Living man

Community Definition

The community is a group of living people (not citizens, or any person of any sort) who enter society to achieve common goals by an anarchic model. The community is not registered and is not part of a public record of any public register. By accessing the community, its members are declared to be living people of a private individual character (no one is a person, never has been or can become, we have always been living people. Someone identifying with the person is another matter). An informal citizen’s association or civic initiative is not a synonym for this society, because there is no association name, neither are citizens, but live people.

The purpose of the community

The purpose of this community is reflected in its membership, and they are alive people. Every living man is a sovereign and have authority for himself. No one has any rights over him and his life. In the present moment of reduced awareness and general ignorance, the world is governed by an organization based on the demonic principle of obedience, fear and coercion against which man as an individual being seems almost helpless. Individual power and influence of consciousness grows by the association of living, courageous people into such a society, as well as the influence and the spread of consciousness, which, as a balm, heals spiritual and psychological wounds of those sleepy ones.

Given that it is very difficult for an individual to leave the system, this association will be established as a specific service, but also as a treasury of knowledge for all possible legal problems when proclaiming itself alive. Each member of society, when society becomes legally valid, will be considered as free, with automatism as if it itself wrote a document that separated him from the service of the state. Society, depending on how many people will be willing to help, will provide self-help and protection in every sense. Mass is important for everyone, especially for people who are not really sure what they are doing, and I mean this primarily for system agents. In addition, such a society creates a new collective consciousness. The society will carry out all possible legal actions based on the knowledge and spiritual knowledge of the members, in order to make the transition from systematic to self-responsible living as light as possible.

Community Intent

The community’s intent is to popularize and facilitates the self-proclaiming of a living man (a declaration of non-existence of a person), then creating a coherent group in which people will help each other, but naturally all at will and without any obligation. Such focused energy will accelerate the manifestation of the idea of freedom outside of the enslavement system. It is also intended to create an atmosphere of freedom and truth that, when one experiences and conquers the human mind and soul, will never again be replaced by some fake or artificial life.

Community Registration

The community will not be registered anywhere, nor will it seek permission to establish, nor recognition. Suveren does not need recognition. The only move that society will make to the current institutions is the information about the founding, purpose and purpose of society. If the institutions concerned do not respond to our notice and do not object to any request, it is clear that our mutual interests are not in conflict and that we do not violate anybody’s rights with our existence.

The legal position of the community

The community, after its validity, occupy a supreme position in the legal order, outside the constitutional-legal order of the inanimate corporate bodies. The community finally establishes the original legal order with a living man, conscious of his divine origin, with the fundamental value and source of everything. This is a superior position as it is to a man, because man is, we all know it, but we do not dare to say it, the supreme being of the highest possible potential, and this act puts it in its natural position. No corporative legal body can interpret or judge this society because the laws of corporate bodies can’t recognize this legal position and can not judge what is lacking in their laws. The attempt itself is a violation of the creator of the established legal order and it retains certain consequences.

Community rules

The community has no exact rules because the rules limit the expression of consciousness, but also give a certain alibi for irresponsible and egocentric behavior. If there were a lot of rules, a man in community would swim in with them and refer to them to not develop their consciousness to acquaint themselves with their divine side, but would exclusively teach and develop instincts to avoid the consequences of violating the rule or seek holes in the same, exactly the one the way the system works today. The crime that is likely to occur will not be valorized by rules and laws, but in a totally different way that has never been seen in any modern society.