The community of Sovereign People on Earth „Living Man“ at the Second Convention, held on 15th and 16th December 2018, makes a public announcement declaring its unconditional freedom to knowledge and guidance (alignment) to all who are concerned.

Proclamation (declaration, announcement, publication, promulgation) of
Freedom and Sovereignty of a Living Man

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Universal principle(s) of free will

This Proclamation (declaration, announcement, publication, promulgation) establishes a new or altered universal order in relation to man- state / legal system / system agents. By this Proclamation, consciously (wittingly), without any concealed or malicious (misguided) intentions, in a transparent and clear manner, the sovereign free will of the Man Who Is Life is publicly pronounced (is declared publicly) … Free will is inviolable and inherent to every living Man, guaranteed and recognized in all ever published (written) or unpublished (unwritten) laws, and as a universal principle must be respected (honored).

The fundamental value of this expressed will, is not any book, letter or epistle, whether it is holy or not, as too any law, charter, convention, contract and/or other. The fundamental value is the universal consciousness expressed through the Soul and Heart of every Man conscious of his true source (origin).

With this Proclamation (document), the Sovereign Free Will in the form of a Man does not require any permission, consent or blessing, but only informs other Living People or persons in various capacities about their sovereign intent; fully transparent, in Peace, Neutrality and Love, respecting the Principle of Goodwill and good-neighborly relationships.

If the Free Will and Intent, here expressed, violates or restricts the Free Will of any other Living Being on Earth, it must obligatorily disprove it within the deadline and according to given instructions or stay silent forever.


In every system of relationships silence is always meant that the informed party agrees with the expressed will and that it is not in conflict with its interests, so it is treated equally here and now.

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Source basics

Man as the cause of the problem

Here and Now, in this Omnipresent Moment, we have awakened from the extreme long- term slumber of Obliviousness and we get back to the memory of all our levels while we remove the fragments of our long journey through the Timeless Appearance (Occurrence) of Being, exploring separation, polarization and time constraint (time limit). In this way, we remember that we are the Present Manifestation of our Eternal Souls which through the Source itself is expressed; that brings us and this world back into Balance.
Here and Now, in this Manifestation of Life, in this world, we remember that we are wrapped with the unique and magnificent Gift, the Gift of Life and the Gift of the Sovereign Free Will. We remember that so we remove the ossified systems of beliefs we have taken over ourselves, during journey through the veils of amnesia of restricted field in which we are pulled in. We reject the systems of beliefs we have accepted during the journey, which is trying to convince us that we have no free will and that therefore we must subjugate to an external authority and power; to exist, survive and attain salvation. It is so far from Truth, and we completely reject it, Here and Now.
We reject all systems of belief that sojourn (stay) in the world from which the goal is to escape at any price and where this world is some kind of illusion we are not responsible for. What all religions are trying to convince us (and with significant success, we could point out) is that this world is evil, sinful, and wrong, and that the only way out of this is binding to the system of rules, laws and ordinances that can only be made and issued by the Priest and the King in accordance with self-proclaimed “divine right”. Within such a reality, there must be a blind comformer ( obedient ) and if he/she wants to be chosen among all the others for salvation, without insight that we should have to wade over all the rest and destroy those who are not chosen, all hoping ( in the hope ) we will somehow get salvated. The rules of the game are: to earn, to steal or to create as many karmic chips as possible to pay the Law’s Preacher to make a ritual of our transit to Paradise, not taking into matter that we have destroyed everything on that way.

Unawareness, ignorance, disinterest and other hypnotic and semi hypnotic states are the cause of deviations of consciousness in an individual and collective sense. As Living People who fully accept the responsibility for the disorder and injustice that lives today in the world, we are the only ones who have the power to change it. Change and potency is in us, in every man individually, and we are here today expressing this Manifest of Change, which the man from the cause of the problem becomes a solution. Solutions are now infront of us.

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Freedom is not utopia. It is the natural state of man in its original sense. This is a state in which limitations of opinion and attainments do not exist. It is The State of Pure Existence, Life itself, unconditioned and spontaneous. Many spiritual teachers today clearly explain the nature of this condition (state) as the individual inner nature of every man. Freedom is individual for every man and that’s why everyone is responsible for it. The limitation of freedom and the development of the maximum spiritual and thought potential can be created within the man’s mind by implementation of information about limitation. Such accepted information locks consciousness into limits of perspective, losing freedom of thought, conequentialy action also.

The ideology of man as a “social” being is the best example of implementing limitations. It says that man is not his own, but social, and that his “interests” are second-rate in relation to the “interests” of society. Such a “social” man has to obey by the limits of social norms and “consensus” on behalf of “higher” goals. Limitation as an unnatural element creates a paradoxical and illogical situation in which a limited and trapped man or group of such establishes a free society. That is impossible.

The only way we can believe that is through mind programming and the amenability to unconscious, hypnotic states. An unaware man doesn’t see reality as it is, but projected through ideological filters. In such a state she/he rationalizes the illogicality and paradox by standard buzzwords and ideological- dogmatical flosses, which he takes for granted, such as:

• Laws have to be respected
• I am a legalist
• Let legal state do its job
• That’s the way how it has always worked
• The state is a guarantee of our peace
• Man is a God’s slave
• Man is wolf to man
• Every government is from God

and other meaningless phrases that do not explain and do not give added value to consciousness, but only rationalize the state of hypnosis and unconsciousness.

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Social order today functions as a hypnotic-limiting catalyst. Platitudes of the welfare of society and the “higher” goal imposes a bunch of forbidden actions and the same large amount of compulsory; both with a threat of punishment.

Recognizing the irrefutable fact that society is free to the extent that each individual is free, it is clear that imposed restrictions have only one goal. The goal is completely dumbing down, dulling of the entire population, limiting it to idioticism, and all so that it would be easier to rule and rule over it, because of own ego interests. The legal system through the created fiction of the state imposes, by an enormous number of laws and legal norms, completely unnatural condition, with the intention of continuing the rule of degraded consciousness, as far as possible in the future, all under the guise of an instrument known as the “rule of law”.

To us, the creators of this document, it is clear that the most low-minded egoistic goals of interest groups are disguised in the religious-sociological ideology of the “higher” goal, which as a “carrot and cudgel ( stick )” offer to a hypnotized and unconscious man. For this purpose, they employed the same kind of people in the figures of state leaders and MPs, administrators of the system (matrix) who have nothing to do with this concept. They follow, as a donkey follows a carrot, unnatural principles, all because of their egoistic benefit (read: status, reputation, power, prestige, wealth). Their only goal is to bring as many laws as possible (read: limitations), to create the prison of the legal system, by following the false doctrine of “higher” (read: private) goal. Such leaders and system are completely misfit and unacceptable to a man who is free and true in its essence, but possibly suitable for fictitious persons, by nature, slaves. Therefore, the duty and the pleasure of a conscious man is to break all bounds of constraint and to free its consciousness, to live in harmony, life balance and happiness, which is man’s true nature that can never be questioned.


The one who is not free is a slave, no matter his master is real or an illusion. Slave serves, either master, ideology, or god. He/she is not his/her own, he/she belongs to another, he/she is not own master. Slave is always a slave with more or less mercy of his “lord”, and as long as we use the IDENTITY CARD – ID (NAME AND SURNAME) and the system documents in the sense that it is set today, as long as man does not rule by PERSON and while it is owned by the corporation, concrete by REPUBLIC OF CROATIA- RH, he/she is a slave. Looking through history, there is no master to give up its slaves in the honest way, in any system, from slavery to the so-called democracy. Nothing unusual, because slaves are not pets, slaves are the base upon which exists survival of the system, the base that supports the survival of their masters’ power, the slaves are the standfast, the source of life energy on which the empire stands. It is not known that ever emperor self voluntarily

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renounced their slaves. True, today’s system is set in practice, more or less, that people are unconsciously and voluntarily becoming slaves and not take a notion what they do by their own consent to this or that, of course, as the yield of the indoctrination from the very birth to a moment of awareness.

Therefore, as long as there is over a man any master, an emperor, a king, a president, a GOVERNMENT, a president, a boss and similar, a man can not be anything more then SLAVE or in a status of SLAVE.

