Here is a good example of how things can and do twist through the mind filter, because the meaning of the mind is to twist through programmed software.

Most people say they want to be free, have/attain freedom. The key is in this action. But …… let’s go, analyze, I really like analysis, like some kind of spiritual math …

If one wants to be free or to attain freedom, one assumes that freedom is there and “he/she” needs to reach it. Consequently, I conclude that there are two things. The first is freedom and the second is “seeker of freedom” or when and if he/she finds “one who is free / has freedom”.

In either case, there is an entity / person who either seeks freedom or finds it just as the Crusaders sought the Holy Grail.

The aspirant for freedom seeks freedom in accordance with his or her understanding (software) of what freedom is, how it is expressed, and then she/he acts in that direction. “The one who seeks freedom” until she/he finds is “not-free” or “captured”. As we have already learned through this “educational platform”, one who is identified with the thought of himself / herself with the content of the mind is a person or an illusory character who acts in accordance with his/her ideas/beliefs programmed into the mind.

That the concept of “freedom” is programmed into the mind is quite clear when you start asking aspirants for freedom what to do and how to achieve freedom.

In 99% of cases you will get the answer that they will be free when solve their financial problems, housing problems, health problems, problems at work and live somewhere in the countryside far from all or pockets full fill with money traveling the world. In short, when they solve all the problems, they will be free and unburdened, and they will breathe the air of freedom with their full lungs, finally…

So again, by the analogy from the above, I conclude that when a life goal is achieved that is more or less similar in all people. When they “succeed” in life, then they will be free, as in that joke about a fisherman which lying and fishing and a businessman forcing him to try harder to catch more and become rich … you … you know that joke.

Logic thus says that life’s goal or “success” is in fact an obstacle to freedom, so it is also logical that giving up on life’s goals would allow freedom to be realized immediately … but now things are slowly beginning to lose sense and analysis cannot follow a meaningful and rational mathematical explanation of the continuum because…

Logically, this is correct, but it is not quite so. But how? Most people would probably say that freedom is tied to success, ie that the fulfillment of the goal brings freedom, that is, actually freedom, because you have to make an effort for freedom, it would be foolish for freedom to be so cheap and easily achievable. We can’t just be free !!!!!!!!

Hmmmm, is that right?

Have you ever achieved a goal, succeeded? For sure you have. And what was the feeling? Good, great, liberating. That’s it? How long did this sense of freedom last? … Approximately between 5 min to 5 days /months, it’s irrelevant, what then? – new goal, new success, new pursuit.

In my previous text, “belief” I explained how stupid is to non-stop and constantly go in the same direction and expect to arrive at another destination. It is clear to you that so many people have completely achieved all their goals that can be conquered, they have climbed symbolically on the roof of the world and have not found freedom there. Let go of what television and magazines say and write.

Math again. It is evident that this concept contains an error and is mathematically unfeasible. What is more, it is clear that the “life goals, purposes, successes” and freedom are the carrot that the rider hangs on a stick and waving at us (donkeys) in front of nose, and we are mesmerized running by it, carrying the rider on our back. going in the direction he determines it by managing the carrot as a life purpose and the pursuit of freedom. What’s really going on here? Carrots are an illusory goal, a purpose, programmed into our mind, and freedom as the ultimate reward is thus illusory (a pale copy). By analogy, a “seeker for freedom” an aspirant or even “one who is free” is a total illusion. That illusion made a maddening race from life, reminiscent of a hamster wheel. We run and turn the wheel while we are in the same place all the time, and the magicians have connected the generator to that wheel and we are lighting their homes. Running in a circle without moving from a place reminds me of karma or the so-called. “The Wheel of Life” or that song from the Lion King that says life revolves in a circle… (I told you how it spins) …… to eternal search for something that does not exist, but if we fail, there is always another life to try again. WHAT A TRICK. Conclusion: the freedom to be achieved through some actions is as illusory as well as the one that have to realize it, because it is only software/faith within our mind. Well now, whose mind is, is The question… Anyone who says they want to be free or seek freedom, speaks from a person/illusion position, so they will never find such freedom because it is mathematically impossible. Mooji would sum it up in this sentence: “there is no freedom for person, only freedom from the person.” Liberty is not an entity, nor is it in any way separate from my true being, and therefore it is not necessary to seek it because it cannot be found.If there is no “One who is or can become free” then it is clear that in reality freedom is an inseparable part of being and that in moments of leaving the space of the mind and identifying with its contents, the truth becomes self-evident…. I AM FREEDOM.