Who are living people

Part of the community can become every living man. Before deciding to do so, we suggest that we get familiar with the general code and philosophy of the community, because it is in the interest of everyone to put things in a plain and clear relationship right away.

The ethical code of a community co-creator

The responsibility of a living man

The obedient is a being who is not legally responsible for his actions. He does what he is ordered, so he can not respond to the consequences. System officers work according to laws, regulations, statutes. The greatest scams and executions in history were under the guise of legality and obedience mentality. Such status is very appealing to irresponsible people who can act as agents under the umbrella of a limited liability company. This is in essence the most important aspect of the fictional system of representation. One who does not speak in his name but as an agent, can not be held responsible. Such a system for members of this society ceases now because access to this society takes full responsibility for itself and its actions. I can not hide behind anything or behind society, or its postulates and statutes. The living man does not represent anyone, has his own understanding and own perception of the world that he thinks fit to make his own choices, and that is the answer to them.

Taking control of himself, Man also takes control and domination, possession of his life, body, soul, genes, earth, real estate, in short everything he has and what he has acquired through his work.

Man, the guarantor of peace, sovereignty and prosperity

Man is the Being that Is, unlike a citizen who must have evidence of existence and issued by the competent legal-juridical fictitious body. A citizen exists and acts as a faker, “in the name of a man,” not as the One He is. The citizen is a slave-vassal category defined by the Roman Civil Law, and the Roman empire is a slave-owned society. Therefore, a citizen is a vassal, a serf who, from ignorance and acceptance of a given identity, agrees to be a slave because he lives in an illusory world that is not created or supported by the universal Creator without which there is nothing. The semblance of being a citizen lies in Man, for He is the Way, Truth and Life. He is sovereign and authority, he is the Source of everything. By moving only to the Source of everything, moving away from the fictitious worlds, Man comes into contact with the multiple possibilities of developing life and consciousness in a true, peaceful and loving way. A citizen is a waste of life and a slaveholder program, a program that we abandon with this document to the account of whom he is. I’m coming this moment to animate a citizen with my faith, awareness and life force.

A statement about joining the community

We all agree to share Life and come from somewhere, so we have a source. We also agree that we all share the common ground, which is the breath that maintains our lives; As such, our source is the substance and the fabric of life itself and because all life is finally interwoven in its interrelated and interdependent nature, our only choice here on Earth is to do what is best for all life, best for each of us. The word “ghost” has its roots in the word of breath: inspiration, fulfillment with the breath, being fully aligned with life, spirit and all existence, and we all share the common ground as a life to share and inspire together. Together, we accept the principle of keeping our lives as a saint and honoring the life force in all beings.

This community is based on the principle that no man will be tied or dependent on the other, that the gift of life is freely transmitted and therefore our intent is to make the community a protective fence, a safe haven and a safe harbor in which everyone can come and safely go through and out of teh sea of dead in the land of the living. To stay together, without arms, without slavery and free from the madness of the minds of people who have sought to restrain and limit themselves. It is fundamental to show everyone how – with their own free will, action, and choice – can decide to take the strength and ability to break the chains of illusion created in and through the minds of people.

We announce the intention to support, nurture and defend the rights of all people who are walking on this Earth and sharing the gift of Life, regardless of their ignorance or unconsciousness. This intent is based on the recognition that all sensory beings are endowed with irrefutable rights of self-determination and basic guarantees of the minimum quality of life, such guarantees that they must fulfill by having basic living needs such as proper nutrition, clothing, shelter, access to knowledge, education, etc.

We step forward in peace without any plan other than those proclaimed here, which we maintain respect and honor of all people in all aspects, religions, political organizations and all other human associations we would like and expect for ourselves. In this regard, we declare our intention to respect all the reasonable beings with whom we can communicate. Everyone who wants to enter this Community will examine his own conscience and personal commitment to this Declaration of Intention and in the deepest part of his Heart will commit himself to holding and filling this festive alliance to the highest of his potential. We call on all those individuals in this country who want to take such a step to join us on an equal footing.

Anyone who wants to be a co-creator will have to sign a statement to understand all of the basic values of this community and to try to live with his heart, soul, and body to live a life that supports the community. Although I am aware that there is no penalization or punishment for action that does not comply with the foregoing, I am still intent on resolving without any alibi this step in my life. I declare that I am aware of the consequences of my decision to act in such a way and that no one is responsible for them except myself.

I declare that I am aware that it is the duty but not the obligation to seek but also to provide assistance to every member of the community, but not only to him but also to other living people.

