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What has being a world-bridger to do with being a free man?

Being a Free Man is a noble aim. Easy said, but how does a free Man look like in one’s daily life?

No example, no development

I guess that this is the reason why on this website of the freeman so many inspiring people have been quoted? Many of the inspiring people do not live amongst us anymore. It reminds me of how I was challenged in the past by my guide when he said; “All the great people are gone, now it is your turn! But what does this requires of me?

You can’t solve a problem at the same level it has been created, Einstein said

This quote makes me ask 2 questions.

  1. To solve anything I have to question what is the problem?
  2. And I have to question on what level the problem was created so that I know from which level I need to come to solve anything at all?

What is the problem of nowadays reality?

This question can’t be answered in a few sentences. This deserves more dialogue and careful formulations, but for the sake of this writing I summon up what I came to through my research, life experience, and evaluations.

To my adding up, we live in a reality that is falling apart. Mankind is more separated than ever before and contact between people is either none existing or shallow.  On top of this, I see that most people have lost connection with nature and are conditioned to fear the light of the sun.  Instead, people developed a closer connection with the artificial digital signal coming from the world-wide-web, than contact with their own body, mind, and emotions.

The trend I witness is that many young people in the age category between 3 and 35 are sucked into their smartphones and video games and the many people above 35 often spend the little free time they have watching television. When people consider themselves consciousness-explorers, than they rationalize any comments away with that they only watch innocent programs like sports or nature documentaries.

Who can still state that he or she is master over ones own mind, emotions, and actions? What is deciding; you or the electronic device?  Who dares to be merciless honest in this?

What do I know about the installed technologies in our digital electronic devices?

What I am always wondering about is how many people know about the actually installed technology in all these electronic devices that are today surrounding us?  I am talking about the technology that has the sole purpose to make every Man digital addicted in such a way that Man can be remote controlled to serve the system of domination and control? Real, or science fiction, or is the reality even stranger than fiction?

Where do  I find actual information about this topic?

This is a tricky question because I know that in principle all the knowledge about these technologies is on purpose available on the Internet to free the makers of these technologies, from karma. In this way they can say that we could have known about this if we wanted to. The fact that many of us don’t is our mistake and therefore we gave our tacit consent to be manipulated and programmed according to their script.

I personally learned a lot about all these interconnections of these many technologies through the German scientist Harald Kautz-Vella. His explanations are clear and based on evidence, clear thinking, and facts. It appears that nothing is a coincidence, from geo-engineering, spraying chemtrails and military smart dust, to the additives in our food, artificial fertilizers, GMO, the chips in our mobiles and the camera’s on our computer screens, smart meters in our homes and cell towers everywhere, to the electronics in our cars, it is all complementing technology fine-tuned towards each other with the outcome that Mankind unknowingly is influenced to the extent that we completely lose control of ourselves but we on the other hand still have this firm and strong conviction we are fully in control and that what we do in our life is our own decision. Yes, you read this correctly that this is a horror scenario for those who wish to become free.

What was the level that the problem was created?

This is not new and most of the readers know this already and has been said by several great teachers of Mankind; “The Greatest Poverty on this planet is IGNORANCE”.  All the suffering in this world is caused by ignorance based on good faith and naivety. We believe too easily what is said and we hardly check and investigate if what is being said is a half-truth or a whole lie?

There must be some way out of here?

Was a line in the text of “All along the Watchtower” one of the favorite songs of Bob Dylan in the sixties! How capable are people today to turn around the insanity whipping over our planet? I think that modern Man is asked to make choices to stop this destructive energy causing more chaos and confusion. It is time I make clear to myself what I want to promote and what needs to be adjusted or stopped?

I need to be the master over my mind, body, and emotions to be capable of spreading; Love, Hope, Dedication, Discipline, Inspirations, Acquiring objective knowledge about the workings of nature, the human design and the laws of the universe. In short, I am talking about the journey to go beyond my self-imposed limitations expressed as convictions and or belief system!

What is another level were solutions might live?

Solutions might be found in our design. We all know from scientific researchers that Man is using a very small portion of his or her brains. I need to learn to THINK.

Our design could guide us into the right direction. It is neutral territory that we can’t say about nationality, religion or any other spiritual teachings. No matter the color of our skin, no matter our background, religion or education we all have a skeleton, blood, a heart, muscles, and a brain and it functions for every man the same.  Perhaps a good starting point to re-connect?

Looking at our head we see a space similar to the womb in a woman to procreate. They both are cups. Perhaps we need to begin to comprehend that the brain in our head is actually the seed the cosmos planted on this planet? But likewise, with any other equipment, you need to be plugged in to be switched on!

The question is how does a Man plugin and get switched on?

This question turns it straight back to me. No example, no development.  I need to connect back to the two examples that have proven to be trusted. Who are there always no matter how much I screw up? This is our mother planet Earth and our father Sun. Earth-mother, she keeps on producing vegetables and fruits and father sun comes up every morning and they do this for FREE. They never charge us anything! Never withhold their gifts. Actually the moment I invest in a garden I get year, after year, more and more in return.  Nature means abundance.

Just compare this with the man-made society structures. It is reverse, we need to work harder for lesser every year and the reward is at the end to be tucked away in an elderly home to wait to die sick and slowly. How come we close our eyes to this reality? Only for 1% of the world population this system works and for the rest of us we suffer one way or the other, sooner or later. Yes, I know this is not a picture we like. I agree with you. This is why I write to change this picture TOGETHER.

Going beyond my limits!

I need to take back my responsibility to hold for myself and learn to master the ability to respond with care, accuracy, and compassion and learn every day anew. Do I need to overcome my self-imposed limitations which evolve around the notion of WHO I am? The labeling systems we all know very well,  like the roles we play based on our gender, or what we are allowed to do based on our physical age, or the status gained by our education and background, the advantage or disadvantage of belonging to a certain religion and so on. Instead, I need to study WHAT I am to become this free man.

Sharing is caring

The moment I set my self-free from the labeling system I have something to share with my fellow Man. It is in the sharing that we create this bridge between where we live today and how we can live tomorrow I become this world-bridger.

Where to start?

This process always starts with acknowledging that none of us know it all. We all have a partial view, but together we might get more insight about a more whole picture and what to choose for. This begins by first of all recognizing that something is fundamentally out of balance in the society of Man. Loosening the grip of all the rules and regulations is a part of the freeing process.

If you don’t own your vessel, something else will!

I have learned that it is my duty and my obligation to make sure that I am the master over the vessel that has been entrusted to me for this lifetime, because if I don’t then something else will! This is for me so clearly seen when people use their smartphones that they are not in their bodies anymore, they are gone in a virtual reality. This is for me scary and I am wondering where this will lead Mankind towards? What is dominating us when we unconsciously allow full control to this artificial Intelligence? For me the agenda of this artificial intelligence is insecure and based on a 2D reality the 1’s and the zero’s.  It is without any feelings and we all have met the uncompromising rigidity of this system.  It is black and white and knows no mercy. To follow this intelligence means to degenerate from a 3D organic being into a 2D half man half robot. What could we evolve into if we cooperate with the organic, our earth mother and our father sun and switch on our cosmic brain?

This is why I think it is today about the choice each one of us has to make unconsciously or consciously.  I prefer to choose consciously and exercise my free will.  Perhaps this is the only real choice each one has to make in this life-time, were to surrender our freedom to?

And how about you?

Rose member of My Happy Femily