Magic is the art of creation that is considered a mystical, supernatural thing, but it is not as supernatural as we think it is and we will demystify some of these assumptions and mysteries around it. Magic: (im) late 14th century, “the art of influencing events and performing miracles using hidden natural forces.” (hidden natural force is our power of will). If you use your will to bring the miracle you do magic. But this is not just a question of cause and effect, but a consequence. It comes from the late Latin magic “magic / witchcraft, magic” from the Greek word magic (which is combined with the word of the text which means “art”) which is also related to the word technology. There is a source in Indo-European words root * maggh “power, have power” (see machine) If we combine all this, we can conclude that the magic of machinery, technology, art that enables power is able to power through influence on the outside world. Magic (im) supernatural art, skill; involves the control of actions and influences on the will of spiritual or superhuman beings. Are not we all spiritual beings? If I use my strength, the will to influence you to do something, then I have performed the magic over you. Magic is when dream becomes a reality, prayer answered, hope realized. Magic is also a newborn baby, rose petals, Betoven’s symphony. Magic is a lot of things, but above all, magic is a work of creation. Migene Gonzalez – Wippler Magic is a work, the act of treating the outside world to its inner will. It is a technical art that refers to a machine – system. If we translate this to the computer language then the computer is the one who executes the will, the commands that are placed in it. He works at the will of the administrator. This definition demystifies magic, and shows its rightful face. Magic is energy management. The system is a machine that allows those who understand magic to have the power over those who do not have that knowledge, and the machine refers to magic and to the system, because the power is derived from it.
There is no art that is not a religion
There is no religion that is not philosophy,
There is no philosophy that is not scientific,
There is no science that is not art
– John Anthony West –
Throughout history, society has shared these allegedly different disciplines to better understand this discipline individually, but in truth they are not, and could never be separated. Everything is unique.
Art (n); means artificial, not natural, made of man. arte-fact (im); anything made with human art, skill.
arti-ficer (master) (im); one who creates art or skill.
magi (n); (from Magus) a member of the Persian caste of the Priesthood.
Magicians (the plural of Magus) are also known as wizards, sorcerers and experts,
“The Magi is the one who, through the communion of speaking with the immortal gods, possesses the incredible power of spells for whatever he wants to do.” -Apelius
supernatural (pr); certain forces behind natural laws, from the medieval Latin supernatural, meaning “above or beyond nature”
Do not misunderstand this, because the word supernatural or supernatural sounds so magical that we all think it’s something above, bigger, more. It is true that everything is alive natural, and uninhabitably unnatural, whether it is floor, side or over-natural. The creator is natural and is not supernatural as the agency likes to call it. If the supernatural is not the creator. All that is supernatural is unnatural – an illusion.
Spell (g); sorcery, charm, (from charm), from an old english spelling, story, speech ” “A group of words with magical powers” was first written about 1570.
The term “spell” is generally used for magical procedures that cause harm, or forcing people to do something against their will – in contrast to treatment, protection, etc.
the Oxford Dictionary of English Folklore
spellbind (pr); In 1800, spit throwing (ies) and bind (bound) “attached” Oath; pri- + prasl. * sęgati (rus. sjagát ‘: retrieve, cut), lit. segti: attach ← ie. * seg- (owned by: affixes)
Why do you feel you are obliged to give up the law? Because according to the legislation you have to do it, and it is the power of the supernatural. Legislation is beyond natural laws, supernatural and therefore magic. This is the magic of the system, the art of directing energy to gain power and change the outside world to its inner will. This is what we teach children from their youngest days. First we learn the creeps, symbols and how to combine them together to create ideas and concepts that will create images in the minds of other people and sublimate the world around yourself. Then we teach them grammar so they can include much more abstract ideas, deeper meanings, and more definitions. Elementary school is known as elementary school where elementary things are taught. Elementary, (basic) (adjective); late 14th century, “have / know the nature of one of the four elements”. Definition; which refers to the basics, the elemental elements of a subject, plain. Grammar (im) early 14th, old French “learning”, especially Latin and philology (language learning), grammar, (magical) banging, spelling, mombo-jumbo (complicated) activity or language commonly used to obscure and confuse), “From Latin grammar, from Greek” grammar “to” the art of letters ” The English word ‘gramarye’ also meant “learning in the general sense especially for caste written” (early 14th century) involving astrology and magic; hence the second meaning is “hidden / occult knowledge” (late 15th century) which evolved into Scottish glamor. The idea in which grammar means language rules is the later development of the 19th century, the original meaning of grammar is the magic throwing spells and mumbo jumbo. Mumbo-jumbo is an incomprehensible speech. Mumbling, which you can often hear in the church at Mass. There is also the thesis that the term “Hokus trial” is derived from the “hoc est corpus”, which are the words spoken by priests at the mass during transubstantiation.
grammarian: “student or writer (Latin) grammar, philologist, etimologist; “in the general sense of the” learned man “in the late 14th century, from an old-Francoish gramirien” a wise man, a person who knows Latin; magician ”
Sigil (magic sign) (n) drawn or painted symbol that is considered to have magical power. In astrology, an occult device allegedly having great power (from 1650) Seal; a short sign or a occult stamp, a sign or a symbol (a sign is a signature, but also a symbol, a sign).
“The best way to use the example of complicated rituals of reciting and calling ghosts is to reproduce it at a place where magic from medieval grimaces was performed, giving detailed instructions on ghosting, and demonic and angelic. You also need to provide information about their rank, magical sign or stamp, and general characteristics. ”
From the Latin sigillum ‘sign’. Stamps have been used to designate things that have a deeper context, a much more abstract idea.
Seal (s) is a device or substance that is used to connect two things together to prevent them from being separated or to prevent the placement of anything between them. A piece of wax, lead, or other material with unique impressed design, attached to a document that guarantees originality. A matter of affirmation or guarantee of something. A short sign or occult stamp, a sign or a symbol. (g) Binding or tight / tightly secured.
Seals serve for sovereigns that confirm originality and we can look at it in the context of magic. Let’s take a look at the picture from the book of the famous Anton LaVey about the invocation of ghosts (Figure 51). How does this manages to get someone to call in front of him?
Figure 51: Appearing Ghosts
In order for this entity to appear in front of it, several elements need to be taken. You see it in the seal, it holds a piece of paper, but it’s your name first. No name can be invoked by any spirit.
So you need a seal that will protect you, the book in your hand, without it, nothing to do, use the ghost invitations and the name of the entity you call. And the words that give you authority to do it. How this applies to you and the state.
How do you feel when you get a call to appear at a specific place at a specific time and your name on it? There are magical signs on the document that have the claimed great power and have a seal on the bottom, and you and you are a spiritual being, are not they? The appeal to the misdemeanor court has all the features of ghost reclamation. Payment orders are just words. You answer it because there is an element of fear that is the effect of magic thrown at you. These are just words, but they are tactically and strategically used to make you act and believe. The judge calls you to appear in his chambers at a certain time and you appear like a ghost. If you know this then you will make a better strategy to get rid of these tricks and magic used against you. When they get an order to appear in court, people often take lawyer to throw spells instead of them because they are authorized to throw spells and thus try to diminish the effects of magic thrown against them. When a judge issues a payment order or puts in a prison, he has the effect and the supernatural effect of natural laws, because the system of magic, the state, is a machine that does not have anything to do with nature, and it gives the power to judge it to do so.