This document, written by a group of people who are aware, explains the ways and principles of disintegrating (disassociation) of Man from an unnatural social contract and all implications that the use of the same brings. This Statement proclaims Truth and together with Freedom is placed on the Pedestal of Life.

Law of Common Sense

The Dictionary of Law (1889) defines the term Natural Law by using exactly the following words: “The rule of human action that the Creator has prescribed and which can be revealed by the light of intellect”. In other words, the Natural Law is the Law of the Supreme Creator and can be known in the light of intellect. That’s why you do not need to go to school to know the Natural Law. Equally, this document, even though it contains elements of legal science, can be understandable to people who are not trained in the law, and it is written in such a way and intent to be clear to us all. It was created for the purpose of achieving the freedom of Man by using clear and unconstitutional expressions of its Free Will. It contains thoughts and ideas based on the basic Principles of Intellect, Truth, Justice, Goodwill, in Good Faith without prejudice, while retaining all their inalienable rights without interfering to anybody’s rights. Man as a Natural Being is Life itself and has the Will given by the Creator, and the biological body by its founders, as its most powerful and fullest expression of Creation on Earth. Likewise, Man as the most intelligent being on the Earth is the bearer of every system and its creator, which is its inalienable right to a superior position in any secular structure. In this document, Man reaffirms its right and terminates all contracts that could ever be made with the institutions those who are concerned, which led Man to subordinate and to His Being, an unnatural position. With this document, Man is dismissed from the same institutions, detailing and explaining the reasons for that action. All the rights that any institute or other legal entity ever had were neither immanent, nor natural, but indirect or immediate, and very often manipulated and enforced by Man, so it is reasonable to conclude that Man is the source of all rights within any legal system, and that She/He, as the sole holder of the same, has the right to withdraw them, without any consequences, at any time, and what is the basic intent of this document.

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Fundamental reasons for leaving the state legal system

Failure to fulfill the role of the state

The current legal structures in the form of national states have completely missed their role, because the sole purpose of the state is to provide logistical support and service to the benefit of Man. Moreover, current cognition suggests that such creations were and still are, a huge obstacle to the attainment of the freedom of Man, because individuals, hidden behind the fiction of the state and the authorities, through the roles of its agents and administrators, greatly limit the awareness, mental capacity and even physical man’s development.

Compulsion of rights and duties

The state can not guarantee any rights to Man, because the state is not the Creator, but as a man’s creation represents the lowest degree in the hierarchy of Creation. How is it that something created by a man can give man any rights? The rights in question are privileges, because they, by definition, can be given, and consequently they can be confiscated. In fact, right is something completely different.

Privileges by system of trade also include duties. Therefore, the proper name of the system isn’t legal, but privileged-debt. Such a content is a slave-holding-like character, because that state gives to and/or confiscate the privileges from man, thereat rejecting Universal Freedom Rules and Golden Legal Rules. All of this applies also for duties, too. The Man wasn’t born in debt and isn’t obligated to anyone.

Fiction of a social contract

Every modern democratic system calls unanimously on the “Social Contract” as its own base. Such a “social man” has to be constantly under control, because if he is not controlled, his corrupt nature will come to the surface. It is a complete fiction and unacceptable to the life philosophy of the members of this community. The Man was not born in sin and in debt as the Catholic Church interprets. Man is, in the Spirit and Consciousness, the Supreme Being and it is not necessary to teach her/him that she/he shouldn’t kill and steal or attack other people and their property. Man already knows this, because it is embedded in her/his DNA, part of her/his life code which she/he embodied in.

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Fiction of the legal system

In fact, the legal system is an illusion in which the fictitious concept, we call law, is at the top of the system. It must therefore be clear that the rule of law, which does not recognize Natural Law or Cosmic Laws of Creation and Life, is ordinary fiction, and has no basis in reality and has illusory character.

A practical consequence of all this is that man, in an ego -state of consciousness, lives a false and fictitious life. Since the system is a subset of the action of the human mind, what else the legal system can be than fiction and fraud?

Application of the Satanic Principles of Non-Life

The Creator of the reality we live in, inspires Life to everything that exists and it is of its origin. Everything else is not of the same Source, because it doesn’t contain the Principle of Life, Consciousness and Energy, so on the dualistic-relativistic principles of opposition to the Creator, we could call it Satanic (which is not entirely true, but in this case it doesn’t matter). Satanic Principle is the principle of non-life, death, deviant consciousness turned from the inside outward. This principle, which is not the principle but the absence of the Creator’s principle, is set on the basis of worship, awe, obedience, submissiveness… Satanic consciousness requires that you subjugate, worship, pray, idolize, and offer sacrifices to it. It refuses to admit that the Man is the Free Being who is self-sufficient and has own will. The existence of a state requests, not knowledge, but a blind belief in the legal system, and the worship of this is departure of the Man from the Creator in the direction of the deviation and degradation of consciousness and Life’s Principle, whose unbelievable consequences today manifest in the form of a perverted egocentric mind ready for all forms of fear, to strive a hunger for power, glory, the acquisition of wealth, domination over Nature, and the harsh exploitation of its resources, which is so visible in the world today, in short – Satanism.

Wrong interpretation of the rule of law

The rule of law is also subject to the hierarchy of Creation, so that every man-made law must be clear, direct, straightforward, in accordance with Divine Justice, Natural Laws, Common Sense, Man’s Right. If the law is not such, it is not law at all, nor can it be said about the rule of law.

Corruption of the Rule of Law

The rule of law itself may not be a bad idea, it does even have a note of exalted consciousness, but in order for it to function elevated people of broad gaze and knowledge

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are necessary; people who have dismissed their petty personal interests and moved from personal interest to the domain of Life’s interest. At this point, the fact is that the authority and leadership of the national state (in this case think about the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA) are compromised at all levels. The attempts of all institutional and non-institutional groups of people to change legally such course of events, until now, have failed to produce yield.

Corruption of Courts

The Court is a word that denotes an action or deliberation that takes in consideration all available facts, verifies them through objective experience, knowledge, spirituality, and psychology, and in the light of this, makes a conclusion or a specific instruction for action, whether it is mandatory or not.

Therefore, the administrative court is not a court at all. It’s an administrative building, judges are administrators, bureaucrats who do not see Reality, because their view is embedded in laws, rules, and paragraphs …

Therefore, those people will not be called judges or honorable people. Only the Man can be honest. There are many public documents and written books, through which we have convinced ourselves, by going through various processes, that the imposed judiciary is cancer on the body of the society and that it is the main tool for manipulation, corruption, vengeance, extortion, fraud, theft and robbery of Man’s property.

Legalization of Crime

Constitutional legal order is an anomaly in the rule of law because it is completely separated from Life and from the Laws of Nature, since it does not recognize it. The legal system is currently leaning on an institute of legality that is often identified with the notion of legitimacy.

In the legal system, therefore, crime can be legal, which is a “normal” phenomenon, but of course it can never be legitimate, so we come to a paradox where possible that something legitimate becomes illegal and vice versa.

The legal system is a system that has no connection with Truth and Justice, but only with fiction, contracts and business relationships.

The plunder of man through the financial system

The legal system is the promoter of the greatest scam of today and its own bodyguard. This fraud is called a financial-banking system. Banks, based on the principle of “partial reserve

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banking”, create numbers on the screen (read: money) from thin air and pump it into the system without cover, in the form of a loan (read: debt) to be repaid with interest. Since interest has never been put into circulation, the debt is impossible to repay, and the state must be in constant borrowing mode in order to service interest, because there is nothing else it can do. In such a system, a country that previously took ownership of public property, sold it as a loan pledge or as a repayment guarantee. When it sells everything, then it will guarantee the loans to its citizens (living people which live on the territory of the state) to which it has already enrolled ownership. So the man in the hell of this corrupt system became a pledge for debts and bonded with slavery of debt. The Merchant -Monetary System is based on the extraction of the energy from the aura of everyone who is using money, because that money is private money, which was created in the form of a debt. Given that debts, in this criminal system, have to be repaid, every money-making work, any service charged with money, is not exchange of energy, but extraction of the same from both parties participating in the so-called exchange. The financial system of debt is a sword above the neck of mankind and the most famous energetic drunkard that serves exclusively to its masters.

