I was watching an YT video a while ago in which Sathguru, Tolle and Mooji talk about fear. What is it, how does it manifest itself? Then some time ago I also watched a teacher at center for integrative development, the school  I attended, Tomislav Senecic, teach lessons about fear, types of fear and how they are created.

I often talk about Courage being the most important component in a person-to-man transition, but the fear is that it is stopping many people from acting and even thinking. I have never written how to let go of fear, and I believe it is a topic that interests many.

It is foolish to think that by reading this text you will solve your fears, but I still think that it will give you a good insight and an indication of where the solutions lies. Many hours, sessions, papers and the like have been spent in resolving fears and today’s mainstream ways have all but failed, if you ask me. Psychology as a science that deals with this question thoroughly has not provided adequate answers or solutions, but let’s starts from the beginning.

For the purposes of this text, I will basically divide fear into two categories. A real fear of life’s distress.  The fear that arises instantly in crisis situations, car accidents, drowning, falling from a height, a real life-threatening physical situation. This fear occurs as an autonomous reaction and is completely natural to our current state of consciousness; we should not view it as a problem in any way, so it does not need to be treated. It is true that these fears for naked living in certain people can develop into panic, hysteria or some other condition in which the body is completely paralyzed or the mind is completely lost, and this is a functional problem that we will not talk about now.

The other fear manifested as nervousness, anxiety, impatience, phobia, panic, jealousy, hatred and the like is central to this text. This fear is not triggered by a real life threat, but by an imagined or subconscious scenario that does not happen in reality but is projected in function of the near or further future. Something like “What if it were, if it were?” These fears are not fears of physical pain, injuries that realistically hurt. They are that suffering that the Buddha speaks of, or the body of pain like Eckhart Tolle speaks of. Suffering which is not really real, but manifests itself in some way, we suffer. Psychology takes fear seriously. Fear is an enemy, treacherous; subtle that needs to be defeated. Fears have some cause that causes them to occur and this cause should be found and treated. This work is time consuming and difficult, and the causes of fear are often unrecognized and encpsulated.

On the other hand, great spiritual masters of the ultimate range say that fear is an illusion, a mirage that exists only in our mind. This radical/extreme insight is often completely incomprehensible and unacceptable to people, although this saying is often quoted in “advanced” circles. How is fear an illusion if I feel it and it appears quite often? To me, this spiritual principle is much closer and clearer at this point than it has ever been, though I have gone through both of these approaches. The spiritual superior parable is that there is nothing but consciousness, whatever it is called. Every form that consciousness takes is only a form that does not change the essence of consciousness. A form that is changeable in its essence means nothing because form cannot maintain its shape if consciousness does not want it. With this knowledge and deduction, I can conclude that fear does not really exist as essence because it is not self-sufficient. No one has ever walked down the street and said, “See, this is fear!” Fear does not exist unless one is in fear. He must be bound to human consciousness or it will not be. Therefore, in the spiritual sense, and in every other, the one who fears is superior to fear, because without the one who is fearful there is no fear. The opposite does not work because fear is not a virus that walks from one to the other and creates an epidemic, although the issue of the virus is very ticklish. Spirituality always emphasizes that power lies in responsibility and vice versa, which I wrote about here, and therefore I am the one responsible for my condition and I am the only one able to change it.

I have met a lot of people on psychotherapy who are trying to solve their fears. I myself have participated in several dozen group and individual therapies. Therapies are great. They stir the water, but they also bring great relief. However, some final solution in terms of complete freedom from fear rarely comes. People manage to get through the discomforts in some areas of life, get rid of them, encourage them, but in others, they remain as they were or even be worse. Complete freedom from fear through standard psychological procedures and procedures as far as I know is not achieved.

Psychology views fears as well as other processes as one mathematical principle in which programs are taken consciously, subconsciously, or in any other way, if any exist at all. With such a mathematical principle, it is normal for a child whose parent is afraid of the snake and is afraid of the same, that is, to download energy patterns from the parent. However, does this mean that a child can only cope with this fear when the parent does the same?  Of course not. Mathematically, psychology works, but life is never, nor will it be, mathematics, and the formula that will frame it into one system will never exist. The one who is satisfied with the math will be completely happy with the psychological solutions, because they actually give one kind of justification that says that it is completely normal that you are abnormal, because what else you could considering where you were and who you lived with. Such a mother gives birth to me, so I shall die. Alibi.

How do we now reconcile these opposites between the two approaches? Most people do nothing about their fears, but avoid them or buy their solution to the extent that such a thing can be bought. They avoid it using a variety of methods, the most common being: eating processed foods, drinking carbonated drinks, coffee and alcohol, watching TV, Facebook, shopping, consuming pills and other opiates. Then overmuch work, learning, sports, extreme sports and more …

Those people who want to deal with fear generally do so through various forms of therapy, whether individual, group or mass, with mostly thinking of religion as mass therapy, because most people are religious for fear of their lives, fear of god, hell, punishment, authority (supplement independently)… judge the effectiveness of these therapies by yourself.

As for the spiritual approach to fear, it is impossible to carry it out because there is no therapy that leads you to a place where it is clear that fear is an illusion, so this approach is alien to people because there are not mentors for this path (it’s pathless path). Given that I have experience and some knowledge of both “approaches” I will try to present a cross section in which the two “Approaches” will become much closer to each other.

Fear is an emotional reaction that occurs in the body mainly in the area between 1-5 chakras, but can also be in the hands and feet also. This energy-emotional expression can be diminished by the consumption of chemicals ranging from beer and brandy to cocaine and heroin.

