Spiritual science teaches us that it is one creator of all living things. I call it a creator to avoid religious connotations and ideological constraints, because religious gods are not that universal aspect I’m talking about. The Creator is the master of all life and the basic spark of every manifestation of existence.

Death as opposition to life does not exist, because only life is. Man as a conscious free being has his will and mind and can think whatever he wants and wants. In this way, the thought of death (non-life) can be created. This is Lucifer’s principle of separation from creator / life. This so-called principle exists only in the form of thought, concept. It is clear that without the spark of the creator man could not exist. Being the same offspring of the creator and thus having a creative principle, if one nurtures the thought of separation and death, it can manifest into a collective and individual reality. Thus, looking at the world around them, many will jump at these words, claiming that separation and death are real and that I do not know what I am saying. Everything is fine because everyone has the free will to think what they want and to say what they want.

Since everything started in the spirit (inward / esoteric), the world is the result of our thinking and belief. Society is a consequence of man, while man is only partly a consequence of society. For this reason, it is impossible to change the world without an inner / esoteric transformation. David Icke calls such futile attempts “combing the mirror”.

If illusory worlds such as states and legal-religious systems manifest around us, then it means that there is a thought or belief within us, an idea from which this illusion has manifested, which now seems so real. The problem with a particular thought, religion, ideology is that it can be completely unconscious, which is what most of them are. With such ignorance, man becomes an unconscious creation machine, constantly creating himself and the world without any knowledge or awareness of what and how he creates. Such ignorance and powerlessness in man creates anger and despair, because his every attempt to change circumstances exoterically fails in failure or short-term success (the mirror cannot be combed). This is the most important reason why participating in political – legal rituals, such as elections, is completely counterproductive. One thinks that by external action (voting) he will make a change, while in fact his internal action of participation actually supports the system esoterically, giving consent for the existence of the same, which can conclude that the voter does not want any changes, except for a cosmetic one like a prominent person who will lead system or as the street language would say, “who’s going to ride you for the next four years!”

Unconsciousness, which is actually synonymous with ignorance, is the most important weapon, a tool used to control man as a creative machine. Most of our life / psychological urges are on an autopilot (unconscious) so that in fact, a man lives a mechanical life of a semi-awakening state, almost never touching the inspiration, the unconditional joy and the love that resides within.

This is the best place to insert Jesus’ words (beyond religious connotations) into the words: “The Pharisees asked him, ‘When shall the kingdom of God come?'” He answered them, “The kingdom of God is not coming noticeable. Neither will it be possible to say, ‘Here he is!’ Or, ‘There he is!’ For, behold, the kingdom of God is within you! ‘Luke 17:20, 21

So, sinking into sleep and hypnosis, one forgets his origin, his power, his strength, his creative abilities and becomes a puppet at the end of the unconscious programs that take place autonomously. Such a man who has lost touch with the spirit / creator and become a pure machine guided by mental programs and ideological, political, physical and existential instincts in the spiritual sense can be considered dead. His actions are not spontaneous, fluid, unconditional, inspirational, but ritual, routine, mechanical, and such action is no different from a regular electrical machine that is pre-programmed to act. The machine is not alive, but it looks like it is. It is the same thing with a man, except that he always has the ability and potential to reject programming and routine and breathe an air of freedom into his lungs.

So, if you have the ability to create other people’s opinions and points of view, to create doctrines and ideologies that the naive individual and even the masses will believe in, it can be reasonably said you are master of the reality that will manifest. You only see other as ignorant people who unwittingly work for your benefit, thinking, fools, to work for your own benefit or the benefit of society. Things work very, very simply. Many may wonder. If the state or these powerful have the weapons and all the power, why don’t we just be captured and do so as slaves, but perform such hidden manipulations?

The answer is simple. If we, as a collective mind, knew that we were slaves who did not have freedom in our minds, the idea of ​​freedom would arise immediately. This idea is extremely dangerous for the elite, because being a creator is only a matter of days and a moment when that thought will manifest in the collective consciousness. With such enslavement, all slaveholding companies were of a very short breath and eventually failed. It is an art to have slaves who do not know that they are slaves and think they are free, and thus no desire for freedom in their minds emerges.

Sooner the human mind is reached, programming is made easier. The child begins to be programmed by the parents, who are also programmed and only pass on the program code to the child that they have learned and accepted. There, in young days, there is also a state that enters into a contract with a child by registering in registers, then religion by baptism or some other ritual, and partly by pharmacists by vaccination, creating psychological traumas that facilitate easier mental control and separation of the psyche (schizoidness / schizophrenia). Then comes a systematic indoctrination called education, which I call a “crime against the child’s soul.”

Already from early childhood onwards, through puberty and adolescence, man slowly becomes fully absorbed in the program I call “be born, study, get a job, get married, die”

The largest program that fully complies with other sub-programs is called the state, or more broadly political – legal – social – religious – patriotic indoctrination. As I explained before, the state is an ideological phenomenon that does not exist in nature and is delusional by its nature. By the same analogy, a resident of a delusional state, the so-called. a citizen can be nothing but a delusion. Any person who thinks of himself as a citizen is actually completely mind-controlled because he declares nonsense and untruths, which in turn has an even greater separation from the truth that is existence.

