Legal person

Humans don′t exist in Republic of Croatia only persons do. If you are man then you don′t even belong to the system called Croatia. It is necessary to differentiate terms because deception hides behind them. When Creator was creating World he/she/it also created human, he/she didn′t create person. Therefore I am man and I can choose if I want to be a person or not. Legal person or legal entity is fictional person, which is registrated (birth certificate)at state/country in order to disclaim responsibility from living man. That is the real truth.

Legal entities (for example) are governments, states, cities, humanitarian  organizations, police, tax administration, firms, businesses, offshore companies, foundations, clubs and churches and they come in different shapes and forms.

In order to diminish responsibilities of governments, states/countries cities, police, tax when its officials commit crime against citizens, they use term legal entity or legal person, because they wish to reject responsibility from individual perpetrator of a crime to totality or to one plain paper or fiction of legal entity or legal person.

That right of rejection from responsibilities to citizens is allowed only if they registrate some kind of firm or organization so they can have ″limited liabilities” (so called LL-s).When you found a firm you can protect indivduals, live persons from criminal and rejections and transfer of liability by state ”legal entities/persons″.

What is natural person?

Natural person is living person, who breathes and has all human rights and freedoms. That is man.

In business sense physical face is somebody who operates in his/hers name and for his/hers account, doing business in his/hers name, has properties, merries, buys, employes, that is a person who during his/hers life does everything in his/hers name.

A little later on this page we will show and prove that physical face is also legal face, but for the purpose of simplicity and daily practice, physical face is living person who performs tasks in his/hers name and business.

Consider that every physical face has certain rights and obligations before the law. Note that physical face has right to own,buy and sell his/hers assets,right to give and receive presents and similar rights regarding property.

What is legal face?What is legal person?

Questions are asked as in Croatia so in Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina.

  • What is legal person?

Legal face or legal person is law imagined person which similar as legal face has certain rights and obligations before the law.

Legal person-what is the easiest way to understand what is legal face or legal person.

Try to imagine one yellow envelope named ”ABC INVEST”.

That yellow envelope is legal person,because it was approved by the law so it has the same rights and similar obligations like physical live person,human being.

This in practice means that this yellow envelope ”ABC INVEST” can own real estates,money,vehicles,boats,gold,shares,stocks,businesses,firms, everything that living person can have,human being.Furthermore in practice that means that this yellow envelope ”ABC INVEST” can sell any real estates and that legal person can sue in court of law any other person and be sued.

”ABC INVEST” definitely isn′t physical person because it doesn′t breathe,see,feel and it is not human being.It is just one envelope in which says what is important regarding that legal person for example its rights,assets and businesses.

Legal person isn′t living person.

How legal person if is not alive can do business and manage its assets?

Legal person ”ABC INVEST” being just an envelope needs some living persons for performing and controling.That legal person can have its owners or c.o.,directors,members of board,who all are physical persons who have rights to represent that legal person called ”ABC INVEST”.

Legal person is fictively alive person.

Important feature of a legal person is thet the property of legal person is separated from the property of natural person who manage that legal person or own it.

Property of physical faces who own legal person is special assets,separated from legal person.

According,physical faces,owners and directors can do business with that legal person as it is alive person with whom they would do business with.

For example they can sell their vehicle to that inanimate fictitious person ”ABC INVEST” which has law given rights.They can even be employed with that legal person ”ABC INVEST”.

Legal person ”ABC INVEST” if it′s a limited liability company it could lose all its assets if it owes more than it can afford,but in spite of that,physical persons its owners don′t have any responsibilites for paying those debts made by legal person.

For advanced thinkers-state treats physical person as legal person.

Another interesting thing:even with physical person,state internally and behind scenes considers physical person as legal entity even though has no limited responsibility.You can see that in identity cards and passports that name of the person is written with capital letters and it′s not without reason.Only few states in the World write names and surnames in documents with small letters,first letter with capital letter the way it is written in birth certificate as it should be.

That is because,for the state there is one ”register” of physical person when somebody is born it is registered or when somebody dies it is registered and similar.

But,physical person by the rule is the same legal entity, is shown when real live person is not here state can make judgement to that physical person in absentia but in fact makes judgement to that legal entity.Lets say Marko Markovic is natural person but also has registered legal person ”MARKO MARKOVIC” which directly represents and personates.When person dies for state it is not dead if there are no documents to prove that.Those are the facts which show that state treats living persons as legal entities/faces because in history of law isn′t possible to start a procedure between legal person and living person only between two legal persons.That is why in documents of some lawsuit names ans surnames will be written with capital letters.

That physical person is legal person you can see by that how without ”certificate of legal person” identification card one can′t participate in court of law,can′t own anything,be signed in register nor work and do any job.

Like investors and businesses which operate in few territories we have personal,very clear experiance that in institutions,governments,banks and legal departments of different organizations-often there is wrong classification of legal person and physical person.

Here we talk about former Yugoslavia territories which inhereted one dose of communist treatment of person,but also bigger dose of hidden fascistic regime.Based on inheritance from communism with hidden fascism we got few states like Serbia,Bosnia and Hercegovina,Croatia which in their laws still have hidden fascist-communist system.

So in those states especially in Serbia and Bosnia legal persons and legal faces practicaly don′t exist, instead there is illusion of legal person because laws are made so strictly that nor directors nor owners have real limeted liability.They can always be exiled,which is not case in other foreingn countries.

In E.U.,U.S.A. or Australia and other advanced countries,civilized societies there are legal faces or legal persons of different kinds.Limited liability companies,foundations,joint stock companies and others.It is common that money from legal person is used for private purposes.That transaction is registered in bookkeeping.In Serbia,Bosnia and Croatia is not even close.

Owners and directors are discriminated,followed,forced to do fictive legal jobs,no matter if they are entrepreneurs,artisan or directors of limited liability company.

The way system works is circa like this,humans are stocks,their birth certificates are stock certificates,shareholders meeting is population census,share capital are the taxes that are payed throug out whole human life,chosen directors or managers are politicians,state is company.Politicians instead of giving profit,money to citizens,they constantly want share capital to spend it for their jobs and than again look for more share capital.In the name of citizens they indebted our grandchildren and great-grandchildren who we won′t live to see by increasing taxes.You have every RIGHT to step out from the system and defend yourselfin any possible way,because you are not obligated to be shareholder of failed/doomed society.

You can deny and request deletion of that physical person for example.Law principles work like that so state as legal person can ONLY sue legal persons.That′s why ALL physical persons are LEGAL PERSONS which are represented by citizens with all liabilities.But you are not obligated to agree to that contract between you and state to represent legal person which have similar name as you do.

So BOSKO BUHA is written with capital letters.You as a living person have birth certificate where your name and surname is written only with first capital letter but identity card is written with all capital letters which proves that this is a name for legal person which is called ”physical person”.

Physical person is not alive person.Physical person is entered in state,has certificate(birth certificate).Identity card is authorization for representing that physical person.You can cancel all authorization to that physical person and terminate it forever.