What is it really safeness? Be sure of something is to know that something is 100% so or that will be 100% so, with regard to certain knowledge, but safeness is predominantly related to some kind of sense of space in which the mind is safe from an external attack or intervention. Looking for something that is safe, it ends quickly because I really do not think there is something that can be said to be 100% safe, even to the most pressing questions like Who am I? We can’t answer with certainty. Certainly to determine what will be, so it becomes even harder because we can hardly know what will be for a minute, let alone a couple of years.

Mooji says that the only thing he is sure of is “I am”, I exist. The wise statement says that the only constant is change, in fact, the only uncertainty is certain.

From this perspective, safeness doesn’t exist. There is a probability for YES or NO, but it is not safeness but math.

Already at the very start of the story of safeness comes on a slippery ground. I will try to not rid of it but to bring the story where its place is.

In a psychological sense, “safeness” is a basic feeling and the vast majority of people (minds) want safeness. A child at the earliest is seeking for safeness from a parents or guardian. But how to get something that doesn’t exist. Mind does not even seek it because it does not know what it is and does not, it asks for a “sense of safeness”. The sense of safeness is a code that tells the mind that it is safe, protected. This sense, program, creates a child’s mind through physical contact with parents and parental presence and care. Those minds who did not receive such stimuli did not make sense of safeness and did not develop properly in a psychological sense. Parents who did not themselves have a sense of safeness and as parents act scared and insecure transmitted that feeling to the child and how physical exercise their psychological pattern is primarily that which the child will take.

The psyche (mind) to whom this feeling is forgiven will forever seek it consciously or subconsciously in an attempt to complete its maturation / upbringing. Consequently, a large group of such minds becomes “a society without a sense of safeness “, as in itself, also projected into the outside world.

I will analyze these two positions in this way:

  1. The person (mind) who has received or gained a sense of safeness goes through life in their own direction neither knowing what security is. Ultimately, it is not sure in anything, but it is certain that its ” safeness ” does not have to be that it does not exist out of the mindless form. Such a person does not care what it is or what it might be because it is self-aware and will not break apart from anything.
  2. On the other hand, a person without a “sense of safeness ” thinks it is very important and requires someone to protect because it can’t be alone. Look for someone who will be the guarantor of its security. A person who is “insecure” necessarily needs someone or something that will give its that feeling that it will not break. Such people have to live in the community, the greater is the better even the “community” as the concept becomes a guarantee of safeness. Doctrine of the herd.


Voc d point – an instinct of sense of security

The sense of safeness as one of the most fundamental parts of a healthy psyche is based on the primal instincts of survival and struggle for survival. It is managed by a reptilian brain that is animal, deeply subconscious. The feeling of insecurity requires protection in someone or something. Protection is always based on some sort of defense. If the protection / defense good, fear is greatly reduced. But it is always and constantly present because safeness never exists 100%. E.g. you live in an apartment on the ground floor and you are insecure forever in fear of the burglary. Then you buy a armored door, special alarm and put grids on the windows. Fear almost no longer exists, you feel safe. Then you accidentally find out that there were somewhere in the area of ​​the burglars an alarm that was the same as yours and everything was stolen. The sense of security is currently missing because the defense is insufficient and there is fear. This is a banal example of material fears of lack, but all psychological fears are based on this pattern and our minds become established defense bunkers and avoiding feelings of insecurity. There is a personality character that functions only in such a way as to completely protect against potentially unsafe events. This mind protects not only the physical but also the mental and spiritual effects of its famous territory. Everything with which mind is to be identified must be protected, safe.It is contemplated in the mind and projected into the world starting from the most banal reaction when people pay 10,000 € to hire a “secure” state-owned firm, to buy “safe” terrain cars. It is also avoiding topics where you can show ignorance, avoiding any situations you are unfamiliar with. There are pile of statutory safety restrictions on traffic, work, movement, construction, etc … to make the fine butt called “mind” feel safe. All for safeness … safeness in front of everything … how many times have you heard.Business of “sense of safeness ” is the largest business in the world. The advertisements pay attention to the uncertainty ranging from “monstrous bacteria” to the thermo-nuclear intergalactic war. What to do? Buy insurance (protection / defense) for yourself, home, land, car, for all. Insure all, reinsure and get the armored door of Chinese production completely free (installation not included).Do people blow this? Of course they do. So that’s the primary instinct of safeness, protection. I just wonder what protection, for what, of whom?


