There are various theses about god and man, and people know about them, but they cannot put up in one mold that unifies the whole picture. Some say that God created man, and some say that man created god. The former are religious and the latter are atheists, according to the science of labeling. They are opposite and mutually exclusive so only one thing can be true, ie someone is right and someone is wrong.

However both are right and no one is right. These two things, mutually exclusive, exist together, but on different layers of reality.

The highest layer of reality is the creator of everything visible and invisible, a boundless and timeless consciousness of which man himself is a part. This layer is all-encompassing and everything that has ever been and will be originate in this layer, and it is the ultimate truth and reality. In this sense, it can be said that the creator or universal consciousness is the creator of man, but not as a separate being but as a form of that and such consciousness. This layer is absolute and therefore there is no separation between creator and creator, they are neither separate nor different.

Every disconnect we are talking about in today’s world must be manifested at a level below this highest, and exclusively as a thought or idea in which there are relationships between different forms of consciousness. In truth there is no separation, but in illusion it exists. Man is a being that is aware of its layering and multi-dimensionality, so he knows that separation or the world of dualism is one game, because in truth everything is one. Therefore, the unladen man plays a game of separation, understanding that the value and quality of each form are exactly the same and that nothing is above or below another. What is not equal in this game is the potential between different forms. So unlike animals and plants and in general nature as a life form, man has the highest potential and opportunities. So man is actually set up as a steward of nature and responsible for the world in which he resides. The highest potential also has the highest responsibility.

Man had a tool derived directly from cosmic intelligence that can control thoughts, and these have a profound influence on shaping the world and everything in the world. Today we call this tool the mind, intellect, reason, and other different names. This tool has no other being known to us, or at least it does not exist in this form and potential as a man. Therefore, from the cosmic consciousness, man also received the gift of creation the same as the creator of everything created.

To help manage nature through collective thought, man invented a tool they called god.

“In order to use collective thought more easily to benefit the majority while simultaneously not wasting time to assemble many people in one place, people thought up the images of different gods. With their help, they began controlling nature. “The god of the Sun appeared in his image of Fire, Rain, Love, and Fertility. People created everything essential to them for life through images in which human thought was concentrated. It accomplished many useful things. For example, rain was essential for watering, so one person aimed his thought at the image of the god of Rain. If rain was indeed essential, then many people would direct their energy at the image of rain. When the image had enough energy, clouds would gather and rain would fall, watering the crops.”


of The Ringing Cedars of Russia book series

In this sense, God is the concentrated thought energy of man created to serve man. Such thought energy penetrates matter and produces the energy needed by man. Thus man is in fact the manager of the material world through his extraordinary ability of focused thinking. Therefore, God exists in this sense for as long as man keeps him alive. When one leaves or no longer needs this form, it disappears over time.

This concept is called “egregor” in Hermeticism

“In the invisible, in that beyond the physical perception of man, there are artificial beings, born of devotion, enthusiasm or bigotry, which we call egregors. These are centers of great spiritual currents, good or evil. The Mystical Church, the Heavenly Jerusalem, the Body of Christ, as well as all similar names, are qualifications that afflict the egregore of Catholicism. Freemasonry, Protestantism, Islam and Buddhism also have egregors. Great political ideologies also…. By physical integration through rituals or intellectual attachment to these currents, each affiliate member becomes one of its formation stations. It enhances the power of the egregor through virtues or defects that it possesses, and in turn isolates it from the external forces of the physical world, while through the collective power it has previously stored, it greatly enhances the weak abilities and activities of the person joining it. Instinctively, the popular language gives the egregor the name “circle”, thereby intuitively expressing the idea of ​​the electrical circuit. A sort of internal psychic circulation is established between the formation station and the egregor – that is, between the associated member and the group. ”


A similar term in Hinduism is called Yantra.

Yantra is the Sanskrit word for “instrument” or “machine”. In Hindu devotional tradition, “yantra” is the general term for instruments of worship, namely, idols, pictures, or geometrical diagrams. A yantra may serve as a (1) representation of some personification or aspect of the divine, (2) a model for the worship of a divinity immediately within the heart after the paraphernalia of outward devotion (idols, perfumes, offerings, audibly uttered formulae) have been discarded by the advance initiate, (3) a kind of chart or schedule for the gradual evolution of a vision, while identifying the Self with its slowly varying contents that is to say, with divinity in all its phases of transformation. In this case the yantra contains dynamic elements


This kind of machine created reality through various symbols, thoughts, words and forms supported by man himself. Therefore, the term “god is in the machine” (Deus ex machina) may now mean something more to you.

