Sitting down and talking to people, I noticed that many of them like to talk about the state and rights, etc. but they don’t really know what they’re talking about. I don’t blame it, because I also didn’t know until recently. What got into my ear was the word “legalization”. To my question what does legal mean at all, the answer was Lawfull or in accordance with the law.

This is superficially true, but essentially not true. If something says that it is allowed in the laws of the Republic of Croatia then it is Legal. However, we have long written here that laws are not laws at all but statutes, acts and ordinances, and English words (acts, statutes) confirm this. Law is something that applies to everyone at every opportunity, without exception, everything else is a semblance of law. (SEE LAW)Therefore, there are two different forms in English law, namely Lawful and Legal. What is the difference?

Laws and something that is considered lawful applies to those primary or natural laws. The basis of these laws is freedom, free will and justice. It is limited only by the free will of another Man, and as long as you do not violate another’s will and do no harm to another, you are lawful. So lawful is therefore a category that has connection with life, living people and the truth. In this so-called. without a system, there are no rights or duties because there is no one to give them. If two people do the same thing in law, they are treated the same. Either they are lawful or they are not.

In the legal system, this is not the case because two people can sell cabbage without one being legal and the other not. Therefore, we are all equal before the law or in the law, but this should not be confused with this system of legality, which has nothing to do with it. And in my opinion one should never refer to that famous saying because it says how much we do not know. There are important differences in the system of legality, in status, hierarchy, rights, etc. In law, no crime, fraud, blackmail, coercion or any other violation of someone else’s will can be lawful unless you allow it by your own free will to it happens and we are now moving to the realm of the legal.

There are blackmail, coercion, crime, fraud in the legal system because the rules of that legal system allow it. In the legal system, therefore, crime can be legal, which is a completely “normal” phenomenon, but of course it can never be lawful. The best example of legal crime is the banking sector, where bankers fraudulently steal someone else’s energy, property and lives in exchange for colorful papers. Such a system is proof that people are crazy, idiots, and for that reason they also need supervision and care in accordance with the legal system.

Hemp cultivation, on the other hand, is lawful, but not legal. When it comes to decriminalizing marijuana, the wrong words are used. She cannot be decriminalized because she has never even been a criminal. This is all assuming that the word crime signifies something bad, unlawful, causing other people harm. The system of legality is a system that has nothing to do with truth and justice, but only with fiction, contracts, and business relationships. It is a system of contract and consent and to which we freely (read by ignorance, unconsciousness) agree to be slaves. With such logic, the legal system could be called lawful because no one’s free will has ever been violated and everyone is aware of the real state of things. And that is true until at some point someone remembers to break this so-called. contracts. Then it becomes quite clear what is lawful and what is legal.

In this way of looking at the system one could call himself lawful, true, living, while the natural person is illusory, dead, legal, untrue.

The crucial question now is: “Is a lawful Man who is not a natural person illegal?”

The correct answer is NO. It’s not illegal, but it’s not legal either. Codes, acts, statutes simply do not recognize a living Man as they do not recognize a tree in the forest, and anything that does not write within these ordinances is allowed. That is why a living man  has no connections legal system, because he is not part of that system, and he is not in any contractual relationship.

Now you know what it means to Legalize something.

Last night I realized that a lot of people don’t understand or have a completely wrong idea which means Legal and all derivatives of that word, because there are so many emotions and distortions around it.

In etymological terms, Legal means:

legal (adj.)

mid-15c. “Of or pertaining to the law,” from Middle French légal or directly from Latin legalis “legal, pertaining to the law,” from lex (genitive legis) “law,” possibly related to legere “to gather,” on notion of “ a collection of rules ”(see lecture (n.)).

The sense of “allowed by law” is from the 1640s. Related: Legally. The Old French form was leial, loial (see leal, loyal). Legal tender is from 1740

You know that Legally is not a Croatian word, so I will translate it as what is most commonly used in us, which is “right”.

More specifically, legal would mean “right/law” and what is legal is what is allowed within the legal system or in accordance with the law.

Right/Law is the totality of the legal rules, principles and institutes that govern it Relations in a particular community are made up of legal entities (companies, agencies, ministries, courts, citizens and other inanimate entities) that implement legal acts in the form of rules within that legal system.

Therefore, simplified:

  • Legal means “in accordance with the law”
  • Illegal “not in accordance with the law”
  • Legalization – the process of entering into legal frameworks or within the frameworks allowed within the system.

And that’s it.

Notice that these words have nothing to do with the words right, wrong, true, false, fair, dishonest, human, inhuman, considerate, reckless.

So, when it is said that it is illegal to catch more than 5 pounds of fish at a time, it simply means that it does not comply with the rules, but it also means that the procedure, if it does not harm anyone else, is not faulty, false, dishonest or reckless. On the contrary, some practices that are illegal can be very noble, sincere, true and perfectly innate to human nature – love. For example, Bruno Groening, who cured tens of thousands of people in post-war Germany of a disease in which classical doctors could not even do anything, he did so completely illegally. He was “rewarded” by being finally convicted of overbearing and forbidden to continue working shortly after which he died. He is the best example of a lack of compassion, truth, honesty and integrity in the world of legality.

On the other hand, some practices that are completely dishonest, reckless, fraudulent, false are completely legal because they comply with the rules of the system. We ourselves are the best witnesses to the fact that plunder, robbery can be carried out completely legally, and that the bailiffs remain free people without any stain on their legal CV.

The use of the right words is also very important to be understood legally and illegally. For example: if you “bribe” someone to do something in your favor is illegal and punishable, but if you “lobby” then it is completely legal.

In addition, what matters is your rank in the system, because if a citizen parks on a zebra it is illegal, but if the police park then it is legal or if there is no one to charge them with a penalty. The MP can park wherever he wants because he has immunity which is completely legal. Banks can print money from nothing completely legal and this is called “partial reserve banking”. A citizen cannot print money not only from nothing but from something because it is illegal and is called “forgery”. You say it is not fair or just. But please read any glossary of legal terminology or words used in legal acts, I’m almost certain you won’t find these two words anywhere.

When stopped by the police or the court wants to punish you, it is not because you did something wrong, because you endangered or deceived someone, damaged them. They, as robots, check only two things whether it is legal or not legal.

They don’t give a fuck for honesty, righteousness, morality, etc. They only care if it complies with the rules, if it doesn’t, then pay.

It is very important for you to understand that the emotions that may be caused by guilt or fear or revolt are not because you have offend something, but because you have been taught that rules, however retard the stupid, irritating, immoral, inhuman, must be respected in the name of “higher purpose”. We are programmed to unconditionally respect the “self-proclaimed authority” of the legal system, so according to that program, every time a “system failure” message occurs because we have violated our program and aroused authority, ugly feelings of fear, anger, hatred, helplessness, misery occur.

Even the word loyal means being loyal but only to the legal system, you cannot be loyal to the truth because that is not the original meaning of the word. You can only be devoted to the truth. So devotion and loyalty are actually different meanings.

It is very important to emphasize that what is fair and human and truth is always the same, but legally and illegally it changes as day and night, today you are in prison tomorrow you are a hero and vice versa. This is the true nature of impermanence, duality, mind.

Our loyal readers know that citizens can only do two things. Legal and illegal. During this time, a living man works and acts in accordance with his consciousness and understanding of the world, regardless of the illusory ideas of legality/illegality. Man can never do anything legal or illegal. Be who you are – it’s so much easier because it’s our true nature.

For the purpose of self-observation, you see that you get some strange emotions when you do something illegal and what is the origin of such emotions.