A delusional citizen through his tutor – state, is a fully governed being. The state manages his education, health, assets, movement, jobs, body. In such a mind manipulation one begins to believe that he is a subrogate to the state even though he created it. It is perfectly normal for him to pay all the forces of levies and pranks that often have nothing to do with reason. It is perfectly normal for him to fear state institutions and the judiciary and the police even though their sole purpose is to serve the citizen. This susceptibility to non-existent authority has a very deep psychological background, which I have written extensively about in my book, and here’s one clip:

The most dangerous dogma that the person cultivate and nourish in his mind is the dogma of authority.

When a child is born into the world, it is powerless and dependable, and hence the tendency of his psyche is primarily related to the idea of ​​survival. For this reason, the child needs someone who will ensure his safety and survival, because he cannot do it by himself. In this way, the child connects to their parents and sees authority in them. He knows, to some extent, that he cannot survive without a parents. Such attachment is psychologically completely healthy and normal, moreover desirable. This creates idea of authority. A child who is normally growing up, and whose parents do not obstruct development, will gradually grow into an independent man who will no longer need parents, but will be authority for himself. This does not mean that he cannot rely on his parents or anybody else when he needs, but that means his psychological structure will not collapse when there is no support.—

This in theory looks fine, but in practice it is quite different. Parents usually forcefully demand obedience from the child. Parents that demand it only because they say so are not authorities to themselves but are psychologically and dogmatically compromised, so the child cannot adopt a healthy separation from the parent because he alone is compromised by the issue of authority. A person who demands obedience from others in a psychological sense is compromised because his size and strength does not depend on him, but on the quantity and quality of his obedience. A pure ego-trip. God who demands submissiveness and obedience and threats to kill, revenge to the seventh generation is compromised in a psychological sense, probably in some other ways, a pure ego maniac. Probably his mother did not love him, hug him, and she could not even breast-feed. It is neither normal nor natural any subordination of one living being to another.

“Only social psychology could answer, for example, the contradictions between the economic disadvantages of the workforce and the lack of rebellion against such a state. Reich’s explanation arises from the relationship between family and society. People are being raised to be obedient to parents and authoritarian figures as such. Also, the family suppress sexual impulses. That is why rebellion and sexual impulses in an adult man are tied to anxious. Fear of rebellion, fear of sexuality, are rooted in the character structure of the mass. There is also a significant influence on the perverting of sexuality. And there lies the answer to the psychological problems of the mass, the irrationality they show. “—–

Such unpublished psyche has not completely dismissed the dogma of authority because it is not safe in itself, and asks others to tell what and how to do it, or psychologically, enter the other end of the psychopathic character and seek subversion and power over other people. Or it falls behind security of authority, or security seeks power over others.

At that moment, by me, there was a fall of consciousness or the mythical fall of angels. If you want someone to keep you, be your protector, you have to trust him (again that word) and obey his authority. Man, the magnificent being, has renounced his divine will and life given by the Creator in exchange for security. He failed to overcome the disease and remained attached to lower consciousness, survival awareness, security, survival struggle. Now you know why the theory of Charles Darwin’s evolution and the doctrine of “Survival of the fitest,” though there is no foundation in the mind and love of the pedestal of science. It’s just an anchor of mind control, nothing else.

People looking for safety, and surviving and extending the most important life guidelines, operate from a center known as the reptilian brain. You do not have to bother with reptiles and shape shifter, because if a man acts from the reptilian consciousness of survival and struggle for survival, he really is a reptile.

Security is an illusion created by a child in a child’s mind that has never ceased to exist. I wrote about this beautiful article on mind control.

The authorities are therefore indispensable to ensure the safety, or rather the illusion of security. To be someone’s authority (boss) there must be some who listen to it. There, we are again in the dualistic system of relationships. Authority without obedience makes no sense. They give meaning to each other. Imagine someone who tells himself that authority, but nobody is listening or listening to it. What is this authority?

from book “Mind control in Legal system”

Every article or column I write always says the same thing. Yes, there are some forces that used man’s ignorance to capture him, but that capture is voluntary or unconscious, so the captives cannot be ultimately portrayed as “bad guys.” If it would depend on them then it would have no sense, because man is the only master of his destiny. The solution is one step above the problem, and now you know that the problem is of an esoteric nature and that you need to immerse yourself and change the program or delete it once and for all. As long as we are unaware of our true selves and the consequences of such a condition, we will always blame others for it.

Therefore, all those who are looking for a quick solution to get out of the system without being overwhelmed by their problems, ideologies and fears, I must be a little disappointed. The way out is the way in, but although it is a more difficult solution, it is also liberating because there is additional strength and power in discovering one’s weaknesses.

Become aware that the state and ideology are actually shaking and driving you in the opposite direction, and stop engaging in it. In order to better understand the depth of capture in the next column, I will talk about the main character of each illusion of name – a person.