevitable, as well as the decrease in the availability. Along with the privatized medical
science, the chances for more significant findings and progress in treatment and illness prevention are not good. The growth in expenses is apparent, as well as the downturn in the availability of healthcare services and the erosion of trust in science and scientists. Privatization of science is a phenomenon which is rarely discussed. It deserves greater attention because it can have significant consequences on the nature and the excellence of scientific findings and is relevant in the social and cultural context. Key words: Privatization of science,  commercialization of science, manipulation of scientific research, conflict of interest in medicine

Private sector invests in science

Countries differ in investing in the scientific research. The data says that one of the leading countries of the world, the United States of America, invests 400 billion dollars a year, the equivalent of 2.7 % GDP. Significantly larger in the number of the population, the European Union spends around 80% of that amount, or around 300 billion Euros, which is around 2 % of its GDP on average. The money that the USA and EU dedicate to research and development (R&D), i.e. its portion of the GDP, has grown through the decades. Lately, however, it has stagnated. (Kennedy, 2012; Dorsey, de Roulet and Thompson, 2010; Eurostat, 2017)
The research and development funding come mostly from two sources – from the state (the government) and from private companies or individuals. In the US, until the 1980s, the portion of public and private money in the funding of science was relatively equal. With the setting up of the liberal economic doctrine, the private sector gets faster into science and the portion of industrial money for research and development increases. In 2009, it was 62 % against 31 % from the public sector. Out of all the scientific research, 70.5 % is performed by
private companies. (Kennedy, 2012) Government investments are being reduced in the relative, as well as in the absolute sense. In the five years after 2009, it was reduced from 180 to 140 billion dollars per year and it is estimated that this trend will continue. (Jahnke, 2015)
The relationship between the private and the public investment in science is even more on the side of the private in Asian economies, such as China, Japan and South Korea. Almost three quarters of their total investment in science is made by private businesses. (Eurostat, 2017)
In Europe, the scientific work and the activities of the universities were traditionally bound to public funding. Today, 55.3 % of the EU R&D is paid by private, and 32.3 % by the public sector. The portion of the funding from public sources is being reduced. Aiming to enlarge the global competitiveness of the European Union, the European Commission is planning strengthen the ties of the public and private sector and to increase private investments in order to approximate the structure of investments in science that of the USA and the Asian countries. (Eurostat, 2017)
Economically weak and indebted countries allocate modest resources in science. Croatia is even reducing it, the Independent Union for  Science and High Education warns, and with 0.85 % GDP is not only way below the European Lidija Gajski  average, but even below the average of European transition countries. In such circumstances, scientists are more and more dependent on the company money,
and the Croatian government also encourages the private sector to invest into research and development. (Ribić and Kroflin, 2016)
Even though the “Europe 2020 Strategy” and the “Horizon 2020” predict an increase in the total amount of funds dedicated for research and development, the European scientific associations, worried with the decline in the resources so far and dissatisfied with the amount of planned funds, are asking for greater investments into science. (Reillon, 2015) The Association of American Universities demands a stop to the reduction of the scientific budget and expects greater investments in R&D. In the impoverished circumstances, American universities made a priority of finding new sources of funding and are more and more turning to the private sector. From 2006 to 2013, the amount of private investments into research activities at the Harvard University was tripled. (Jahnke, 2015)

The scientific research is being separated from institutions and privatized by companies or leading researchers. The basic research, as well as research in the social sciences and humanities, have remained primarily in the domain of the state; the business is primarily
interested in the applied science research. Biomedicine is one of the most propulsive ones. Vera-Badillo et al. (2013) refer to the authors who found that, in the period of 30 years, the portion of the pharmaceutical industry in funding clinical trials with medications (phase III) increased from 24 % to 72 %. Kidwell et al. (2001) found that between the 1960s and 1990s, the funding by manufacturers of the studies with drugs used in the therapy of stroke, was increased from 38 % to 68 %. The public and private sector are essentially different in aims and ethics. In the first case, that is the general well-being and welfare of the community. The private entrepreneurship, on the other hand, has the primary interest in the biggest and fastest possible profit of the owner. That characteristic of the private sector brought about an increase in investments in science and has undoubtedly benefited the technological and economic growth and development. However, it
also had negative consequences.

