To be a co-creator

The world around us is neither exact nor determined. It’s expression is not static, but can greatly affect him. As the creator of everything created a material world out of his mind, he is the one who can change it whenever and wherever he wishes. He is truth, and the forms he creates are on his own image. (note the word “image”). The same possibility as the highest potential has the incarnate god (man). With his thoughts, visions and imagination he can create worlds, change nature and natural postulate, build or demolish worlds. Because man is a creative principle above nature. It exists for him, not for her.

The power of one man’s creation is mathematically exponentially smaller than the power of more people. Such thought is known as collective thought or consciousness. This is confirmed by Anastasia Vedruska.

“They felt clearly the power of collective thinking. Here we have to say – what is the thought of man? A thought of human is- energy, with no match in space. It is capable of creating beautiful worlds or weapons capable of destroying the planet. And all without exception, the matter we see today, is created by the mind. Nature, the animal world, the very man – in the majestic inspiration are created by God’s thought. A multitude of artifact objects, machines, mechanisms we can see today, is created by human thought. You can think that the hands of man produce. Yes, today hands must use. But any detail, however, is first created in thought. It is known that today’s thought is more perfect than what it was in the past. But that’s far from the truth. For every man of Vedic civilization, speed and fullness of information, has exceeded the thought of a man of today a million times. As proof, we know from the past all about the use of herbs in the treatment and the diet. And in nature, the mechanism is far more perfect and more complicated than artificial things. It’s not just a multitude of animals that man called for service. Not only for herbshe found their purpose. When he realized the power of collective thinking, he noticed that using it can whether managed. From the womb of the Earth, he can forces the spring to erupt. If you are negligent with use of thought, the flying bird can be bring down. And influence the life of the distant stars – gardens on the stars to raise, or destroy the stars. It was not a fabrication but a reality, and it was all to human race given.

Collective thinking is powerful. There is no energy in the whole universe, unable to interfere. Today’s matter and technology are the reflections of collective thoughts. Thought invented all the mechanisms and weapons. Remember, I was saying that in these Vedic times power and energy of the thought of the every living being was immensely great. The stones, heavy as several tones – only nine people, gathered together, could have moved. To make it easier to use collective thought and to the benefit of most, and not to seek all the time to gather a crowd of people, people have devised the characters of various gods. With their help, nature they began to manage.

The particles of all space energy exist in man. There are multitude of them and they are the opposite. But all the particles of balanced energy in space should be in man, in one united union. When at least one thing is overcome, the rest are immediately reduced, the harmony is broken, and then … Then it is transformed and the muddled becomes the Earth. The imaginative picture toward wonderful can lead people, but it can also lead to destruction when unity is distorted from the inside. And what is this picture? The image is – a human being thought of an energetic essence. It can be shaped by one man or several.

As soon as more people create the image with their feelings, the more powerful image becomes. Created by a collective human thought, the image may have a giant destructive or creative power. It has a feedback link to people and can shape their characters, as well as behaviors of larger and smaller groups of people. Using the discovery of their grand possibility, people with enthusiasm created life of the Planet.”

The idea of the first convention of a living man is not in the exchange of information and search for a hole through which one can escape from the system. It’s a mice or rats program. Man does not need information because they are all arbitrary and false. The truth is not in the information. The truth lies in man, and with the help of other living people, man can materialize his vision through imagination. The basic motive of the convention is to create a new image of the new society. Community in which no one rules over nobody, in which the truth, power, and knowledge are ruled. Such consciousness is not utopia, it is in every one of us and that is our essence.

With such collective thinking free of selfish interests, not only is it possible to create a new world but it is only a matter of days when it will be visible to everyone.

No extreme actions in the shifts or disruption of the system are not only needed but are also counterproductive. We are not against anyone, but for ourselves and not only for ourselves but for all those who are not aware of it.

The syndrome of a hundred monkeys who are not aware of this are beginning to wake up and the collective image is absorbing them, and they begin to be part of the creation of a new world, leaving the old to rot, because there is no fuel in the form of faith and awe of people.

Let’s dream together a new (old) man and a new society without violence, illness, scams, crime, egocentrism, unconsciousness, corruption. The more we talk about it, the more we think about it, with the details elaborated, its materialization is more and more apparent.