It is the opinion of most people that religion and the state as an administrative element are separated from one another and that they have no point of contact with each other. This view is not entirely unfounded, but it places false prejudices that the state is against and counter for man and his interests, hence religion is for man and his interests.

Many today, in the face of insecurity of the system and his callousness, seek some kind of consolation in religious institutions and the perception of spirituality and god are mainly or exclusively tied up with religious doctrines. When I talk about this I primarily think about the Roman-Catholic Church, which I know only, but it is also the largest and most influential religion in the world.

Although religious freedom is one of the fundamental values of so-called “free society” , as well as this what we are establishing, before we pronounce it, it would be a better to think it, especially when it comes to established and organized religions.

Roman religion was created on the basis of the Jewish faith described in the Old Testament Bible. The same religion accepted the new vow (the teachings of Jesus) although these two books are almost completely different and opposed to religious features. Throughout the centuries, the Roman Church has largely been shown as a social political organization, which has no great point of contact with spirituality and man as a spiritual being, except in an individual sense (depending on the priest and the church). Thus, 13 centuries of Christianity in this area have neither brought love, nor peace, nor prosperity nor spiritual ascension. Indeed. How many more centuries should we see the vanity and inefficiency of Roman occupation ideology, is the question now?

It has been proven many times that religions are programming people, no matter what kind of suggestions. Suggestions can be useful and call for a good work. And faith in what a man did not experience, obediently accepting it as the truth of the preacher, always carries that which leaves the possibility of redirecting a coded believer. By the will of the preacher, believing people can easily become a terrorist-kamikaze. And as a conclusion to this conclusion, there are different evidences from the past and the present.

In these areas, we did not have a recent religious conflict lasting 30 years ago, driven by world leaders whose religions are just toys in their hands. They are the roots of religion, occultism. It needs them to rule the people. Believing in the unreal world, the fanatic is like a biorobot, and the commandments are inclined to listen and fill them without opposition and grumbling, any commands.

It is known to the mayors of religion and his assistants that, how to scourge, compel them to fight people of different faiths between themselves. The reasons for the war are different, but always, at any time, the differences in religions were the basic weapon.

Religion is in itself based on the faith of people who, with their care, energy, thoughts, support this kind of entity called a church or state, which does not really exist.

When I wrote in one of the texts that all the legal systems of the world are the same, or at least our is similar to english legal system, I thought of the following:

 In these legal systems, there are no living people but only a person, either legal or physical. The states are their corporation. The lawyer can only deal with lawyers. Everything is based on civil law, (Roman law). The foundations of all rights and maxims are from Roman law, written in Latin. The foundation of all systems is ownership, i.e. registration. Titles like in the feudal system are the franchises you have to pay. Names of people are written in a MAJUSCULE although none of the languages ​​recognizes that letter. The basic documents are the constitution from which the laws originate. All are members of UNIDROIT – UN’s (read Roman) convention for the implementation of private trade law. All of them have mostly signed concordat with a holy chair. Law as profession is marbled to perfection through hundreds of years by system makers, and then implemented in various systems. And all, absolutely everyone, are based on the dead entity of person, pointing to the fact that this system originates originally from a source, and that is the pure sotonism of the greatest death cult that exists today on the earth – the Roman Catholic Church.

Can. 96 – By baptism one is incorporated into the Church of Christ and is constituted a person in it with the duties and rights which are proper to Christians in keeping with their condition, insofar as they are in ecclesiastical communion and unless a legitimately issued sanction stands in the way.“

Canon 96 is the crown proof of magic in a church in which a man (who is alive, exists, has a soul) passes through transformation and becomes something else (inexperienced, non-existent, without the soul). Such a changed being also has its own name – a person, and all Christians of the world are persons, transformed, transformed, inanimate, non-existent non-souled entities.

Magic or illusion is one and the same, so magicians are called illusionists because in reality there is not something called a person who opposes life. But as the mind of the relativistic nature of his belief and opinion can create the illusion of death and non-existence, and in the mind is also a software that has no capacity to understand the real thing.

Conversion is , therefore, a magical trick that incorporates into the minds of people the idea that life can become something that is not (life), and that existence can become something that is not, and that is the absence. And to a small child is clear that non-existence simply does not exist. But if you are hypnotized and believe in magical tricks, you manifest a subconscious idea of ​​life and non-existence, which translates into reality as death, which is allegedly a state of non-existence, unconsciousness, absence. This is how magic magnifies the idea of ​​death as a transubstantiation of life and probably one of the great reasons why people accepted the idea of ​​death as a completely normal and natural inevitable phenomenon.

Adoration and celebration in the ceremonial sense of the spiritless body, in other words the body, I can not interpret anything but celebrating and marking the victory of death over life. The saint’s body should remind us that there is some extravagance in death, that death is desirable and ultimately inevitable. Of course it is an illusion, but the magicians are always dealing with illusion and tricks, and while the viewer is hypnotized into the subconscious, the images of the passage and the disappearance of life are implanted, and are glorified by saints, saints, gods, and other blissful men, all of whom are all dead. The reward for obedience in this life, and eternal life, of course, can only be obtained when you die.