I declare that I am aware that the community grows and prosper as much as I participate in it, and therefore I accept the duty, but not the obligation to self-initiate with the best will and desire to help and contribute to the spread of this idea and its ultimate embodiment.

On the basis of the validity of this document, but also of the will of every Man who is a member of this Community, the possibility exists that any person, at any moment, individually and in his discretion, may give up all the privileges and duties that arise from the fictitious “social contract” allegedly concluded between the citizen and the state.

Psychology of a Man in the Community

The greatest “enemy” of the community is man himself, i.e. his illusory identity called a person. A person is an illusory program that is suffering from a disease called attachment to all things and the creation of different identities that have their “own” opinion, attitude, judgment based on their subjective beliefs.

Man is, in the end, only a word that marks the original true being created on the image of the creator. But truly this is unattainable at this moment for most people because traps of personality are always carried by man everywhere. Such traps can have a rather negative and destructive effect on the activity and collective consciousness of society. As I have said, a person can call themselves the way they want, but the traces of personality and the ego remain for a long time, regardless of whether someone is declared as a human, not a person. So do not be fooled by the fact that declaring membership in the society of a living person forever has erased the person and its program condition. It is still alive and as such is the greatest obstacle to the realization of such ideas. The greatest traps that a person can harbor are mostly in misguided thoughts and ideas without backgrounds in reality that generate certain feelings that can be identified:

Righteous and Truthful (Arrogance)

It is a feeling in which a person sees himself at a higher degree of development because he has done something that most other people are not. Such an ego claims to know what justice and truth is, so his courts are just and true. It is a trap for people who are beginning to understand something that has been so successful by many. This process give them the feeling of greater justice and truthfulness that they does not have to emphasize publicly, but they adopts it as their character and that feeling will dominate their relationships with people who do not understand or understand at least. In such a relationship, it is impossible to find a point of compassion, but not because it does not understand it, but because the “smarter” is placed above. This is the ideal basis for setting up a hierarchical society.


Notice how people have a low opinion of themselves and in general about “Croats” by themselves calling themselves thieves, riders, fraudsters … Even this collective guilty etiquette hangs over our heads. The code violation called the law is forbidden and you are guilty of doing so because “the law has to be respected”.

Break this automation into this mechanics with questions from where these thoughts and beliefs are, and whoever it is and for what reason it has been built into your mind. If they did it, parents probably made it because they themselves were programmed, but what was with others. Notice in yourself and around yourself when you blame and when others blame you. I guess the system has long since died that there are no feelings of guilt and that we are obliged on behalf of someone and something, someone or something. WE DO NOT OWE ANYTHING TO ANYONE.

Notice when you get a warrant from a police or other institution or a letter that says “guilty”. This is a subliminal message or visual anchor that triggers your subconscious program and even though you may not pay or you will struggle not to pay in the background there is some fear, even if the punishment was only 100 kn. This has nothing to do with the height of the sentence but with the reflexive guilty of punishment and culpability. You see inside yourself when you read that word if you feel the feeling that it would be good to pay it and take that threat away from the door and thus not face the guilt and fear that is generated inside you.

This feeling occurs mainly after a long period of criticism in which man was saying that he is not worthy and knows nothing to do properly. This feeling also arises after a long period of psychological – educational torture in which minds are embodied programs who they are and how they should live their lives and what their basic values ​​are. When a person passes by these rules, there is a sense of guilt because he is not worth considering that he has abandoned the life paths and values. For members of this community, there is a great chance that these feelings will come because the one who wants to leave the state, the lonely life paths that are not going anywhere, are always mostly labeled by traitors, black sheep, white crow, heretics and the like. Psyche of people always want acknowledgment and appreciation because it is the basis of the ego’s value, so this kind of reaction from society and misunderstanding is a great danger to the collapse of psyche and ego.


The tremendous influence of the mind and the large amount of information the mind carries with it always generates indecision, especially if the decisions are made solely on the basis of information the mind memories or adoptes. Since every information has a certain weight the mind has to weigh every one and make a balanced decision. This is very difficult, same as you solve a mathematical equation with more unknowns. So it happens that the mind can not balance the whole force of information holes in information and becomes hesitant because it can not justify in a logical way the decision it made. Deciding so becomes a nightmare and people always give others to decide on anything because they do not trust themselves.

In a healthy sense, making a decision is a mental, psychological, spiritual process in which the most important purpose is making a decision. The host is aware that the decision can not be perfect or wrong because there is nothing like this. The decision is as it is in a given moment, and if we look at it as such, it is much easier to do so, and the action itself and its efficiency are multiplying. The decision, when arrive at, is being processed and forgets it until the moment comes to make a new decision.


