IV convention of Living People

Dear people, they inform you that we are ready for your organization of the fourth convention of living people. The fire that light up two years ago at the first convention in Omisalj has not yet been extinguished. If you ask me, it even flared up. “Living Man” is expanding outside administrative boundaries and what we have now made has echo and is welcomed everywhere. The working title of this convention is “Enough of the fucking up”, which seems like the fucking up, but really isn’t. What do we want to say with it you can see at the convention if you wish to participate. At this convention, we are rounding up the Community legal story and we probably will not deal with that anymore, opening the door to new spheres to be presented at the convention. This convention is also multinational as it will have more lecturers from more countries (Germany, Netherlands, Austria), of which it is important to point out that it is hosted in these circles by renowned and popular researchers Harald Kautz-Wella who agreed to come to this event with pleasure.The basic problem of all living people is that there are no adequate companions in their surroundings who can share their thoughts and those who have an interest in topics of interest to a living person. So come to Pag, Novalja you will find people who are only interested in these topics and have proven for three days in topics that have nothing to do with football, politics, money, existence, end any other mainstream issues.


  • Hostel Zrće is a hostel that does not have single or double rooms, but exclusively beds 4, 6, 8, 10. All rooms have bunk beds and each room has its own toilet and bathroom. They are extremely important solitude and privacy to emphasize or report about colleagues who should be in the rooms together. We will try to meet everyone as much as possible.
  • The arrangement includes breakfast, dinner and sleep for three days, from (Thursday) 30.4 in the afternoon to 3.5. (Sunday) to noon
  • Price for one person is 675 kn (90 €), and the co-creators of the community have a discount of 11,11% which is 600 kn (80 €)
  • The number of participants is limited, who first upgraded the registration fee or the whole quantity has benefits.
  • Payments are received via IBAN account: HR9723600003248567133, and can also be sent to Revolut at no. phone 00385954552071
  • We also receive (prefer) cash payments:
    • in Split and around Drazen 0954552071
    • in Zagreb and the vicinity of Jak 0977074838
    • in Zadar and around Vedran 0915848804
    • in Belgrade and the Krle area 0659579111
    • If you are not in any of these cities and you pay only by cash, please contact Drazen on the first phone number for your appointment.
    • The minimum payment is 150 kn, the rest 7 days before the start of the convention.
  • Information to be provided on registration are: name, email, telephone and place of life to arrange transportation to Pag.
  • For more information, e-mail: info@zivicovjek.org

All potential participants can express  to bring some convention content will be arranged which will be discussed by e-mail. So much so for now, I hope I haven’t left anything out. Up-to-the-minute information on previous content or some news will gain on time.

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