Quality of scientific research

These days, it would be expected that the scientific research is characterized by methodological excellence and authenticity of findings. However, that is not the case. There are frequent distortions at various points in methodology and design. In clinical trials in medicine, for instance, the sample of examinees is chosen on which it is easiest to confirm an effect or hypothesis, as well as a large sample on which even a trivial effect can be proved (Jochmann et al., 2005; Rochon, 1998); an inadequate randomization is being done, as well as inadequate blinding (Hewitt et al., 2005); a comparator is taken with which the procedure looks better (Johansen and Gøtzsche, 1999); the loss of examinees (loss to follow-up) is neglected (Cranney et al., 2002; Kirsch et al., 2002); the study duration is adapted according to results (Jüni, Rutjes and Dieppe, 2002); convenient statistical methods are selected (Lang, 2004); surrogate outcomes such as blood pressure and blood sugar are measured, not the clinical ones such as the incidence of disease and the life expectancy, and are joined into a combined outcome. (Fleming and DeMets, 1996; Temple, 1999)

The presentation and interpretation of results is manipulated – a relative risk reduction is highlighted, by which the effect of one in a hundred examinees is transformed into a 40% effect. (Lang, 2004) In the discussion and in the formulating of the conclusion, different manipulative techniques are used (exaggeration, minimization, omission, repetition, generalization, diverting attention) which are named spin in the reporting of the scientific findings (Vera- Badillo et al., 2013). Finally, the papers with positive results are more  frequently published than those with the negative ones, which reflects on the findings of the systematic reviews. (Scherer, Langenberg and von Elm, 2007) The scientific community has long been aware of these issues and has attempted to overcome them, but the  chievements are very limited.

The analyses mostly fail to prove the connection between the source of funding and the methodological quality of the scientific papers. The reason is probably in the fact that manipulation is subtle and is on a hardly recognizable level of research design. How else would one, along with the fact that the private sector a priori tests procedures expected to yield a positive result, explain the conclusions of several systematic reviews which showed that privately funded biomedical research have significantly more frequent findings in favour of the
sponsor than the research funded from other, mostly public, sources. (Bekelman, Li and Gross, 2003; Lexchin et al., 2003; Lundh et al., 2017) The same goes for research in other areas, in regard to food products, for instance. (Lesser et al., 2007; Nestle, 2016)

There are scientists, such as the epidemiologist John Ioannidis (2005) and former editor of the Lancet journal Richard Horton (2015), who argue that most research findings published today are false. A whole series of books has been published which criticize contemporary science. (Milloy, 2001; McGarity and Wagner, 2008; Goldacre, 2008; Gajski, 2009; Evans et al., 2011) The credibility and consistency of the results is weak; there is even a publication dealing with contradictory scientific findings – Journal of Contradicting Results in Science. The very paradigm of evidence-based medicine (EBM) has seriously been brought into question. (Every-Palmer and Howick, 2014) On the basis of the alleged efficiency and safety, products and procedures enter the clinical practice and then later research refute it and bring about their withdrawal. Products, but also reports on research, are being retreated; according to Retraction Watch, even several hundred per year. The reasons for withdrawal being various scientific errors, but a third is pure fraud. That is where the review process, which is
considered to be “scripture” in the scientific community, is revealed as a process highly prone to superficiality and bias, including corruption. (Retraction Watch, 2014)

