According to the lecture I held and according to my understanding of the causal links between karma, it is a law that always functions within the illusion space. The lying factor, the thinker and the interpreter of himself and the world around him, is bound to experience the consequences of his action, for he himself claims to be the one who works. But problem, if you are the one who works in accordance with your free will then you take responsibility for what you are doing, you think, you want. Fair enough!? So there is no court, conviction or judge, a jury that condemns you, but it is simply embedded in a code that has absolutely all the knowledge and all the circumstances and is as ultimately just as that. He simply copies the energy form shipped from the person in all possible forms, and in such a case returns to his source in due time. Therefore karma is the only justice that a person can ever experience in the life he lives.

Although most people can so much as swallow this concept, because it fully explains the life’s illogical events that might have been the conclusion that the universal creator is unjust or biased, briefly said imperfect, yet the person who has the dominant form of consciousness has some version of his Justice.

I remember when the waltz was in court at one of the judges and he was aware of the announcement he had sent and tried to talk with him unofficially. First, he said that “nothing in life is a coincidence.” This is a famous statement that everyone who loves everyone and believes in it. And those who know and those who do not know, the difference is in the action of that statement. The judge in charge of claiming that nothing is wrong happened, however, he took the right to condemn and preside over the event as a result of a particular cause, and hence completely neutral because everyone got exactly what is needed since there is no coincidence.

This is the hypocrisy or misunderstanding that is the basis of the illusionist / Satanist system. Nothing is by chance, but I still demand justice to be carried out. Whose justice? Who would have to spend it? You? Police? The courts? State? There is nothing left to me and more illusory ideas than this, and yet it is a result of idiotic thinking that there is a mistake in creation, that someone has been wronged. “I’m innocent and what happened to me I did not deserve it!” Truthfully, it may be possible for somebody to get unlucky beats, but they can only get them from the person you took for the right to share justice. If you got your nose this is just because you used to take justice in your hands.

Taking justice in their hands or seeking “authority” to take justice in their hands is by far the greatest generator of injustice and bad karma that by the biblical eye for the eye, the tooth for the infant begins the infinite perpetum of the mobile karmic car. “Justice” seeking “justice”. I have put this into the alleged signs because no one except absolutes is capable of bringing justice. If what courts and states do is not justice, then it is injustice, and then it generates injustice. Incredibly, as long as anyone takes justice in their hands, injustice will exist, and hence karmic debt because injustice as opposed to justice must be repaid, while justice aligns all debts.

If you get a spank and you do not understand that you’ve got it because you’re sure to give it to someone at the same time, you will feel miserable, exploited, helplessly believing that you have been wronged and you will seek, not from the great spirit to bring you justice, but from an institution or perhaps from Don Vita Corleone. “Justice must be satisfied,” say fools and ignorant. But you’re stupid, she’s just satisfied that you’re not aware of that. Now we can see the implications and dangers of reincarnation and forget because it is possible to get the false impression that the creation is unfair since a person does not remember their actions and reflections, and it is all in wonder why this is happening to him. In those moments the person turns to heaven and asks “Why? What did I hide from God? “Thinking that God had punished him for something unknown to him. Since God is good, surely it is not his olive tree, but then it is a coincidence of certain criminals that we need to protect our own forces and bring human justice when the gods are gone. The statement “nothing is accidental” is lost from focus and consciousness.

I can not emphasize the danger that lies in such misunderstanding or unconsciousness. Justice is a process or activity that takes absolutely all the circumstances and facts into account, and the understanding of absolute consciousness brings an ultimate result. The human being is completely unconscious of absolute consciousness and without any knowledge of circumstances with limited knowledge of facts can not make a fair solution. But he can do it unfairly. An unjust solution is out of balance and therefore can never bring balance and neutrality, but only a new karmic impulse. A judge who makes a verdict of ignorance, and that is every one, will have to experience a condemnation of ignorance. A policeman or administrator acting on that verdict from ignorance will surely have to experience the consequences of his action. I will not even talk about soldiers. Throughout this story somehow the clergy are out of the reach of karma because they do not condemn or act, but under the radar and under the radar they fully support this kind of ignorance and unconsciousness and that they do not suffer the karmic consequences themselves.