In my book, I explained in more details that emotion is a hormonal expression of a particular thought/idea. And in the series of articles “Chemical Enlightenment” I explained why really „I“ do not depend on a chemical reaction, ie why a chemical reaction is a consequence of existence, not the other way around. Although drinking and eating is the most common form of concealing and burying emotional expressions of fear, it is completely ineffective unless you are constantly sedated, but then there is a real danger of completely separating from reality. In addition, these sedatives are needed more and more to cover up fear, and then the disease begins to develop, and so they could say that the disease is the embodiment of fear, unprocessed emotions or completely avoid of facing with them.

For fear to exist, there must be faith. The one who at one moment experienced fear, anxiety accepted that feeling as an integral part of him/herself, as part of the essence of his/her being. He/she identified him/herself with it, identified him/herself and said that I’m it (the same as that). Imagine waking up in the morning with your pajamas on you, and not remember wearing it. If you have never seen pajamas before, you can believe that it is the same part of your body as the skin, hands, feet, internal organs. In such identification/belief, every stain, hole, crease, ripped thread on pajamas can be considered a life threat and pajamas become a matter of vital importance with the inevitable dilemma: “Is there a life without pajamas and if „yes“ how to survive without it?”

Reasonable suggestions to take off your pajamas because it is not an original, essential part of you encounters great resistance, misunderstanding. The fear of taking off your pajamas is as great as the great faith in pajamas as an actual element. The identity created by this belief is an illusory being we shall call “pajama-man”. As long as there are pajamas, there is also the fear of his death. That is why the saying “fear is an illusion” in order to be better understood should be re-worded as: “the one who is in fear is an illusion, does not exist, pajama-man are unreal.”

Because it is futile to fight fear on the one hand while believing in it. The death of identity is the death of fear. Therefore, my dear Mooji always hits the center when he asks the question, “Who is the one who is afraid, find him, investigate him, bring him to light!”

For this reason, man has no fear of the state because he/she does not believe in it. Only a citizen can be in awe and seek some legal therapy for how to get out of fear without his or her belief in citizenship and the state being compromised. “no way my friend!”

People (man) have no fear of the state because they do not believe in it, they do not identify with it, they have no connection, therefore the action of the state is unaffected by it, so fear cannot appear. Wrong! Fear may appear, but the one understands its unreality and does not catch on a hook. If she/he gets caught by accident, she/he becomes a psychological person. A conscious man expands his/her consciousness by emptiness (non-identification) and the enticing call of forms, characters, faces, persons, cheeks, masks affect him/her less and less until it completely ceases. The vacuum cleaner dealer after slamming the door 10 times in front of his nose will no longer bother you. I don’t buy anything – shop closed.

This topic is easily to understand through the story of a monkey who caught a fistful for bananas in a hole in the wall. Then the hunters showed up. The monkey is in great fear, but it cannot be released because the hand holding the banana is now too wide and cannot be pulled out of the narrow hole. A citizen is a monkey who has caught the banana of the state, privilege, security, education, money, etc. The banana brings with it taxpayers, police, courts, laws, injustice that generates fear. The citizen would like to get rid of fear while keeping the banana of the state.

Looking at it this way, it is clear that fear is generated by our identities, which are all psychologically conditioned, ie they exist only in our heads, which I have written and talked about a lot already. When it is “done” with fear, it is not with fear but with one who is in fear. The one who is in fear does not exist. But rejecting the one who fears (identity loss) generates even greater fear, so most people would rather live in fear than let go of the banana of their 13th century dream of Croatian as warriors of rampart  of  Christianity and other stories and myths that are never checked, the greatest and unquestionable truths today.

We must be aware that the citizen does not like his country, ie he loves it conditionally. If it gives him what he needs, he loves it, worships it, defends it. If t takes away from him in any sense he does not love it. Such conditional love (love of interest) is an immersed sea of ​​fear as to whether or not a person will realize his or her interest.  True love is the love of a man who has no identity, and thus no conditions for love. He loves everything. The one who is aware that citizenship is an illusion loves everyone because nationalities are forms that lack essence. He can’t even be threatened, because he’s not compromised. There is no fear.  This citizen-like little prabola is pretty „plastic“ and visible to everyone. However, be aware that identification is also hidden at much deeper levels that we may not even want to admit to ourselves. Because it’s easy to give up fish and champagne. But how to give up bread, flour, cake, meat, water, chocolate. Still, who can’t be without it? Actually it might be, but then life would not make any sense, would it?

How will we be without roads, health insurance, a car, a home, an apartment, a shop? If we cannot be without something, then a connection is created, then an identity, and then a fear that we will not be able to achieve or realise what is impossible without, „something“  what identity requires.

I have been practicing and still dealing with psychology and spirituality, which is a broader category than psychology, so it is clear to me how, through altered types of therapy, a hand holding a banana can be affected. Through my processes of liberation from identity, experience tells me that it is possible to get rid of all fears, not just one special.

Since this site is about legal reality, I will finish the text with this piece of illusion. As long as a person believes that cannot be without the state, without the legal system, laws, regulations, regulations, fear will inevitably be generated through that connection (identity). Avoiding, evasion fear, and retaining identity is a very difficult, almost devastating job, because it takes a lot of time, energy and attention, and I would say minimal results. Freedom and fear do not go together. Man and person are incompatible. Existence and non-existence have no touching points.

Most people do not see this obvious to me, connection between person and fear. However, the problem is always resolved on a deeper level. Given that a state without a citizen cannot exist in the hierarchy of creation, the citizen is the foundation of the state, and therefore it is a problem, not a state at all. We will not get rid of the states or fix them until we have got rid of the citizen in ourselves. When a citizen dies, so does the state, and the fear associated with this unnatural relationship also falls apart.

Source: www: kontrolauma.org