Distribution of scientific findings

Inadequately done and reviewed papers get published in the scientific publications. A lot of valid and innovative ones are being rejected. Nobel prize winners Randy Schekman (Schekman, 2013) and Sydney Brenner (Retraction Watch, 2014) claim that the leading scientific publications such as Science and Nature are destroying science with their culture and politics and are refusing the most important, pioneering research which re-examine and challenge the ruling theories. The editorial boards and owners of scientific publications decide on what will and will not be published. They are funded in a significant extent by the producers of the diagnostic and treatment tools – directly, by way of the advertisements and by the purchase of the reprints of the studies, or indirectly through publishers and editors tied to the medical industry. (Smith, 2005; Collier, 2009) The Irish scientist David Healy (2001) claims that at least half of the papers on medication efficiency in the major medical journals, such as BMJ, Lancet and NEJM are actually written by pharmaceutical companies.
The distribution of scientific knowledge – publication of the scientific literature, is in private ownership and has lately been turned by the process of merging into an oligopoly of several publishing houses. (Lariviere, Haustein and Mongeon, 2015) Thanks to the high  subscription fees, which have grown three times as much as the price of other goods and services, they are making extreme profit; Elsevier has a staggering 34 %. Unjustified, considering they get the scientific papers for free and the demand is guaranteed. (Barić et al.,
2017) The movement for open access to scientific papers was supposed to correct this, but some publishers saw it coming and are now asking the authors to pay for publishing. This brought about a new deviation – the appearance of the so-called predator journals, a business model by which their owners make money publishing papers of low quality. (Bowman, 2014) Some authors have deliberately sent utterly nonsensical papers to such journals and they were published. (Retraction Watch, 2013)

The findings of scientific research reach users mostly by way of professional education (review articles, lectures, symposiums). In  medicine, a significant and the most consumed portion of the education of physicians has been taken over by the medical industry and turned into the marketing of their products. (Gajski, 2009: 224-262) Pharmaceutical companies have paid billions of dollars in fines
for marketing practice frauds. (Groeger, 2014) As for the public, the scientific findings reach them by way of media, the owners of which own the companies producing the diagnostic and treatment tools as well.

Scientists in a conflict of interest 

It has been proven that many scientists published fake papers in the influential journals. Scott Reuben published studies on analgesics for almost 13 years, which had a massive influence on the global clinical practices. He never performed the research. (Borrell, 2009) The Japanese scientist Yoshitaka Fujji published more than 180 papers during around 20 years in the leading medical publications, mostly regarding antivomiting medication. Most of them were complete fabrication. (Marcus and Oransky, 2015) Don Poldermans lead experiment with beta-blockers in regard to the protection of the heart during surgical procedures. The findings were falsified and are connected to thousands of deaths from these medications. (Husten, 2013)

Danish epidemiologist Poul Thorsen is one of the authors of a series of papers cited as an argument for the non-existence of a connection between vaccines and autism. The studies are a complete forgery and Thorsen is on the arrest warrant of the US Department of Health & Human Services for the theft of the research money. (Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2011)

Whether scientists are employees of a pharmaceutical company, contributors on the privately funded research or working in the public sector but having personal financial ties to companies, a conflict of interest is inevitable. It most often results in the choice of personal financial and professional gain, at the expense of scientific truth and well-being of society and the patient (Gajski, 2012). Victims are counted in hundreds of thousands; it is not an estimate, it is a calculation based on the findings of the clinical studies. (Gøtzsche, 2013)
There is another type of scientist whose fate also testifies to the corruption of medical science. They lost scientific projects, promotion, and reputation due to lack of cooperation with the sponsor companies, a critique of the scientific practice and activity which does not match the mainstream and the current paradigm. (Schafer, 2004) Even though the basic features of science are freedom of thought, discussion, constant re-examination and critique, the system discourages it by withholding money for research, refusing to publish papers and ignoring findings, and labelling the creative and free-thinking part of the scientific community, as well as the critics outside of the scientific institution, as incompetent and pseudo-scientist. (Wakefield, 2011)