Criticism is a category that is deeply rooted in our subconscious attitudes. There is a constant need for something or someone to criticize it at least because we have such a possibility. Fatted beer drinkers criticize the game of the soccer club and have never been run 10 yards in a lifetime. The attitudes of people are criticized by those who have never thought about anything at all. People’s texts are criticized by those who have never written a single sentence of text. Speeches of people criticize those who are afraid of public appearances, etc …

There are no things that are easy to do. Nothing is easy when you try it. And the simplest thing can be scattered, wrong to do. Criticism in the simplest way to say is stupid habit that someone who can not show that he is better, can lessen the effort and attempt of someone else. Criticism should be left entirely and everything should be appreciated by everyone’s and everyone’s attempts to do anything because nothing is as easy as it seems. In the community of a new man, every attempt is appreciated regardless of whether something good or bad is done. Become aware of your criticism of the other, as well as of the criticism you face and constantly undermine all your actions of acting and expression. Such a position restricts you, which is by no means the goal and the desirable condition of man’s spirit.

Judgment and conviction

To have someone condemned, it is first necessary to have judgment on it. If you do not have a judgment there is no condemnation. People first judge themselves. They are viewed, compared, and compared to the reference points they have taken for the relevant ones. The judgment is merely a logical process based on entirely illogical and often irrational beliefs. So there is no problem in judgment but in the criteria. From where comes criterion you supposedly have. And who said that this criterion is correct, accurate, just. As rambo amadeus said, “We all know that 1 + 1 = 2, but how much is 1.” So if we do not know how much one is, then we do not know how many two are, then every judgment is incorrect.

But mind loves to judge, and make some grades. The judge is the position of power and knowledge and wisdom because the one who judges knows. Is it?

Judgment and conviction are indirect statements that life and existence are imperfect and that man must engage in valorisation and correction of the mistakes made by nature. Acting is possible without any thought or condemnation of anyone or anything. It is a new society of the future, the one that will not trigger the ideology of the good and the bad but the connection with the creator and the essence of everything. See if you are prone to conviction and valorization, and beware because whoever sues will be judged.


The desire to achieve a better result to have more, to have a longer penis are the default postulates of the person and its character related to ideas and ideology, more specifically the form and the formal world. I must be better if I have more, if it is longer. If I do not have more then I can have a higher title, a bigger friend, to be the craziest if they can not be the smartest. Is there are other values besides this .

There are no benchmarks in the new society because there are no values. The value must necessarily be valorized by some measure and when it is defined the race can starts. In the world of absolute everything is the way it is and nothing is worth or without value.


Uncertainty as a lack of security is mainly tied to the earliest child’s age, which requires parents to be safe, with the accent on contact, food and presence. When this is absent, which is very common, in the psyche appear a hole that strives for “security”, although this concept is completely illusory, because security is an inner state of consciousness, not a kind of event, goal, entity that provides such a sense. It’s a false security because it’s not original but depends on someone or something. The contradiction to such addictive security is uncertainty, so an unhealthy psycho constantly picks up the conditions that “guarantee” that security, which is primarily about money, but also to a familiar environment and events. Therefore, uncertainty occurs constantly and is always correlated with conditional security. When a man turns to himself and realizes the illusion of such a perception, security is automatically cleared and disappeared, and together with it, and non-security.

Search for a acknowledgment

The one who is insecure asks for confirmation for what he thinks is correct and for what he is doing is right. And that is fine on the one hand, provided that such a search doesn’t hinder with acting. Because if you only act when you get a certificate and be sure of the correctness, know that security does not come from you but from the one who gave you the confirmation. Confirmation makes sense in some of the actions that have been designed in advance. The mechanic is doing things exactly in a certain way and it’s good if you do not know how to look for a confirmation from an older mechanic. It’s the same in every business. But when life, freedom and the truth is cosidered, and that’s why we all met here, there is no confirmation here. If it exists it must be from within self and not outward one. Because no one can know what is good for you. If you allow someone to think for you, when you go to the trouble, you will blame the other for having misunderstood you. This is not the way to freedom, independence and sovereignty.

Freedom has no confirmation, because the one who gives the certificate for it, can tomorrow cancel or change the criteria for it. Acknowledgment and recognition are the tricks of a lost seeker who still lives in the utopian belief that the exact path exists and that the one who has gone through it himself or who has a franchise on it can also influence and confirm your signposts.


