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It is said that the creator (Great Spirit) gave a special gift to man when he created from himself. This gift is known as free will. It is logical to me and I believe it. Because why create obedient, submissive servants who have no free will and behave according to the prescribed pattern.
Such creation is synthetic and there is no fun in this game. In esoteric circles, this is also called the mystery of creation, in which players (humans) can explore individually but again cannot escape the inevitable, which is to return to the source. So I’m sure free will exists, though it may not be as wide-ranging as we think or wish it was.
Such an individual existence, which we call human, can be identified with whatever it wants, but so it binds and limits its expression of existence. There are no barriers to such attachment or identification. Consciousness or existence can claim for itself whatever it wants to be and be fully convinced it is that.
Binding or identification, however, in most cases happens not by arbitrary decision but unwittingly. The awareness of existence as an inseparable part of the same in this dimension comes in two variants. These are consciousness about self (existence), and unconsciousness about self (existence). This unconsciousness is the dominant feature of existence when one is embodied in this dimension and the first few years of life exist without being fully aware of it. In this state, consciousness binds to so many things and creates a huge number of conclusions that are often completely wrong.
The predominant identification present in almost 100% of people is, “I am a body and my name.” but I challenge you to think deeper and further. If you look and think more focused, you will realize that you can also view the body as a vehicle (car) that moves as the car driver imagines.
“Yes, but if car crushes there will be nothing to the driver, mostly, and if the body crashes….!” That makes sense, but if a man is strongly identified with his car, a blow to the car can be a blow to it. I know a man who fainted when he heard truck scratch his car. But about this another time….
Consider life as a river, and life energy as water in a trough or as a river stream. Many thoughts and ideas float along that river. Most of them simply float or pass by without us even noticing. However, some thoughts and ideas are very appealing to us and there is an intention or energy potential to contain such thoughts. Such energy potential places the dam in a river bed that binds to a thought or idea and does not allow it to be carried away by the river. The energy potential invested in thought is more simply called faith / belief.


The energy of faith is captured in a mold of predetermined thoughts and takes the form and character of thought. A strong bond is created and before the inconsistent energy now takes shape. See, for example, water that is formless. If it is pouring into the glass, take the shape of the glass. (Figure 2) If you pour it into the jug you get the shape of the jug. Glass is an idea, thought. Water is a life force, consciousness. Faith is the intent / hand that poured water into the glass. The water that has taken the form of the idea it believed now says, “I’m the glass!”
Consciousness poured into a glass bowl can become very much a cup, mug, bowl, wine glass, potato cup, cup depending on the shape and purpose of a glass bowl.
Let’s look at ourselves for a moment, and try to see all our beliefs, thoughts, and ideas that are ours and in which we have invested a lot of energy and time. Let’s examine our intentions, desires and goals, where they come from and how we believe them. Are they really ours, or have we taken them in one moment of time for some reason?
Most of our beliefs have arisen in the unconscious mode of work, and therefore cannot be consciously discovered. As each faith binds a certain amount of energy. In that way large amount of unconscious energy is out of the reach of consciousness. If unconscious beliefs are predominant, such energy influences the flow of water in the river basin, drawing life in the direction of unconsciousness. Better said, in unknown direction for us. Often such an unconsciously suppressed energy can erupt on the surface at one point. Then man does not know what happened to him or where did that energy come from, and if it is related to anger can have devastating consequences. Often thereafter, we hear: “He was a very nice and good, pious man, we really do not know what happened to him.”
What is happening then? Where figuratively said water has taken the form of illusory ideas, an illusion of the real form is created. That seeming form is the mind. It does not exist out of thoughts and ideas, because it completely depends on their content. Along with the mind is created the one who has the mind, viz the one that is identified with the mind content, which is PERSON. A person is embedded in thought, idea, and belief in that idea. It forgot that it is a water and believed in thought it is a glass and identified with that idea. We can call person a believer (the one who believes in certain mental content, information). Regarding that it manages certain energy potentials through identification, it is the person who introduces the idea into reality. Representing the idea a person looks real, but it’s actually an illusion, an illusion as well as an idea.

