Co-creator’s responsibilities

Every Man who wants to join the Community for any reason must be aware of the following:

  • To take full responsibility for his actions and procedures
  • That he did not enter into a co-creative relationship in order to obtain any privileges, and that co-creation does not require any debt from him.

Respecting the Free Will as a universal principle inalienable and inherent to every living Man, this way I; the living Man; co-creator of the “Living Man” Community of Sovereign People on Earth; aware of this self, I hereby declare that it is my complete and absolute responsibility for:

  • every thought I support with myself
  •  every word I say with myself and express
  • every act / action / act I do

am aware that I am the sole cause of the above; ready to fully bear absolutely all the consequences of the foregoing; and that no other Man, whether co-creator of the Community of Sovereign People on Earth, is a “living man” or not, except me, bears no responsibility for any thoughts, words, conditions, and / or actions produced by Me. Any form of diminished state of consciousness, ignorance, disinterest, etc. are not, nor will it ever be sufficient reason for me to avoid the caused consequences and / or to attempt to shift responsibility or some responsibility to someone else.
I; living man; true and sovereign on earth; I am absolutely free to accept or not accept any thought, word, emotion and / or act according to my own free will. It is a Choice that no one else can impose on me; that Choice is an expression of my free will now and here.