Illogicality and unreason, even absurd, are the main features of today’s legal systems. Things are set in a way that anyone who delves deeper into the issue sees as illogical, but nonetheless persistently insists on its existence as the only possible and relevant one. Why is that so? Great spiritual teachers evaluated their disciples according to the questions they asked, rather than the answers they provided. There is one sublime of discovery in asking questions. The Bell of Truth, an educational platform that has been addressing questions for almost three years, primarily those about the true nature of legal reality, has come to the forefront of its discoveries about the illusory nature of the “legal reality. ”After numerous reflections and practical experiences with this “legal reality”, it is hardly possible to describe this space as real. After several thousand hours of work, tens of thousands of pages of text read in English, Croatian and other languages, after hundreds of documentary and feature films viewed and analyzed, we came to an irrefutable conclusion: “The legal world is a world that doesn’t really exist, because all of its actors are fictional imaginary characters.” Its existence is the result of massive mind manipulation, or rather, control, and blind faith has been identified as the source of dogma that gives the apparent straight, power and credibility to the said system. The irony of unprecedented proportions throughout this dogmatic belief lies in the understanding that “legal science” has nothing to do with science, precisely because it is based on dogma. Although the legal process itself, at least in theory, is based solely on facts, it is not possible to find any legal or natural person whose existence is fact, and therefore law itself is not a discipline based on facts or having legal origin.

In short, the authority of a court, a state, a police officer or other people in the roles of various officials exists only because we believe that they have some authority and that this is the natural order of things. In legal terms, their credibility, merely by casting a glance at a system called the “legal order,” reveals itself as a fraud worthy of the finest magician craftsmen.

However, one part of this system is much heavier than the rest. It is a judicial system that is “independent” and has “immunity”. Legislative power, and especially the executive, is interchangeable and subject to the law, its actors are ordinary executors of orders in the hands of the true power that is the only one empowered to make decisions, arbitrages, authorizations, orders as well as abolish all of them, including laws without ever responding to anyone. Time is changing. Finally, one man appeared openly on the Croatian political scene, speaking openly about the corrupt octopus of the “legal system”, but he has not yet reached the core of the problem, even though he is being charged with 621 criminal/misdemeanor cases. He is the best example of how the system will literally swallow a truth-seeker and whistleblower who dared to act from the heart. It is Stipe Petrina, whose courage, if nothing else, really needs to be accept and appreciated. Other politicians (with a few exceptions) are ordinary ignorant, careerists, traitors to themselves and their loved ones, who claim to represent them and defend their interests. “The Bell of Truth” suggests some solutions that can be applied that will stimulate man to move out of the hole of death and change legal status from dead to living, from fictitious to real, from PERSON to man. Before that, it is necessary to acquire and understand certain knowledge and facts, so that one can without any doubt, on the basis of evidence, find out where the illusion and deception lies, so that he can no longer be deceived and subjugated by lies.  ANCIENT COURTS In all human societies throughout history, there has been, at least in some form, an institution of the court that, in a simple language, has brought solutions to those events that could not be resolved between the parties involved in the dispute. Such judgments were accepted by the people because they were settled by people who enjoyed some influence in society. Through their behavior through community life, such people have gained an enviable reputation, and have treated them with confidence that they will make sure that justice, truth and morality, as something that everyone in the court is seeking, can be largely guaranteed. Any authority in any particular result area has those who believe in it listen eloquently to the judgments given and obey them. Courts and judges enjoyed unchallenged authority because they judged righteously, truthfully and morally, in accordance with the code of justice and truth. Because such courts have been judged on a voluntary basis, that is, only in cases where one of the parties has requested their mediation, there is a danger for unethical judges that no one in the future will seek the service of a court, because such judges have lost their credibility, and thus authority. There were also disputes in the ancient courts that were never resolved, simply because the parties to the dispute could not agree on the jurisdiction of the common court. If it is in someone’s interest, the court has nothing to do with it. In order for the trial to be fair, certain rules have been established by logic and reason that can never be broken. In this way the ancient courts preserved their whiteness, and maintained their authority throughout the generations. Therefore, in ancient times, judges were, very often, people who were turned to the spiritual aspect of man and who were deeply aware of the nature of life, the interpenetration of nature, wildlife and man. The ancient judges were men of truth, wisdom and spirituality.

THE FUNDAMENTAL MAN’S RIGHTS FROM CREATOR (natural laws)• Not to be killed;• Not to be physically assaulted and injured;• Not to be raped;• Not to be stolen;• Not to be disturbed in the use of own property;• Not to be coerced into acting under threat.Remark:The Creator created man in the biological body of male or female.Man is a name that unites man and woman equally.THE POSTS OF ANCIENT COURTSAlthough we do not have any books explaining the nature of the first courts, the basic premise lies in reason, logic and healthy deliberation. Outside of the above rights of every man, it is impossible to designate any man’s action that would harm another man – and therefore any man’s behavior outside the enumerated categories is acceptable, although not everyone needs to like it, which is a completely natural, logical and reasonable conclusion. Why are there no books on the subject? Because no one considered it necessary to put natural laws, which are self-evident and which always act in the same way on every one of us without discrimination or protection, on paper. They need not be specifically explained to anyone except the indoctrinated modern man who believes that he must obey thousands of “laws” written by other people, such as not explaining that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Why should the sunrise in the East and the sunset in the West be in the form of a law? Therefore, in today’s modern days, it is not difficult at all to set clear rules for conduct between people based on common sense, logic and truth, who do not discriminate against anyone, or who elevate themselves to a position above another man. For this reason, the basic rules are very easy to define. • No one holds the right to living/life• The right to the inanimate has its source only in the author of the inanimate or in the contract.• The legal system addresses issues of law and their sources.• One man’s freedom of action is limited only by the other man’s freedom and rights. RULE OF LAW – Consistent application of the above rules and principles is the rule of law. WHAT CAN WE CALL THE LAW? Law is a rule or custom that allows or prohibits certain actions (source: instructions or orders, discoveries, customs, consent)


  • A rule that is secret or hidden
  • A rule that is unclear or unclear meaning
  • A rule that cannot be applied
  • A rule where there is no justice


If any of these things are violated then there is no rule of law

There is no rule of law – no justice.


The application of the rule of law through legal process by officials through doctrines. Justice has been a key concept of every law since the beginning of time.

  • Clean hands – no interest in the procedure;
  • Good faith – honest intent in the spirit of the oath;
  • Impartiality – the judge has an oath to enforce the law.


There is no justice where there is no rule of law and where there is no officials acting justly.

  • unclean hands (courts buy cases);
  • bad faith (if you cannot swear this moment, then you are not a judge);
  • prejudice (you cannot handle the case biased, with prejudice).


  • Everyone is equal in law;
  • All are countable and responsible in law;
  • Everyone has the right to a fair trial;
  • Everyone has the right to know the allegations and evidence against them;
  • The respondent has the burden of proof;
  • Everyone is innocent until proven otherwise;
  • Action in law cannot proceed without examining the case;
  • Action in law cannot come from fraud, false faith, and prejudice;
  • No one is a judge in their case;
  • No one can suffer punishment for the mere intent or wrongdoing of another.


There is no rule of law, only the rule of rights (since 1801, politicians, judges, merchants and bankers have declared themselves immune)

There is no justice (since 1840 law enforcement officials have started making money from cases, stopped swearing oaths, courts have become a private business)

Right = privilege

Rule of law= trading with privileges/rights

Who has more money can buy more privileges.