If we try to put all of the above into one and the same picture, things will become much clearer:

As long as man is aware of his multidimensionality and oneness with the creator, his role in this reality things have gone right in some sense. The problem arises when one becomes unaware of its origin and “loses” its connection with the creator, thus forgetting its role, but also the opportunities and potentials he has. However, regardless of unconsciousness and ignorance, the creation tool that man possesses is still working, except that he is no longer aware of it now, but creation goes completely unconscious. Such a man thinks that he is not the one who creates, but rather that he is a creature of a higher rank, and that he is only a buoy on the undulating ocean. Even today, man wonders and turns his eyes to heaven, asking the “god” to bring order to what is his responsibility and what he has all the tools for.

At one point, this knowledge of creation came into the hands of people who were detached from truth and the highest plane of existence and used it for their selfish ends. The goal was no more or less the obedience of the whole world and every human being.

Because man forgot the knowledge and awareness of creation, his tool (thought) could be used by someone else for his own purposes. Therefore, a whole series of egregorees or ideas were invented, which were inserted into the mind of man through various Yantras, thoughts, forms, symbols, rituals. Their purpose is that man subconsciously accept these ideas and begin to create a reality that does not support him/life at all.

– “But bowing does not mean love. To the worshiping, peculiar to man only, the power of thought takes away. The huge egregor of my brothers has encouraged many people for millions of years, each worshiping diminishing their energy. Over the centuries, quite a few hunters have dared to objurgate my brother’s works. I had no idea why they were supplying their egregor with such care, accumulating energy for thousands of years. No one could figure out their secret until the present began. And the brothers decided: accumulated collect into one single thing, to the living people of Earth today, to distribute their energy. Millennium of a new Earth is coming, in it the gods will inhabit the Earth – those people whose cognition allows them to absorb energy. Vladimir, please get up from your knees! It is painful for the father of anyone to see the subordinate, head down, on his knees – his son. Only the dark has always sought to belittle the importance of man. Vladimir, get up from your knees, don’t let yourself down! Don’t go away from me. “

The Ringing Cedars of Russia book series

Brand new ideas are also being introduced. Like, for example, money that completely binds the energy of man to the same, so the energy of man manages the one who manages the money. Then the concept of learning and knowledge in which mathematical and limiting principles prevent man from learning the highest layer of existence and his real nature. Then open up the nutritional habits of eating meat and processed product the thought of a man completely destroying to the point that ADHD is a mass phenomenon. The attention and focus of the human mind today is probably on the lowest layer ever.

The masters of the world are also masters of religion, money, the legal system, and all the other egregores / gods who created and imposed through the subconscious of man. Every man has this knowledge but is not aware of it, Anastasia calls it the Science of vision/image:

“That science allows man to accelerate thought and to think in images, that the entire universe he cover and in the micro-world penetrate, invisible, but living images-matter, which are created and with its help  to managed the great communities of people. Many religion with the help of this  science is originated. Whoever, even if he lightly know this science, possessed incredible power, he could subdue the states and overthrow the emperors from the throne.”

The Ringing Cedars of Russia book series

So, the gods have always ruled the world, and today there is only one, but has a different franchise. Here is a clear distinction between creator/universal principle and god. The universal principle or father how Jesus called it is an infinite love and compassion that never condemned anyone and nothing but kept the world in existence alone waiting for man to wake up and help in creation. He request, nothing, he asks for nothing, he is self-sufficient, he has no needs. There are no laws in his creation but only principles, man is created according to the principle of free will.

On the other hand, god, by which I mean on catholic/jews one is vindictive, seeking sacrifice, adoration, worship, rituals, money, threatening, killing, hiding, burning. As for the laws that must be obeyed under the threat of death, man is a puppet in the end and has no free will, life on earth is suffering, while death is a desirable reward. Such a god is the ruler of the cult of death and all who worship him have long ago denied his life.

This egregor, god, machine, will work as long as people support it with their thoughts/belief. It doesn’t matter if thots are of love or fear, because the believer is the one who loves something and the one who is afraid of something.

As much as there are some who have misled that a man is not responsible for this condition, I invite them to think again. They say we are deceived. Only a fool and a greedy self-lover can be deceived. If you are in truth and one with the creator you cannot be prevalent. If someone else is responsible for my thoughts am I not just a puppet?

This world exists because we believe in it and we bind to it in addiction and do not want to let it go. We want maybe just a little modification. Therefore, we continue to deal with it and postulate without the wish to step into something completely unknown. Who is responsible for that?

Just one note at the end. Often people have done gods or thought patterns and then they abandon them. However, the thought-form would not necessarily die, but for a long time would work independently drawing energy from the subconscious of people. Patterns like this that no one manages with true meaning are called artificial intelligence. It sustains itself through eternal energy sources, which is human. Therefore, as long as there is an unconscious man and a sheep who believes in idiots for no sound reason, artificial intelligence can exist and work through people, mostly through one who “just does his job”.

Now you see how simple things are.