Transforming a Man into a person

The conclusion of a contract between a fictitious legal body and a Living Man is not possible, because fiction, a thing that does not exist, can not communicate with Life, with Reality. Since a legal entity can never become alive, then a contract can only be concluded by declare a man dead or lost at the sea. Such a trick is accomplished by registering a NAME (NAME and SURNAME = PERSON), which resembles the Man’s name (name and family name), in the state parish register, making that NAME a property of the state.
Therefore, a person does not exist as real, but as a representative of someone or something; not living the Life of Presence, but performance. In this performance man is represented by certain words, forgetting that she/he can not be described, explained, presented by word, name, title, definition or any other intellectual formation.

System as a spell on the energy body

By legal magic, a Man is approaching the state by enrolling The Birth of the Living Child into the parish register and becoming a citizen (PERSONNAL = NAME and SURNAME), a person who as such acquires legal personality. Legal personality is not a divine creation and for The Nature it is a completely unknown term because such a personality does not exist in The Nature. This state of affairs, which appears in mythology as the underworld and which has no contact with Reality (which is true, because the state and system are completely fictional) can avoid all kind of custom and established rules because they are applicable in the World of Earth, The Living World, not for the world of the dead, the one that governs now. Such

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a spell of citizenship and renunciation of its Source, is a difficult anchor to be released so that it does not bind us from being bound to eternal Karmic bondage and dept’s service.

Impossibility of changes in corrupt consciousness

Attempts, such as referring to higher order laws, international institutions, declarations, conventions, commercial law, etc. have not give a yield. Corrupt consciousness embodied in authority completely ignores all calls of conscious Living Man for the establishment of a righteous and free system.
Given that the duty of man is to take care of itself, not for a society or community that is managed by corrupt awareness, the only possible decision that can be made is to leave this legal-juristic society, because every action within it further loses the time and the energy, that the parasites of the system use exclusively for their own wellbeing.

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About community and community’s intent

The community of sovereign people at The Earth is not a public association, informal order or any other entity that is recognized, labeled or registered in the books and the rules of the legal order, regardless of the source or function, and the territorial affiliation of it.
Moreover, it is completely unambiguous that this community has no touch points with the rule of law of today’s systems and isn’t subjected to any interpretations and qualifications of lawyers which are limited by the form of constitutional-legal order of the Republic of Croatia or any other similar order. Attempts to classify this order and community into molds of the legal system are naughtily and void as relevant to any relationship with people within it.
This community brings together living people aware of the Existence in the Here and Now and the Living Existence in every Man and everything that surrounds us; people deprived of identification on any personal basis and the mask with which it is lined. Nationality, race, religion, sex and/or any other personal view is irrelevant amongst the co-creators of this community. This doesn’t mean that people -co-creators can not have a personality or character, but that it is no basis for being part of the community, unlike legal systems, through which The Life is viewed as irrelevant, and legal personality and its associated status, position and capacity is viewed almost as the only essentiality.
That is why this is a Community of Lives in all forms recognized as a different expression of Uniqueness, which avoids any hierarchy in this community. Every co-creator of this Community is a Sovereign and is free to do whatever she/he wants; with full responsibility for their own thoughts, words and deeds; responsible for own actions if the principle of integrity and sovereignty of the other living being is violated, which is carefully considered within this Community.
The intention of The Community is the promotion of Life and all its phenomenon and manifestations such as free will, love, truth, strength, responsibility, honesty, morality, spontaneity, unconditionality, peace and neutrality…
The claim of repressive societies that Man should be usurped for sovereignty and freedom so that society may be sovereign and free, is a universal joke for young children, which is at the very beginning of reflection, from a Man of Reason, rejected as a falsehood, a common colorful lie, and a miserable attempt of manipulation.
One of the basic principles of this Community is that it is only a Sovereign; free, happy, balanced and powerful Man, can create a society of such characteristics. Everything else is magic and phantasm that, in common sense and consciousness, has no cover. Only when the Man is in Peace and Love can freely decide to concede a part of Will, from Love for Man and Life, to someone else, not by force, manipulation, or magic, as it is today.

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Understanding the system of manipulation and lies in which man today resides, by studying we have risen to a high level, which has resulted in this document through which we declare that we are getting rid of all the links with the fictitious world of the dead, the world without soul and the universal essence, and return Home, in Life, we return Life back to Earth, the place where it has always been and where it should be forever.

Truth as the very base

The Truth is simple and easy to understand. No school or additional education is necessary to understand what is self-evident. The Truth is the base and the beginning, because it can not be relied on anything. Truth is the very base, and there is no base for the truth. Truth is not part of the dual world, of perspective, of subjectivism, of position. It does not depend on anyone who looks at it, nor about the position someone is looking from. The truth can only be seen from all positions simultaneously, and this is only one position, a position that contains all other positions, universal, all-seeing, timeless, spaceless position. It is the position of the Spirit, the Soul, the Creator of all visible and invisible. We, people – co- creators of this Community confirm by this document understanding of the Truth and to strive to respect the upper postulates and base it all in and on the Truth, sinchronzed with our own understanding. There cannot be truth, just because someone said, wrote, confirmed that this is true. There cannot be truth just because the word that describes it, is interpreted in the true way. There cannot be truth just because most believe in it. There cannot be truth just because it is so easy for us on this “journey to freedom”. If there is a condition, then Truth does not exist. If there is an authorized interpreter of truth, then Truth does not exist. If there is a procedure for the knowledge of truth, then Truth does not exist. If there is an idea of truth, there is no truth. The Truth simply Is. We do not want to compromise anymore because it’s so easy, so we’ll pretend something is true, though everyone sees it is not. We do not agree to conditioned truth and freedom, because it is a matter of time when it will turn into unfreedom. We do not agree that there is any guarantee for truth and freedom. Therefore, we build a free society in Truth and Truthfulness, because Time has come to that. Therefore, the Community we are building is not based on:

• Self-proclaimed authority documents
• Rule of any system
• Interpretation of the self-proclaimed interpreters
• Sacred or some other books
• Legal or religious doctrines
• Definitions of the meaning of certain words and language in general

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• Written laws of any kind
• Usual rules (common law)
• Recognition of the institution, because we do not seek recognition

In fact, truth should be seen as a certain state of consciousness in which one is in communion with everything, not separate. From this state of consciousness every action and answer is true. This is something that can not be empirically proven, because the truth is not a mathematical product, but it can certainly be felt, which we certify ourselves. The truth does not exist in the world, because the world is a subjective view of a certain conditioned mind which, as the saying goes, “lives in its own world.” Therefore, to live in this world, but not to be of this world it is a recommended goal that we achieve both in the spiritual as well as in the formal-legal sense, which is the sole purpose of this document.

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Revocation of a contracts;

Civil, state;

The basic document of all legal fictions in which Life is carved into the book and forms the so-called “The Book of the Dead” is the Birth Certificate created by each Registrar’s Office of a particular State when enrollment/registering the fact of the Birth of the Child in the Books. By virtue of their entry in the books has created a contract between the state and the parents who signed the document. What you have not been told is that by that document a legal fiction is created, whose name is written by CAPITAL LETTERS; that is not a Living Man, but a corporate body (dead person, corpes) which goes from the living world to the underworld, the world of dead who exists only on paper. By signing this document, parents disaffirm their child and bind it with a corporate franchise owned by the publisher of the document, in this case, the state. Such a contract creates a person, and The Child; The Embodied Soul, because of the ignorance of the parents, who take over the role of the informant, loses the rights acquired by the birth and becomes a citizen who has privileges and duties based on its new-found legal personality.
Since that document/contract was created by fraud, because we were not told the truth about the legal and other consequences of signing it, everything related to this document is unavailable and naughtily. Therefore, Here and Now we declare that The Man is not burgher, citizen, taxpayer or any other form of so-called. “physical persons”. Man’s existence and being aren’t by any way related to nationality, territory, formal/informal legal order or any other administrative-legal term or definition. By Nature of Reality, Man doesn’t belong to the administrative-legal world of paper fictions. All links, signatures, tacit consents or contracts that can be presumed to have the link between Man and the fictitious administrative world, from this moment aren’t valid and are abolished. The Sovereign is the Will of Man to associate, but also to unjoin without restriction. From this moment on, any relationship between Man and the system, so-called civil order, regulated by civil law; is not valid, doesn’t apply, is null and void. All obligations and promises from this moment are worthless.

