Picture the beginning. No Earth. Matter not yet reflecting the universal light. However, as now, the Universe was filled with a great number of different energies. In the darkness the living essences of the energies thought, and in the darkness they created. They did not need an external source of light. They shone from within and for themselves. Each had everything—thought, feelings, the  nergy of aspiration. Still, there were differences among them. In each, one energy predominated over all the others. As now, the Universe contained the essence of destruction and the essence  that creates life. Others had many shades of different feelings similar to human feelings. Those universal essences simply could not communicate with each other. Inside each essence the many energies were creating first languid, then suddenly lightning-quick movement. What was created within immediately destroyed itself. Their pulsation did not alter the cosmos, it could not be seen by anyone, and each believed that it was all alone in space. Alone!
The lack of clarity as to their predestination would not let them make imperishable a creation that could bring satisfaction. This is why the pulsation remained in this timeless, limitless space, but there was no general, universal movement. All of a sudden, communication touched everyone—everyone in an impulse. Everyone was touched simultaneously by the vast Universe. Among the sets of energies of those living, one suddenly shed light on the others. That set was either very old or very young, although one cannot say in ordinary words. It arose out of the vacuum or out of the sparks of everything one can think of—it doesn’t matter. That set strongly resembled man, the man who lives today. It resembled his second “I”—the eternal, holy self, not the material self. The energies of his aspirations and living dreams began for the first time to lightly touch everything real in the Universe, and he alone was so ardent that he set all feeling in motion. The sounds of communication were heard in the Universe for the first time. And if the first sounds were translated into modern words, then we would sense the meaning of the questions and answers. From all sides of the vast Universe, one question, uttered by all, sped to Him alone: “What do you desire so ardently?” everyone asked.
In reply, he, confident in his dream, said, “Joint creation and joy for all from its contemplation.”
“What can joy bring for all?”
“What do you mean birth? Each has had self-sufficiency for a long time.”
“Birth in which parts of everything are included.”
“How can everything being destroyed and created be united into one?”
“Opposing energies, having first balanced them in yourself.”
“Who is capable of such a thing?”
“I am.”
“But there is the energy of doubt. Doubt calls on you and destroys the many different energies and tears you to shreds. No one can hold opposites in a single whole.”
“There is also the energy of confidence. Confidence and doubt, when they are equal, help precision and beauty for the future creation.”
“What can you call yourself?”
“I am God. I can take in particles of all your energies. I will persist! I will create! Creation will bring joy for the entire Universe!”
The multitudes and the whole Universe released all the essences of their energies into Him alone simultaneously. Each aspired to predominate over all so that it would be embodied supreme.
So began the great battle of all the universal energies. No magnitude of time, no measure can characterize the scale of this battle. Calm ensued only when everyone had been illuminated by the awareness that nothing can be higher and stronger than the single universal energy, the energy of the Divine dream. God possessed the energy of the dream. He was able to perceive
everything inside Him, balance everything, and pacify it, and He began to create. Still creating in Himself, still creating future creations in Himself, He cultivated each detail with indefinable speed. He thought through the interconnection to everything for each creation. He did everything alone. Alone in the vast, Universal darkness. Alone in Himself, he accelerated the movement of all the universal energies. Not knowing the outcome frightened everyone and distanced them from the Creator. The Creator ended up in a vacuum, and that vacuum was expanding. There was the cold of dying. There was fright and alienation around him, but He, alone, already saw the beautiful dawns, heard the singing of birds, and smelled the blooming fragrance. Alone, he used his ardent dream to produce beautiful creations.
“Stop,” they told Him, “You are in a vacuum. You are going to explode! How can You hold the energies inside You? You have nothing to help You keep a grasp on them, and You will explode. But if You have a moment, stop! Quietly release your creative energies.”
And He replied, “My dreams! I will not betray them. For them I will continue to grasp and accelerate my energies. In my dreams, through the grass and among the flowers, I see the bustle of ants and the hen-eagle boldly soaring, teaching her chicks to fly.
With His unknowable energy, God sped up within Himself the movement of the entire Universe’s energy. In His Soul, inspiration was squeezed into a grain. And suddenly He felt a touch. From all sides, everywhere, the touch singed Him with an unknown energy and immediately withdrew, warming with its warmth at a distance, filling Him with some new force. Everything that had been a vacuum suddenly began to shine, and the Universe heard new sounds when God asked with tender ecstasy, “Who are you? What kind of energy?”
In response he heard words of music: “I am the energy of Love and Inspiration.”
“Your particle is in Me. It alone proved capable of holding back the energy of contempt, hatred, and malice.”
“You are God, Your energy—the dream of Your Soul—was able to bring everything into harmony. If my particle helped this along, then listen to me, oh God, and you will be able to help me.”
“What do you want? Why have you touched me with the full force of your fire?”
“I realized that I am Love. I cannot use only a particle. I want to give my entire self to Your Soul. I know you will not let all of me in, in order not to destroy the harmony of good and evil. But I will fill the vacuum around You. I will warm everything inside and around You. The Universal cold and gloom will not touch you.”
“What is happening? What? You are shining even more powerfully.”
“Not I myself. This is Your energy, Your Soul. I merely reflect it, and the reflection returns to Your Next.”
Desperate and desirous, God cried out, inspired by Love:
“Everything is speeding up. Everything inside me is stirring. How beautiful inspiration is! Let the dreams of My creation come to pass in Love.” 