Voc d point – known / unknown

A person who has no sense of safeness or has failed to perceive this illusion gains by constantly repeating the same things. The mind so calms down and thinks: “I went to the road this morning and everything was fine, I guess it will still be today.”After many repetitions it becomes known and there is a “sense of safeness” that is anchored on that path. If, God forbid, it turns away from the road and goes into an unknown this feeling disappears and fear appears.It is not a fear of an unknown, but a fear of a lack of sense of safeness. It is a reflex like all that is reflexive in the reptile brain. One who, by the power of will, surpasses that reflex, ceases to shine in the enchanted circle of primeval instinct and becomes free. Fear occurs sporadically, but its intensity is greatly reduced.Those who know how to do this must strike with their strength at the “sense of security” and they are doing every day. Floods, earthquakes, chemtrails, tsunami, terrorists, hunger, criminals, murderers, swine flu, ebola, economic financial arm, food, air, water, global warming … .etc … ..Ooo sh.t,  how this world is unsafe, I have to urgently rebuild the insurance policy.

Voc d point – insurance companiesIf you think safeness is limited to material survival and existence you have been deceived. What is with the soul? Mind wants to save it whatever it is. That is how the wholesalers who offer salvation of the soul appear on the scene. Multi Million business. I’m almost sure they will secure them for their benefit for eternity. You’ve probably figured out about religions. If you are not, you have to urgently work on yourself.Religions have probably contradicted the idea that “the soul can be lost” so it should be saved. They know and how it works, just come to the church / temple / synagogue / mosque and you will get a sense of safeness.It’s interesting, all insurance companies of whatever form (corporation, state, religion, mafia) are in conflict of interest. As much as people “buy safeness” in their interest, safeness is smaller because more people will be assured and the premium will become bigger. That’s why you will always talk about risks, dangers, sins, terror as this increases the premium and the number of potential insured persons.The primary security lever is the protection/defense from the uncertain/unknown. Thus, on a daily basis, laws that provided, preserve, protect, defend, and citizens from all possible troubles and inconveniences are passed. Americans have, like all things, advanced to higher levels. They don’t defend themselves from unsecured but are attacking to defend themselves, because the attack is the best defense. When it is found that those who were attacked did not intend to demolish “homeland safeness at all” then fuck it, friend, but the very much important is that the American way of life is protected.Bruce Lipton, a geneticist who wrote the super book “The Biology of Belief”, emphasized in a single lecture on you tube that the station exists only in two states. State of growth and state of defense. When a cell is in a state of defense – there is no growth and THAT IS A KEY.

If you want to prevent someone from growing up, just hoax the idea of ​​insecurity. That’s how  it works. For this reason, a large amount of aspirations for freedom are blocked in development because they are afraid of the unknown that freedom brings. Like, everyone would have freedom and truth, but the system would remain, that everything would simply remain, but that the devil would surrender and say, “I give up.”  As long as there is a particle of idea of insecurity, freedom is blocked. Unknown authors of the famous social contract have correctly assumed that if you want to be sure you have to give up part of the freedom. It is a choice, security or freedom. Mind always weighs and chooses security because it does not need freedom. The story of freedom is just that, a story. It is clear that the system makers are fairly informed because they know the basics of the functioning of the human mind, its basic needs, which they will satisfy.

