Dualism comes from the word duo meaning two. Relativism comes from the word relation, or relationship. The relationship can exist only when there is at least two, so the relativistic system is also dualistic. Basically, this is any term involving two things. Mathematically speaking dualistic system is a field in which there are two points. As long as there is only one point in the space we cannot say anything about it. Why? Because we do not know whether is big, small, where it is located, we know nothing about the quantitative-qualitative features of that point. But if we put another point in the field, then we can compare this first with the other and bring a judgment with respect to the other. A relationship – the relation between the two points – has appeared, so within all dualistic systems relativism is present as its basic component. Relativism is a world of relationships in which things are recognized through their differences.

All the world of judgment and labeling rests on comparing and seeking differences that at the end of the equation gain some mathematical value. So various epithets such as nice, ugly, big, small, broad, fat, narrow, correct, fair, immoral, good, delicious, fast etc. exist only in the dualistic mathematics system. Mathematics is basically dualistic because it works on the principle of equation or relationship between the left and right sides of equation. The emperor of the dualistic world without any competition is the mind (I mostly think of the mind that is primarily looking at world from left side of the brain). He adores the world in which he can bring a lot of judgments and play for the lifetime a mathematical game of comparison. The mind tendencies are, as mentioned above, naming, marking, mapping. Without this content, the mind cannot exist. By labeling things and phenomena, the mind compares and sorts them into these and those, in many categories, ultimately on good and bad. In accordance to the memorized information mind becomes in charged interpreter of the world. Intellect (mind) is supreme authority in marking what is (not) worth, what is (not)nice, what is (no)success, what (is/is not) the meaning of life, what is good and evil.

We have now come to this very important word for the whole book and understanding of the concept of the law society in which we abide. That word is a „judgment“. The judgement is the process of making conclusions by comparing the facts or some other information. The judgement cannot exist if there is no comparison, so in its essence it is based on mathematical principles and is a resident of the duality world. Out this you can conclude that God’s final judgment that we are frightened with from some religions is a delusional idea. God is absolute and there is no basis for making any judgments. If someone judges you it is not God, remember it for later, because it is very important.

The mind know good and bad, as the story from the Garden of Eden tells us. That was the first, starting moment when man forgot his substance and determination, and the mind took control of life force. Now, we’ll make a little experiment. Take a white piece of paper that is completely empty. There is no content on it so the mind cannot be manifested. If we draw in the middle of the paper, a straight vertical line some content is displayed, and the mind that will interpret that content. Looking at the line, the mind concludes that there are two sides on the paper bounded by the lines and called them “left” and “right” sides. When you rotate a paper for 90°, the line becomes horizontal, and the two opposing parts are now called “up” and “down”. If we draw a circle, the mind observes that there is, created by a line/border, something “inside” and opposite of that “outside.”

These “discoveries” fascinate consciousness. In enthusiasm, the mind continues to draw boundaries in almost every area and thus creating a world map. Not to be mistaken, when I say the world, I think of the psychological material within each mind, not in any case on the earth ball (or what it is), on which we live. There are no boundaries on the earth.

When we define a thing by definition, we have confine it in the psychological sense. It determines what that thing is and what it is not. The more definitions/arguments it attached to thing, its space is more specific, and the boundary is harder and stronger. Boundaries (definitions) of all things and phenomena create (only apparently) the world of duality. That world is completely a psychological concept of mind and exists only like that. If there is no limits, there is no mind. Mind and duality are interdependent. For without duality there is no mind without the mind no duality. They are actually one. Unity and equality cannot be seen in the mind because there is no determination or definition, there is no outside reference point from which unity (one) can be seen.

In addition, it has been shown that concepts related to duality are completely relative, because they depend only on the position or content from which they are observed.

For example: You are going to the cinema theater tonight with friends to watch the movie that you have been waiting for six months. You’re upset, slammed, you go to the car, and you realize the tire is punctured. You pull out the spear tire. It is also flat. You are seeking someone in the neighborhood to borrow you a tire. No one has the size that suits you. You’re desperate because the show starts in 10 minutes. You’ve been late. There are no buses now, you can’t go on foot because it is far away, and nobody can get you a ride. You call your friends, nobody answers, they’re already in the hall. You give up. Go back to the house and take off your clothes. How are you feeling? You sit sad on the couch and curse yourself and your miserable destiny, angry, nervous.

Disaster, it cannot be worse than that!


Phone is ringing. It’s your friend. You ask him what the movie was like. He says that they did not even watch it because the bomb exploded in the cinema. There was no electricity, many people were injured. They are all well, but they have been interviewed and kept in the police until now. Real pain in the ass.

How do you feel now?

It is not as important is this story possible or (not)possible. What I want to say is that the mind does not know if the bomb exploded. Essentially, by only one information, for which mind don’t know weather is true or not, he completely changed the perspective and emotions associated with that situation. He was desperate for previous meaning, and then after the next information that gave him another meaning, his condition changed completely. What has been a disaster previously, now turned into great pleasure.

The reference point (perspective) from which the mind watched whole situation has changed completely with only one information, and with it the whole mental-emotional set. For this reason it is said that the beauty in the eye of the observer, not only the beauty, but everything else.

The world of relativism is an ideal basis for many, individual, or collective minds for interpretation, what is good and what is evil, with the inevitable recipe of what and how to work to accept good and avoid evil. It is as unbelievable how much time and energy is spent today in the world in mind fighting who is right about this most important dualistic question. The quest for the ultimate goodness which is God, the heaven, reaches the culmination of the battle against evil (Hell, Satan).

From the book “Mind Control in the Legal System”