The purpose of this text is to demystify the religious-scientific postulates that put the “experts” on the pedestal of life, and lay people into the abyss of hell and shame. The truth lies in every human being and only there you can find it in science or ideological-educational indoctrination.

The sentence you start with: “Experts are …” sounds a lot smarter and more authentic than when you remove that start. That is why you will often hear on TV or other brainwashes, experts this, experts that, experts left, experts right, because such information has credibility and a “scientific” background.

At this time, only when an “expert” says something it have weight. If this is said by someone who is not, then he has no “credibility” but is a mere charlatan. I know this from my own experience as well, because when I tell people that I have written a law book and I am not a “legal expert” in the standard sense, many of them shake their hands: “What are you going to tell me about it when you have nothing idea.”

In the same way, economic experts are the only ones who know economics, doctors are the only ones who know about health, historians about history, etc.… Bruno Gruning has long proven that it is possible to treat people faster, better, cheaper than any “expert”, and in about at the same time, Matan Spalatrin (legendary character from film series “Prosjaci i Sinovi”) proved that economics can be run by people who have not completed primary school.

Let’s go a little deeper!

What is an expert? How to recognize it? While there are probably many ways of looking at this question, I will direct them all into one logical and general answer that dominates today’s system. Here and now the expert is the one who holds the certificate, the license, the diploma of the authorized institute confirming the “expertise” of the so-called experts. A doctor’s degree is his diploma and absolutely nothing else. However, apart from the diploma with the name of the “expert”, what they often get is a sense of “expertise” and “knowledge”, thus placing themselves in the sublime position of the omniscient who will not even talk to the general public, let alone explain something to them, especially if he puts it ticklish questions. The counterbalance to this sense of exaltation and “knowledge” in “experts” is a sense of humility and “ignorance” in “laymen”. The general population holds to the opinion of the profession as scripture, and one of the more common ways of solving the problem begins with the question: “Let’s see what the experts have to says?” In this symbiosis do we live today? Symbiosis is also a parasitic system in which the one who “knows” lives at the expense of the one who “does not know.” “Educate your son / daughter, get your books, it will give you the bread!”

How much experts really know you can, if you like, perceive in today’s system, which has been edited from start to finish by experts. Great medical experts are dying of the same diseases at the same time and even earlier than fools, which is clear proof that “the experts have no idea.” What they think they know is equivalent to the famous maxim: “Thinking and shitting is one and the same thing. “If you look beyond the expert-designed system, you will find that it is cold, calculated, dehumanized, dead, rotten, stinky…. (my subjective opinion).

What else to say than, “If this is their best, then fuck such experts!”

Furthermore, expertise and knowledge is not something you can have forever. There are also those in the know who dare and start saying that they are unsure of their “knowledge” and that science as such is a full of holes / chasms, because a bunch of things and phenomena cannot be explained in any way but solely by idiotic theorems which can only be swallowed by the sheep with the thickest wool. If they begin to speak publicly, their work licenses are revoked, silenced, dismissed, legal proceedings are brought against them or are pressured from all channels. By changing the paradigm, experts become suddenly “non-experts.” Similarly, if a layman begins to say that he “knows better.” And although this knowledge can only be addressed to him, the parasitic-symbiotic system does not allow you to know better about yourself. let alone in general. Because that is how you spoil the centuries-old pattern of extraction, alienation of energy, which is heresy / apostasy / rebellion that will not be tolerated.

Let’s go a little deeper!

In order to be an expert, an expert must dip his / her head into the books for about 20 years of his / her life and learn / adopt what a particular curriculum foresees and carry / present as such. You all went to school and you saw and experienced how it works. The better you learn what is required of you, then the more accurately you repeat it, the better your score. If, however, you begin to re-examine the curriculum through your own intellect, you come to a real danger not to pass the school year. Own deliberation is allowed in schools only within the framework of the program, not outside it. There are a million events that confirm this. What children think of schooling and how they, as the most sincere part of society, perceive it is evidenced by the sea of ​​torn books and notebooks down the road at the end of each year. If anyone knows, kids knows.

One who fully passes this program of suppressing one’s own intellect and diminishing the speed of deliberation becomes an “expert”, detached largely from life and reality, and completely immersed in the box of the program which, as such, has been adopted half of its life. As this program has now become an inseparable part of his personality, he defends and promotes it without much hesitation, because without the program he also does not exist.

Schooling = Indoctrination

You may be witnessing by yourself that it is most difficult to change or persuade these people because “they know” and “what? Are you going to say something to me”, or “who has been educated here for 20 years, me or you?” Are the most dangerous people who think they know and what is the worst they are imposing this “knowledge” on others. They impose it not only verbally and advisory but also mandatorily, legally binding. Either you listen to me who “knows” or you pay for your insolence, you laymen, citizens, commoner, sheep.

It is also interesting to note that it is quite easy for such a profession to sell all sorts of nonsense that has little to do with the brain, if anything. Proof of this is the latest coin I heard on TV, which you probably heard, and that is “collective immunity.”