Commercial – Banking;

Commerce and the related banking/financial system is the basis of the present slavery system through a fictitious system of debt, supported by esoteric-religious doctrines. The currency owned by the banking/financial system has linked the Life Energy of Man to an esoteric eternal debt contract that cannever be repaid, ever. Laws made for the purposes of banking business by, the so-called “Legislative Bodies”, have no touch points with Nature, a common sense, nor with Truth and Justice. Banking laws are a crime since the very

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beginning of his establishment in society, and in time they became the ultimate master of the world, in the talisman of money, captivate the tremendous psychic energy of most people on earth. REPUBLIC OF CROATIA-RH, like all other “sovereign” countries of the world, are just dolls in the hands of the banking system, which is easy to prove and it’s proven countless times. Here and Now we reject all contracts signed directly or indirectly with this system. We denounce any and all contracts in which Man is marked as a debtor, because the debt doesn’t exist, it is fictitious and illusory. Besides, Man with her/his sovereign will refuse to be a guarantor/co-debtor for the debts of others, because of the means of scams and ignorance drawn into such contracts.

Educational and Scientific;

Incarnate Beings are equal to having The Principle of Focus as well as the True Authentic Self. In Being it means to have and to express own Sovereign Free Will. In the world system, from birth to today, all children are taught the opposite, to be without will and without self- directed ability as an Integrated Whole Being, Here in Life and Now for the duration at The Earth. The very bearer of the same false guidance is the education and university system, which is, to a certain extent, a mandatory program of life indoctrination. Here and Now we are abandoning any obligation to attend the same indoctrination courses and “professional” directions as if there were none; as if they had never been there…
So-called, the scientific principles, which are blindly followed by today’s social order, are not the Principles of Living Man. Science is doctrine as well as religion, because it is not related to a Real Man-scientist, but to the diploma/certificate/testimonial that a scientist considers as a scientist, thus introducing “scientific dictatorships” by which they themselves declare to the supreme gods of material, energetic and psychological reality , while they left spiritually to their religious companions. Science does not know the Ultimate Truth and has no answer to any essential life issues; therefore, we terminate any and every agreement ever made in any way, which allows science and so called “scientific principles” to govern our lives in any sense. We do not admit any “expert” findings as Ultimate Truth and as binding for Man in any sense. It is the right of every Man to approach science or anything else in an individual way, without making any binding relationships.


The Gift of Life is a gift from the Supreme Creator, which religions represent as God, but that is not the same. Religious God is the Lord of the World, who is governed by self- proclaimed deputies (read: the priests). They have imposed this “gift of life” on man as an obligation and this obligation is considered a debt. In this context, we live on this Earth in and under the assumption/presumption of guilt and obligatory debt. In this “divine reality” we are born into “sin” and we were born in debt that is monetized and can not and will not

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be repaid ever! In that context it is not difficult to find the conclusion that every drop of water and every breath that supports Life is the things that must be paid and how much we pay, that debt can never be repaid, because we owe the soul to this god through its agents on earth, because in fact sin is debt. 1
Our sins are debts to god, which we, debtors, can not pay. God is ready to wipe our debts if we humble ourselves in front of him. Looking/asking for forgiveness for our sins we admit there is no other way to get rid of sin, but through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ the Son of Man; which is in fact the concept of imposed faith and belief in the necessary, of vital importance and only possible salvation of man through the eternal sacrifice of life at The Earth; the concept which is based on completely distorted, inaccurate and false historical happenings.
With this statement of the Sovereign Free Will, we reject the presumption of eternal debt and birth in debt, regardless of the interpretation or allegorical possibly-value meanings of biblical texts. Debt slavery are woven in the man minds through the never-denied syntagm, that man is a slave of god, syntagm which definitively creates a contract/vow known as the Old and then the New Testament. Such a testament or assumption/presumption of existence of it from Now is, by the Sovereign Will, abolished and declared void and non- existent. Man is not god’s slave, not his debtor, nor born in debt/sin. Man is the Magnificent Manifestation of Creator, Embodiment/Incarnation of Itself and lives by its unlimited and inalienable rights here at the Earth. The consequence of such a rupture is rejection of any divine agency as the will of the higher order.


Here and Now we proclaim that any Child born by a mother and father who are a co- creators of this Community does not belong in any way to the state or any other entity who claims to be entitled to It. Whether the Child is born in a home, on a road, in a public vehicle or in a public institution, by this document, we also reject any commercial or any other right by which the Child, Living Being, is usurped. Any laws of any administrative- commercial-judicial-political-religious body are null and void in any case. The implication of any contractual relationship of any kind, by this document is rejected. The Child is its own and It is neither property nor belonging, and its parents are chosen as such by the Cosmic Will and bear full responsibility, as its guardians and caregivers, in front of the same will and nobody else.


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Ownership is to Nature an unknown term and does not exist as such. Nature belongs to everyone, but not to anyone in particular, and no one can claim to have any property over anything that is alive, that is Earth and All on Earth. Ownership, as a title of the right over a piece of land with compulsory compensation, was introduced by the “God’s Agent on Earth” (read: institution of Pope’s) by ordinary statements and announcements, which are opposed by this document. By this document, we declare all the land registers void, especially in the part where self-proclaimed agents, representatives of the fictitious entity of REPUBLIC OF CROATIA-RH and all the other fictitious entities resulting therefrom, recorded in land registers (read: registers) as the right of ownership to all land, we call the Republic of Croatia, which derives from the allegedly granted right to the whole earth of self-proclaimed God’s representative, Lord of Land. Living people do not admit such abduction, theft, and stealing of the Earth given to Man to the managing and use from the Creator, through the Gift of Life and Being on Earth. Therefore, all ownership sheets, possessory sheets and other certificates that prohibit or restrict the use of land, by publishing this document become null and void. The land belongs to the one who is on it and is used in a useful and correct way. The use or estate on land is in accordance with the Natural Law, unlike the property, because over the Life there is no authority, there is no one who can have it.
Ownership as an author work, act or fiction is possible only in a world that is not alive, in the world of fiction, in the world of absence, the world of the dead, but the Creator of All Visible and Living is not and will never give to anyone property over Creation. All statements or announcements of anyone about having property over Earth, Nature, Man and Life, and that they were entrusted with it, are the most common fabrications, blasphemy, and are absolutely unacceptable, false,null and void.
Any contract, request and/or record, regardless of whether it is signed or not, which registration permits the authority of fictitious entities over any Form of life (Earth, Air, Water, Flora, Fauna, Man) or over the results and yields of labor and creativity of Man, by this proclamation is rejected. It is the duty, on an individual request of the Living Man, to delete any record of ownership, from the registry in which it is kept, as well as all the data relating to the property that is managed and used by the Living Man.
We emphasize particularly, that all contracts or insinuations about the existence of the same are terminated, by which anyone who claims to have rights to the Body of Man, organs, genes or anything related with the Human Body, including the corpse (Ashes to ashes, Nature to Nature). We also point out that all contracts or insinuations that anyone has any rights over the Spirit of Man, Thoughts, Energy, or anything else that is, through multidimensional Reality, directly related with Him/Her are terminated. No approval is

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given, consent, or any kind of permission for usurpation of Reality to anybody, and all such contracts Here and Now have ceased to be valid.
All other contracts, not explicitly mentioned herein, are terminated and void, and are reguated by laws, acts, rule books, regulations and other acts within the constitutional order of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA-RH or any other order on the Earth, that is claiming to have rights over the Living Man.


