Today’s courts are very different from the former court institute. Today, the court is administered by the state in a publicly presented sense, while there are indications that the court is entirely in private hands and the state must respect the “independence” of such a court. All courts are companies, have OIB (SSN) and deal with rights or privileges. Judges who judge in such courts are as they are, and there is no way to avoid a court practically imposed by law. The courts also function so so justly when it comes to a dispute between two natural persons or people. In addition, each court has the pretension to linger such disputes for even more than ten years, which are not isolated cases but a rule. It is unclear what the court’s interest is that the disputes last so long, except for the accumulation of costs both in court and in attorneys, who, incidentally, are members of the same fraternity, members of the guild under the jurisdiction of the bar associations. In disputes involving the state or other PERSONS of “national importance”, disputes last much shorter and are generally received by the state or a protected state entity at the expense of its “CITIZENS.”

The thing in modern society has recognizably distorted the ancient rules of the court and the legal process is the institute known today as the “Magistrates Court.” It in technical and theoretical terms it should not be called a court at all. The judge is in a conflict of interest, judging by law without any evidence that he has jurisdiction, nor can he produce evidence that the law applies to the accused. Does not adduce any evidence, does not respect the institute of equality before the law, does not respect the legal procedure. It does not respect the evidence presented by the accused, does not wear the uniform prescribed by the judge’s ordinance. He doesn’t want to be identified. It interprets the laws that underlie the process completely arbitrarily. If we know that such a court is part of a state apparatus, it is completely unclear how they can be “impartial” or judged fairly. Therefore, such a judgment is, in reality, a mere deception, the power and authority of which is based on the magical disciplines of the deviation of the mind and its associated consciousness. In addition, such processes generate fear resulting from the so-called the “gun authority” inherent in a biblical god who threatens to kill anyone who disobeys and don’t confesses his authority. A conscious man knows that authority based on coercion and threat is false authority, and has no legitimacy. The mention of justice, equality and fairness in these courts is an absurdity to which we will not go further.

That the courts today are protected like sacred cows is easy to see. Although fools say “no one is above the law,” it is clear that the one who interprets it still dwells at least one step above it. Of course, because the law is a dead letter on paper and has symbolic properties, and therefore requires a living force that will animate the symbolism in reality. It is a pure magical, alchemical discipline for which the magician cannot be held responsible (he has immunity) because he only interprets reality in the way he can (he has right). Why his interpretation of reality is obligatory for everyone else is the secret of magical mind control. Their decisions cannot, or should, be commented upon. Their procedure cannot be examined, because they are not “public servants”, which is, after all, “pressure on the judiciary”. If pressed a lot, they could make the wrong decision. You will never, or very rarely, see that the judges have ended up in jail, or that any proceedings have been initiated against them. Disciplinary proceedings may be conducted within a private guild, but the prosecutor has never filed any indictment against “court officials” because he cannot. The only one who can do this is the State Judicial Council, which is not even under the jurisdiction of the parliament or any other state body. There is no crime, no corruption, no nepotism in these sacred spaces, as someone said, so there is no need to press charges. Rather, we would say that this lay-man; lay-law, man-man; “law-abiding, idiot”) does not apply to clerics, because by their mission these people are indeed clerics.


Religion is, in its common sense:

“An organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, andrulesused to worship a god or a group of gods”


Otherwise the word “worship” used in this definition means blind, unconditional, unquestionable belief (dogma). Therefore, religion is an organized system of blind beliefs, ceremonies, and unquestionable rules that are used to irresponsibly worship a god or group of gods.

The counterpart to this word in Croatian is “štovanje (respect)”, and therefore “respect” is in its essence an idealization of the one to whom you refer to this title or symbol.

Religion seeks faith and belief in something that you would be hard pressed to accept by using common sense and your own assessment of the facts:

Faith – eng. faith, lat. fae, faete and faetum – one who consents, submits and accepts the claims and misinformation of the summoner of spirits, and is then bound to ghostly spirits. In other words a form of self-curse, a curse for the living, to be possessed and controlled by evil spirits ”

Belief – eng. belief – has nothing to do with accepted meaning, a term created in the 16th century by Latin terms Beo: “to offer; or to give or bless” and li (and litis): “quarrel, dispute, dispute” – thus the literal meaning of Belief is “to offer or give or bless quarrels or debates. “The term contradicts and embodies the false, immoral, abhorrent and absurd idea of” Qui vult decipi decipiatur “meaning” Let him who wants / can be deceived, be deceived, “by which man cannot distinguish truth from falsehood. , accepting falsehood as truth, trick, deception, impersonation, contradiction, forgery, which is one of the maxims of today’s courts and the rule of law.

