Legal order

The legal order, together with the rule of law, is the scripture of the legal systems. All legal systems are governed by legal order. However, the legal order can be viewed outside the position of legal systems. Given that legal systems are imaginary prior to their creation, there was a natural order, arranged according to simple and logical laws.

Cosmic laws create a visible and invisible universe through the laws of creation (creation, maintenance, destruction). On the earth itself, life followed natural laws. In addition to natural and cosmic laws, man was also a participant in the laws of free will. These laws mentioned above are in the legal order of the highest category. Below it are all the laws passed by men, but they can only be valid if the fundamental law of free will is not violated, that is, if a person has chosen to submit to those laws by free will.

Therefore, under the natural, cosmic, and laws of free will, the first law / law created is the right of contract.

Royal, imperial, state or any other law or legal order is a violation of legal order if it is not in accordance with a higher order. The constitutional and legal order glorifying in Croatia as the first to God is a contractual fabrication based on fabricated “peoples’ rights” and “majority rights”. These are fictitious rights (law/rule) that are not in line with the natural order, and even the generally accepted fabrication of “social contract” today often mentioned in democracies and republics has nothing to do with original law. Right is a category that lies in the hands of creators. The one who created something has the power / authority / right over the created. As the state did not create man, he has no right over him.

Attempts to take over the peak   of legal order from the ever clergy since Egyptian and Babylonian times were based on the fabrication that the clergy represented a god on earth and thus had the right of the highest rank because they were given “credentials” by the creator himself to manage his property. This is true even to this day when Pontifex Maximus (Pope) himself says that no one can judged by the first chair, that is, he himself does not recognize any human authority except God, (canon 1404).

The question is, how can someone judge you while no one can judge him?

Apart from this explicit deception based on pure manipulation and naivety of the human mind, there is one much less noticeable deception in which almost all of humanity is caught. It is a fraud of the contract and the assumption of the contract, which by trade principles says that a contract can be concluded not only by direct consent, but also by silence, inaction, but also by thought. It is mostly a right/law that presupposes the existence of a contract, and you, as a free man, have to question it, ie remove the presumption of the existence of the contract. Unfortunately, most people are not even aware of the same, so they constantly enter into contractual relations, thereby freely confirming the right of the contract, which puts the whole system in the position that it is in accordance with the legal order.

However, as soon as one no longer wants to be part of the contract and declares with free will the same order is no longer in accordance with the universal legal order because it violates the free will and the right of man to be master of himself.

Most systems today are based on fraud and do not conform to the original natural and cosmic legal order, but are formally maintained on the surface, propagating the idea that they come from the people and exist for the sake of the people, which is not really true.

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