So far, I have learned that by deduction, breaking down certain things, ie breaking them down into simple factors, one can almost completely understand the background and what lies behind certain things that we take for granted.

You have often heard us say today that a man is a category above the legal order and that he is fully responsible for everything that comes to him / her that comes out of / from him. And no one is guilty / responsible for his condition. It means being sovereign, managing yourself.

On the other hand, persons are irresponsible because they claim to be victims of circumstance, coincidence, and can do nothing to change it. They do not manage. They are managed. Therefore, all persons are irresponsible, young children, seeking and needing one to guide them.

Here, when I talk about responsibility, I mean only responsibility for myself and my condition. You are never responsible for another, except for small children. Responsibility to another only comes from the agreement / contract I wrote about long ago.

Responsibility is related to the word response, or English response-ability. One who has the power to respond. The one who can answer the question, resolve it, come up with a solution. He who has such power / ability is sovereign. King, boss, lord, etc…

Now …?

Parliament / government / politics are pushing their noses into absolutely every part of human life. From birth, through education, weddings, business, to the burial of the deceased, and rarely can it be said that there is a segment of life that politics has no contact with.

Keeping hands off social events and currents is a hypocritical and political spin on those who call themselves sovereigns, but at least truthfully portrays the real power of government. Even individual crimes can raise the issue of government accountability. How? Easy!

If we all live in a “social contract” that says that a person is subject to society, ie a socially conditioned (social being) then the one who rules the society also rules man. The one who manages is responsible.

Clearing things is necessary for cognition and wisdom.

What I’ve noticed so far about the political life of our country so far is that never, absolutely never, has any government or opposition structure taken the blame / responsibility for anything bad that happened in the development of the state. They took credit. I don’t recall ever an interview or statement in which any politician publicly said that he or his party was wrong and that they were the sole culprits for something. Even with the proven robbery of money from senior HDZ officials, this one continues to live on without any consequences, denying responsibility.

What did the poet want to say?

I will post here hypothetical questions to the governing structure that many have probably already asked and I will assume their answers.

Is the government guilty / responsible for the following:

  • very poor economic conditions
  • birth rate increase in mortality
  • an increasing number of diseases
  • a growing number of criminals
  • development of corruption and prostitution
  • vassal relationship towards the west
  • very poor education system
  • huge indebtedness
  • huge number of blocked accounts
  • an increasing number of mental illnesses
  • increased use of alcohol and drugs
  • general depression and nervousness
  • extraordinary pollution of the sky, water, air, earth
  • a huge number of retirees
  • extremely low pensions
  • emigration of epidemic proportions
  • huge trade deficit
  • catastrophic state of culture
  • the breakup of the army
  • hopelessness, headlessness, unpromising people within the state

From my experience so far, it is clear to me that the government will unanimously reject any responsibility for any of the above, and will accuse the circumstances or the previous government in most cases. The general answer is: “We are not responsible!”

What these people do not understand or do not want to understand is that responsibility is power. If something is wrong with my omission, I have the power to repair it. If I am not guilty but someone / something else, I cannot in any way correct / influence anything. I am not responsible so I do not have the power to manage it.

So if the government is not responsible / guilty of any of the above and does not manage any of the above, then other much more important questions need to be asked:

“If the government is not responsible, how do they say it, who is? If the government can’t do anything and fix it, who can? If the government is helpless, what is it actually managing / ruling because these crucial issues are beyond the scope of their responsibility / power / ability.

Just as a flabby dick cannot be held responsible for conception, but it can brag that it is, so can our flabby government not move a dick, but it can brag, confirming that the legend of fucking without a dick is true. If so, and what is it, what will such a helpless, irresponsible, shaky government find us? Why do I look at her like a god when she can’t solve anything because she’s not even responsible for anything!