The subject of scientific research

When judging a scientific paper, one needs to also consider its subject. How much is the question posed by corporate biomedical research relevant for the public health and how much do they contribute to improving the health of the people? The main owner of medical science researches that which pays off in short term– patentable agents for treatment appropriate for long-term application in large populations, or very expensive treatments for the rare diseases. (Angell, 2004) The sponsors of the research prove the efficiency of interventions in mild
disorders and physiological conditions, widening disease boundaries. (Welch, Schwartz and Woloshin, 2012) They perform pharmaco-economic studies which always prove cost-effectiveness, observational studies which “find” populations at risk, epidemiological studies which exaggerate the dimension and significance of  commercially interesting diseases or monitor the medication consumption, and
make a basic research which interprets the pathophysiology of disease in a way that fits the sponsor. (Gajski, 2014) They explores the human genome in order to explain hereditary diseases, but also to make money on diagnostic tests and costly interventions. The procedures for bodily and cognitive “improvement” are tested, which are at the edge of perversion, but affordable to the rich minority.
The result? A multitude of redundant medical products and procedures (Mandrola, 2016), through the hyperproduction of scientific papers (the Medline database alone puts out several thousand new papers per day), among which only a small portion satisfies the objective relevance criteria. The large majority are trivial, non-inventive, senseless and useless in the social context; intended merely for company benefits and for building researchers’ professional careers, (Barić et al., 2017; Ioannidis, 2016) while the actual bibliometrics and
scientometrics deform and erode normal academic hierarchy and the value system. (Lariviere, Haustein and Mongeon, 2015; Sindikat visokog obrazovanja i znanosti Akademska solidarnost, 2012)

Scientific endeavour whose goal is the profit of the producers of medical technology has little chance of improving the health of people. Investment into biomedical research is growing, but the number of new drugs for various pathological conditions is stagnating or declining. (Dorsey et al., 2009; The Associated Press, 2005) For instance, the antibiotics clinical medicine is crying for are not being developed (they are not profitable because of their short-term use) (Bach, 2014), and neither are the treatments for Third World diseases (they cannot be billed). (Pheage, 2016-2017) Next, the procedures which are tested insufficiently are those not related to technology, although being potentially effective or proven as such – natural treatments, and non-pharmacological therapy and prevention of disease. There is no interest in the harm produced by the medical technology which is growing enormously. (Gajski, 2015) The reason for this is not only in the fact that there is no profit here for the medical industry, but also in the fact that, at the present level of expansion of medical industry,
curing disease is in the direct confrontation with its priority. Eradication of disease reduces the market for medical products. Thus, the aim becomes to maintain a disease as chronic and to create artificially new ones. (Gajski, 2014) Consequently, the companies are not researching the real causes of disease, either those within the biomedical model and dominant paradigms, let alone those outside of it. In such circumstances, it is difficult, for instance, to affirm  the thesis that social circumstances (poverty, inequality, injustice) are one of the
leading determinants of health. (Kawachi, Kennedy and Wilkinson, 1999)

Science as a tool and knowledge as commodity

Private entrepreneurship has turned a scientific work from the search for truth into a marketing tool, an instrument for profit making. A scientific paper is acquiring the characteristics of merchandise, by its content and form. Designed to show a product in the best possible light, when completed, it gets an attractive “package”, it is advertised and delivered to consumers –in medicine, the physicians. The corporate PR designs impressive study acronyms and arranges premature completion due to the alleged clear benefit. New studies are
announced in advance and make the front pages of the popular magazines. They are presented by celebrities at medical congresses, written about in popular magazines and discussed on TV health shows. Just like many ordinary products, they have their websites. (Gajski, 2014)

When science is in possession of companies which compete in the market, its product i.e. knowledge is no longer available to everyone, but is now considered a trade secret. Researchers have limited access to data, they are obliged to confidentiality with regards to all aspects of research and are not allowed to present the findings until the product is patented. (Bodenheimer, 2000; Healy, 2003) The owners of scientific journals limit the availability of information with high subscription fees. This is all contrary to the principles of scientific ethics and free access to knowledge as a public good and clearly slows down the scientific and social advancement. (Rosenberg, 1996)

