The importance, essentiality of the contract for our lives can only be equated with the amount of ignorance about what the contract essensally is and when and how it can be created. As you know, every living man is his/her own, does not belong to anyone, is not anyone’s property, and his/her free will is inalienable. Inalienable in essence means exactly that, it cannot be taken away. Any action against freedom, free will, is crime, a crime in every sense and dimension.

Smart and wise people have known since ancient times that they cannot alienate inalienably, because then they get involved in karmic laws, which, unlike these parliamentary laws, cannot be circumvented. By alienating the inalienable, you create an event whose consequence you must experience, or, biblically speaking, whoever resort by the sword will be killed by the sword.

The wise and wise men mentioned above were thinking how to transcend the laws of karma, i.e. how to alienate inalienably without suffering the consequences. A long-term thought emerged from the imaginative solution we today call a contract, a deal. In the general sense, when we reject all little details of this phenomenon, a contract is a free expression of a will by which one gives up own free will in favor of someone or something, for the sake of someone or something. A free man who renounces his freedom to become a slave is an act that no one else is involved in and has no karmic consequences. By principle: I fell, I killed myself. A free living man entering a contract undertakes to comply with some of the requirements of the contract for a particular “benefit”. Duty and freedom are incompatible, so one who is obliged is not free.

Entering into a contract, if it’s possible, has several fatal consequences. First: a living man, as the titular (bearer) of free will, becomes a person by contract, that is, a contracting party that no longer has free will, but rights, but also duties under the contract. Furthermore, life, as a multidimensional expression of present time and space, is projected into the future, thereby interrupting the constant of the force and energy flow of metaphysical infinity and timelessness and placing it in an imaginary future place and time through the promise of fulfillment in the future time.

By contract man limits own creative and expressive potentials, as well as the material resources given to him/her as an eternal gift, which he/she should not do, because the contract creates a commercial relationship, and in reality, nothing can be traded because nothing is anyone’s. The whole creation is self-sufficient, not belonging to anyone, but to itself. Every trade is a violence against Life, as a free conscious expression of cosmic reality and universal intelligence.

The contract creates a commercial, business relationship. In this relation, life is relative, conditional, dual, framed by articles of contract. The additional question arises: “Why would a man ever enter into any contracts with anyone?” By contract, one seeks something he needs, what he does not have. Still, what a man who has been given a phenomenal body, extraordinary mind, free will and earthly paradise may lack with absolutely everything he/she needs for life. The whole material nature is self-renewing, alive, so that one does not even need to work to renew it. Illness, poverty, wars and pollution have never been part of that creation. Air, water, land, sun, flora, fauna, everything is given to man without a contractual relationship to use.
What was missing, in addition, needed to make a man happy and satisfied and that any trader, by any contract, could give to  him/her more than what he/she already had and still has. The correct answer is … nothing. Neither the man needed anything more, nor could the merchant can give to him/her anything more valuable than the already existing. If anything was needed, man had the multidimensional potential to create from life any form of need. In order for a man to enter into any contract, the idea of ​​a lack or exceptional need to enter into a contract had to be created. The original ideologues of imperfect creation and of man as a sinful being who needs much to be accepted by the heavenly Creator are religions. And by that they are the first traders, because they have opened the door to the ideology of lack, need, imperfection and sinfulness. From the original idea, man enters into contracts in which he/she seeks additional value, existence, security, wealth, happiness, love, etc. All these original expressions of the man’s Being are originally infinite and boundless and to contracted that, is the idiocy of “par excellence”. Imagine for a moment a cosmic king whose son is a man, watching his son buy health insurance or enter into a contractual relationship with pharmacy. What should the Cosmic King do? To cry or laugh, seeing a multidimensional cosmic perfect creation whose essence is infinite health, how buys the same, thinking that it can be bought, and is actually available for free. The problem of man is the problem of the ultimate rich man digging through trash looking for plastic bottles. It is not even a problem that he seeks, but he is wasting time on nonsense and silliness, while creation is wild in its being, because man has thrown it out of balance as the highest expression of life. This is the hidden nature of the contractual relationship.

That being said, once contracts were not needed, only the word was needed. And the word is contract, agree-ment. The word is creative potential and when you give it, you have given your creative potential. Holding someone for the word is the same as holding one for the testicles. Entering into a contract of any kind, agreement, vow, promise, oath, sacrament, registration, silence, voting, delegation, worship, kowtow, prayer, work, labor, marriage  is not forbidden, because the Cosmic Creator has never forbidden anything, but it is not good for them to do as Jesus himself mention in the Bible. The devil is the one who wants to sign a contract with you and watch you stay in it for as long as possible. The nature of the legal system is a contract, that is, a renunciation of one’s free will, which is in accordance with the cosmic order. If there were no contract, there would be no rights or duties; there would be no legal system. The rule of law is the rule of contract, of agreement. If not, then natural cosmic laws prevail. No contract can last forever, though religious fanatics often make treaties for centuries, swearing to the merchant God for their faithfulness. The contract should and can be terminated, first in spirit, then in paper form, if need be. After that, freedom, health and happiness are possible as a natural expression.