In moments of action or making a decision, one who does not seek any confirmation and does not want to depend on anyone still can ask for something, and that is perfectionism. Everything must be perfectly accurate in accordance with what it is meant for. Such a mode of action is often counterproductive because it loses a lot of time on perfectionist demands. This has some meaning in trade, business, and other commercial activities in which you attract someone’s magic to buy your product. Here in this community, it is primarily meant on the decisions you make every day. Because it is difficult for people to make a decision or something to do because of the perfectionist complexity.

Perfectness as such does not exist because it is an imaginative category cut off from ignorance or wrong knowledge. Perfectly in line with what criteria. Who and when he brought those criteria. The things people make perfect, often are tasteless, and without the soul, but look perfect. Clear the idea of ​​perfection and simply act according to the moment you act.

Spiritual sublimity

It is a very subtle emotion in which one who knows more feels somehow superior to those of others and at some moments he can slip off. Such feelings are the biggest problems because they are very well concealed and as such, they can make the most damage. Imagine that you follow such a spirituality that leads you to stubbornness because his intentions are not pure but are stained with his subconscious desire to be a guru or a teacher to follow. Also often, such types do not have grounding because at one time in life they escape the problem escaping from the body and no longer returned to it. Such spiritual types all materially proclaim bad, and love, soul, peace, one and only truth. You will be able to notice such things if they are afraid of confrontations, they do not face their eyes with the critics or problems that come and nobody deals with them.

Also, observe in yourself whether you have a sense of spiritual supremacy and give other people feel fools or crude. It does not matter whether these feelings are sporadic, whether they have caught the sting and are permanently locked. The members of this community of higher knowledge then the workings of ordinary people can often fall victims of such extravagance and thus create a hierarchy to which they are nominally renounced.

Pity and self-pity

Self-pity has always appeared as a negative category in the development of consciousness. As long as you pity yourself and your destiny by lamentating over the unfortunate circumstances, the prospect of continuing and climbing from the mud you are falling into is unlikely. The likelihood that people who like to be sorry to be part of this community is quite unlikely, but there is a pandan of this selfish feeling called pity. I’m not sorry for myself, but I’m sorry for other people because they do not understand. Such an approach is wrong because if you do not have to pity for yourself,neither should be for others.

If someone approaches you with obvious enemy intentions, it’s not just someone you should love. Malice, mischievousness and viciousness existed from the earliest times, as well as human stupidity, ignorance, revelation , and pride, meaningless and unjustified rampage over natural laws. It is not the natural energy of chaos and destruction that the pagans respect. The answer to such energy must be sharp and merciless. You must never be sorry for those who knowingly and deliberately commit the crime.

Christianity is constantly advocating compassion on the poor, the sick, the homeless, the suffering and the martyrs. A constant focus on suffering points to “evil in the world” and thus intentionally attract and invoke suffering and fears so that their congregation remains a god-fearing herd. We do not think anyone deserves compassion and affection, but respect and concrete help, the constant advocacy and maintenance of the paternal mentality is not a term of love but the most common hypocrisy.

Such a doctrine is a new-age doctrine of so-called “love,” “understanding,” “compassion,” where you lose a reasonable view of reality and the hypocrisy of the “sublime” emerges. To love another does not mean to weigh and talk stories, but clearly without condemnation, criticism, or hate to pronounce what you think at that moment from the heart. Compassion does not help you or anyone else, because in such relationships your ego can only grow on behalf of a handicapped person.

Fear of loss

Loss is always related to something, so it does not exist in itself. So when you mention a loss, you have to add the word “what”. Loss of what? In a spiritual sense it is clear that a person can never lose what he really is, but in the psychophysical sense he can lose what belongs to him, or rather what he thinks he belongs to. Losses are an inevitable thing in life though it essentially can never be lost. The question is just how much a person is related to what he thinks he belongs to and how much energy he has invested in that relationship. The higher the energy, the belief and the identification on any dimension splintered into attachment, the fear of loss will be greater. Often the fear of such psychoses can exist even when there is no real danger of loss. The tremendous fear that comes about because of the danger of losing often forces a man to begin acting psychotically, panicky, irrationally in an attempt to protect his “property.” Such constant attempts can be fruitful, so the property is preserved, but the price paid for such “security” is too large. So great that it essentially rises and loses itself in unconsciousness, and overwhelms the survival instinct of protecting itself and its property. Man today in such a lifestyle of life is constantly abducting and collecting assets of all kinds and aggregate states and then keeps and keeps such things not to lose them. Eliminate unnecessary things and become as aware as possible that freedom is not measured by the amount of things and assets that are already irrelevant to anything. When such attachment is not fear of loss it is lost and freedom can manifest itself as a natural state of man.

Fear of authority

There is one saying of Mihail Bakunin, who says, “As long as there is a god in the heavens we worship and which governe over us, there will also be a state on the land we worship and which is govern over us.”