** * * * * * * *

“In those times, as now, the Universe was filled with many living energies. Living essences are invisible everywhere, and many of them resemble the second human ‘I.’ They are almost like people, they are capable of encompassing all planes of being, except the material. Herein lies man’s advantage over them. One energy always predominates in the set of energies of universal essences. They do not have the ability to change the correlation of their energies. “Also among the universal essences are sets of energies akin to God. Akin, but they are not gods. For an instant they can balance the multitude of energies in themselves, but they cannot create living creations in harmony, like God. “No one in the entire Universe has been able to find the solution, to
reveal the innermost secret, the power with which the material plane was created, and where, in what, the threads connecting it and the entire universal essence lie. How, at whose expense, can this plane reproduce itself?
“When God created the Earth and everything in it, then due to the speed of the unprecedented creation, the essences were unable to comprehend the force God used to produce the universe. When everything was created and visible, when they saw that man was most powerful of all, the beautiful vision plunged many first in wonderment and admiration, and the desire grew in them to repeat it, to create the same thing, but their own. This desire kept growing. Even now it remains in many of the essences’ energies. They have tried to create something like Earth in other galaxies
and other worlds. They have even used the planets God created. Many have achieved a likeness of earthly being, but only a likeness. No one has been able to achieve an Earth of harmony and interconnection of everything with everything. Thus, there are to this day planets with life in the Universe, but a life that is merely a distortion of earthly life.
“When out of many attempts—not only to create something better but to repeat it—everything proved to be in vain (and God did not disclose his secret), then many of the essences began to turn to man. It was clear to them that if God’s creation was man, if he was loved, in loving the loving parent could not refuse to give him anything. On the contrary, God could present man, His son, with great resources. So the universal essences began to turn to man and strive to do so to this day. Even today, some people assert that someone invisible talks to them from somewhere in the cosmos and calls itself the intellect and the force of good. So too, at the very beginning, they came to man first with instruction, then with a request. The essence of all the questions remained the same. It was merely masked differently. ‘Tell us how, by what power, the Earth and everything in it was created, and how, out of what, you were created great, man?’
“But man never did give any of them an answer. He himself did not know the answer to that question, nor does he now. But interest in him rose, and man began demanding answers to that question from God. God did not simply not answer. He tried to reason with man and asked him to eliminate the question from his thoughts.
“‘I beg of you, My son, create. You have been given to create in the earthly expanse and in other worlds. What has been conceived by your dream will come to pass. I ask only one thing, do not try to sort out with what force all this is accomplished.'”
“Anastasia, I don’t understand why God didn’t want to tell even man, His own son, about the technique of creation.”
“I can only suppose. By not answering even His own son, God was trying to safeguard him from disasters and avert universal war.”
“I don’t see any connection between the absence of an answer and universal war.”
“If the secret of creation were disclosed, then on the planets and in other universes forms of life equal to earthly forms could arise. The two forces would want to test each other. Possibly there could be peaceful competition, possibly something similar to earthly wars, thus laying the seeds for Universal war.”
“Truly, better God’s technique of creation stay a secret. Just so none of the essences figure it out themselves, without a hint.”
“I don’t think anyone ever will.”
“Why are you so sure?”
“It is the kind of secret that is clear. There is no secret, and at the same there is more than one. The word ‘creation’ gives me confidence when you attach a second word to it.”
“But what does that make? What could those two words together mean?”
“They . . .”
“No! Stop! Quiet! I remembered you said that thoughts, and that means words, too, do not vanish into nowhere but hover in the dimension around us and anyone can hear them. Is that true?”
“And the essences could hear them?”
“Then quiet. Why give them a hint?”
“Vladimir, you mustn’t worry. By revealing the secret to them slightly, I may be able in this way to show the fruitlessness and pointlessness of their tireless attempts. So that they understand and stop harassing man.”
“If that’s so, then tell me what ‘creation’ and ‘inspiration’ mean.”
“Creation means what God created out of particles of all the universal energies, including His own. Even if all the essences assemble together to achieve something similar to Earth, they will not have enough of one energy—the one that as an idea is intrinsic to God, that was born in the Divine dream alone. ‘Inspiration’ means the creation made in a burst of inspiration. Which of your sculptors, your great artists, who created in a burst of inspiration, would later try to say how he held the brush, what he was thinking, where he was standing? Wholly engrossed in his work, He
paid no attention to that. Furthermore, there is the energy of Love, sent to Earth by God. It is free, subservient to no one, and while maintaining its loyalty to God, serves only man.”

Volume IV
of The Ringing Cedars of Russia book series