The time of new ideology is a time of enlightenment, the one in which man disillusioned with religious wars and religious greed turns his back on God and trusts himself in a new ideologist called Science. These new ideas were initiated by the Illuminati (the Enlightenment). The movement of the Enlightenment began at the end of the 17th century and was established in the 18th century. The educators are opposed to religious, moral and political oppression, and more difficult to renew their knowledge, ethics and aesthetics of their time. The enlightening ideal of man is the one that works by principles, not just by habits, customs, and tradition. Illuminati advocate for


  1. Abolition of monarchy and governed governments
  2. Abolition of property
  3. Abolition of Heritage
  4. Abolition of Patriotism
  5. Abolition of the family
  6. Abolicia (Christian) religions


“In the company of the Illuminati, God’s being denied and ridiculed; possession property was proclaimed theft; … adultery, murder, poisoning, and other crime of such or similar nature are marked as legitimate, even as desirable actions. The coronation of such a system of false morality and the terror of all kinds is declared legitimate because it brings the ultimate benefit, in which every man is a judge himself. These great and noble goals proposed by the Illuminati are the rejection of religion, government and human and civil society. They are so big and noble that murder and war as long as horrible are considered to be completely legitimate and necessary for achieving these noble goals. “(1) They see that they are not the only one in whom everything can go in accordance with the foreign exchange “the goal justifies the means” This new Platonic society could be called the “dictatorship of knowledge” or as Aldous Huxley in his book “Brave New World” (2) calls dictatorship of science. The secrets of societies and mass caterers broadly accept this new doctrine, knowing that the one controlling knowledge is controlled by science, and the same thing the Catholic Church did during the dark times when they tried to monopolize knowledge and learning. This is in the spiritual sense at all times, and can be nothing but satanism, because one who conceals knowledge and passes it on it, in order to gain advantage and control. In this case, control over what people think, which automatically reflects on how people experience reality. As people began to turn away from the Catholic Church, the Satan who was in control had to change tactics and gain control of information so that human minds would not take control and turned their interest in science control. “It is clear control over knowledge and the ability to learn, marking institutional authorized sciences as the only path towards true understanding. “(3) By such a way of learning and controlling the knowledge and information of the ruling elite, discourages any attempt at independent thinking by exercising the illusory right of the knowledge they think they have. This tactic, through the suppression of knowledge and the selective dissemination of it, has been repeated in a document of an unknown author. “A librarian / bookkeeper may be a king if the public can be kept blind to the methodology of bookkeeping. All science is only a means to achieve the goal. Knowledge is a means, and the goal is control. “(4) Remember all possible scientific debates about global warming, about dissolving poles, carbon dioxide in which science and scientists have the first and last words. Ordinary people only take over the stories of these pseudo-scientists and, without their own study of the subject, accept everything that the media serve. The key word in such a talented story, and with which they start, is “Experts are … … whatever” That’s a magical word, because if the experts said it was, what are you asking later? Are not you better than them? This feeling of having trustworthy information-controlling experts stops the average people from investigating themselves, just as people in the dark age thought (and still think today) that the church is trustworthy and that there is no need to study the Bible alone or deal with it alone any other spiritual practice. Just as church voices and the Bible were hidden behind the Latin language at that time, so many different scientists conceal behind the scientific jargon of various unmistakable words that ordinary guy (s) does not want to deal with but just says: “I do not know what it is how do you do it, you tell me, and i will trust you. ” But what if (think) we do not get the true information but only the ones that will best serve the achievement of their goals. This is the basis of the scientific dictatorship in which the knowledge that a man obtains serves for his captivity, but the illusion must be present because if a man knew that he was bitten by lies and disinformation he would seek to find the truth. So when he thinks he knows what he needs to know, he does not have that desire for truth. Therefore ignorance is not an enemy of knowledge, but an illusion of knowledge. Satanist societies of hierarchy in which the one who knows more easily manages unlearned lay people and idiots are those in which I live right now. “Under the dictatorship of science, education will really result as men and women grow up in people who love their slavery and will not even think of the revolution … there seems to be no good reason why the dictatorship of science should ever be overthrown.” (5) Dictatorship of religion has only been replaced by the dictatorship of science or is its pandan, and demonic consciousness controls both sides. Since everywhere science and religion are represented as opposing, the opposite extremes when you choose must be either on one side or the other. The drug magicians control both sides. Whatever they choose, they will make a mistake. Scientific types are equally ashamed as religious and vice versa. “As the Sun / moon cult lost some of its popularity,” scientists “rushed very quickly to fill the void. According to their propaganda, the physical laws of the universe were the ultimate causal factors, and of course, these physical laws can be understood and interpreted only by the scientific elite. “(6)

The same robbery technology is used again and again. As Latin was incomprehensible to ordinary people, so today, with the knowledge that filled the hole from that side of religion. Yet science is not exact as it likes to show, but it is also a kind of ideology that elite calls scientism. This new ideology promotes the doctrine that science can explain everything and have an answer to every question even when scientists themselves can not support such a view of science. Academic communities and scientific institutes that keep secret societies are modern religions that, with the help of modern media, fully shaping reality with their scientific tools to which they have the exclusive right and monopoly. Now, probably, you know why the school program is compulsory for every commodity in the state. To lose every possible ability of self-reflection. “Scientists are only in their own right. It is to be expected that progress in psychology and physiology will bring rulers much more control over the individual mentality than they have today even in the totalitarian states. Fitche(7) long ago stated that the aim of education is to break the free will so that, after the students leave the school, they are incapable, through the rest of their lives, to think or act different from what their school teachers would like them to have. “(8) Education originates from the word “educate” and is also used in our language. educate “(educate, educate, educate) (also a source of the Italian educator, a Spanish educator, a French éduquer), which is frequent or otherwise connected with educators “I bring out, bring back “from ex-” out “(see ex, ex) + ducere” lead, drag “(see Duke (n.)) What it means to” provide education “first testifies to 1580s Related: educated; The mature word is used when students complete school, then become mature. This word comes from the word mature which means mature, greasy. Heat (gl.) Late 14c, “Encourage Grass”; mid-15c. “To maturity”, from mature mature “mature to maturity”, from maturity to “mature, timely, early,” in relation to Manus “good” and the “early” from the morning of the PIE root * mate- (1) “good” with derivatives means “performed at a good moment, timely, seasonal, early.” Meaning of “coming or coming to maturity” is from the 1620s. The financial sense of “getting time to pay” is from 1861. Related: matured; maturation.(9)

If we look at the words, they explain a lot. Education is actually training, upbringing or breeding, as when plants or fruit trees are grown in the garden or maybe you sneak a lazy bastard for slaughter. When upbringing, breeding the finished fruits become mature for picking and consumption. Education in modern states is a phenomenon that is obligatory for all children (citizens). You have to send a child to school or you have broken the law and are waiting for you. My mind is doubtful for everything in the state is mandatory because it is for the benefit of man. The modern state and the well-being of man is something in my mind. Maybe sometime, but not today. Nothing, anything that is obligatory and violates man’s will, can not be good for a man. In some individual cases, maybe yes but generally absolutely not. The 12 years of compulsory schooling mask the child’s mind and soul, rubbing it with garbage and breaking his will. This is largely assisted by stupid parents (also broken by education) that literally forsake and blackmail the child to engage in school even though it intuitively feels the school lacks for their minds and souls. Ask four quarters, whether they like to go to school or not. Ask high school students. I think you will get a negative response, which is very close to 100%

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