Commercialization of science has subjected the scientists and scientific institutions to the market standards. Once, a good and successful scientist was the one with original papers, self-suppression and integrity; nowadays, it is the one with the ability of turning knowledge into a profitable product, a man who brings money to the university. Scientific work is becoming inseparable from entrepreneurship and scientists are being promoted into businessmen. Research institutes operate as profit enterprises, academic medical centres as corporations the success of which is measured by the number of contracts with the industry. (Angell, 2004; Krimsky, 2004)

We are witnessing a fundamental and far-reaching transformation which is setting up a new system of norms, a new ethos, a new scientific and academic culture. In the civilization which entrusted science with the search for truth, these changes are necessarily reflected on the social and civilization level. Privatization and commodification of knowledge takes the epistemological character of science away from it. Freedom and autonomy of scientific activity is severely limited. To possess science means to possess the truth and be able to use it to moderate the value system and social flows. Economic principles and market logic establish the capitalist instead of humanist values. Corporate property of science leads to its abuse at the expense of a public good. And in many fields of life including medicine and healthcare, leads to a decrease in efficiency and justice, to a rise of costs, multiplying of ethical dilemmas and a decline of trust in science and scientists. (Krimsky, 2004; Bok, 2004; Sindikat visokog obrazovanja i znanosti Akademska solidarnost, 2012)

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IV convention of Living People

Dear people, they inform you that we are ready for your organization of the fourth convention of living people. The fire that light up two years ago at the first convention in Omisalj has not yet been extinguished. If you ask me, it even flared up. “Living Man” is expanding outside administrative boundaries and what we have now made has echo and is welcomed everywhere. The working title of this convention is “Enough of the fucking up”, which seems like the fucking up, but really isn’t. What do we want to say with it you can see at the convention if you wish to participate. At this convention, we are rounding up the Community legal story and we probably will not deal with that anymore, opening the door to new spheres to be presented at the convention. This convention is also multinational as it will have more lecturers from more countries (Germany, Netherlands, Austria), of which it is important to point out that it is hosted in these circles by renowned and popular researchers Harald Kautz-Wella who agreed to come to this event with pleasure.The basic problem of all living people is that there are no adequate companions in their surroundings who can share their thoughts and those who have an interest in topics of interest to a living person. So come to Pag, Novalja you will find people who are only interested in these topics and have proven for three days in topics that have nothing to do with football, politics, money, existence, end any other mainstream issues.


  • Hostel Zrće is a hostel that does not have single or double rooms, but exclusively beds 4, 6, 8, 10. All rooms have bunk beds and each room has its own toilet and bathroom. They are extremely important solitude and privacy to emphasize or report about colleagues who should be in the rooms together. We will try to meet everyone as much as possible.
  • The arrangement includes breakfast, dinner and sleep for three days, from (Thursday) 30.4 in the afternoon to 3.5. (Sunday) to noon
  • Price for one person is 675 kn (90 €), and the co-creators of the community have a discount of 11,11% which is 600 kn (80 €)
  • The number of participants is limited, who first upgraded the registration fee or the whole quantity has benefits.
  • Payments are received via IBAN account: HR9723600003248567133, and can also be sent to Revolut at no. phone 00385954552071
  • We also receive (prefer) cash payments:
    • in Split and around Drazen 0954552071
    • in Zagreb and the vicinity of Jak 0977074838
    • in Zadar and around Vedran 0915848804
    • in Belgrade and the Krle area 0659579111
    • If you are not in any of these cities and you pay only by cash, please contact Drazen on the first phone number for your appointment.
    • The minimum payment is 150 kn, the rest 7 days before the start of the convention.
  • Information to be provided on registration are: name, email, telephone and place of life to arrange transportation to Pag.
  • For more information, e-mail: info@zivicovjek.org

All potential participants can express  to bring some convention content will be arranged which will be discussed by e-mail. So much so for now, I hope I haven’t left anything out. Up-to-the-minute information on previous content or some news will gain on time.

