International Press Release: A Simple Explanation

We and the living people we represent and these unincorporated institutions of living people that we own and represent, are long-lost owners and possessors, donor-beneficiaries, those who have the sole interest of the survivors in all these named estates, foundations and legacies. We own the Federal Reserve Banks– all of them. They were all in great debt to us, and still are. They are insolvent by definition, and we have foreclosed them, and we hold all cured UCC-liens, and other options regarding them. Therefore, there is no need for any “correspondent bank” because all banks are in the system by definition of our bank, and we have superior concurrent general jurisdiction. We can operate freely in the air, land and sea. We, the living people, own all the survivors’ shares in all unregistered assets, which are the backbone of the assets of all 63 member banks, in the Bank’s records for International Settlements. The attempt to impersonate them has failed, nor will they succeed in the future.

Anna Maria Riezinger, fiduciary
United States of America (unincorporated)
Post Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

Community is starting with its activities again!

As it is known to all of you who have followed the work of this Community, activities have put on hold lately, although everything still worked, people were able to join and use the tools we created as a Community. The reason for this was that the focus shifted to the Creative Society project of the International Public Movement AllatRa which was recognized as a new approach towards the development of humanity and creating a better future for all of us. Throughout this process, unfortunately, the legal aspect of the concept of “living man” was rejected, as well as the initial principles of this Community, presented in the “Proclamation of Freedom and Sovereignty of the Living Man” which the Community handed over in 2019 to all legal entities globally. The Creative Society project is developing independently in Croatia today, without having to do with this Community anymore, and considering that Dražen Kasalo is its initial initiator and that he made the decision not to deal with this Community anymore, he left it to people who still feel that this path, which was initially set, certainly has the potential for further growth and development, especially in this present moment when, as humanity, we are in a very extraordinary time and probably the most significant turning point in human history so far.

The new coordinator of the Community is Vedran Miočić-Stošić, one of its initiators from the very beginning and we hereby inform all people that we are starting with our activities again! We start from the point where we stopped, enriched with new knowledge, insights and experience we gained during this period of “pause”, working in the direction of Truth, Peace and Love for the benefit of all and everything around us to achieve our purpose on this journey through earthly Life which we have all received as a gift from our Creator.

As this Community is not registered within the legal system but operates outside this framework, it was decided not to be operatively linked to the Association “Udruga Čovjek”, which has so far served in this context only to make payments for membership, making Community ID cards and plates for aids for the mobility of living people. From now on, joining the Community is completely free, as well as making a Community ID card, templates for plates of mobility aids, etc. All people who participate in the work and activities of the Community do so on a completely voluntary basis and all tools we create in the future will be given to people for free. If you feel the need to help the Community with a donation of any kind, contact us by e-mail and we will make an agreement.

In order to get acquainted with the basic principles and approach that we will advocate, apply and ultimately live, we recommend that you read the “Proclamation of Freedom and Sovereignty of the Living Man” on which our actions are based. You can read the document or download it for free HERE.

If you feel that you want to go that path and decide to become a co-creator of this Community, the instructions for joining can be found HERE.

Joining this Community does not exclude the possibility of being a member or part of any other group, initiative, movement etc., or to use any other tools to define your relationship with the legal system. You are free to decide for yourself about your life and experience, no one has any obligations to the Community (and vice versa) and your eventual active participation depends only on your good will and pure intention. If you use the tools of this Community, it is important to know clearly what they mean and what they bring with them so as not to get into unwanted situations and misunderstandings with those to whom you will present yourself as its co-creators referring to its principles. For this purpose, a Telegram group has been created through which you will be able to get additional information, follow notifications about future activities, etc. Also, every Wednesday at 7pm there will be a zoom meeting open to all who is interested, so you can ask questions and get answers through “live” “conversation. The link to the meetings will be published in the Telegram group, and you can access the group itself via this link

We invite you to join us on this journey, creating a life without trading, both legally and psychologically, guided by mutual respect, esteem and unity in Peace and omnipresent Love!