Hahahahahahahaha, I laughed like crazy when I heard this and understood the reason and intellectual grounding of this idiocy while the “expert” was dead serious, as if he really believed in explaining it to the calves in front of the TV. “Collective immunity” says that my health depends not only on me but also on others and that I can kill myself from a healthy life, but I will still be ill if my neighbor is suffering thanks to a fairy tale about collective immunity. Really? Hahahahahahahahahaha, I will suffocate with laughter, so that’s phenomenal, maybe I can sue someone because I’m sick because it’s not up to me but someone else. It would not surprise me that it would become a legal practice, if it is not already.

If this is true and I’m a fool, then my biggest enemy is my neighbor, because I look at him and follow him. He eats fast food non-stop, drinks carbonated drinks and sits in front of the couch watching football. His immunity fell to the floor. This kind of thing will surely foment any disease and compromise collective immunity. I give a fuck about him, but my health is at stake. Such should hastily put in order. Therefore, I propose that a “law on the compulsory preservation of the character and acts of collective immunity” be adopted as a matter of urgency, making vaccination under threat of shooting mandatory. Fast foods and convenience stores are prohibited by law. Everyone will have to exercise and walk in the nature for at least two hours a day under the threat of punishment. The word alcohol and cured meats should be thrown out of the dictionary, and anyone who consumes or distributes it will be hanged publicly as an example to others of what happens to those who violate “collective immunity.”

Let’s take it more seriously. This “scientific” approach can only create a phobia because it turns out that you are not dependent on yourself but on an imaginary body called the collective, which is deceit, nebulosity, idiocy, cretinism, and a lack of all humanity and intelligence. There are many such nebulos in the “scientific community”, except that few dare to question them. You probably never heard of the names of those who dared at some point, nor will you.

In my imaginary approach above, many might say that this collective immunity applies only to “viral” diseases, not to these conventional ones, but this story also becomes tricky given that there are already facts today and evidence that viruses as such exist at all do not exist. Virus Expert Stefan Lanka, who has studied “viruses” for over 25 years, has even defended his thesis on the absence of viruses in the German Supreme Court and introduced the notion that viruses do not exist in the legal system. Following the legal heritage from the EU that our politicians like to say, this legal precedent can, in my humble opinion, also be used in our courts. Therefore, there is no measles epidemic because there are no viruses and this is a legal fact. Since the epidemic is a legal situation that needs to be officially declared by the minister, anyone who publicly says the word on TV is a liar and should be held accountable for spreading false information, panic, manipulation, fraud, coercion, a threat since the epidemic is a legal state consequences. Of course no one will answer because politics and science are blowing in the same horn, which is the horn of capital.

So “collective immunity” is a mess and anyone who believes in it should re-examine their reason and intelligence if there is a way to examine it. These fairy tales are designed to control the population, trade, political intrigue, close and open territories, introduce repressive laws and the like. The reason for the glorification of Louis Pasteur’s character and work lies in the fact that he enabled his actions and postulates to bring the thesis into the system and thus control the sheep. This is the most important reason why he is known and why he is glorified in textbooks in chemistry and biology.

Let’s go even deeper now!

In the early 16th century, there was a schism within the Catholic Church, which until then was an unquestioned authority in almost every area of ​​life. The Inquisition is proof that the state-protected clergy could do whatever they wanted without ever being held accountable to anyone. With the advent of Protestantism, the authority of the church fell sharply and the clergy wondered and sought ways to regain control of the people. The Inquisition was abolished because they realized that open violence at that moment only contributed to a faster alienation of people from the church and a further loss of authority. Belief in the church, God, was almost completely questioned and a different way of acting on people much more subtle than mere violence was to be devised.

This is where the Jesuit Order, also known as the Company of the Jesuits or Jesuits, comes into play. The Jesuits were founded in 1540 and immediately began acting as a military order covertly for the benefit of the pope and papal domination of the world. In addition, they were a military order and infiltrated all pores of society (they were clergymen in civilians because they were allowed to carry on civilians and do civilian affairs, so it was almost impossible to detect them). In addition, the Jesuits began a practice that continues to this day. They started to set up schools, high schools and universities. According to some sources, the first Jesuit school was founded in Sicily in 1547, while the first university called the Roman College was founded in 1556. Over the years, the Jesuits (Catholic Church) established a huge number of universities, high schools, and other educational institutions that taught things the way they portrayed them and practically took over a monopoly on the education system. From this system was born the science we know today as such. Therefore, all people who have ceased or do not believe in the church and its esoteric dogmas and indoctrinations have the opportunity to believe in the naked science that relies solely on those postulates taught at universities again controlled by the Catholic Church or other institutions close to them. The purpose of setting up schools and colleges is not to unleash one’s potentials, but to move them from one ideological box to another “scientific” box. Agnostics and science lovers are dogmatists and fanatics in the same way that religious kamikazes are, those who see nothing outside the box.