Worldbridger freeman

What has being a world-bridger to do with being a free man?

Being a Free Man is a noble aim. Easy said, but how does a free Man look like in one’s daily life?

No example, no development

I guess that this is the reason why on this website of the freeman so many inspiring people have been quoted? Many of the inspiring people do not live amongst us anymore. It reminds me of how I was challenged in the past by my guide when he said; “All the great people are gone, now it is your turn! But what does this requires of me?

You can’t solve a problem at the same level it has been created, Einstein said

This quote makes me ask 2 questions.

  1. To solve anything I have to question what is the problem?
  2. And I have to question on what level the problem was created so that I know from which level I need to come to solve anything at all?

What is the problem of nowadays reality?

This question can’t be answered in a few sentences. This deserves more dialogue and careful formulations, but for the sake of this writing I summon up what I came to through my research, life experience, and evaluations.

To my adding up, we live in a reality that is falling apart. Mankind is more separated than ever before and contact between people is either none existing or shallow.  On top of this, I see that most people have lost connection with nature and are conditioned to fear the light of the sun.  Instead, people developed a closer connection with the artificial digital signal coming from the world-wide-web, than contact with their own body, mind, and emotions.

The trend I witness is that many young people in the age category between 3 and 35 are sucked into their smartphones and video games and the many people above 35 often spend the little free time they have watching television. When people consider themselves consciousness-explorers, than they rationalize any comments away with that they only watch innocent programs like sports or nature documentaries.

Who can still state that he or she is master over ones own mind, emotions, and actions? What is deciding; you or the electronic device?  Who dares to be merciless honest in this?

What do I know about the installed technologies in our digital electronic devices?

What I am always wondering about is how many people know about the actually installed technology in all these electronic devices that are today surrounding us?  I am talking about the technology that has the sole purpose to make every Man digital addicted in such a way that Man can be remote controlled to serve the system of domination and control? Real, or science fiction, or is the reality even stranger than fiction?

Where do  I find actual information about this topic?

This is a tricky question because I know that in principle all the knowledge about these technologies is on purpose available on the Internet to free the makers of these technologies, from karma. In this way they can say that we could have known about this if we wanted to. The fact that many of us don’t is our mistake and therefore we gave our tacit consent to be manipulated and programmed according to their script.

I personally learned a lot about all these interconnections of these many technologies through the German scientist Harald Kautz-Vella. His explanations are clear and based on evidence, clear thinking, and facts. It appears that nothing is a coincidence, from geo-engineering, spraying chemtrails and military smart dust, to the additives in our food, artificial fertilizers, GMO, the chips in our mobiles and the camera’s on our computer screens, smart meters in our homes and cell towers everywhere, to the electronics in our cars, it is all complementing technology fine-tuned towards each other with the outcome that Mankind unknowingly is influenced to the extent that we completely lose control of ourselves but we on the other hand still have this firm and strong conviction we are fully in control and that what we do in our life is our own decision. Yes, you read this correctly that this is a horror scenario for those who wish to become free.

What was the level that the problem was created?

This is not new and most of the readers know this already and has been said by several great teachers of Mankind; “The Greatest Poverty on this planet is IGNORANCE”.  All the suffering in this world is caused by ignorance based on good faith and naivety. We believe too easily what is said and we hardly check and investigate if what is being said is a half-truth or a whole lie?

There must be some way out of here?

Was a line in the text of “All along the Watchtower” one of the favorite songs of Bob Dylan in the sixties! How capable are people today to turn around the insanity whipping over our planet? I think that modern Man is asked to make choices to stop this destructive energy causing more chaos and confusion. It is time I make clear to myself what I want to promote and what needs to be adjusted or stopped?

