The most dangerous dogma that the person cultivate and nourish in his mind is the dogma of authority.____-

When a child is born into the world, it is powerless and dependable, and hence the tendency of his psyche is primarily related to the idea of ​​survival. For this reason, the child needs someone who will ensure his safety and survival, because he cannot do it by himself. In this way, the child connects to their parents and sees authority in them. He knows, to some extent, that he cannot survive without a parents. Such attachment is psychologically completely healthy and normal, moreover desirable. This creates idea of authority. A child who is normally growing up, and whose parents do not obstruct development, will gradually grow into an independent man who will no longer need parents, but will be authority for himself. This does not mean that he cannot rely on his parents or anybody else when he needs, but that means his psychological structure will not collapse when there is no support.—

This in theory looks fine, but in practice it is quite different. Parents usually forcefully demand obedience from the child. Parents that demand it only because they say so are not authorities to themselves but are psychologically and dogmatically compromised, so the child cannot adopt a healthy separation from the parent because he alone is compromised by the issue of authority. A person who demands obedience from others in a psychological sense is compromised because his size and strength does not depend on him, but on the quantity and quality of his obedience. A pure ego-trip. God who demands submissiveness and obedience and threats to kill, revenge to the seventh generation is compromised in a psychological sense, probably in some other ways, a pure ego maniac. Probably his mother did not love him, hug him, and she could not even breast-feed. It is neither normal nor natural any subordination of one living being to another.

“Only social psychology could answer, for example, the contradictions between the economic disadvantages of the workforce and the lack of rebellion against such a state. Reich’s explanation arises from the relationship between family and society. People are being raised to be obedient to parents and authoritarian figures as such. Also, the family suppress sexual impulses. That is why rebellion and sexual impulses in an adult man are tied to anxious. Fear of rebellion, fear of sexuality, are rooted in the character structure of the mass. There is also a significant influence on the perverting of sexuality. And there lies the answer to the psychological problems of the mass, the irrationality they show. “—–

Such unpublished psyche has not completely dismissed the dogma of authority because it is not safe in itself, and asks others to tell what and how to do it, or psychologically, enter the other end of the psychopathic character and seek subversion and power over other people. Or it falls behind security of authority, or security seeks power over others.

At that moment, by me, there was a fall of consciousness or the mythical fall of angels. If you want someone to keep you, be your protector, you have to trust him (again that word) and obey his authority. Man, the magnificent being, has renounced his divine will and life given by the Creator in exchange for security. He failed to overcome the disease and remained attached to lower consciousness, survival awareness, security, survival struggle. Now you know why the theory of Charles Darwin’s evolution and the doctrine of “Survival of the fitest,” though there is no foundation in the mind and love of the pedestal of science. It’s just an anchor of mind control, nothing else.

People looking for safety, and surviving and extending the most important life guidelines, operate from a center known as the reptilian brain. You do not have to bother with reptiles and shape shifter, because if a man acts from the reptilian consciousness of survival and struggle for survival, he really is a reptile.

Security is an illusion created by a child in a child’s mind that has never ceased to exist. I wrote about this beautiful article on mind control.

The authorities are therefore indispensable to ensure the safety, or rather the illusion of security. To be someone’s authority (boss) there must be some who listen to it. There, we are again in the dualistic system of relationships. Authority without obedience makes no sense. They give meaning to each other. Imagine someone who tells himself that authority, but nobody is listening or listening to it. What is this authority?

The whole system today is a system of compromised consciousness, illness. In it, one is glorified at the expense of others and seeks unconditional obedience and obedience. I can somehow understand psychopathic people wanting power and superior positions, but it is difficult to understand people who want to be obedient and obedient, who want to have the one who will tell them what to do. It’s almost as amazing how many people talk and fantasize about the “great leader” who will guide people in the light of the future, and the only thing they do is to look around looking for it to follow.

