I do not know what I can add to this topic that you may not already know! One of the biggest weapons of mind control is the media. Of any kind. By the way word media etymologically pulls root from the word medium:

medium (n.)

1580s, “a middle ground, quality, or degree; that which holds a middle place or position,” from Latin medium “the middle, midst, center; interval,” noun use of neuter of adjective medius “in the middle, between; from the middle” (from PIE root *medhyo- “middle”).

Many of the secondary senses are via the notion of “intervening substance through which a force or quality is conveyed” (1590s) and “intermediate agency, channel of communication” (c. 1600). From the former, via application to air, etc., comes the sense of “one’s environment or conditions” (1865). From the latter comes the sense of “a print publication” (1795) which later grew into the meaning in media. (

In this sense, it is the media that control information from source to destination, becoming an agent, intermediary between the source and the end user. In this process, the possibilities of the media (mediators) to distort, manipulate, color, interpret information are unlimited. We can say that the media completely controls the information as such. Not only controls the same but also completely controls the presentation of that information, through sound and visual effects, but also the stage on which the information is presented. Such power in an information-dependent world generates the possibility of complete authority and control over people whose minds are immersed completely in the information field.

Things are therefore very simple! As long as our perception of ourselves and the world around us remains conditioned by the information provided by the media, our awareness will be shaped by those who control what information and how it will “convey” it. The media as the master of information also has the “right” to invent information or to invent the alleged sources from which they came.

When I refer to the media, most people think exclusively of newspapers, television, radio, the internet, etc. However, try to understand that any mediator who mediates information is one that affects your perception. Thus, we can put Education systems, legal systems, religious systems, and even our closest friends and relatives in the media group. They all convey information to you in the way they see and perceive it themselves. True, these mediators do not necessarily work against you, but in many cases they completely unknowingly limit your perception and shape it according to the information.

etymologically, information comes from the word inform:

inform (v.)

early 14c., “to train or instruct in some specific subject,” from Old French informer, enformer “instruct, teach” (13c.) and directly from Latin informare “to shape, give form to, delineate,” figuratively “train, instruct, educate,” from in- “into” (from PIE root *en “in”) + formare “to form, shape,” from forma “form” (see form (n.)). In early use also enform until c. 1600. Sense of “report facts or news, communicate information to” first recorded late 14c. Related: Informed; informing. (

Awareness that information shapes our perception and places our behavior and understanding of reality in a particular pattern, creating a face, a character, (in croatian word “lik” means  character, figure, image, face, countenance, imagery), a personality is crucial if we do not want to continue to be just a sheep for a clip. Leaving the information field is the best solution anyone can make for themselves, and it is to stop giving meaning to any information that comes from our environment because they are 100% deformed for propaganda purposes.

Even this text that tells you about it should be understood in the same way, because it also tends to affect your sensibility.

For information on how weapons are produced, see the North Korean film that uncovers Western pervasive propaganda. A film about psychological warfare, a special kind of warfare that is designed to distract from the real problems, misinformation, distorting truths and facts, spreading fear and therefore hatred, persuading and killing the possibility of critical thinking. Of course, do not fall into the trap of thinking that one who exposes the propaganda of another is not in the same business himself.

Enjoy life is beautiful when viewed from the other side of information and meaning.

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