Identity card of the Community

It is used in cases where a living man is not in legal circulation, i.e. outside the contractual relationship in any commercial sense. In legal transactions, a physical person is obliged to use a personal name and surname ( personal identity card – ID), while outside legal transactions it is not. How do you know if you are in legal circulation or not? Well, simple. Showing an ID, i.e. identifying yourself with the same, it is considered proof that you are within the legal circulation, a citizen of the State subjected to the framework of the Constitutional and Legal Order. If you do not identify with the same, you claim that you are not part of that order and officials who will want to place you in their jurisdiction (commerce) at all costs will have to prove that you are not what you claim.

Although your statement that you are a living man is evident, i.e. obvious, if the administrative authorities do not believe your statement, you can show them your ID card of the Community. It is proof that you have been enrolled in the Community records as a co-creator of the Community and that you are no longer within the legal circulation, so no legal service has jurisdiction over you.

You use the Community ID card at your own risk and in good faith towards all people, regardless of their official capacity. This card is not a contractual document, so no other or third party can claim to have any right over you if you identify with it. The card is an excerpt from the Record of co-creators of the Community of Sovereign People on Earth “Living Man”, proof that you are a living man, not a physical person or some other person in legal transactions. For the same reason, there is a qr code on the card, by which anyone can establish the authenticity of this Record in electronic form, on the spot via mobile phone or some other device that can read the qr code.