At the tone of the truth during the last year’s (2015) election, we both wrote Valter and the whole series of “Election Specials” articles in which we explained to people what it means when you go out to vote to voice your voice as “a great leader” or “a great idea” will lead you through life for the next four years. It is self-restraint on the least possible branches. It is sad that everyone is able to do so under the pretense of normality.

“Well, there must be some power,” they say, “because it is not all of us would be killed.” Many times in the articles, I explained that this dogma was deliberately released as justified by the existence of power even though it has no cover in reality. For thousands of years, free people lived without any authority and civilization and as you can see they have not been killed, they are still there.

“I’m not afraid of Mao and Stalin and Hitler. I am afraid of thousands and millions of people who hallucinate for themselves that they are “power” and thus charge prices, and pay for their empires, and execute their orders. I do not care what a stranger is with a funny mustache. He is no threat if people do not believe in “authority of authority.”

Imagine a man coming to you and telling you to pay him for some reason 500kn or he will arrest you. Probably will look at you with disbelief, and try to remember the emergency phone number, because this is an emergency case for the manicure. Quite what you think this guy gets from the pocket badge written by the MUP of Croatia.

What happened now? How are you feeling now? Does this guy suddenly have authority or are you still feeling crazy? If so, does he come from a badge? Are you sure you do not worship the badge? Why do you worship then? What does the badge mean? What badge means? NONE, IF THESE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW. Authority exists only because you believe it exists, it is the result of long-standing indoctrination and education.

“Pity (the pope) is necessary for salvation.”

Turn on television or radio. Open the newspaper. What is convincingly the most written and talked about government, government, ministers, politicians. You can not ignore them all and you will. They are omnipresent, emphasizing their importance and importance. They are the ones who have to approve each of our movements, intentions, intentions. Although many will now say that their politicians are no authority and are aware of their false morals and corruption, there is another authority that is even more present and whose purity and morality can never be locked. It is REPUBLIC OF CROATIA. All the hordes of people, old and young, worship coat of arms, flags, anthems, ideas of state authority. Instead of God, people in the heart carry Croatia.

Fantastic ideologies are always best for people’s management. For if a cult of personality is created for a man or a politician, his strength is growing so much that it is possible to take people in the direction that the masters do not respond. For this reason a cult of ideology has been created in the new age, because it is less unpredictable and easier to manage. REPUBLIC OF CROATIA will not take you anywhere because it does not exist and is governed by politicians (let’s say that even though that is not true), so it is unclear how someone can love Croatia and hate the government or the president who leads it. It is just a brand that is worth a certain amount of money just like Coca Cola or Mercedes.

The dogma about the necessity of the existence of authority and authority to govern our bodies, minds and souls is just that – dogma. Its origin lies in the insecurity of an individual who is willing to give up his freedom to be part of the mass and hidden from the umbrella of collectivism. It is no problem to be part of a collective, if it is a free decision of an individual. But as you will see in the books below in this society, such free will does not exist.

The dogma of power is a psychological disease, a virus that has infected a man in pandemic proportions. Anyone who tells you that you have to be part of a collective and that there is no choice here and if you do not like it to go, it is, in this way, seeing something bad – in the head. The authority in nature has no foundation. There are no tax offices, customs, police, courts that punish the authorities in the name of the phantom entity.

If you think the opposite, let’s explore further through this book to see where the potential authority of someone over someone is.

Those who consider themselves to be in power, in power or in power, etc. are known to us. What has been forgotten in the whole story is that, naturally, and by its very definition, power must be given, passed on, to have any effect.

Must be given. It can not be just “taken” or “assumed” because that is not what it is. (authority / power taken through the gun’s pipe is a crime, an offense against the sovereignty of an individual). This is so for a simple reason, because people act freely. To act in accordance with the “directives” of another “authority”, then the free will of man must accept the free will of another. This can only happen when one decides to accept the will of someone else.

Recognizing and accepting the will of someone else is the same as saying that a man gives / extends powers to someone else.

But if a person has a free will, then he does not have to give authority / authority to anyone, if he does not want or if a man has no free will then he is not a man but a robot or a slave.