Natural person

Law as scientific category has it’s foundations sitting on „shaky legs“.Those are all illusions and tricks. Therefore not even expirienced lawyer can guarantie you win no matter how strong case you have because he/she knows that law is not exact as math or some other science discipline. To win a case in legal law, is a game that goes beyond all legal postulates and procedures.

However people are afraid of going into that system because it works with somekind „let ´s say˝,delicate stories that common people find hard to understand so lawyers can easily manipulate them with theirs exotic legal expressions.In legal system often things are hard to prove,because everybody interprets them as they wish and lawyers and judges opinions are of the highest category and binding.So, the way we see it „spears are broken“ if human is physical person or not,if he/she automatically becomes physical person by birth or you need somekind of intervention to become one.

For research purposes I can give you one definition.

Natural person (engl.natural person,ger.Naturperson)name/title for life of a man as subject of law. Names natural or natural person sometimes are also used.

Legal ability to be bearer of laws and obligations it is not mans origin but his/hers social property that legal system can,but doesn`t have to acknowledge to every man. For example,in slave society, slaves from legal point of view were not subjects, but objects of law. Physical person becomes when he/she is born.That means that as soon baby is born gets legal capacity. It is enough that baby shows signs of life, and he/she doesn`t have to be capable for life. By our law assumption stands that baby was born alive. Sometimes there is necessity for not even born baby (nasciturus) to get some rights then we use fiction˝the one who is about to be born, is born already.” osoba-212

However few months ago in Romania a bizarre case occurred ,a man was presumed lost and declared dead. In legal system is very important to declare somebody dead,then state or heirs/successors can take his/hers assets, and that is legal in the system but crime by laws of nature.

The respective “legal deadman“ came in court alive and demanded to be declared alive again, to get his assets back, papers and legal capacity.Court declined his demand.Even though that man was alive,in the system he was still considered dead which is proof that alive being/man and physical person are not one of the same.

This case is proof that even though you are alive that doesn’t mean that you have legal capacity as upper definition says.So for sure you don`t become physical person just by birth.That is extremely good to know,because birth doesn`t have legal liabillity except for death,since you can`t be unborn.Birth is not legal trade/traffic nor it belongs in legal traffic domain, except if is executed in trading space(maternity hospital).But not even then it is not legitimate/legal trade because people who work for system are not fully aware of the legal implications of their act,so that legal trade is invalid.On the other side birth certificate is key document where alive human becomes physical person and gets legal capacity/liabillity.That contract can be undone at any time.As that is some other topic but for sure legal action must have legal remedy.

It`s very interesting that in upper definition exists direct contradiction or oksimoron.It says that legal capacity isn`t humans nature that person is called natural or natural person.Total bulls… .

The one who gives you something he/she can take it back,but if you take nothing,nobody can take it back so legal capacity can ,but doesn`t have to be acknowledged just for those who apply,as for everybody else who don`t give a duck for legal capacity legal law can blow their pipes.

If there are still lawyers or judges that claim that you can`t not be person explain them through this story that they don`t know scat.