Today, the University manages its profession and professional programs completely. The university even has tremendous autonomy and cannot get the state into programs or anything else regarding the university. Somewhere I even dug up the information that the police do not have jurisdiction in the territories of the university and that they can act only when they get permission from the competent ones. Universities are gods of science, knowledge, profession and are completely governed by legal reality. It is also interesting that as much as ideological science and religion do not go side by side, they love, hug and kiss each other. Scientists are also believers, and I have often met with vaccination enthusiasts and believers in lectures. When asked why it is necessary to vaccinate the perfect being created in the image and opportunity of God, they would answer that man was not created perfect but sinful and therefore needed intervention in various forms, including vaccines. Oooooo, it’s amazing what a man can  hear, but …. A huge number of priests have completed scientific studies in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and propagate theorems that have nothing to do with religion. Even some theorems accepted today that cast god and divine existence into the dust, such as the “big bang” theory was established by a Jesuit priest. His great protégé was Albert Einstein, a man who came straight from the patent office to the top of the list of the most intelligent and respected scientists of all time, while no one had heard of Nikola Tesla. *

(* I have a friend in Germany who did a little research asking people who Tesla was, everyone answered that he is brand of car manufacturer, and when asked who the car was named after, absolutely no one knew. If he told them it was about Nikola Tesla everybody says that they never heard of him.) All scholars and philosophers who are still propagating in curricula, textbooks, books, historical texts have studied at Jesuit-controlled universities or other related organizations, and have entered as rewards agents into history.

You may have noticed, you may not have, that the education system has not changed much as they say in the last 200 years. Although everyone sees the overwhelming need to change the same, our leaders are unable to change. If you are wondering why this is so, then I can answer: “Because he does exactly what he is designed to do and does it perfectly. It produces crippled individuals, dull and ignorant of their true potentials, castrated mental, emotional and cognitive capacities. Dead persons, who are in the box of restrictions of educational-scientific dogma, and who are ready to defend her to death. People who are not authorities themselves, but seek leadership and authority for both dogma and ideology, regardless of whether it is religious or scientific. ”As I have already emphasized, one who knows absolutely nothing about himself or the world around him will seek authority and leadership from other. Religion and science will already make sure you learn nothing in life. They don’t call us sheep without a reason.

This passage is also an answer to the question of why education is compulsory in the system, and although we perceive it as useful and important, it is not. It is essential for maintaining a parasitic system, because at school you are taught how to be a cog in the system, whether at the bottom or top of the system. Scientists of or so-called “experts” are system employees just like laymen, except that they are slightly above the hierarchy.

The “profession”, and especially the one who holds his status unquestioned and almost divine by accusing all non-experts of fools, is a disgrace of the human race. It is a consciousness that is stuck in the narcissistic world of self-love, thinking that their knowledge is God-given. And is not, they got it based on a program, a curriculum that someone very clear-cut arranged. Such people are inexorably enslaved to their own self-worth and blindness more than anyone else.


You may will asking me the question: “What do I have against science, the profession and why have I attacked them?” The answer may surprise you. I have nothing against science and the profession, and especially against people who call themselves profession or experts. Everyone has the right to think and do whatever he wants. Everyone has the right to be misled and to live in fictional worlds. In addition, I even think that the profession is necessary and useful but solely as an advisory body. The profession needs people to ask them for advice, and when they get it they decide what to do with that advice. What is troubling for me is when the profession goes beyond the advisory framework and begins mandating or ordering what and how it should be done. It is no longer a science but an army. Such a profession circumvents the natural right to respect another human being and his free will, which is already stepping into Satanism and dictatorship. Such a profession says that you have nothing to decide about yourself, because you are not here to decide, you are there to listen to those who know, and we are those who know. If you ever believe in these dictatorial principles enveloped in the mantle of humanism and philanthropy and “science,” you are free to say that you are dead. Only a dead man has no control over his life and cannot lead it in accordance with his thinking and understanding. A life you do not control but someone else is not yours and you are only dead meat that lives in a program designed by someone else.

The system of disgrace or professional and man is the one we are in now. It’s a legal system, a dead man who has no license to manage his life because, fuck it, he doesn’t have a degree or the necessary expertise to handle it.

Therefore, I urge all so-called “experts” to subordinate their “expertise” to man, not the other way around. There is a great deal of precedent that clearly proves that science has failed many exams and that it is not scripture. Respect for the free will of every person is the basic postulate of peace and the new world. The stories sold today by science are in the ranks with the red-cap and the snowman, and therefore a huge machinery of marketing and repression apparatus is needed to convince healthy intelligence in a fairy tales. This call applies to other collectivists in the form of journalists, agents, politicians, pharmacists whose actions are based on the dogma of self-interest.

I have written in the articles before that Satanic consciousness is the one who wants you to listen to it, worship and bow to it, to renounce your free will and to come under the control of such a parasitic entity. The profession and science system is like that now .