Freedom from the Nutrition Idea – Dry fasting

Liberation is a complicated and demanding process. The liberty we have brought to persons in the previous convention by converting them into people or a living man is just the first step in the grand liberation that this community is doing. The liberation from the system of legal and trading methods is a job that we have successfully managed in an administrative manner. Yet many now think that the free work community is far from complete.

The community of living people is moving in massive steps in the light of the future. Apart from papyridine freedom, we have the motive to teach live people how to live without food and even water. To experience yourself in co-operation with nature unrelated to taking any food or water for a short period of time is a liberation and experience that is indisputable and goes beyond all administrative processes. Not to diminish the scope of administrative freedom, but this is still the liberation of a higher class! Food needs to a large extent programs or, more simply, socially conditioned ideas and demystification are the same big step towards the ultimate release, which is the liberation from the idea of ​​liberation. If you’re confused, have another note in mind, as Osho said: “Do not ask me to get rid of your confusion, because it is my main job.”
In essence:
Demystification = Liberation
De-misti-fiction is essentially converting the unknown to the known so any weeping of a possible or impossible, especially with regard to diets, can simply be demystified by post. So we decided for the second time to go to the Dry Post (a post where there is no eating or drinking or swimming – without food without water), but with this shout we invite all those interested in this demystification to join us on the way to liberation. What gives us more freedom from the idea of ​​eating is easier.
The post has to be maintained in natural conditions and we have chosen Eco willage Blatuša again because we know it (we demystified it).

The final term would be from 07-12 June, so we gather on Friday night (07.06.) And on Wednesday (June 12th) we are growing. We have decided for this term to cover the time of the weekend so it is also convenient for those who have been busy working for a week to attend this gathering at least on those weekend days … So it is not a requirement that everyone who comes should be all 5 days at make sure everyone decides for themselves how many days they will join. The point is to endure 72 hours without water, but not at all costs.
Also, there are 2 variants for accommodation, the first sleeping in one of the facilities at the so-called. Blato’s “Central” plant (number limited to 20), the price is 30kn / day. The second variant is sleeping in its own outdoor tent, a place on the estate has a breakthrough, and the price is 20kn / day. Both variants include the possibility of using shared rooms, kitchens and sanitary facilities (bathroom and compost toilet).

Please people who have never gone to any post, have a great illness or trouble not to report to this experience unless it is said and what is again at their own risk. Please also do everything to get ready by getting at least one day a week (or just with water or without), and one day a week on the raw. Then at least three days before arrival they are solely on the raw. We will not check, look for evidence or confirm it, again at our own risk.
We will also try to record a specific documentary about this to help other people to demystify the idea of ​​excessive burning, so I do not recommend scammers to report, haha, but again it will not be checked.
Everyone who thinks they are here is a place to go to the mail, which variation of accommodation you want and how you come in, so that we can arrange some transport if someone collects something.

So much for the beginning, let’s hear!
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