Such a man acts in the capacity of an entangled, hypnotized being who no longer has his will, but is forced to act in the capacity of the believer/follower. Such systems are virtually patented and functioned for millennia, and the layman/citizen/ sheep knows nothing about it. Therefore, if you are worship the statue of a lady, the holy luke/joseph/anthony, the cross, or the flag, it is quite the same – you are dead in the spirit because you do not live an authentic, spontaneous, fluid life of love, but follow the rules, codes, frames, formulas that they have nothing authentic, loving, spontaneous. So you are dead. The owner of all the dead in the world, and also the greatest incentive and advocate of death, is the Catholic Church that promises eternal life to his believers but only when they die. If you would even like to be a saint, you must first die. So we all die and we are all lovers of death, we adore and believe in it, exactly as the program demands from us.

Complete glorification and worship of death, necromancy. That is only one confirmation that life as the main characteristic of man in religion is lost.

The basic feature of the Catholic Church’s approach is in your request to access the same through a magical ceremony and to enter into her books as a believer – a subject who as such loses the natural rights gained by his birth, and through baptism is born again, but now in the other world, world of wonders and legal traffic in which he became a legal person for privileges and duties. Such a believer-subject is obliged to represent and respect all the doctrines his headship of the church puts into his head. From the stacks of captivating doctrines that are literally the killer of the soul of the man I will outline two:

  1. God gave up the man and expelled him from the garden of heaven and took away all the rights he initially had, dissipated him from the land and handed over all his authority to the Catholic Church at the administration. And such a church is the supreme interpreter of God’s Word (law) which in its essence is unmistakable, the highest possible law. The church choir from the very beginning recognized the priest for the supreme commander and his word in matters of faith and morals had always seemed final. As the temple in Jerusalem silenced at the time Peter declared the dogma, so for centuries, whenever the pope spoke, the discussion was over. So St. Irenaeus, the student of St. Polycarp (who himself was a disciple of St. John the Apostle), in his famous defense of faith, against the heresy, writes: “With this [Roman] church, because of its higher origin, all other churches must agree, all the faithful in the whole world, because they are faithful to her everywhere preserved the apostolic surrender “


  1. All authority is from God

Why so often do the representatives of religious institutions (and not just of them) often hear the statement that “every government is one from the God”? Does this attitude have support in the Bible or is it hypocritical, given the fact that the churches are closely cooperating with the authorities? The Church is a lucrative organization and from that position, it is always in power, whether it is totalitarian or democratic. As such, the Church does not produce values, it exists on the affection of people of religion who are most often equated with national affiliation.

But what matters most to us is the biblical attitude towards this issue. In order to be justified by the consent of the authorities, the text most commonly used is Romans 13: 1: “Let every soul be obedient to its rulers; for there is no authority that is not of God, and of power of God.”

From this statement, therefore, we can clearly understand that the biblical religious person is not a rebel in the sense of opportunism to secular authorities.

To understand what Paul is talking about, we need to consider the whole context:

Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.“(13:2)

Later, we will consider the relationship between divine arrangement and secular authorities. Obviously, if we are opposed to the state order, what is inevitably followed is the attraction of the problems.

For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended.“(13:3)

Here Paul is even more precise. If we behave in accordance with the law, if we do not act as brokers or criminals, we have no reason to fear the authorities.

The authorities are God’s servants, sent for your good. But if you are doing wrong, of course you should be afraid, for they have the power to punish you. They are God’s servants, sent for the very purpose of punishing those who do what is wrong.“(13:4)

In other words, any arrangement requires legislative, judicial and executive power. In the existing system, due to the fall of human nature that is prone to evil, power must be ensured by force. So she is “God’s servant” in the executive sense because it prevents anarchy and sanctions the perpetrators of the law.

Therefore, you can not claim that the state is enslaver and that the Church is a liberator because the state is established by religion and all these biblical citations prove that God is a hater of man and that he should force him to order and sanction, and that man is obliged to respect the laws as idiotic they were. But ,what is it must, is not to be difficult, because otherwise, the fear of eternal fire always falls behind.

“First and foremost, this is the rebellion against the tyranny of the supreme theological pronouncement, i.e. God. Obviously, as long as we have a master in heaven, we are slaves on earth. Our mind and will are also canceled. As long as we believe that we owe it absolute obedience, and beside god, there is no other absolute obedience, inevitably we will have to passively and without any resistance be subjected to the sacred authority of its mediators and electors: the messiahs, prophets, divine will of inspired legislators, emperors, kings and all their officials and ministers, representatives and officials of the two largest institutions that are imposed on us as determined by god’s will to govern people: churches and states. Every secular or human authority comes directly from spiritual or divine authority. However, authority is a denial of freedom. God, or rather, god’s fiction is a confirmation or an intellectual and moral cause of slavery on earth, and human freedom will only be complete when it completely destroys the fatal fiction of the heavenly master. “- Mihail Bakunin

Therefore, the basic understanding of the document, founding and desire to establish a society of living people on these principles is that man is essentially God, and that creator is primarily in us. As in me as well as in everyone else. So whatever I did to another God I did, I did it to myself.

Disconnecting the relationship with religion is even more necessary than breaking up relations with the state in the pursuit of freedom, as these ties are much deeper and more difficult to perceive. Eventually, they were created by magical ritual processes. Tearing apart relationships with religions does not mean tearing apart relationships with people who represent religion. And as in any system, there are benevolent and true people who are lost as well as the vast majority and do not know where to go and what to do. Members of this society could be the one who will bring the right information and knowledge within the closed religious walls, but of course, only to those who want to hear.