Rule of law

All politicians and administrators and various bureaucrats are constantly talking about the rule of law, the legal order, etc. it is represent as the greatest achievement of civilization , but in fact when it is exposed it, it is smoke and fog like other parts of the legal system. This topic is important to understand because today everyone as a parrot is repeating the mantra that law rules. If it rules, we must understand who / what is the one who rules because our lives are in his or her hands.

I will not blame on those who do not want to know anything about anything especially if it wakes them from a winter dream, but those who declare themselves awake or pretenders for the same should know who is the boss in our lives.

Have you ever wondered who this goddess is holding the scales of the rule of law. Who produced this scale and how it is applied. Law and rights are not potatoes that has weight, so they are easy to measure. The weight of the law is ethereal or esoteric, there is no specific measure by which it applies. So how does this goddess do it? The question may be childish, but completely legitimate and let’s try to answer it!

So the rule of law is the basis of more or less all of today’s political systems.

Rule of law, (less often a nomocracy), is the name of a legal and political concept, that is, a form of social order according to which all sections of society, and above all representatives of the authorities, should be guided solely by law and custom in their conduct. The concept is usually related to the Anglo-Saxon world, that is, the legal systems there, and is considered to be a broader form, that is, synonymous or equivalent to the concept of rule of law characteristic of continental law countries. (Wikipedia)

The constitutional-legal order of the Republic of Croatia is also fully based on this definition and this arrangement, and the rule of law is one of the highest achievements of this so-called state. And it has to be kept as an eye in the head, and breaking of this system is a bigger crime than mass rape or dealing of opiates in large quantities. Why is this so you have asked yourself? When one is so careful and held as a drop of water in the palm of his hand it certainly has immense manipulative potential. If you have any doubts about the benefits of social order, it will immediately jump out that the rule of law is bigger then life, health, morals or honesty, it is almost of the highest value.

Right/law is an imaginary world that does not exist in nature and is hidden among millions of codes, articles as public and private contracts as well as other legal acts. Some call them laws, which they are not really, but for now it doesn’t matter. Laws are written and must be read or interpreted in order to be implemented. The law has no power, authority, or power, because it is a dead letter on paper. The one who interprets that law actually rules. The only “qualified” people to explain the law, its interpretation are lawyers and judges (priests).

If you don’t understand what the law’s interpretation or interpretation looks like, check out the movie below, which is an excerpt from Vice President Dick Cheney’s Vice.

So by changing  the names of legal entities, by twisted explanations, the interpretations of Dick and the whole US government played with the rule of law as a child in the mud playing with the clay. He shapes it to suit him and sees in it the forms he wants to see. Games like this have been played by the powerful for centuries. They interprets the law as he can and what can you do. That is theirs legal opinion. You are entitled to the same, but I do not give you that your opinion is more important or greater than mine. Watch this movie in its entirety if you catch the time. The rule of law in a delusional sense, when considering only the laws enacted by a political body without taking into account higher-order laws such as natural law or the cosmic law is a matter of fact, is a mere mess. Lawyers and judges can turn it around and stretch it any way they want without a shred of common sense, and it can never be held accountable to anyone because it has immunity. Any interpretation of the law by a judge is legal because the law says so unless the interpreter says otherwise. Ha, ha, ha … ..

If you are playing with the law and its interpretation, know that you will lose. Your interpretation, however close to reason, truth, or justice, lacks the power of a “certified interpreter” and, if it wants to, will lose you without even blinking.

Even the lawyers who do this work on a daily basis admit that there is no law here but a pure interpretation of what is today and tomorrow as it is. Therefore, the rule of law does not exist in such a closed imaginary space, but exclusively the rule of the interpreters of law.

Anyone who swears allegiance to this system and holds it with the greatest reach of civilization is a naive fool or an incurable romantic-blind man. Agents of the Goddess of Justice understands very well that this is a story for sheep, but also for herdsmans. The rule of law is definitely a story for the sheeps.