Voc d point – ezotery

Loss of connection with the Creator (in the simulacrum / game) consciousness experiences the experience of separation and fear. Since it is “separated” then it exists as the “ego” entity, which has something of its own, primarily the body and life, and the thought “I HAVE LIFE” appears.However, if you have a life then there is a danger that you may lose it. The ego (the one who has own life) is illusory as well as “its life.” In the ego state of consciousness, the confidence in the absolute intelligence, will, and life we ​​have all come from does not exist, so the ego is “compelled” to buy insurance for all its effects by putting a signature on a life insurance contract. By this act, the ego completely denies the uniqueness and the essence of life which is our essence. Does not the Almighty keep everything alive and in existence? Is not It life and existence itself? What,s more you and me/you are That.Buying a insurance policies is a derogation on your hands and knees so the insurer can put d..k in your ass and so crawling we can publish that we have reached the lowest levels of ignorance and misunderstanding of our own nature. A new god came into the environment. Incredible, but he offers life insurance, who is so powerful except him, who is able to secure whole life. MADNESS.In such a four-legged position of creeping, where we have all the power surrendered to insurers, we will never reach the truth and divinity. Insurance is like a candy. The more you eat them, the more it search for them until you become completely dependent of it.The insurance of life, property, and spirit are magical rituals/contracts in which you renounce your Father in exchange for “safeness” for which we have initially determined that there is no such thing.



The legal system and its secular rule is the lively mud in which we have been involved. The lively mud has a characteristic that is poorly visible until you reach it. It is well-camouflaged. Another important feature of it is that it does not let you down easily or almost no way, especially if you try to use the raw power to pull out of it. The more you crunch, deeper you fall.The rule of law is invisible network, like spider’s. When insects enter, they are over, because the spider is waiting for them, waiting for them to get tired of the attempts of liberation. Law is like a virus in the air.. It’s omnipresent but also lifeless. If you still dissolve it and read its information / you become infected, sick.If you ignore it, it is very likely that you will not suffer. The disease that it brings to us has no name. It is manifested in humans as a hypnotic state in which a patient is absent in the need for a goal, a certain virus, unconscious of him/herself and own determination.If I were to play appelation, I could call it “Chronic inflammation of consciousness with a marked reduction in the capacity of mental compassion.” I have talent? The pharmacists want to give such names as it would be harder to understand what lies behind them.This name means that consciousness is greatly diminished, and thus the capacity of understanding. (* Why is it so in some other story.) It’s like IDIOT – HUMAN BEING, PART OF THE LEGAL SYSTEM – LEGAL PERSON, CITIZEN.It is Disease of metamorphosis in which one beautifully divine self-conscious being begins, on the basis of the virus, to think that is the pig and the lower being completely turned to the satisfaction of material and other lower lusts. Destroying the house and the knowledge that The Father has given them, the lesser infected man breaks the Earth in madness and throws God’s legacy into mud.In that inferior herd, they a little less unconscious they came to create a system within which it will be introduced in a small order, in that race for material wealth, status, titles, dominion and rule.. This system should have been introduced either by pure power and fear or intrigue, by magic, and through the ignorance of its true nature. That is the real essence of the law. It only deals with it. Material and Intellectual Property Rights and Their Relationships.After a while, the system has become so big that if you wanted to trade or do anything you had to be a member of that “society” and pay the franchise / tax on intellectual property and that is law.Thus, the legal system has its own owner and it is intellectually protected / patented and anyone who wants to use the services of this system must pay taxes. Today, this system implies. It swallowed people’s consciousness so much so that it could hardly be seen that they were not persons and that the legal system did not have a strong point in reality.The virus has done well what it is designed for. Man has completely forgotten his multidimensional nature, own origin, and agrees to be a 2D creature that exists only on paper. There is no body or spirit to mention. It has become the name and address.The legal system registers its residents through the NAME AND ADDRESS – the person who obtains the code number (personal identification number -PIN) for the catalog code.By its very nature, the system of law does not deal with the essence of being, spirit, truth, and justice.It is the god whose existence is based on the image (image-nation, more imaginative) and thus became the ruler of the world of worms, zombies, forms, minded derivatives to whom people worship, idealize them.For the simplest definition, this is the purest form of Satanism (idolatry). The legal system is in the nature satanic because it promotes lies, fraud, illusion, unfreedom.Although this is an obvious fact, many minds do not want to see because they are still under magic. They are enchanted by the magicians in the black department, who day-to-day convince us that reality is such and can’t be different.I will try to conclude: Safeness is the feeling of a familiar and pleasant space where there is no psychological threat or there is someone who will protect us from this threat. Uncertainty is a completely unknown (uncertain) space where no defense or protection exists.

 “The mind is afraid of the unknown, and the unknown is I”