Korona virus by Harald Kautz-Vella

Harald Kautz-Vella is supposed to be a guest at the IV Convention of Living People if it takes place because of all the problems we already know. However, this did not stop us from contacting him earlier and listen to what Harald has to say, and he is already planetary known for his knowledge and subjects.

For some reason, the Living People community comes in contact with people and the knowledge of this profile, and this is some indication that they should adopt the knowledge that some people already have, and Harald is certainly one of them.

The conversation was conducted in English, more specifically Croatian-English and German-English, with Harald’s being much better than mine.

Given that there are people who do not understand English, I will write briefly what Harald said about the korona virus and this events.

Namely, the corona virus is a common virus from the influenza family and is by no means dangerous or more deadly than a common flu virus. However, this virus appears to be technologically advanced and has features and programs that no ordinary virus has. Harald calls it an weaponized virus. It is based on Nano technology and possible sprayed through air. There are supposedly some AIDS virus sequences, but this is all the information that is currently unavailable, because very little is known about this.

Furthermore, there is a similarity between the symptoms of a corona virus and the body’s exposure to a frequency of 60 GHZ when it binds to oxygen in the body and begins to swirl it in a way that literally dies of suffocation, ie inability to breathe, because blood can’t absorb such oxygen. Such cases have been seen in China when people simply fall down in the street, and it cannot be proven at all whether exposure to the virus or ultra-high frequency radiation is the cause.

Therefore, there is a suspicion that this pandemic is related to the 5G network, which is also not provable at this time.

Treatment methods are detoxification of the body with MMS or with Nano – copper particles, there are other alternative methods and all can be found on the Internet.

Although many people think that in some countries the 5G network is banned, the Harald denies saying that it is banned in some countries for civilian purposes, but the network goes without any problems for military, police, and other commercial-service purposes. So the story of many about how the 5G network is stopped doesn’t hold water.

Harald also added that there is a possibility that the corona virus is a cover story or veil that actually hides the collapse of the banking and monetary system and the complete cancellation of money without cover (fiat money), which is again in the realm of speculation, since no information is officially available about it, but that the pandemic is not the ideal story for a complete upheaval of the economic system, it is. This could do a lot of good for people, but about that thereafter. Furthermore, Harald says that it is not necessary to panic, but to inform and take responsibility in your own hands, not to give others the choice to make decisions for you, which is a very important point so that the agony of humanity does not continue.

We said goodbye with the agreement to meet again.