The very base of religious control over people is in the ideology that says: if we behave in accordance with the law, if we do not act as offender and criminals, we have no reason to fear the authorities.
For it (aut horit y ) is the servant of God for thy good. But if you do evil, be afraid, because it does not wear a sword for no reason. It is the divine servant, the avenger who exalts his anger over the one who does evil. “Paul (13: 4)
In other words, any arrangement requires legislative, judicial and executive cote. In the existing system, because of the fall of human nature that is prone to evil, authority must be ensured by force. So it is the “servant of God” in the executive sense, as it prevents self-will and sanctions the legal offenders.
Therefore, it can not be argued that the state is enslaved and that the church is a liberator, because the state is established by religion and these biblical quotes prove that the biblical god is a hater of a man who needs to be regulated and sanctioned by force and that man is obliged to obey laws, no matter how idiotic they are. The fear of eternal fire, present with the holy indoctrination of God’s agents, certainly helps in bringing this sheep into the cote of law and authority.
“First of all, it is the rebellion against the tyranny of the supreme theological impersonation, ie. God. Obviously, as long as we have a master in heaven, we are slaves on earth. Our minds and will are also canceled. As long as we believe we owe it absolute obedience, and beside God there is no other absolute obedience, we will inevitably have to passively and without any resistance be subjected to the sacred authority of its mediators and electors: mesias, prophets, by the divine will inspired legislators, emperors, kings and all their officials and ministers, representatives and officials of the two largest institutions that are imposed on us as determined by God’s will to govern people: church and state. Every secular or human authority comes directly from spiritual or divine authority. However, authority is a denial of freedom, god, or rather, God’s fiction is a confirmation or an intellectual and moral cause of slavery on earth and human freedom will only be complete when it completely destroys the fatal fiction of the heavenly master. “- Mihail Bakunin

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Can. 96 By baptism one is incorporated into the Church of Christ and is constituted a PERSON in it with the duties and rights which are proper to Christians in keeping withtheir condition, insofar as they are in ecclesiastical communion and unless a legitimately issued sanction stands in the way.
The basic feature of the Catholic Church’s accession is to apply for it through a magical ceremony and enroll in its books exclusively as a PERSON, believer-vassal; who as such does not have the Natural Rights obtained by his birth, because it is only a Living Man in the capacity of the Natural Rights; and through the baptismal ceremony he/she is „born“ again, but now in the other world, the world of death and legal business, where he/she became a physical legal person with privileges and duties. Such a believer- vassal is obliged to represent and respect all the doctrines her/his headship of the church puts into his/her head. The captivating doctrines are literally the killers of the Man’s soul and at this moment they are abandoned and discarded.
A man of common sense refuses to believe in the principles of the cosmic slave system in which the god is the master of everything, and the man is worm or less. Such a god is an egomaniac eager of worship and praise of his character and deeds and is incompatible with the vision of the Eternal Love and the Merciful Creator who loves all their children equally, regardless of their behavior… Therefore, the biblical-religious god is not the God of Man, but the god of person, and we do not accept it as the Universal Principle of Truth, Love, and Peace. We break all and any links we have created with this entity through any contract, vow, sacrament etc.. These contracts were created without the full knowledge, transparency, and goodwill of the god’s agents and are null and void in their nature. Apart from the treaty, Man is also relinquished by doctrines that propagate this kind of vindictive, jealous and possessive god, because its appearance can only result in fear or love based on fear, which is lie, fiction, and fraud. Faith in a slavery system at the sky through creative principles creates the same system at the earth. Therefore, here is explicitly emphasized the determination and the force with which such faith is declared decisively by the killer of the Soul of Man and the deception of cosmic proportions with which we are now terminating all connections and we demand that, on an individual request, every Man is deleted from the debt books of the “god’s agency”. The contract is considered terminated, regardless of the deletion from Vatican books.

General revocation of contracts of any kind;

By this proclamation I sovereignly declare that this is my will, that all relations, relations and binding agreements be interrupted in all general and individual points of contractual relations and all invisible and hidden points that kept me restricted, held and/or controlled in such a way that create a hidden, occult, incomplete or deliberately blurred relationship of attachment to fictitious or similar engagements, in any and all dimensions, realities,

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times, universes, and parallel or alternative constructions derived from them. I hereby declare that it is my sovereign free will, purpose and intent to bring this Proclamation as own willing act and free will.
I hereby declare that I have disclaimed any signatures or energy links in any and all of the pledges, vows, contracts, agreements or contractual relationships I have entered without full knowledge, awareness or understanding or are made in the ignorance or lack of capacity in such manners to bind Me; The Soul/Spirit/Being, and associate with anyone or what of those who in this present moment do not serve Me in a useful way and purpose I am now directing Life, Spirit, Energy, and Intent. Furthermore, I intend that any remnant or the remaining bond, if it requires consciousness and understanding for the purpose of ultimate relief, elimination or resolution of karmic responsibilities or valid obligations of any kind or attribute, has emerged inside of my obvious experience and aware consciousness in My Current Life Flow on such a way to enable me to properly and fully influence such a solution; and for the proper and satisfactory resolution and termination of such responsibilities or obligations, as required:
Any and all oaths, vows, contracts, or contractual relations that do not serve me in this very moment Here and Now (no time) for the purpose and fulfillment of My intended purposes, hereby subjugate and abolish a b init io and nunc pro t unc (Since the beginning and as they had never been), while at the same time my will, purpose, and intent to solve and satisfy all remaining and proven claims, obligations or other imbalances that remain and require such resolution in a fair, honest and balanced way to the satisfaction of all affiliated entities if such demonstrated and proven to be valid in accordance with any such treaties and agreements that I have signed with consciousness and willfulness
. I appeal to all creatures with any such claims to present to me in the shortest possible form or opportunity and then I strive to achieve an equal solution to the maximum of fairness and the principles contained therein. Nonetheless, any and all such contractual obligations that are shown without a position or merit or are derived from false pretenses or other false construction methods in encouraging or enforcing them are considered null and void.
By this Law, the Decree and the Declaration, by Proclamation My Sovereign Free Will is in Intention to Be the Way for Self and all other Beings with Pure Intentions in the mission of Life, for the Execution of a Remedy, Decision and Solution in this Planetary World Known as Earth and within the larger solar, galactic and universal domain, where it exists and has its own Being, in the same way as above, to see the true balance of the kingdom and the healing of the Earth, the Air, the Waters, and the Sea of these celebrated Creation, never under compulsion or slavery and always in Real Freedom.

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Natural Rights of the Community

Man has always had only natural, ie. Innately, inalienable rights. All obtained rights or acquired by birth are natural rights, so Natural Law is appropriate to Man who is a Natural Being, inseparable from Nature. Only when the Man thought for him/herself that is the person, in the heart it is alienated from Nature and became subject to the laws of another unnatural entity; laws of lower order.

Retention of Inheritance inalienable Rights.

The Community fully retains all rights that have always been, by Nature and Birth, belonging to the Living Man. We understand that Man was created as the outgrowth of the Omnipresence, and as such, never, nowhere, in any way, is not separate from Nature. The idea of separation is just an idea and as any idea has no point of touch with truth.
Therefore, any idea about intermediation between Man and the Omnipresence is an illusion and we completely reject it by this document. The Man Is Life and Omnipresence Itself and contains the complete Code of Omnipresence Now and Here and all the Laws of Creation are built into man’s gen and cell as the Golden Rule of Law. Conscious One knows, and We are a Community of conscious, that nothing can be observed separately in the cosmic field, and we know that action affects everything, primarily on what is the cause of action. No additional laws, rules, norms and regulations passed by any person or legal institution are necessary and useful. Laws derived from egoistic intent, though this intent was the best, are the way to hell, which is evident in the present hyper-production of rules, statutes and regulations. Laws brought out of ignorance produce further tensions and limitations of expression and action of consciousness, which is by its definition the opposite of the spontaneity and intuitiveness of Life. Hence, hyper-production of the law is the enemy of Life.
The Community of living people renounces all the privileges that the religious-commercial- banking system offers in exchange for work and subordination and the related duties.
Our inalienable rights, weaved in oue gen and cell, we will use to:
• The Community, based on the Natural law of Man on the Self(non)Determination and voluntarily (non)association, informs all interested that, at the request of the Community Co-founder, will issue The Private statement-cards which affirm their affiliation to the Community. Identity is the attribute of a person, Living Man hasn’t got it, He/She Is. The statement-card indicates the affiliation to the Community. The Private statement-cards and