This sentence says that a man from early age is conditioned and destined to adopt the idea of ​​his malaise, of the impotence, and of the fact that he is an ordinary puppet, in the end without any power and knowledge. This power lies outside of man, mostly in the heavens, in the illusory god who controls everything and for whom ordinary people are the ones who are to play by the rules he or she brings. Such a basic rule is the basis for the hierarchical division of the world, in which man, in the image of God in his own domain, can make laws, deliver punishment and be worthy of authority. The game started by the church and continued by all segments of society is a game of obedience, subordination, and fear of the ultimate punishment in the hell. It is therefore perfectly normal for a person in a psychological sense not to be self-sufficient, but rather to hate himself and his impotence, bows in devotion and even supports the powerful archetypal expressions of fatherly authority. That fear as well as any any other is illusion, and should become aware of it. After that, a period of rejection or annihilation begins with each self-proclaimed authority. Such rage can be long-lasting because it is appealing, righteous, but also destructive.

Anger and rebellion

The awakening leads to the rebell as opposed to the sleeping one. Therefore, rebellion is great because the soul then expresses as much of its authenticity. But unfortunately, they often remain eternally in rebellion and never exploit their potential. Revolt is just one of the first steps to walk to higher knowledge. The problem is the following: the rebellion connects a lot of energy that was not allowed for expression before and therefore the revolt is psychologically liberating. The swearing throughout and beyond cures thyroid cancer, solar plexus, and prostate cancer. If you do not believe try. As this state is an attractive to the mind, he loves and enjoys it very much. “I’m rebell, I’m not afraid afraid, nobody will tell me what to do, I’m against, etc.”

By such expression, the rebel becomes the counterbalance and balance of the system in the fight for and against. The rebel problem is the reference point against which his revolting. Rebellion has always turned against external fake authority (parent, church, state), and that reference point consumes the rebel energy because everything is centered aroun it. The rebel is a satellite of false authority. The rebell is fighting the “authority” to prove to him that he is not authority and to recognize his own. It’s a contradiction!

My desire is to create a new/old man to overcome opiate of revolt and to accept ourselves for the sole authority, but without the need for recognition. The sovereign does not ask anyone to admit it. He exists and he is self-sufficient is whether he is admitted or not. Recognition is required as an anchor to the mind so it can bound by “safety”. This is a huge trap, because when a rebell asks for recognition of his own authority, he asks himself to admit that he is also false. When he gets it, revolt will stop, but the mind that has revolt against will never be able to enter into real authority because it is not capable of being that. Rebells can never be leaders. Neither for themself nor for anyone else. He is facing outside, not inside.

I invite you to detect rebellion and hatred within itself, which is largely the source of energy for revolt. There are a lot of rebel fighters on the net who spit on everything and lose their strength and focus on the outside and destructive. Okay, we figured it, everything is more or less fucked, so what can we do now?

Overcoming rebellion is the knowledge that you are creating with your duality both those for and against, because your mind does not accept the existence of false authority within you. As soon as we accept our falsehood and watch it without condemnation, the illusion of duality and conflict breaks up and the rebel as a fighter for justice and the protector of the weak and helpless disappears.

Existential fears

A man who thinks that there is certain conditions needed so he can exist, has still not understood his true essence and origin. Such a man binds his existence to certain conditions, and becoming attached to them becomes a person, and being is transformed into existence. Existence is something that must be secured or fought for because it is not unconditional.

This decline in reflection and understanding paradoxically has destroyed man’s being, because as long man reflects on existence, he’s unconditionally being is more and more distant, the quality of life is decreasing and death is getting closer and closer. The ego, who is the main ideologist of the religion of existentialism is opposed to any challenge which try to dethrone this religion, and while the ego is alive it remains the highest god of every life in ignorance. From such beliefs, which say that there is conditional existence, comes tremendous fear of loss of life, absence, and death, and it is necessary at all costs to collect what this existence provides. Good way of breaking this belief is a fat longer than a week.

Acting of man in a matrix

Sovereign [de jure] should;

walk upright in the attitude of “truthfulness”

know who is he,

introduce your genealogy,

know where it is from,

operate with high standards,

act with good intent,

be sympathetic,

be a diplomat at all times,

be pure heart,

should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs,

being fully committed to being a sovereign

in the challenges, to know how to hold firmly his sovereignty,

be proud of who he is,

be honorable and dignified

be the patron of all living souls of men, women and children within the kingdom, guarding them from evil or injury,

Respect all life [including wildlife, trees, sea, air]

Respect all people