Imagine the beginning. There was no earth yet. Still, the matter did not reflect the world of Universe. But, as it is now, Universe has been filled with energies of different magnitudes in huge quantities. The energies of the essence lives, thought in the dark, and creation in darkness. They did not need external light. Within themselves, they are bright for themselves. And there was everything in it – and thought, and sensations, and the energy of perseverance. But there were, however, the differences between them. At each one, the one prevailed over all other energies. As it is now, there is in Universe destructive essence and essence which is the builder of life. And a multitude of shades of variety, similar to human feelings, existed at all. Mutually, universal essentials could come into contact. Within every essence, energies are indolent is in most, until suddenly the blinking movement does not settle down. Within itselves, self-created, self-destruct and destroyed. Their pulse did not change universe, it wasn’t visible to anybody, and everybody thought it was alone in space. On its own!

The vagueness of their predestination did not allow them to create an non-disintegrating creation that can bring satisfaction. That is why in timelessness, in infinity, pulsations existed, but there was no general movement. And suddenly, as an impulse, all had caught by touch! At the same time all, in the endless Universe. In the midst of the complex of those living energies, one suddenly light up to others. Whether it was old, or very young, it was impossible to pronounce it in plain words. Whether it came out of a vacuum, or from sparking of anything that can be thought of, it does not matter either. This complex was very like a man!

Man who lives today! He was like his other “i”. Not material, but eternally, votive. The energies of perseverance and his vision are alive, initially they were touched lightly all existing in Universe. He was so flamboyant that he had started everything first. Communication by sounds for the first time resonated within the Universe. If we translate the sounds of the first to the modern language, the meaning of the questions and answers would be felt. From all sides of the endless Universe, one question putted to everyone runned to the only one, to Him:

– What are you so passionate about? Everyone asked.

And he answered, confident in his statement:

– To shared creation and joy for as long as we look at it.

– What can bring joy to everyone?

– Birth!

– Birth of what? We have self-sufficiency long ago.

– Birth, in which the particles will be contained by all!

– In one? How is it possible to combine everything, destructive and creative?

– The counteracting energy was initially balancing in itself!

– Who is similar to power?

– Me.

– But there is the energy of doubt. Suspect will invade you and destroy you, and will destroy you in small particles that enormously huge amounts of different energy. No one can keep contradictions in oneness.

– The Energy of Confidence also exists. Safety and suspicion, when they are alike, will help perfect accuracy and beauty of future creation.

– How can you present yourself?

– I am God. In myself, the odds of all your energies, I can accept.

I will resist! Will create! It will bring joy to the all Universe!

From the all Universe, all the essences simultaneously, in Him, liberate their energies together. And everyone was trying to overcome else, to be incarnated in the New, only it, as supreme. Thus, the enormous struggle of the energy of all Universe began. There is no time scale, extent, no measure, which would characterize the scale of that struggle. Tranquility was born only when all of them were visited by cognition: nothing will be able to be more and stronger than the one energy of Universe – the energy of Divine Providence.

God possessed the energy of deliberation. He could accept everything in Self, everything to balance and calm, and began to create. Still, to create in Self. Still creating in Self the future opus, taking into account each detail, by speed that has no determination, has created a mutual relationship with all. Worked all alone. Alone in the darkness of endless Universe. In itself, He accelerated the movement of energies of all Universe. An unknown outcome all frightened and distanced themself from the Creator. The creator found himself in a vacuum. And a vacuum that spread.

It was cold deadness. Fear and alienation all around, and He alone, the wonderful daysprings He had imagined, and listened birds singing and the scent of the bloom. He has created a perfect piece of work by his forceful deception.

– Stop – They repeated to him – you’re in a vacuum, you’re gonna burst!

How do you keep all energies in yourself? Nothing helps you to get involved, now your part will explode. If you have a moment, stop! Slowly releases your creation energies.

And he replied:

– My providence! I will not fail them! Because of them I will continue to compress and accelerate my energies. My Visions! In them, in the grass, among the flowers, I see – the ant runs fast. And the eaglet in the ascension, boldly trains sons to flight.With its incomprehensible energy, God has accelerated the movement of the energy of all Universe in Self. In His Soul, the inspiration compressed them  into the bead. Suddenly, he felt the touch. From all sides, everywhere, it was blazed by the unseen energy, and it was immediately disappeared, warming by its warmth with the distance, filling Him with some new power. And everything, which was a vacuum, shined suddenly. The Universe heard new sounds, when God asked with the gently delight:

– Who are you? What Energy Are You?

In response He heard the music saying:

– I’m the energy of love and inspiration.

– There’s a particle of you in me. It is capable of itself to stop energies of contempt, hate, and malice.

– You are God, your energy – the fulfillment of your soul has managed to bring everything into harmony. If my part has helped, listen to me, God, and you will be able to help me.

– What do you want? Why did you touch me with all the power of your fire?

– I realized that I – Love. I can’t do just in a particle … I want to surrender to Your Soul in fullness. I know, so that harmony of good and evil would not be harmed, you will not let me go in Yourself in fullness. But I’m going to fill vacuum around you by myself. I will shine all within You, around You. Coldness and fog of The Universe will not touch You.- What’s happening? What? You glitter even stronger!- IM not alone. That’s Your energy! Your Soul! It only reflects through me. And in Your being, the light is shining back.Impressive, in full swing, God exclaimed, inspired by Love:- Everything accelerates. Everything raves in me. Oh, how wonderful inspiration!Let there be awaken, illuminated by love, visions of my work! Earth! As the core of all the Universe, the visible planet emerged – Earth! All around suddenly became visible stars, the sun and the moon. The imperceptible creative light, coming from the Earth, found own reflection in them. For the first time in The Universe a new existence plan emerged! A material plan that glittered. No one and nothing, until the moment of the Earth’s appearance, did not possess visible matter. The Earth, with everything in the Universe, was in touch, but it itself existed for itself. It was Self-sufficient creature. Everything that grew up, lived, floated, and flew, did not dying, it didn’t faded into nothingness. It even originated from the rust of flies, and the other life was fed by flies, clinging to a unique, perfect life. In controversy and resentment, all the essentials of the Universe saw Earth.The Earth was connected to everyone, but no one was given to touch it.

Ringing Cedars of Russia Vladimir Megre CREATION 4th book