The web site “zvono” (bell of truth) has written numerous times and proven that the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA is a fictitious creation that does not exist in reality, but its integrity, sovereignty and other characteristics must be followed, unconditionally, blindly – and not questioned. How someone / something that does not exist can have integrity, dignity and sovereignty is never explained by anyone. This political creation which we call the STATE is an idol to which all CITIZENS worship obediently, offer sacrifices in the form of money and vividly prove that it is a mere religion, the most appropriate name of which is STATE. Organized blind belief in a god state that has its own ceremonies and rules, which every follower must unconditionally abide by.

For this reason, courts and judges are inseparable from religion, because the basic belief of every religion is that only God is a judge and lonely in his unique position as judge of the world. He, of course, being all-powerful and all-knowing, can delegate this right to whom he wants it, and therefore all courts and judges are the owners of the franchise of God to perform this “holy, God-given” duty. This may seem like an exaggeration, but if you do not believe our claims, which we have found over many years to be indisputable facts, where we say that there is no evidence, no legal fact in the entire legal system that explains the nature and the origin of the authority of the “earthly courts” – check our claims critically for yourself – and you will also not be able to find any evidence or fact about the existence of that authority, as neither have we. The “knowledgeable” judges, guided by God’s hand, have never once answered the simple question, “Who gives you right?” – because they do not know how to explain where their right is, or do not want to tell the truth – that there is no right to which they are invoked.

Therefore, we return to the magic and the underworld of fiction, a matrix governed by “moral relativism”, and it is possible to establish such, because that world is not real but imaginary. In the imaginary world everything is relative, completely dependent on the position and state of mind of the beholder. It is a place where there is no absolute, neither is there truth and love. The relative world is the world of words, and the ultimate lord is the one who interprets the word. Therefore, the subtitle of the book “Horror in the Street of Law”, which states that “love and truth are illegal,” signifies the fundamental fact of this rabbit hole. In addition, there are significant indications that the entire court apparatus with its adjudicators is considered a higher caste, or rather, a clergy or clergyman. All judges are more or less initiated into magical knowledge, and cannot be held responsible for anything they do in their judicial-priestly uniform. You probably know that the laws do not apply to clerics, but only to lay people.

It’s the same black color of the gown the judge wears when he’s about to put you in jail. Because the color black represents Saturn, the old Semitic God. This is why churches and courtrooms look the same today: when you go to church, you sit there with ordinary people on church benches, but you cannot go to the raised part, you cannot enter through a gate, you cannot enter through a door.

Only priests can enter there and perform the ceremony for you. You stay out, with ordinary people. The altar has always been erected on at least three steps, because that’s how it was done in Egypt.

The altar was always raised so that the people could see the representative of God dressed in black. The priest goes out before the altar dressed in black and conducts the rite for you, he is the mediator between you and God. The same thing happens in the courtroom: you come in and you’re part of the ordinary people sitting in the audience, there’s a fence and a door that separates you. The attorneys, who are your spokespersons, can enter through the door to go talk to God for you and see if they can get you out; lawyers are mediators between the “God” or “judge” who judges you – and the man. This is where it all originates in our society today.


The laws of the imaginary state stipulate that courts can judge only and exclusively in accordance with the laws passed by the Croatian Parliament and which have become final by publication in the Official Gazette.

One of the problems that arises from such decision-making lies in the fact that the Croatian Parliament (in fact, the people sitting in that building) in the last convocation “passed” more than 600 laws by emergency procedure, and only 150 by regular, although the law an emergency procedure marked extraordinary, which now takes on the word “exceptional” with a whole new meaning. Emergency laws are often passed without anyone reading, studying, evaluating, and as such containing innumerable provisions in their articles that, with justice, honesty, and morality, have no point of contact. Even laws that are long debated in Parliament can often be unconstitutional, biased, and unjust. Lobbyist groups, which have become a normal occurrence in such systems, make their money by recruiting MPs to push certain laws that are, of course, in their interest. When we still remember the famous Economic-Propaganda-Political Messages (EPPM) that lower structure politicians are happy to utter, such as “laws must be obeyed, whether they be unjust or dishonest,” there is only one option left for us to bow our heads a formal-legal god who offers no other option but a legal one. “If the law says we are crocodiles, we are crocodiles. Whoever disagrees with this has the opportunity to challenge the law in a constitutional court (which lasts between 5-15 years), and by then it’s a crocodile, is that clear !?!” We wouldn’t say. After all, if you do not know, we are all pre-law proclaimed natural persons, like it or not, and we cannot be anything but a natural person before their courts or any other formal legal institution. It would be even better for us to be labeled as crocodiles in their legal system because they are at least real, unlike a natural person.

