Community co-creator


You become a community co-creator by submitting a written request explaining why you want to become a community co-creator. Since the community does not exist in a legally registered sense and does not have your OIB or bank account, you should formally become a member of the Association “Man” . By request you confirm that you have read “to be a co-creator” and co-creator responsibility ” and that you agree to everything in the texts cited. In the application you need to provide first name, address, date of birth, oib, and optional mail and mobile but it would be good. This is required by the state, not me. You become a member as described above and pay a membership fee of 240 kn for one year. If that’s your problem, we can do it without that. If you are not the citizen of Croatia and doesn’t have OIB or address in Croatia you can’t be member of association. But you can be a cocreator  of community. In that case you pay donation instead of membership fee

Payment Details: “MAN” OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR JUSTICE, TRUTH AND REALITY, Bernardinova 5, HR-21000 Split, OIB: 01022581810 IBAN: HR3123900011100942523 amount: 240 kn.

Then you need to send your picture that you want to be on the card, the name you want it to be on the card (you can choose another one) and the scanned signature on the e-mail.

Since everything is done completely voluntarily, I ask for your patience in obtaining the ID.

Please send your request, pictures, signature and everything else to email: