It is usually said that a person lives life or has a life! As much as it may seem inappropriate in spiritual circles, man is not separated from life and therefore cannot even have it or live it. Spiritual teachers says that man is a life that I agree with. Yet the above sentence is still prevalent in everyday speech and understanding of this imaginary man-life relationship. No matter how often it is used, in practice one does not live life but survive. Living and surviving are not the same category.

Life has always been glorified as the highest reach of existence, and the gift of life that man has is the greatest treasure received from the fountain of life, the impulse of universal creation. He should be perfect, magnificent, fulfilling, happy in origin and potential….

Unfortunately, most of today’s lives are anything but. Whether there was a error in the universal program or is the perfection of creation overestimated.

None of the above! Forgetting its origins, man has turned from living to surviving, to preserving life in a material sense, to the detriment of spirit and soul. Life should be protected at all costs, even if it did not live the magnificence and perfection of the same. This decadent deliberation is the result of religious , initially and later scientific dogmatism, which tries to persuade man of his imperfection, misery and sinfulness. Science has largely declared all reactions of the human body and psyche to defense mechanisms that serve solely for the purpose of survival, extension of species and other animal instincts. Man is classified as a mere mechanism whose primary program is conservation/survival. However…

“Today, enemies are lurking behind every corner, behind every action and can appear as anything. They can be mosquitoes, grasshoppers, bacteria, carbon monoxide, plastic bags, chemtrails, and ideologies like communism, capitalism, conservatism, fundamentalism, terrorism, then cancer, AIDS, measles.

The enemy must be defended. Walls should be built for protection, to strengthen security measures, but also to cut down, remove, isolate, because attack is often the best defense. A state of constant defense and rigid security measures halt the development of man as a divine being.

His consciousness is focused on survival at all costs, because the enemy is at the door and all resources must be put to the defense. No one deals with development when “life is threatened”. If you want to stop someone from developing, give them an enemy. Does it make sense?

Today, most psychological bodies of persons who are socially conditioned beings are intentionally created porous and weak. A weak ego is one who does not take responsibility but someone else is responsible for his condition. In psychological terms, which is the basic basis, the matrix on which everything happens, your enemy is everyone who does not think like you. Anyone who contradicts you says “you are wrong” or extends an ideology different from yours. As each ego depends on identity, every contradiction, opposite, is a huge danger of identity / mask / person collapse and the real image of emptiness coming to the fore. Every ego freezes at the very thought of such a scenario, and it is essentially its deadly injection. Therefore, we must fight, defend against all who question the stability of our identity and traditional values. ”[1]

Defense means:

  • Keeping the acquired position 
  • armoring
  • fortification
  • Barriers, walls, trenches
  • Stall, bottleneck
  • Stock creation, existence
  • Contractions, implosion
  • Full control,
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Seriousness, tension
  • Programs, laws, rules
  • Preservation, canning
  • Planning
  • Attack

Living in a defensive position is not life, because there is no expansion, expansion, flow, spontaneity, joy. Besides, what is life supposed to defend against?

Survival and defense is not really lives because they lack the key components characteristically only to it, and man immersed in daily survival: feeding, paying bills, housing, and other civilizational achievements of comfort  has stopped living and has become a consumer of life.