Man’s destiny! Many ara accustomed (get used) to think that the man’s destiny is shaped by someone above. And this one puts at the disposal of every man the most powerful (the heaviest) energy of Universe, which can also to fit fate of the owner, and creates new galaxies. That energy is called – “human thought”. Just knowledge, that is so, is insufficient: this phenomenon must be known (understood) and felt. From this, how much we can observe, depend on how much of the secrets of the universe will be revealed to us (open), the mechanisms of miracles (wonders, beauty) and, more precisely, of the law-making phenomenon. Only the knowledge and acceptance of energy of thoughts, will allow to be done, own and the life of the near, happier. And just a happy life for a man on Earth is predestined. So (accordingly), it is necessary to convince ourselves in the absence of the following conclusions. First (first of all), man is – thinking being (creature) (being which think). Second, the there is no, in all The Universe, energy that is measurable with energy of thoughts: all visible to us, as well as ourselves, are maded by energy of thoughts. The names of millions of items can be listed: from a primitive hammer to a cosmic ship, and each of them is preceded by a thought. Imagination (fantasy, imagination) creates a material object in, to us, invisible space. We still do not see its materialization, but that does not mean that the object does not exist. It is already built in space of thoughts, and this is more significant than the materialization that follows. The space ship is built in the mind of one or more people. We still do not see it, we can not touch it, and at the same time, it does exist! There to us in the invisible dimension, it materialize later, taking visible form in our ordinary (common) vision. What is more important in creating a cosmic ship? The thought of inventor, constructor, or workman who draws out the details in accordance with the suptended drawings? Of course, every effort (work) is, in any case, necessary, but as a basis there is a thought. With a real cosmic ship, a breakdown may occur, and there will always be some cause, not some isolated (removed) detail, but an unclear thought. It is commonly referred to as “thoughtlessness (mindlessness, stupidity)”. Thought can predict all failures. For thought there are no unpredictable situations. But failures (damage), confusion, every kind of, still event. Why? They hurried up with materialization, not giving to thought to finish the project.

And thus, by self-thinking, everyone can find out about validity of conclusions: all objects, when they are made (produced) on the Earth, represent the materialization of thought. It is now necessary to understand that absolutely all life situations, including life itself, form at first in thoughts. The visible world of living nature, including the man himself, shaped by the original thought of God.

Man, just like God, is capable (and he is able, he can) to shape out of his mind, new objects and their own life situations.

If your thought is developed poorly or influenced by some causes (reasons), it does not give it a free use, inherent to its, energy and speed, your life circumstances (state, position) will be influenced by the other thought, possible, your near, well-known, or generally accepted organization (orientation, direction) of society.

But, in a different case, your life circumstances are built by primarily human thought. And you are yourself a culprit if you have captured yours own thoughts, by which you have been yielded to the will of the other man’s mind, and then, from that other or another, will depend your failure (disagreement) or success (achievements). To be sure of the above, it is possible in many life examples. Think about, what a man does, before   becoming a famous artist? Of course, at first fantasize about it, then thoughtfully builds up (forms) the plan to reach the vision and further perform: amateurism, appropriate school facilities, entering the theater, film studio or philharmonics. It can complained (reprimanded) to me about the fact that everyone dreams to become the most famous artist, but become only such individuals, and some are always forced to seek a job in another area, unrelated to their artistic career: in addition to fantasy (dreaming), it is also necessary talent. Yes, it is necessary. But talents are also being built (challenging, advancing) by the power of thought. Physical and natural abilities (capability)? Of course, they matter. But again, the thought is not so stupid, to build in a man deceased (without) a leg, a plan to enter a ballet school.

With the help of the providence, the energy of Thoughts, God has created the world in which we live. He created a man, gave him complete freedom of action and gives to everybody the most powerful energy that is capable to creating similar worlds or, possibly, the worlds that transcend the perfection of the Earth. To make new or to perfected this world, already created, it is necessary for a man’s speed of thought to correspond (agrees, coincides) with the speed of divine.

Nevertheless, if we look at the world today, created by the human community, it can be clearly seen that it is imperfect, and not only that, but it poses an increasing danger to existence (living). This means, therefore, that the evident degradation (destruction, humiliation) of cognition (consciousness) is formed, and more precisely, the speed of thought is slowed (slowing down). The first people had the speed of thought, straight to Godhead. Otherwise it was not possible because God, like any parent/maker, could not even think that he would make his child less valuable than himself Which forces have shown to be capable (powerful) to influence human consciousness (cognition) and to direct it at the path of degradation? If someone is similar to strength, it means that he must overcome the energy of man and God. But such a being does not exist on the Earth, or out of the earthly existence (reality, life). Proof of such (similar) claims is very simple. If exist such essentiality (essence), which possesses a speed of thought larger than man, it would have long since cultivated own world, and we could observe it with our eyes.

To shrink, to subdue the energy of human thought, can only other human thought. In other words, the man who has much faster speed the thoughts of others, who want to subjugate others, may, under certain circumstances, do it. In today’s situation (condition, circumstances), the mankind is subordinated to the offspring of Egyptian priests who have preserved (maintained, keep) knowledge of the science of vividness, and with the help of special exercises they stimulate their ability to think by speed, unmatched by the many people living on Earth.

There are circumstances that confirm the state of affairs.