I need to be the master over my mind, body, and emotions to be capable of spreading; Love, Hope, Dedication, Discipline, Inspirations, Acquiring objective knowledge about the workings of nature, the human design and the laws of the universe. In short, I am talking about the journey to go beyond my self-imposed limitations expressed as convictions and or belief system!

What is another level were solutions might live?

Solutions might be found in our design. We all know from scientific researchers that Man is using a very small portion of his or her brains. I need to learn to THINK.

Our design could guide us into the right direction. It is neutral territory that we can’t say about nationality, religion or any other spiritual teachings. No matter the color of our skin, no matter our background, religion or education we all have a skeleton, blood, a heart, muscles, and a brain and it functions for every man the same.  Perhaps a good starting point to re-connect?

Looking at our head we see a space similar to the womb in a woman to procreate. They both are cups. Perhaps we need to begin to comprehend that the brain in our head is actually the seed the cosmos planted on this planet? But likewise, with any other equipment, you need to be plugged in to be switched on!

The question is how does a Man plugin and get switched on?

This question turns it straight back to me. No example, no development.  I need to connect back to the two examples that have proven to be trusted. Who are there always no matter how much I screw up? This is our mother planet Earth and our father Sun. Earth-mother, she keeps on producing vegetables and fruits and father sun comes up every morning and they do this for FREE. They never charge us anything! Never withhold their gifts. Actually the moment I invest in a garden I get year, after year, more and more in return.  Nature means abundance.

Just compare this with the man-made society structures. It is reverse, we need to work harder for lesser every year and the reward is at the end to be tucked away in an elderly home to wait to die sick and slowly. How come we close our eyes to this reality? Only for 1% of the world population this system works and for the rest of us we suffer one way or the other, sooner or later. Yes, I know this is not a picture we like. I agree with you. This is why I write to change this picture TOGETHER.

Going beyond my limits!

I need to take back my responsibility to hold for myself and learn to master the ability to respond with care, accuracy, and compassion and learn every day anew. Do I need to overcome my self-imposed limitations which evolve around the notion of WHO I am? The labeling systems we all know very well,  like the roles we play based on our gender, or what we are allowed to do based on our physical age, or the status gained by our education and background, the advantage or disadvantage of belonging to a certain religion and so on. Instead, I need to study WHAT I am to become this free man.

Sharing is caring

The moment I set my self-free from the labeling system I have something to share with my fellow Man. It is in the sharing that we create this bridge between where we live today and how we can live tomorrow I become this world-bridger.

Where to start?

This process always starts with acknowledging that none of us know it all. We all have a partial view, but together we might get more insight about a more whole picture and what to choose for. This begins by first of all recognizing that something is fundamentally out of balance in the society of Man. Loosening the grip of all the rules and regulations is a part of the freeing process.

If you don’t own your vessel, something else will!

I have learned that it is my duty and my obligation to make sure that I am the master over the vessel that has been entrusted to me for this lifetime, because if I don’t then something else will! This is for me so clearly seen when people use their smartphones that they are not in their bodies anymore, they are gone in a virtual reality. This is for me scary and I am wondering where this will lead Mankind towards? What is dominating us when we unconsciously allow full control to this artificial Intelligence? For me the agenda of this artificial intelligence is insecure and based on a 2D reality the 1’s and the zero’s.  It is without any feelings and we all have met the uncompromising rigidity of this system.  It is black and white and knows no mercy. To follow this intelligence means to degenerate from a 3D organic being into a 2D half man half robot. What could we evolve into if we cooperate with the organic, our earth mother and our father sun and switch on our cosmic brain?

This is why I think it is today about the choice each one of us has to make unconsciously or consciously.  I prefer to choose consciously and exercise my free will.  Perhaps this is the only real choice each one has to make in this life-time, were to surrender our freedom to?

And how about you?

Rose member of My Happy Femily