Any person who sees himself as a righteous man who has power and so on. the authority to do justice is an infuriated fool unconscious of his unconsciousness. Judges, policemen, soldiers, lawmakers, but also all people unaware that justice does not exist absolutely anywhere but in the law of karma and who seek “to do the job of the legal state” are helplessly embedded in the illusion.

Is it shocking? Do I want to say killers or thieves need to go unpunished?

Only my question is idiotic because I have just stated that no one can go unpunished for all that he has done, only that the process of doing so can not be in the hands of egoist self-defeating persons who are ex officio called judges. Justice is like truth and love in the hands of absolute consciousness. No limited consciousness should ever have allowed the right to trial or to adjudicate. Therefore, people who understand this do not judge, as opposed to those who do not understand or those who do it because they are paid to do so.

If there is to be some kind of court then that is the one who has no contact with the karmic connections, but he is presiding in the commercial-contractual relationship. Illusion is about illusion. Some will say that such courts in the judiciary are doing it, because this is where we live a big deal and trade whose participants are physical and legal persons. Therefore, this whole text is of the utmost importance, as it adds extra weight to the truth that a man can not be judged or judged by another man except he himself does not consent to it by a statement accepting the court of a particular court or magistrate.

If so, the judge can not bear the karmic consequences. If he does not care. Here we can go back to the legal story in which registration and use of illusory documentation is agreed to be tried and under the jurisdiction of the system so no one can bear the consequences for your consent that you have signed countless times. I do not think that is and there can be no truth anymore because any consent that has been issued or a contract in which one party is unfamiliar with all possible implications of this contract does not apply.

But that is not the point of this text.

Most of what has become obscured is that people who consider themselves free and open mind and spirit climb to their back when they experience some kind of embarrassment, alleged injury, or damage. Though the supposedly wider mind is seeking compensation for damage and running to various courts to overcome thirst for vengeance or correct the injustice that occurs to them. The jokes about twenty feet of land that nobody has been stalking for years or the insults of honor, disruption of property, divorce are just one of the indicators that nobody understands anything. Although all alleged believers, they run to the courts to protect their property and their alleged rights without relying on the ubiquitous creation and its laws. Great believers seem to ignore Jesus’ saying:

“Do not judge and you will not be judged. Do not judge and you will not be judged. Pray and forgive you “(Luke 6.37)

And Jesus Himself as the supreme Christian ideologist confirms the laws of karma, and this saying is an indisputable proof of it. But it’s fucking him, we’ll interpret it as he does to us.

Can absolute consciousness be damaged, destroyed, crippled, or dispossessed property. Man was born naked on this earth by the uprightness of the omnipresence. He does not belong to him, he has everything, so everything can be taken away, but only from whom he has received it. People or, better to say, illusory entities think that something belongs to them that they are creators of something and have some control. In such egoistic, psychopathic states of consciousness that have the will of the will of love, the law of karma begins and ends its action. As long as there are judgments in the world, there will be karma, riches and reincarnations, but justice will not be. Justice resides only in one place, one in which I as a person does not exist, which is a place of reality and truth, and therefore paradoxically, but again, I can say – “Justice is the only thing that exists.”

Anyone who can understand this will no longer judge or condemn. Who can not read it again.

Adendum 1:

The killers and desperados on earth are unaware of themselves, and people are the result of their surroundings or social beings. Their upbringing is largely the result of complete disregard of the psychological-spiritual structure of mind and consciousness that neither parents nor church or state had. Hence, ultimate hypocrisy suffers from the assassination committed by a socially acceptable individual who at a given moment suffered a crime. One such event happened 10 years ago in Trilje when a young man killed a girl. Everyone tried to condemn him, but no one asked the next question. “If this young man was a social being and behaved as he was asked who was responsible for the breakdown in consciousness, the bleak and violent death of a young girl. Was this girl a saint who did not have karmic debts no one could know, but can anyone who is the product of the system guilty of their anger, nervousness, discomfort, insecurity. If he is guilty is certainly not guilty of his original origin completely. Great leaders and ideologists have gone uncharted every time, but they should also be asked if they are guilty of this. The truth is not withdrawn, but … Every self-conscious man should also ask what he himself has endorsed the existence of such a consciousness that results in horrendous events. But no one wants to be guilty or take at least part of the responsibility, so “Let’s hang Pedro”