From book “Mind control in legal system”


The fluid life force, existence, consciousness thus binds to inanimate concepts and identities, creating the appearance of inanimity or death. Life is timeless, ubiquitous, omnipotent, and embedded in identity becomes limited by time and space and any other idea he believed in. All that is born, by law, must die, and so must this body, unless…. Therefore, death exists only as the opposite of birth, not as the opposite of life. A person is therefore a mortal being because its existence depends on an inanimate limitation and identity which, as it is born, may even die. Some identities, it is true, take a very long time, and some just moments. Croats will last as long as Croatia exists, some may after, but it is inevitable that one day after Croatia disappears, all Croats will die out.
Most of living people are not even aware of this, but are constantly presenting themselves and identifying with themselves. Interestingly, when someone tells you to identify yourself, it actually means that you identify with an idea, content, name. You know how to respond when someone asks you who you are or to describe yourself. You didn’t pay attention? I can help you a little. It may be difficult for you now to find some content that you identify with, so maybe try these.

I am:

  • name and surname,
  • marriage status,
  • age,
  • place of residence,
  • parental status,
  • school status,
  • business status,
  • national status,
  • political status,
  • racial status,
  • physical status,
  • sports status,
  • religious status,
  • musical status,
  • cultural and artistic status…
  • ideological status,
  • worldviews,
  • emotional status,
  • spiritual status,
  • other intimate status only known to me ……

In a legal system which is fiction, there can only be persons, and that is so. If you look at the laws you will see that they do not contain the word man, but all laws refer to natural and legal persons. This is only one of the proofs that man as a living being and omnipresent spirit cannot be subject to the laws written by man, but only to universal, cosmic laws. In order for a man to be subject to the rule of law, one must humiliate self to the position of non-existence, that is, the position of person.
The most important reason why you need to be identified in police and other legal proceedings is that one identified you become a person automatically and thus subject to the system. There are two types of person in the system, also known as natural person and legal person. They are recognized and distinguished into three informations, namely: first and last name, address, OIB (SSN). If you do not have documents confirming your status as a person and legal personality you cannot participate in the trade, sell or trade, so this sign NAME AND SURNAME can be considered as a mark of the beast according to the biblical explanation. (Revelation 13,17)
Otherwise the word “person” is related to the word “persona” which is essentially, a mask that the actors wore in Roman and Greek plays. One man would play multiple roles and therefore use different masks because it is a play. For this same reason, they ask you to appear in court, although there are no two of you, so no one is present. However, if you introduce yourself, you admit that you wear a mask and that you are an actor in this game, so you are subject to judgment. Things are very elegantly set up, the only problem is that most people don’t even realize it.
Furthermore, to do something or personalize it corresponds to the grammatical orthographic term “personification” which says that it is a stylistic figure in which the inanimate are given the qualities of the living. This is further proof that the persona is inanimate, but who looks like a living person and that the legal system is a valley of death.
Creator Source code cannot be recognized in the system. In the system you cannot be what you are (what is), but you have to be what you think you are (what is not), so the system is truly satanic.
The way back (not exactly backwards) to the Great Spirit is to give up and detach from one’s identities and identi – fictions, not only in the mental but also in the emotional, psychological and all other known and unknown meanings. This is impossible in the system because the system will force you to identify you, and tell you who you are as you do not know it best. (There is one case where a man said in court that he is not a person and the judge declared him mentally unaccountable and sent for an expertise).
Man is man made in the image of the great spirit of the creator, and that is the only truth, and only he can be. All other identifications are frauds of the mind, fiction, and unconsciousness that all have their consequences. The consequence is a hell in which a man is apparently separated from his creator, forget about life and worship non-existent persons, whether legal or physical. Which is essentially idolatry. To conclude: A person is a non-existent being who does not have an essence, but rather as a parasite takes from his host a living being who, from ignorance, unconsciousness or hypnosis, takes on a mask, persona and thus unconsciously puzzles through life intoxicated by the wine of identity.