Consciousness is all what it is. (On Croatian “Svijest”  Svi- everybody, everything, jest-is). What is there is in reality, so consciousness could be defined as all or only that which exists in reality. The hallmark of consciousness is awareness. It is a state in which consciousness is aware of itself, of its existence, that is, of all that it really is. On the other hand, there is an unconsciousness whose characteristic is ignorance of the self. Unconsciousness does not negate consciousness, but merely reveals a state in which consciousness has forgotten, or cannot remember itself, ie it is unconscious of itself and all that it is. It could be said that such a state of unconsciousness causes consciousness not to have knowledge, but only to think about what it is.

Consciousness in a state of unconsciousness tends to seek and discover who it is. In the process, it binds to some thoughts, conclusions, or body and physical needs. Also for instincts and psychological conditioning. Consciousness within a young child who is just born is not aware of itself, it is unconscious. In this pursuit of self, consciousness is recognized itself and attached to anything in its surroundings. This is most often in the beginning the mother’s face, her sounds, smell, presence, energy pattern. Then it binds to the body, voice, name. Consciousness expands, learns language, and recognizes the world according to the sounds it hears from parents. This is similar to some primitive mechanism in which consciousness simply believes in all the information it receives, and immediately accepts it as true, real. Watch the little kid and you will find that it has no sense of humor, or takes some things less and some more seriously. The child believes whatever you tell him. My son, only 9 years old, is learning that TV commercials are often not true and should not be trusted. But such features are unconscious, so any information the child receives is automatically acquired as such, creating a psychological body of a particular form. This body is primitive at first (remember, for example, games on the ZX Spectrum1) and later much more complex (see today’s games on Playstation 4).


It consists of mental, emotional and physical identifications created in an unconscious way. Such a body takes the form of information identifying itself with content limited by the quality and quantity of information. In short, this consciousness is a very limited consciousness. It has all the qualities of consciousness, but by identification, by the mold of conditioning, it has limited itself.When consciousness enters about the age of seven, it already has some general idea / identification – the thought of who it is and what the world is. Although the ego already exists then, it does not act in a conscious way in the sense of “I and my needs” but as “I am needed”.In the beginning, consciousness connects to the most basic psychological – physical instincts. These are the instincts to meet the physical needs, food, water, physiological needs, hygiene, and the need for contact, safety, belonging, love. The center of such consciousness is controlled through the reptilian part of the brain. primordial, primitive part.By satisfying these needs, consciousness moves to another higher stage, where it binds to the needs of expression, communication, emotional expression. It is then identified with intellectual content, and at the same time spiritual content, etc.… Then consciousness spreads to other parts of the brain, limbic and neocortex, but due to its structure, primarily to the left hemisphere of the new brain. This all goes to some level when and if consciousness realizes that it is none of that. Then the process of unblocking from all the content with which consciousness has identified begins.It’s a process of unblocking or deprogramming that can be quite painful, similar to when you pull a hook out of a fish’s mouth. The fish are relatively simple to hook, but due to the shape of the hook that hooks from below, pulling is very painful. So are our identifications. It’s easy to hook, but hard to pull off, like with drugs or alcohol. In the process, severe emotions of loss, death, nothingness, nonsense occur. The consciousness that successfully passes this ordeal is released from the connection of the mind and returns all its life force to its limitless possession. The mind is not lost, but stands in the background and is used consciously at will of consciousness. Automation and programming no longer exist. The mind is a servant and no longer manages anything. All connections to the world are severed – it’s FREEDOM.Now I move on to the part that is pure intuition, but as I write it I feel it is true, as it connects the dots perfectly and gives a clear wider picture. In addition, since the vast majority of this book has been downloaded from some divine server without proof of truth, but as pure premonition, I allow myself, here in my book, the luxury of bringing out the said “intuitions.”