Today, the word “person” is often used in speech. Most people do not know what it means, and in an esoteric sense it is not simple to explain it easily. Many people think they are persons, but they are wrong because you can’t be a person, you can only act as one, and so you can just be in the role of a person.
When I first wrote and talked about the term and concept of a person, it was always referred to a person within the legal system. Since this was of biggest interest to most people, many thought that only in the legal sense you could act as a person, which is not true. A person is a much wider term and appears every time you say “I am …… whatever.” Because it means that these is you and something that you are, there is a relationship between the two (you, and whatever you are) that creates a dualistic world. A person is a resident of the dualistic world, because it exists only in relationship, relationship to something / someone. More about it later.
The word “person” comes from the word “persona”, which is an expression for the mask carried on the faces by performers and actors of Greek and Roman theater performances. Person is an actor, the one with a new face, a performer.
In the grammar there is the term “personification”, which describes the mode of expression or the stylistic figure when life characteristics
are given to inanimate. Accordingly, the best definition of a person would be: “Something not alive with the illusion of life.”
Hmmm, I have the feeling that this should be decompose to a parts to make it more understandable, because it is essential for this whole book.
Let’s observe life as a river, and life energy as water in the basin or as a river stream. This river runs many thoughts and ideas. Most of them just simply float or runs beside us, and we have not even noticed them. However, some thoughts and ideas are very appealing to us and there is the intent or the energetic potential to hold such thoughts. With such energy potential, the dam is set in a riverbed that holds the thought or idea and does not allow the river to take it away. The energy potential invested in thought will be simple called faith / belief.
The energy of faith is captured in a mold of predetermined thoughts and takes the form and character of thought. A strong bond is created and before the inconsistent energy now takes shape. See, for example, water that is formless. If it is pouring into the glass, take the shape of the glass. (Figure 2) If you pour it into the jug you get the shape of the jug. Glass is an idea, thought. Water is a life force, consciousness. Faith is the intent / hand that poured water into the glass. The water that has taken the form of the idea it believed now says, “I’m the glass!”
Consciousness poured into a glass bowl can become very much a cup, mug, bowl, wine glass, potato cup, cup depending on the shape and purpose of a glass bowl.
Let’s look at ourselves for a moment, and try to see all our beliefs, thoughts, and ideas that are ours and in which we have invested a lot of energy and time. Let’s examine our intentions, desires and goals, where they come from and how we believe them. Are they really ours, or have we taken them in one moment of time for some reason?
Most of our beliefs have arisen in the unconscious mode of work, and therefore cannot be consciously discovered. As each faith binds a certain amount of energy. In that way large amount of unconscious energy is out of the reach of consciousness. If unconscious beliefs are predominant, such energy influences the flow of water in the river basin, drawing life in the direction of unconsciousness. Better said, in unknown direction for us. Often such an unconsciously suppressed energy can erupt on the surface at one point. Then man does not know what happened to him or where did that energy come from, and if it is related to anger can have devastating consequences. Often thereafter, we hear: “He was a very nice and good, pious man, we really do not know what happened to him.”

What is happening then? Where figuratively said water has taken the form of illusory ideas, an illusion of the real form is created. That seeming form is the mind. It does not exist out of thoughts and ideas, because it completely depends on their content. Along with the mind is created the one who has the mind, viz the one that is identified with the mind content, which is PERSON. A person is embedded in thought, idea, and belief in that idea. It forgot that it is a water and believed in thought it is a glass and identified with that idea. We can call person a believer (the one who believes in certain mental content, information). Regarding that it manages certain energy potentials through identification, it is the person who introduces the idea into reality. Representing the idea ​​a person looks real, but it’s actually an illusion, an illusion as well as an idea.
How, an illusion? Simple, because his existence is wholly related to belief. When that belief in thought disappears, or, in short, the identification with the idea disappears, the person disappears. It is a
wraith just as an ideas. Only that is real in this symbiosis is the consciousness and its energy potential / energy. Identification with the idea or some other content creates identity. So every person must have an identity, because that’s what it’s all about.