I have mentioned the ego many times, and now we will thoroughly cover it in the way you might not expect. It is to be expected that the ego should be get rid of because it is an obstacle. That is so, but not so.

What is the ego? Internal power. That’s why the ego is very important. If the ego is weak and the man is weak, if it is strong and you are strong. The weak ego is subject to the mood of the lowest state; immobility, weakness, darkness, ambiguity, anxiety. Such a man (a person) considers the unreal world real, and real irrelevant. The consequence of these are the big problems with the truth, because they are inclined to lie to be true, and the truth lies. If you have ever been in a debate with an tough-stateist about the existence of the Republic of Croatia, in which one persistently does not see the self-evident things, you are probably more aware of what your consciousness is doing. I avoid any discussions with such people because they are meaningless.

The love of people immersed in this consciousness is limited to their children, their descendants, their possessions, possibly their nation. The limitation of such love to a very narrow circle reflects the very many fears the ego generates.

If such a man, by the play of a case or other circumstances, achieves success, his ego becomes stronger. He then takes more and more into his hands, no longer allows his life to pass into passivity, but forms it himself. Such people are aggressive, aware of their power, active, restless. Their strong feelings often block their ability to discern, and such people are impatient with impulsiveness and the related bingeiness that complicates them greatly.

Balanced man is the one who can be calm and active, and does not allow him to rule the internal coercion. He is free, because he does not control his mighty desires, but he is directed to his own righteousness. With clarity and relaxation, he achieves his goals. Balanced people who possess true love and knowledge are as fearless as lions.

As a man comes from the state of urgency, restlessness, ambitious life to the state of balance of all its parts, peace and life that do not control the desires of the ego.

So it retains the strength gained by the ego but rejects the ego.

“You need to introduce yourself to yourself like a motor. For example, like a motor that puts the pipe in the ground. The tube penetrates deeper into the ground. If the engine suddenly stops working, there will be a pipe that nobody will know what it is. But if the engine continues to work, it pushes the barrel deeper and when it comes to the water layer, suddenly the water flows out of the pipe. Suddenly every visible pipeline is useful, because everyone knows what the well is like.

Imagine the engine is still working. What would happen? The tube would break through the aquifer and the water would stop running.

That’s what you need to imagine the role of the ego. If it does not exist, a decisive process can not take place. That is, the pipe and the water vessel do not have any chance of coming into contact. If the ego ceases its work before the pipe has come to the water, to the source, the whole work so far has been in vain.

If the water hose appears and water is leaking from it, the engine must be stopped immediately. That is exactly the task of the ego. It is the engine that makes you feel active, and you can reach your source. When you find the source, the engine should be stopped immediately, otherwise the new source will be missed and it will be in vain. “(” Sai Baba talks about psychotherapy “- Stephan v. Stepski-Doliwa)

The ego is formed from the first birthday on this earth, but before that. From my experience and studying the ego question, the most important factor in the formation of the ego is parental (no) awareness, willingness to contact, confrontation with child frustrations, presence, energy form. Other perhaps less important factors are the temperament of the child and the zodiac, or astrology. We know experienced astrologers from the date of birth can read many of the character traits of a man with a fairly high precision.

Therefore, normal childhood is a prerequisite for creating a healthy ego. Like any other part of the body, the psyche develops and grows and wants to reach its optimal boundary. If someone or something is disturbed by it, it will develop abruptly, unbalanced, deformed. It is almost impossible to avoid the wrong conclusions or images that the mind brings to mind, but what each parent must avoid is the creation of a child’s trauma. Trauma is a very unpleasant event that has in some way blocked the development of a psychological body or even, because of its great intense fear, torn away that part of the psyche from the remains by forming a separate psychological body. These events take place in a completely unconscious mode.

A person with such a wounded psychological body can not form a healthy ego, but works to compensate for sick parts to those healthy. You and such “sick” parts generate distorted energy of life force that manifests itself as a fear. Fear is an intense feeling of loss, disappearance, in its essence irrational and manifests itself from the unconscious, and acts reflexively. The unhappy ego will never get the courage to enter these irrational spaces to break this unconsciousness and illusion, take over the life force that is captured there and return it under its authority.

“What is the ego if you do not subvert the collective influences that have come from your reality since the first day? It’s an ego.

This idea of ​​”dismantling the ego” is completely wrong – my ego is using non stop! Personality is still present, I’m not an idiot, I know how to interact! You will not lose your mind unless you are a member of some gold that drains your brain.

When I say the ego problem, what I think is a belief that you are the ego because the belief that you are the ego means that you have allowed the society to tell you what you are, inside the prison system. Your goal is to tell that society and you yourself what you are, no matter what you are talking about.

That’s sincerity. When you express yourself the way you really feel, what you really know, regardless of your reality. You are not where you are, you are not your experience, you are the one you experience – if you let your experience change, dictate who you are, become that experience and you are caught in the net.

If you are constantly fleeing from the pain and laughing for pleasure, thinking that this is somehow your identity – you are online. This is very important. Very important.

You can not change what is happening to you, in the sense that your ego creates your life here – by virtue of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Attraction, which you are imposed by the way. It was imposed! It’s wrong. Stop to Watch the Secret (“The Secret” – Book and Documentary Rhonde Byrne), It’s Wrong! “

Jonathan Adampants – “Knowledge”