Identification is basic in the dualistic – relativistic view of the world, because if it existed there must be at least two things;

  • The one who identifies
  • Thing/concept with whom is identified

Identity is therefore conditioned by nature, because if the subject of the identification is lost, the identity of the identified person is lost.
A person ceases to exist. This is just one of the evidence of the illusion of a person. For example: Many readers of this book, I suppose, at one point were Yugoslavs. However, the object of identification has disappeared, so the Yugoslavs have also disappeared. Those who are still identified with this creation do so only in the ideological sense. Yugoslavs by ideology.
Identification creates an identity and existence of an illusory person (a mental form) who believes in its own existence, in truth, limited by content and quality of information. It is a completely unconscious process that results from ignorance (ignore = ignorance) as the term id-entity itself states. Namely, ID is the innermost part of personality that is completely in the unconscious of the psyche and at the same time the seat of impetus towards the founder of psychology Sigmund Freud. The term entity is just coming from the Latin word “ens”, entity, and meaning being. The entity is, according to the words, what is, the whole of something that exists, the meaning of what, in particular in reality or in consciousness, is the being as such. I logically conclude that the one who has identity is unconscious being or rather a being, whose primary characteristic is ignorance / ignorance.
If there is no identity – there is not a person. Although, because of ignorance of the information that the mind connected (because the attachment happened unconsciously), there is sometimes an illusion that some people have no identity, but that’s just because the content of the identification is locked in the subconscious. Interestingly, when someone tells you to identify, it really means to identify with an idea, content, and name. You know how to answer when someone asks who you are or how you describe yourself? Did not pay attention? I can help you a little. You may find it difficult to find some of the content you are identifying with so maybe try these. I am:
My name and surname,
My marital status,
of age,
My the place of residence,
My parental status,
My school status,
My the business status,
My national status,
My political status,
My racial status,
My physical status,
My sport status,
Or religious status,
My music status,
My cultural-artistic status …
My ideological status,
My the world view,
my emotional status,
My the spiritual status,
My other intimate only knowing man status ………..

Identifications are often hidden and you cannot always be sure what position of your acting is. If you do something that you do not like, it’s absolutely certain (100%) that you do it from the person’s position and that there is some identification or belief, although you may not see it at that time.
A person can be identified with a body, a name, any symbol as a mental projection. Generally speaking, any act made of faith or of an interest implies the existence of a person.
Imagine a young man out with his friends and see a beautiful girl coming out of a red BMW (and some kind of an asshole with her). There is a thought that if you want to have this beauty you have to drive the BMW. That thought creates an attitude, and if a guy trusts it, he will act according to the guidelines of that thought. Suddenly an interest arises, a strong desire to drive the BMW. An additional conclusion is that it will be worth more and be more honored in the company and ultimately the girls will be glued to him as soon as he buys the BMW. It may happen:

  • to immediately give up this thought, or
  • to try to achieve, and then get rid of it after some time or,
  • spend a few years and invest a lot of energy to buy a new BMW.

His whole work is based on the idea and identification with the mindset that ultimately appears to be totally wrong. He has acted as a person all the time, even though he has no specific name.
Beliefs and interests can be subtle, apparently concealed:

  • Person will climb Mount Everest because they get an extra sense of strength and self-confidence,
  • person will go to jogging every day because it believes it is healthy,
  • A person will work humanitarianly because it believes that he will receive praise,
  • A person will help others because they gain a sense of usefulness,
  • person will get in touch with others because he is afraid of loneliness,
  • The person will makeup it’s body because it wants to attract attention,
  • person takes path to enlightenment, because it believes that will become the one who has found the truth,
  • A person will deny himself, because it believes that has to get rid of itself to achieve enlightenment.

Mind as a great cunning is hiding in places where we think it should not be, in our most heartfelt thoughts and struggling. He will catch anything, any thoughts to create a form that will keep him alive.
The life of a believer is the life of a person, because a believer by definition is someone who has something in which he must believe. There must be some content that will shape the belief. All religious people within organized religions act in the capacity of a person. The earliest identification, when the consciousness of myself is poorly developed, has also become the most stubborn adherence to our being, which is identification with the body and with the name. When the baby was very little heard the voice directed by his parents. With limited awareness, the child was mistakenly thinking, “Yeah, what they’re saying – that’s me,” and thus created a name-identifier. Everyone says today: “I’m Ante, Jozo, Marija, Gabriela, Srećko …” but it’s actually much more correct to say: “They call me Mate” or “My mind is responding to Miranda’s name.” This is important to notice.

In the spiritual / psychological world this entity is better known as ego or persona. The ego is in most cases identified by a huge amount of things, persons, ideas, and often most of the human energy is attached to it, because people tend to direct their energy outwards, goals, ideas, material, financial, business, others, etc.

Most people identify with their body and mind. It’s stupid to go into some statistics, but I don’t think 99.9% of people cant conceive themselves without body and mind. Although when we talk about both mind and body we always say “mine”. So there is something behind the mind and body that sees them as their own and not as their essence. They are only a pale reflection of our true essence.

The truth is that God speaks through our mouth, looks through our eyes, listens through our ears, feels through our heart. As everything springs from it and there is nothing but it, so there is no such thing as one could or should identify with.

Nowadays, people identify with their body shape, their educational background, their car, their clothes, their children, their homes, their sports, their political affiliations, their music, their race, their nationality, their regionality, their language, their gender, and to name a few. Each of these individual identifications creates an entity that has its own position, is separated from the whole, and defends that separate oasis by all means.

Identification is the cause of all the divisions, wars, disasters that have plagued humanity.

Those who are aware of this mode encourage people to create as many identities as possible and thus profit at the expense of our divisions. The old saying could be rephrased to get a more modern version that would say: “Give them an identity and rule”

How will you recognize identification? It is very often an unconscious process and needs little effort to identify it. If you passionately defend certain views, whether political, religious or otherwise, and you do not know exactly what the real personal reasons for your views are, this is 100% identification. This process is superficial and very fast. It must be such that as many identifications as possible can be made. Any deeper reflection on the true nature of attitudes often reveals that these views are merely taken up without any critical thinking from someone else whom you may have considered an authority or expert.

Identification is often also very painful because the true being our essence wants to bring back its energy that is scattered across various entities. I have personally been identified with the Catholic Church and religion for a long time, but there was something inside me that said something stinks in there. As soon as my capacity to look at things increased a little, I simply noticed that I was following someone else’s ideas, traditions, imposed patterns that had very little or almost nothing to do with my worldviews. However, since the identification was complete and a large amount of energy related to it, the process of energy recovery and exit from this mudy watters was very painfull and time consuming with major conflicts within the family.

If you look at yourself in the mirror and don’t like what you see or really like what you see, suppose you identified with the appearance of your body. Although you can refer to health, hygiene, to aesthetics, these are mostly just assumptions based on the marshy soil of ideas we have also taken from others.

When your football club loses and especially in the derby against the biggest rival, a stomach cramp occurs. When someone insult voice of your favorite singer or proclaims your favorite pet as a garbage, and declares the brand of the goods you carry as a scrap, painful reactions of anger, madness, and a sudden reflex to defend your character and deeds. An increased dose of emotion is the surest sign of being identified with something.