International Press Release: A Simple Explanation

We and the living people we represent and these unincorporated institutions of living people that we own and represent, are long-lost owners and possessors, donor-beneficiaries, those who have the sole interest of the survivors in all these named estates, foundations and legacies. We own the Federal Reserve Banks– all of them. They were all in great debt to us, and still are. They are insolvent by definition, and we have foreclosed them, and we hold all cured UCC-liens, and other options regarding them. Therefore, there is no need for any “correspondent bank” because all banks are in the system by definition of our bank, and we have superior concurrent general jurisdiction. We can operate freely in the air, land and sea. We, the living people, own all the survivors’ shares in all unregistered assets, which are the backbone of the assets of all 63 member banks, in the Bank’s records for International Settlements. The attempt to impersonate them has failed, nor will they succeed in the future.

Anna Maria Riezinger, fiduciary
United States of America (unincorporated)
Post Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652