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other documents issued by this Community can always be used at any place, as they are issued to Living Man, not to a physical person participating in legal transactions.
• The community also informs everyone that it will physically enter the possession of a part of the Earth that is found to be abandoned and not to be used because Man belongs to Earth, and The Earth belongs to Man, not to a fictitious person called an owner/proprietor enrolled in the Land Registry. The country always belonged to the one who is on it and who uses it. This is a Natural Law, bigger than any law passed by individuals or corporations. In this, we give guarantees under material, criminal and moral responsibility that we will use the land in the manners of a good and just master, and that we will be concerned with the Mother Earth by care and love. We also declare that we will not pollute the land, water and air, at least to a lesser extent than what is currently being done to the land and the environment.
• Furthermore, the Community declares that it will not use communal services provided in the legal commerce/business. We declare that we will take care of our own waste, by ourselves build and construct an infrastructure with minimum negative environmental impact. Any service we might use from any utility company we will use responsibly and pay for it.
• The right to use the land, the yields of the earth, the water, the air has always belonged to the Man, so that we too, the Living Man on The Earth/Living People on The Earth, do not give it up.
• The Community also assumes the right to open a private office, similar to a company, which will not be registered in any corporate book but will act as a fully responsible company (F.R.C.), in which the Community with all assets guarantees that it will fulfill all the contracts that it may enter into commercial or some other business.
• The Community takes the right to set up its own treasury and the currency it will trade in the private exchange of goods. Such a currency and its use will not be limited to community co-creators, but anyone who wishes to participate in such exchanges is welcome.
• The community takes the right to establish private court records/archives.
• The community takes the right to set up its own red-tape service which will only function among Community co-creators and on the part of the Earth that the Community will use.
• The Community takes the right to establish its own rules that are neither mandatory nor binding under the threat of punishment or imprisonment, but are extremely voluntary for all people who want to be Community co-creators.
• The Community assumes the right to make any action that is not expressly provided herein, and which does not forsake any rights, freedom, nor does it harm in any way for the Life totality.

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All the rules that will be in accordance with the highest legal norms of the Cosmic and Natural Law will not be expressed through commercial-banking-religious or any other ideological dogma. Community rules are an internal document that does not concern anybody other than co-creators, so it is not part of this proclamation.
The Living Man is free and reserves the right to complete control (all rights reserved) over:
• own body
• own thoughts
• own feelings
• own energy
• own genes
• own property
• land
• water
• air
• complete freedom of movement
• expression
• action
which is limited only by the freedom of the other.

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We proclaim Peace and the return of the lost son/daughter home

Dividend and polarity create conflict, and conflict is a war. War is the cause of a divided, polarized mind, because thought is the basis of such a reality. As you think, so shall you become, it is said. The Authentic House of Man is The Oneness of the Absolute, the One in which there is no division and polarization, hence no war. Where there is no war, Peace Is. We are not in any conflict or polarization with anyone or anything. We exclude ideological and relational principles from our hearts, those that are the basis of conflict and the world around us, through the Eternal Love and the Omnipresent Equilibrium in our Hearts. The lost son/daughter has found a way out of the conceptual-ideological-administrative world and goes to the Pure Source of All Existence and Life.
We invite all people who through these words and document have recognized the sincerity and the truth to study it and join freely within The Community of Man, in peace and neutrality.


Responsibility for own life and all the consequences of what he/she is thinking, doing, and speaking is completely taken over by Man.. Also, man is responsible for every condition of his physical, emotional, mental, energetic, or other character. We refuse any claim that he or she is responsible for any of our above mentioned conditions. Responsibility is mine. In short, we face ourselves and assume the responsibility for all our actions, in all aspects, for our thoughts, words and deeds. Here is an essential understanding of the so-called. “the construct of the enemy”. The same implies a breakthrough within ourselves that causes the energetic polarization which we project into the world to give up in ourself. By contrast, when we take full responsibility for our world by recovering ourselves, the world will also be cured by returning to true unity.
In the same way, we demand from all living people and even the person to assume the responsibility for all their actions and condition and cease to be the victims of their own thoughts and beliefs and to stop pinching anyone to seek guilt for the circumstances.
The responsibility here is not a professional responsibility of public or private character within a particular system. This Community of Living People is not a part of the system either public or private, and will not engage in professional or contractual liability and does not accept any imposed institutional liability in view of the irreconcilable fact that it has terminated all the contracts that linked it to the same. But again, we are the ones who need to take full responsibility, and not to be sacrificed and helpless.

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Commitments and guarantees of the community

A Living Man and this Community commit themselves to the honor of respecting Life, weather Life is being aware of itself or not, no matter what form it was. They are also committed to respect every Living Being and all its property rights, and that we will, upon request, compensate every Being we have done harm. The Living Man also promises that by force or manipulation will not invite anyone to emerge from the illusion of the system. Everyone is welcome, only when they feel the need to become a co-creator of The Community. Any manipulative, violent, emotional or other fear of conditioned subscription on joining this Community is unacceptable. Freedom to be unconscious and ignorant is inalienable value for every form of Life. Only by its own choice and by its own will, without any compulsion, it is possible to become a co-creator of The Community. This does not mean that a Living Man will not, always and everywhere, talk about the illusion of the system and its iniquity. Such an expression is not an attack or disrespect to anyone, but simply Truth putting itself in The Cosmic Field, in all possible ways. Truth as the highest value should be an obligation and an inseparable part of Life, so Life and Truth can not be separated, so the obligation of the Living Man is to speak the Truth, Be in the Truth.
If, by leaving the system, a certain debt is created that is valid in common sense, we promise to compensate it. If the debt is fictitious or created by an invalid contract, manipulation, regulations, laws and procedures that are inconsistent with Cosmic and Natural Rights, such a contract and the debt from it, is worthless. Any contract from which debt is created, and the parties are not fully informed about the consequences of concluding it, because there is a hidden obligation, is not valid. Living Man respects every contract, agreement, promise he/she made in his/her full knowledge and awareness of all the consequences of concluding it. On this occasion, we warn all Living Free People not to enter into the contractual relationship flippantly and unconsciously.

Man; The Guarantor of Peace, Sovereignty and Prosperity

Man is the Being Who Is, unlike a citizen, who must have proof of existence and issued by the competent legal- juridical fictitious body. The citizen exists and acts as a folirant/phony, “on behalf of man” not as Man Itself. The citizen is a slave-vassal category defined by the Roman Civil Law, and Rome is a slave-owned society. Therefore, a citizen is a vassal, a serf who by ignorance and acceptance of a given identity, agrees to be a slave/commodity because it lives in an illusory world that is not created or supported by the Universal Creator, without which nothing exists. The illusion of existence of it, is located in Man, because Man Is the Way, Truth and Life. The Man is the Sovereign and Authority, Man Is the Source of All.

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Only by moving to the Source of All, away from the fictitious worlds, Man comes into contact with the many possibilities of the development of Life and Consciousness in an authentic, peaceful and loving way. The citizen is a waste, separate from Life, a slave program, that is abandoned by this document, on the account of the creator of this trick.
At this moment I quit, with the Life I am, feeding the fictitious role of a person-citizen, by my Faith, Conscience, and the Life Force. Living Man is aware that he is the Manifestation of Life and therefore will always act undivided and without an internal break. Internal divide and separation is projected into the holographic field of our existence, in order to manifest outwardly in an appropriate way, in order to avoid the brutal truth about internal divisiveness. Where do we see the enemy as the cause of our distress and projection of our anger and fears? Why do we avoid True Self-responsibility and project the program “You own me” outside ourselves, waiting for the government, church or god to come to us to save ourselves? These are the key questions to ask, and by doing this, retaining these questions in us to magnetize and energize our understanding and to make the answers spawned, we begin to understand the Concept of the Sovereign Free Will. Why do we accept the lack of our true will as something normal and acceptable? Why do we create separation and project guilt and responsibility outside ourselves? Aware of these highest truths about the Creation of Reality, Man becomes the only possible Guarantor of Peace, Sovereignty and Prosperity, because any other being is either unconscious or has no potential for it.

