Everything man has ever created (shaped) at the beginning was always only thought/idea formed in the mind. Some ideas require less work and less energy, some more. My idea to write a book is relatively easy to do. Take the paper, pencil, and transfer it to the white underlay in the form of letters, thought you have in mind. We will not talk about quality now. The idea of ​​making dog’s house for my cat is a bit more complicated. The idea of ​​baking cakes is even more difficult because I do not have enough information to do this. The idea of ​​building a three-story house is quite complicated and for my mind is almost impossible at this time. All that I have quoted is my personal beliefs, because who is the one that says something is easier and something more difficult. This is a matter of conviction.

The ideas we believe in are mostly desires, by which the mind intends to increase its self-esteem. Being bigger, more important, better, and similar things. Powerful minds push their desires and visions to the utmost limits, at all costs. Such minds are largely psychopathic. The weaker minds give up much earlier.

In any case, the purpose of mind life is to fulfill its wishes and longings. When one is fulfilled, it has been replace with second, third, fourth. The world and life becomes subordinated to the wishes of the mind. Every action, situation, person, is exploited and looked through the prism of desire fulfillment. It works automatically because the mind through the filter of beliefs projects its content on the 3D screen of the world.

The child as a little brings certain conclusions (attitudes) about the world around him. These conclusions are unconscious and defective due to the underdeveloped consciousness that looks the world in black and white technology. Only later when consciousness grows and develops, shades and colors appears and the conclusions will not be black and white. Such early conclusions generalize things. As with the computer, they attach certain addresses. Unpleasant or pleasant feelings are associated with certain persons, events or images.

E.g. If the child has fallen down the stairs, it will tie the feeling of discomfort and fear to the stairs and will make them all dangerous and avoid it. When an adult man is looking at the stairs in the future, unclear feeling of discomfort and fear arouse in him. The picture of the stairs will project meaning that was born in the mind back to the mind, and that meaning is a danger. Unknowing how the mind functions will make the wrong conclusion that every stairs are dangerous.

I can give another slightly more complicated example. You became anger when you see how your partner is sloppy. You get discomfort and became mad every time you see his/her stuff scattered you condemn his/hers untidiness, and by the way you stick to it label of a “messy sloth”. Notice that the mess irritated mostly the people who are quite neat. The neat one is not nervous about neat, neither the sloppy one is angry about mess. It’s a program. Neat persons are learned or self-profiled through belief, that orderliness is very important. Such persons do not allow themselves to be sloppiness in any case. They always look clean, keep things in their place, and suppress the sloppy (childish) part of the psyche thrust. Perhaps there is a tendency in them to break and scatter things around, but they do not allow this “child” to come out on the surface, but rather keep him as a “crazy” in chains in the basement, so that the neighbors do not see him. Even though this “madman” would probably bring a bit of fun, life and relaxation, the neat one part does not allow the appearance of an unacceptable part. A person is ashamed of their own part of the psyche.

When such a person sees another unorganized person, she is repulsive, because he recognizes his “madman” locked in the basement. This activates the part of the psyche that is suppressed. A person does not have to be, and usually is not aware of this psychic arrangement, so he accuses the other side for misery, although it has nothing to do with it. Believing in the idea that untidiness is bad determines the world’s view of the person. Ignorance about this mechanism causes conflicts, because it falsely accuses other person of being guilty of the emotional reaction of the first.

So the world around us, serves to the mind as a mirror, because it can, through the process of seeing another, know what is happening to him. Still, 99% of persons are watching the world in the wrong way, not knowing that things, people, and events around them serve as switches that turn on their personal pleasant or unpleasant feelings. When you see people acting as you would never allow yourself, it makes you angry. When you see people who work and behave the way you want to, but you do not dare, they are your heroes and you glorify them, admire them, and you’re dreaming of becoming like him one day. Because of this, have a great is put on politicians because lots of people hate them because of what they are doing, and others are fascinated because they too would like to have what they have. Rarely anyone is indifferent, and the key to everything lies in indifference.

Everything around us reflects what is in us, and emotional reaction is best descriptor what kind of content is within our psychological space. If the mind has any interest, then it will notice that interest in others. If there is no interest then the thing can be seen objectively, the way it is.

It happens that some of the people we see for the first time seem repulsive or attractive, even though we do not know anything about them, at least at a conscious level. By massive information the minds are bombarded with information about the beautiful and ugly. Those who have such programming will judge people by that code. Likewise, if we had a positive experience with some person (man) as a kid, and we have the face of that man memorized, whoever looks like him will be appealing to us, because mind bind a positive feeling for the image of that person.

Relationships I-World can be fully explained in this way. I dare to say that the world of repulsing or attraction does not exist independently of our mind. He is the one who gives meaning to everything and determines good-bad characteristics and recognizes them as such around us. All our desires, affinities, aspirations, decisions are pre-programmed by the mind, learned, and we believed in them. In the space outside of the mind, repulsiveness and attractiveness does not exist.