Third convention of live man – And Now Goodbye – 1.part

There are many movements, initiatives, lists, societies that want to achieve freedom, truth, justice, better tomorrow. Most of them found the location of truth and freedom and determined a certain route and plan to travel to the same. Such scenarios for persons are extremely tempting because they know exactly what, how and when to work to achieve the goal. Our community still has the same goals but  rather different paths from the others. We did not locate the truth and we did not know the path to it. The only thing we know is that it is not out there in the world and that changes in the world are unnecessary and futile. Still, there are some things we know. We know what is not the truth and freedom and we are doing the steps of moving away from bonds, breaking away from everything that is not true and freedom.

We do not want to deal with it at all, and we take it off as rend underpants we no longer want and we will never wear it. In the introduction to the third convention “And Now Godby”, we are saying godby to a very big lie and illusion that we have long been worn and wounded, smashed and smothered – This is legal order, legal traffic or the rule of law.

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