Notice to System Officers

System officers and other people who have not yet woken out of their illusion and are serving a fatal ideology are not the enemies of the Man. They are loved Sisters/Brothers of Man and we treat them by due respect, Love and Peace. Nevertheless, we draw the attention of all Sisters and Brothers, who work as system officers and are a part ofsystem which is of inferior character, because it refers to physical and legal entities, entities of two- dimensional character, of paper, lower-order entities. Such services and agents are not considered alive, but to persons who have a semblance of life because of the lack of the Soul, Humanity and Life. Given that everyone is fully responsible for what one does, we warn by Love and Understanding, that any action which is directed against a Living Man who does not do any harm, contrary to the Cosmic and Natural Laws, and surely each Man in the agent’s role will respond to the Omnipresent and Eternal Life for own actions.
Rules adopted by the Croatian Parliament have never referred to the Living Man. In relation to the Cosmic and Natural Law, the constitutional and legal order is lower in the hierarchy of the rule of law, and there is no possibility of adopting any laws binding on Life. Man Is Life, and the Parliament, because it does not possess any capacity for that, does not control Life. The person is fiction and a parliament can govern/manage fiction only if Man agrees.

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With this document all the rights that the system, ie. the agents of the system, think they have over the Living Man are revoked as if they had never existed and are null and void from The Very Beginning. The Republic of Croatia and all other national states in today’s system are registered as a trading/commerce companies. These are the illusory creations, ideas and ideologies that in reality do not exist, so their jurisdiction over Life is impossible. With this document, this condition is established also as a legal fact of the highest order, as Truth.

Community Symbols

It is necessary in the world of papers to have a specific logo, a symbol for the Community to express itself, visually and audibly. The Community Coordinators have determined that the Community will be represented by a white flag containing the logo/signet of the Community. The white flag has always been a symbol of Peace and Neutrality, because when the one who comes, comes under the white flag, declares that she/he does not participate in any conflict, does not take any sides. It is also a symbol of exit out a corcemme war, ie. war action, which is in fact the intention and purpose of the establishment of the Community.
The Community Logo is a human fingerprint of red color which expresses Life, Blood and Man, One with the Root that expresses the Living Earth, and unlike the administrative territory, points to Life of Oneness, regardless of its expression, and thus leaving the fictitious political-legal world. The signet consists of a 38 mm diameter circle inside which the logo of the community is located, and the inside is circularly written by “The community of sovereign people on earth” on top and “living man” below. Any matter, property, space, car, other property or document designated by the Community symbols does not belong to a fictitious commercial constitutional order. System agents do not have any authority over anyone who presents self by using these symbols. The public community website is
z ivicovj e k. org


The use of infrastructure built within the system, which mainly refers, but not exclusively, to the roads, is the inalienable right of the Living Man, since every road is made on Earth and from Earth’s resources, those belong to the Man. It’s the same with water and air.
Other non-material public goods such as health care, education, or some other privileges that the state offers are not natural and immanent, and Living Man will not use it. If she/he uses them, she/he will use them according to the pricelist and the policy of the service provider.

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The Living Man retains the right to the complete management of all earthly resources, since they belong to him/her in the possession and management sense, and not to fictitiously incorporated creations which are alienate The Immanent Rights from Man.

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Legal effect


Expressing the Free Will of the Sovereign isn’t a legal process; because fictional legal proceedings do not recognize Sovereignty, Sovereignty is above; but the authenticand vital expression of Man, liberated from any delusional ideological influences. That is why we here clearly and openly ask every Living Man, as well as representatives of fictitious administrative associations: “Do our expressed free will and intentions that we publish transparently, in any way violate, occupy, restrict your free will and in what way? Are you in any way damaged and is there a risk of damage or endangering your interests? Do our expressed intentions and Announcements create collision with your intentions in any way?”
Any complaint or claim that you dispute the entire Announcements or any part of it together with the evidence and reasonable assertion you need to submit to next address: Stepinčeva 12, 21311 Stobreč, Croatia or electronically at e-mail:
By The principle of Love, Peace, and Good Will we give to you a reasonable 45-day deadline from the date of receipt of the Announcement that you can study and respond if you wish. If you do not reply, you will be deemed to have no complaints or dispute any part of the document, thereby silently publicly acknowledging that the Sovereign Free Will does not endanger anyone and anything and that it is fully accordant with the Natural Rights of every Living Man.
The Effects of Publishing

This Announcement of Freedom and Sovereignty of a Living Man applies to every Man who has become or will become a Co-creator of the Community, and has accepted all the postulates and principles as such. It is considered that each Man, the Co-creator of the Community, by this document has announced Freedom from the fiction of the system and is completely free in the formal and legal sense and in all other respects. How Free Man will Live Freedom and will use Knowledge and This Announcement, it is a completely individual matter of every individual. Each Man, the Co-creator of the Community assumes full responsibility for each action and the consequence of such action, based on participation in this Community and beyond.

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At the end of this festive document a moment of silence is also intertwined which loudly echoes in the mind of creators of this document aswell as in those whothis document is inclined to. We are eternal silence capable of calling the voice, life, and returning to the silence from which everything came to pass. In this area opens the power of silence and synergy of love. It is an alchemy that is inhaled through the air, ether and all the pores of our being and clearly tells us that if we are in this world we are certainly not from this world.

On Earth

date 12th January 2019

Coordinator of multidimensional issues: Mile Kovačić

Terrestrial Coordinator: Vedran Miočić-Stošić

Coordinator of spiritual questions: Gordan Pilić

General Coordinator:
Dražen Kasalo


• Index of terms
• Knowledge and alignment

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Index of terms:

The words and phrases used in this document can only be interpreted by the creator of the document because he/she knows best what the true purpose and intention is. Any interpretation from anyone else is null and void. No legal dictionary or any other dictionary is relevant to the interpretation of the same. Any law, rulebook, code, regulation, from this moment no longer applies to a Living Man, because by this document he/she has completely terminated all visible and invisible relations with the legal world of law.


The word problem is ubiquitous in today’s time and communication, because every word needs to be interpreted. Since the document really belongs to the one who creates it, it is normal to set the rule that the creator is only authorized to interpret the words from the document because he/she knows only what he/she is saying and what is the true intent of the text. For this reason, we put here a dictionary of basic concepts, because there is no time for anything more.

The M an -soul;

the Creator’s spark of Life embedded in the biological body of male or

female gender, both embodied as a totally equal, and representing only a different aspect of the Soul’s life experience, either as a man or a woman, each one of us combine both aspects of which one is more dominant in accordance with the biological body
Tr ut h; the state of Absolute or Neutrality, that encompasses all positions, but holds no one. A statement or action from this position that covers all positions is Truth and It is The Only One. Given that the Truth covers all positions, It does not depend on any one, so Truth is unconditional and can not be defined or comprehended with any idea or thought. Truth is the cognitive experience of Man, Truth Is.
Lie ; all that is not true. Subjective truth, conditional truth, truth that not includes all positions.
M an; A True being of absolute character, born of the Creator’s absoluteness, who created the same in its own image and circumstance. Spiritual being who is aware of all own dimensions.
A pe rson ; NAME and SURNAME, a false being of relative and imaginary character, created by definition and identification with a certain position and role. From this point of view, a person appears to be truthful until it reaches another position. The one that depends on the position is subjective, so it is false.

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Soc ie t y; a group of people regardless of whether they are organized or not. Society can be true if the living people of the absolute character are its members or fake if their members are exclusively persons of various relative character and position.
State ; false social organization made by persons of a narrow position circle, primarily with regard to legal and physical persons of various capacities. A political-administrative organization that has a monopoly on the application of violence in enforcing the laws/rules it provides for people living in a particular territory
Right ; possibility of action without effect or with complete knowledge of the consequences, which are of absolute character. Rights related to Man are inherent to her/his being and inseparable part of it, so they are true and can never be taken away because it changes the Essence of Man.
Pr ivi le ge ; When someone has an inescapable right, she/he can uphold it and give certain parts of it to another, ie it is possibility and ability given to a person to do what otherwise he/she could not from the authority/master of rights. Privileges exist as a phenomenon of unnatural systems and are often given under the condition of debt. Approved privilege can be increased, diminished or abolished by the will of the master of rights.
Dut y; The debt that a person is obliged to make or repay on the basis of the rights acquired within a false system and false authority, inseparably linked to privileges, may also be abolished by the rule, act, statute or charity of the authority/creditor.

