Control over life is an illusion that, if taken as an axiom, leads to deadlock, whether we use inductive or deductive methods of understanding. Control is an action that takes place over something from someone inside or outside. In order to be in control, there must be a controller and controlled, by which control is classified into the land of dualism and separation. Controller and Controlled are separated, where, here and now, I mean life and the one who lives/controls that life. As long as this idea of ​​life control was ridiculous, most people still think that it can be managed, managed and led in the direction of fulfillment, happiness satisfaction in accordance with own idea what it really is.


I live a life that is not mine – a slave (variant 1)

There is a life that is not mine but I live it and live it as it is said how to live it because it does not belong to me but to the provider of all life. One who accepts this program renounces life and follows the imposed rules and freely becomes a slave of “higher” consciousness that has its own mediators in the Earth who say how to follow God’s will. There is no free will. This principle is dualistic, because there is a relationship between me and life, and in the end I give up life because it is not mine. I stay but there is no life. Often, this principle is happening to various religious-fundamentalist communities in which the faithful abandon their lives and put it “in the hands of God” to guide them and to be instruments in his hands. That is how the most powerful organizations of the world have been created by devoted soldiers, kamikaze ready to die if the “god” is looking for them. What the god requires of them always followed the chain of command so that those who were “closer” to God could carry “the divine commandments.” This awareness is also the foundation of a freak called a “socially acceptable citizen” whose life is subordinated to society because society is above man and “higher” goal of existence and purpose. If you do not sacrifice for it, you are a traitor and a coward.


Those who understand this concept are trying to get out of it in such a way that life and control over the same placed in own “hands”


Living a Life That Is My – Free Will (Variant 2)

This is how arises the next hierarchical state in which there is a life that belongs to me and I can use it as I want in accordance with my free will. This relationship is also a relativistic nature in which there is “I” who has life and manages it. It manages it according to its desires and understanding. Most people think by living this way are completely free until they figure out that there are so many things that they cannot do without permission, license or certificates. And when they match up again, they think they are managing their lives independently, and these limitations are a normal part of life because we all agreed to them. Furthermore, most people do not have a clue where to go in/with life but follow certain imposed variants, thinking that they have the right choice between these variants as proof that they are free. Controlled minds, programmed with constraints, cannot make any solutions beyond the scope of the program therefore its free will is compromised in advance by its ignorance/limitation. And if the state or religion now renounces all limitations, it would have created them again for themselves, because it has long been recognized as an identity by indoctrination and nurtured them as the basis of their existence.


A lot of people see in this nonsense and don’t know where and how to go. Seeing that they can’t  control own life and instead to go a step further, they come back evolutionarily lower in Variant 1 because there is a security cover in which you have no more responsibility for it but just follow the ideology. You renounce your “life” and live according to the guidelines of others. Variant 2 is for advanced because it needs to take responsibility and no protection and security, so it’s only for a more powerful ego.


Although we have gone through both dualistic variants of “me and life”, we have not found a solution yet. Regardless of whether life is in yours or other hands, things do not seem much different in the end, except those who insist on taking life in their hands are more often exposed to shyness, disorientation, and isolation. If there is no solution, and it does not seem to be there, voc d fucking point.


According to my understanding, the “problem” of life has not arisen in the dualistic system, because life is absolute and ubiquitous. Perhaps the one who lives or valorizes or manages it is dual, but life is definitely not. It’s definitely neutral. Therefore, the solution can never be founded at a lower level than it appears. The solution is thus in an absolute world where there is no polarity.

Now a certain problem arises because “I”, who is dualistic and separated from life, and with it has a relative connection, cannot enter the empire of comprehensiveness and integrity. So now it is quite clear that the problem is not in life and managing the same, but it is a a problem in that “I” who has or has no life. This “I” is a programmed doll inside the illusion of the theory of relativity and the system created by it, so it should be discarded.


Life lives itself – ??? (variant 3)

In this variant there is no one who lives a life, or, rather, no direction, goals, and positions that somebody wants to bring life according to their understanding (program). The key understanding at this point is that the solution that many advocate, which is the transition from variant 1 to variant 2, will not bring the desired results because the main problem is not properly observed. Variant 2 can only be a transitional solution. The problem is in I who thinks it is separated from life and needs to be leaded in a certain direction in accordance with own program. So the problem was never in life, but in “the one who lives”. The rejection of the “I” program does not, however, completely reject feeling of “I”. This new/old man no longer has a thought about life or an idea in which direction or what life would be in his life. He and life are now becoming one and the mutually managing the same unknown algorithm.


By such rejection of identity/program, life can be in any variant, without affecting it. This is the ultimate solution because you are really beyond any system and program, not only formally but really.


Safeness is a word that at this stage has no meaning in the standard sense, so any question of security matters is meaningless. Security and any other dual concept cannot take the land of absolute. It is a similar thing with the responsibility that in this variant goes up to another level of personality about which I will write another time.

“My life” is the greatest software program of the ego, the illusory self who lives that life!