The problem with their laws is that they themselves are fictitious, imaginary and subject to the interpretation of a particular caste authorized to interpret it (jurists). It is therefore quite legal for the same law to be interpreted by different judges in two different ways, or, even more absurdly, for the same judge to interpret the same law differently in two separate cases. No one can ever hold him accountable for this, for he has merely expressed his opinion, which, like any opinion, changes from day to day.

According to official data, there are 1334 laws in Croatia today. By-laws and regulations will not even be mentioned, and they are often more important than the law itself. Given that most laws have at least 100 articles, we come to a figure of 133,400 laws and at least as many acts and regulations, so large that a whole team of legal professionals can hardly know all the laws, let alone ordinary people. Even if you know some of the laws, this is no guarantee that they will be interpreted as you have read them, and you are always responsible for violating any of the several hundred thousand codes at any time.

Here we just want to point out how absurd the system is in judging the code, because there are too many of these codes, their control is impossible and they are too often contradictory and directly opposite to each other.


Unlike today’s courts, when most people respect the court simply out of fear of retribution, the ancient courts were respected for their wisdom and thirst for justice and truth. The purpose of the court and the courts in modern societies has completely distorted the ancient customs from which it originated. Fear and retribution (whether in this world or in other world) as the foundation of today’s society is a testament to the inhumanity and madness of the collective system hiding behind the mask of the “common good” and the protection of human values ​​and life. It is noticeable that institutions created by man to ensure that, through the “legal order”, that everyone is treated equally in our society, in most cases they do not fulfill their original purpose at all. People who work within these institutions, especially in cases where there is some dispute that needs to be resolved, no longer act in a way that treats the paying person with due respect and understanding that they are in those positions for the sake of the person, and that they serve him. The word justice became only an elusive and unrecognizable concept within these institutions, which, by the arbitrariness of individuals, were placed above the one who created them, and, over time, almost imperceptibly, from the servant of man, transformed into his master. However – it was time to put an end to this together.

Many have become convinced of the fact that the servant has turned into a master by suffering the injustice in his own skin, which is carried out by individuals under the pretext of “they just do their job” through the morally relativistic approach and arbitrariness of people, especially those within the repressive and judicial apparatus. The greatest atrocities in the history of mankind occurred only because “someone was doing their job” and we finally have to say it clearly and loudly. It is a noticeable fact that facts are distorted and disregarded in the courts, and in particular the requirements for compliance with their own laws and their own procedures are ignored. Judges do not wear their prescribed uniforms, refuse to present themselves, are threatened with penalties for “contempt of court”, do not allow a person to speak and obey requests to prove their jurisdiction and right to judge anyone, especially when they do not there is an injured party in some dispute. They are incapable of proving that there is a legal sequence that enables them to do so, so they ignore the demands to show and prove it. They are the only ones to force a man to obey their will, because only with the man who pays them, their socially comfortable position can still remain comfortable, with a secure salary and benefits that come with it that virtually put them in a position of untouchability, a position that is above the law they impose on others through their actions.


In maritime law or contract law, courts and judges act as bankers. Jordan Maxwell also calls this the Law of Money, because it is a trade dispute that always involves money. The judge is the captain of the ship on which his laws operate in the form in which he interprets it. Otherwise, the word bench (court) is etymologically related to the word bank or Italian bank; which is a table or bench where merchants sell their wares in the marketplace. In the beginnings of such a banking system, money changed in the marketplace to the bank and these people were nicknamed – bankers. In addition, the word bank (which in addition to the bank means riverbank and embankment, which again has to do with the word bankina (Italian) which is a river embankment or any embankment on a water surface that directs or redirects waterways, similar to banks (in monetary terms)) that manage cash flow or electricity (currency; money, currency) because money is considered to be the liquid that is where the name liquidity comes from.


In the documentaries on American court cases, their freedom fighters point out one very important fact, which is that in all their courts there is an American flag with a gold border. That flag, as they explain, is a flag of maritime or admiralty law, or in some other cases a flag of military character. We have not paid attention to this until recently we have seen in many cases that such and such a flag appears on our premises.

On the building of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia, which is also the residence of the State Judicial Council, there is a flag with a gold border, which is not the flag of the Republic of Croatia.

There is no mention of a gold border in the Flag Law or any other law, so it is unknown to look strictly formal, whose flag is this? When asked by the Zagreb Municipal Civil Court, a flag of this kind about its true nature and meaning was also hung outside the door, and no one ever answered.