Le gal busine ss;

Trading by the privileges and duties within the system predestined for

persons. For a man to be part of this, she/he must voluntarily renounce her/his inherited rights, lose her/his essence and become a person who can accept privileges and duties.
Const it ut ion al le gal orde r ; Imaginary system in which the rules of legal business are defined by a document called the Constitution.
Const it ut ion; the supreme document (god) within the constitutional-legal system. A document defining a narrow category within the rule of law or legal order that is mainly written for the establishment of socio-political organizations called states within which persons called burgher and citizens with privileges and duties are resident
Rule of r ight s/ laws ; hierarchical organization of laws and rights, starting with the highest order law, the Cosmic laws of Creation and the Natural laws of the Land. Any law or rule that does not comply with the law/right of the higher order law violates the rule of rights/laws.
Cre ator ; The One Who Is, I Am, the omnipresent, timeless consciousness, the energy that creates life and all life forms. The only one that exists from which everything else came from. The Essence of Man and One With Man. Absoluteness, Truth, Existence, Reality, inseparable from Man and Creation. (God)

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god- religious entity, the ruler of the world and everything in it, limited by emotions, requires worship, can not create life. god is different and less in the hierarchy of Creations than Creator, relative character. Separated from Creation and Man, lives on earth. It is not ubiquitous and absolute. The lord is the man and ultimate judge and executioner. The enemy of all who do not worship him and are not afraid of him.
Re ligion; the relativistic socio-political structure whose teaching is based on the polarity of good and evil, whose foundations are conditional positions called dogmas, that can not and should not be re-examined as such. False society of persons bonded by guilt, shame, sin and the threat of eternal damnation, and salvation can only be obtained through the mediation of the representatives of religion
A dogma; a conditional truth, ie. a lie that is known to be untrue but is considered to be such for manipulation purposes. The lie that is taken for the truth only because the mind can not know it, so it is served as desirable, receptive, but unquestioned.
M ind; Man’s Thinking Body, the intellect that is based its knowledge on the informations in form of words and electromagnetic impulse information- a biological computer.
Cour t of j ust ic e; signifies an action or deliberation that takes into account all available facts, verifies them through objective experience, knowledge, spirituality, and psychology, and in the light of this, makes a conclusion or a specific guidance for action. In order for something to be called a court it must be impartial and objective. An objective court is the one in which the subject of observation and verification does not have any visible touches with the one who brings an evaluation based on only its characteristic qualities. A court freed from ego and personal interests, although having individual qualities, can be called objective, as it is free of interest, identificational relations. Courts within the judicial process are not courts, but administrative processes.
Le galit y; a term that denotes what is in accordance with the law, which is based on the laws passed by the legislative bodies within the fictitious legal order. Compatibility or legality can only be verified by the courts and if something is incompatible then it’s illegal.
The law ; is most commonly used in science through the description of various mathematical, chemical, physical and other processes that have their determinants which always apply within the same limited conditions and therefore it’s laws. Natural phenomena are decorated with some of the rightness that people have noticed through observation that they are repeated and called them law. Laws are invariable, irrevocable, not subject to interpretation and do not have any sanction for their violation, because they can not be broken; and act on those who do not know about it. Law is a universal category.
Rule ; a negotiated or self-proclaimed norm of behavior and activity of a relative category. It’s worth when the one who brought it says it’s worth and in the way he/she says it is worth. There are no sanctions other than those for which the bearer says they are. Exactness of

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the rules does not exist because everyone can understand it differently. The rule is a local category subject to change, not to understanding, to misrepresentation, and may be violated.

Ear t h;

The Material Being created by the Creator. Totality of Nature, Plants, Animals,

Minerals, Seas, Soil. Everything around us visible that has the smell, the taste, the color. Where we live, exist.
Wor ld; an imaginary land that is not created by the Creator. It consists of conceptual ideas and ideologies such as: states, religions, institutions, social political bodies, administrative rules, social rules, legal norms and laws, titles, scientific norms, rules. In addition, the world can be an individual category of fictitious character that exists only in the individual’s head. The world is a subjective category and there is asmany worlds as there are minds, unlike the Earth.
Cont rac t ; arranged relationship between two or more parties/sides in which certain rights and obligations are exchanged. Contracts consist of rights, duties, delivery methods, penalty measures and the competent court for disputes. It can be made into several ways, the most common of which is tacit.
Thought ; the most powerful space energy, which is able and fate of the ruler to shape, as well as to build new galaxies. An original creative principle derived directly from the Creator, one who can create in the same way as the Creator does. The Divine Creation Tool, Gifted to Man. The potential of man’s thoughts is unlimited unless Man doesn’t think the opposite.
I de a; a creative principle associated with thought. A focused thought that can, depending on its strength, materialize or be accomplished in some other way. Its materialization is largely tied to the power of thought and its speed.
Consc iousne ss; the space in which everything is happening and which is aware of this event. Consciousness is the one who manages thoughts and creation. If there is no consciousness there is nothing. It comes in two states: self-awareness and self-unawareness.
Syste m; organizational phenomenon consisting of rules, laws, procedures, forms that lead in a certain conceptual direction in which there must be a person who enforces those laws and rules if the system is artificially created. It is therefore impossible to have a man inside the system. Why? Because man is incapable to mathematical forms and formulas of which the system consists solely. The spontaneity and unpredictability of The Live Nature can never be fitted into any system. Man can become aware of the system, but to the extent that the system is subordinated to her/him, not to the system. Systems that are natural are controlled by themselves, they are autonomous because the meaning and purpose of the system is embedded in their code. It is a system of universal intelligence.

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I nfor mat ion ; data in the form of image, impulse, words that have a certain meaning interpreted by the mind. Information forms a formation, a form defined by the given meaning. If information is meaningless, it can not be accepted with the mind and in its essence is not information.
Knowle dge ; knowledge is based on knowing of the meaning of information. The more information mind can read is the fact that its knowledge is bigger. The mind does not evaluate the truthfulness of information but only its logic and controversy/polemics So the different knowledge about the same information creates controversy, which logically tries to overcome. Computer way of analysis.
Cognit ion; knowledge that is not based on information or meanings of certain things and phenomena. Such knowledge is an intuitive category beyond/above mind. That feeling that is telling you something about a thing and you feel the truthfulness or falsity of it. Such insights are much more coveted than mental knowledge, but also more controversial because they can not be proven by scientific methods.
Condit ion; an essential component of the realization or existence of someone or something. The condition is a fictional attribute, for in Reality the Creator is the only condition and everything exists only through the Creator unconditionally. So if there is a condition for something to exist, that is not Truth. There is no condition for Truth or Existence, they are unconditional.
I nte r pre tat ion ; a mental-linguistic process or procedure that clarifies or determines the meaning of someone or something. Interpretation is a fictitious mental category that depends on the interpreter. The lords of the world are those who have the power of interpretation. These are mostly in this system judges, legal and religious. Interpreters are the masters of information, and consequently of the knowledge.
Sc ie nc e ; a discipline that is authorized to interpret certain phenomena in accordance with a scientific doctrine. Authorized interpreters and masters of science are called scientists. Scientists are those who have the certificate that they are authorized to interpret the scientific phenomena, which are awarded by the university when they pass their educational process. University confirmation may also be revoked, especially if a scientist twisting scientific doctrine.
Doc t r ine ; a set of rules or procedures for doing something, analyzing, interpreting, or determining. Systematic approach to scientific activities that always bring the same pre- determined results. Principles that have to be respected as such.
Se lf, Be ing ; the most important ingredient of something, The very Essence. What determines the essence of things and creates it. If there is no essence, it is not a being… If the essence is fictitious, being is fictitious. If the essence is real, alive, being is real, alive.

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Only the Creator is Real, The One is the only Real Being and Its Creations Are The Only Living Beings.
Comme rc e ; a process of exchange of rights or privileges under certain conditions, where the commercial law is primarily concerned.
F ic t ion ; an imaginary world that as such has not materialized or completed it. Its completion is probably not possible because it is imagined in opposition to the Natural laws of Creation. Such a world is not autonomous, because it’s imperfect, so it needs external energy and animation to survive.
Conc e pt ; the idea born in the mind, the meaning of which can and does not have to have point of contact with reality. The concept is a crude thought that is in the first stage of its development.

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