Founding reasons

The basic reason behind the founding is the abandonment of the sinking ship of the state legal system and with it related illusion of democracy and the rule of law. as much as anyone assured us of living in freedom, democracy and just society, we see clearly that this is not true. Extent of unworkability and corruption of the current system is shown in the following 13 reasons for leaving the system:

Reason 1: Failure to fulfill the role of the state

Man is predestined for a happy and fulfilled life, and therefore always requires it, for such a state of mind is the only goal of the existence of Man as a living and conscious Being. The state of fulfilled being and knowing how to reach it, for now, is unknown and there are no paths and the scheme for such a purpose to be realized. There have been many attempts in the near past, that man through various social organizations and associations institutionalizes happiness in a collective utopia. Such attempts were not fruitful. The kingdoms, the empires, the principals, and today’s “modern” nation-states missed their goal of securing positive circumstances that would make a man an easy way to accomplish the self and find fulfillment. Moreover, current knowledge suggests that such creations were and still are, in their nature, a huge obstacle to this quest because they greatly limit the consciousness, mental capacity and even the physical development and movement of the individual soul and even threatened with death, imprisoned or killed those who do not obey the limitation of social norms. And they do it still.

The present national creations and states whose sole purpose is to provide logistical support and servicing man, have completely missed their role.

A healthy man who does not fool himself and others know when love ends and when he needs to be divorced; no matter how much love once was fiery, now it is gone. The “state” is alienated from man, the one that is its cornerstone and the meaning of existence.

Reason 2: Forced Rights and Duties

What is justice and whether it exists, is a philosophical issue far beyond the question and scope of the action of the legal system. People who work through institutions of the legal system are hard to ever wonder what the justice they are talking about and whether it may be that a being of a lower character, what the state is, give any rights or be a transit station where tranfer occured.

Consequently, such an understanding of the state can never guarantee any real human rights because it is not God, but the last instant in the creation of creations. The rights, about so much is talked are merely privileges because by definition, they can be given, so they can be taken away. Justice is, in fact, something completely different.

Privileges in the trade system also include duties. Therefore, the proper name of the system is not legal but is privilege-debited. This is the performance of a slave attribute because it “give or subjugates” the privileges by own discretion rejecting the Universal Freedom of Laws and the Golden Rule of Law. All of this applies also to duties. Man is not obliged to do anything, nor is he born in debt. This is all a great psychological-mental fraud, imposed psychological pattern in which the most intelligent and most godly form of Life on Earth, which Man is, spends his time in the constant payment of his own existence. Whom?!?. Black magic.

Reason 3: Fiction of a Social Contract

Every modern democratic system calls for unity on the “Social Contract” as its basis. This fictitious contract says that a man abandons the part of his freedom so that society can function. J. J. Rousseau, the creator of this mental concept, misunderstood that the Man in essence is bad, that he is beast and he need to be restrained in any way, even if by force. Such a man has to be constantly under surveillance because he will kill and still if he is not controlled. It is a complete fabrication and unacceptable to the life philosophy of the members of this community. The man was not born in sin and in debt as the Catholic Church interprets. A man in spirit and consciousness is supreme Being and does not have to learn it so that he can not kill and steal or attack other people and their property. A man already knows this. The so-called “Social contract” does not exist in nature, nor has ever been written, nor has ever been signed … the most common illusion, fiction, and fraud.

Reason 4: Fiction of the legal system

The legal system is also an illusion, in which the fictitious concept we call law is at the forefront of the system. Since it is the non-existent/imaginary discipline, it is not known how it can govern. At the same time, with this fabrication, the concept of representatives of the government carried out by the people who are the only ones who can and have the capacity to play the role of government are presented. But they do not do it in their own name, but in the name of the law, or in the name of a nation state, fully controlling power, but without any responsibility for their actions, because what they are doing is not done in their name. It should, therefore, be clear that the rule of law is ordinary fiction, there is no basis in reality and illusory character.

A practical consequence of all this is that man, in the ego state, lives a false and fictitious life. It is one of the illusions and deception of life in harmony with the absurd belief that its conceptualization is accurate and real, and that is not. Man not only lives, but also relates to others (often dogmatic and violent), based on the belief that the deceiver is true. Since the law is a subset of the action of the human mind, how can the law be different from terms such as, for example, fiction and fraud?

Reason 5: Using Satanic Non-Life Principles

Man is a being who lives on earth. He is alive, has consciousness of himself, he’s breathing, intelligent, can be seen, heard, touched, tasted, smelled, and felt. The man is closely related to the other Living Body we call the Earth. In addition to man and Earth there are other living beings in this reality that we call plants and animals. Common to all of them is that they are alive, real and through their veins life force is streaming. There are different forms and expressions of life and consciousness, but creator (outside of religious connotations) spark of the life resides in them all. In one word, this set is existence. For if the Creator is all that He is, Life, and is in all alive, then He alone exists – He is Existence. There is no existence out of Him without him, no matter who or whoever He is.

Therefore, everything that is alive, has the consciousness, the spirit – exists. Therefore every form that possesses the energy of life is from the creator. Man is in Existence the highest expression of Consciousness, because his potential, unlike plants and animals, is much greater, I would say unlimited.

The creator of the reality in which we live breathes life to everything that exists and His is of original source. Everything else is not from the same source; because it does not contain the principle of life, consciousness, and energy, and would, on the dualistic-relativistic principles of opposition to the Creator, be called Satan (which is not entirely true, but in this case doesn’t matter). Satanism is a principle which in reality does not exist and manifests itself as a belief or thought concept without its own energy, but is a parasitic nature. Further, the “principle” of Satan is the principle of non-life, death, deviant consciousness, turned from the inside outward. This principle, which is not the principle, but the absence of the creator’s principle, is set on the basis of respect, fear, obedience. Satan’s consciousness requires you to subordinate, to worship, pray and to offer her sacrifices. It refuses to acknowledge a Man with a free Self that is self-sufficient and has its will. Since there is no such world, it can only be manifested in reality through symbols (various signs, logos, letters, words, names). Thus, the Republic of Croatia does not exist, except as a flag, coat of arms, anthem, or map of administrative (non-natural) borders. By worshiping these symbols or offer sacrifice to them, you are 100% satanist. The Creator has expressed countless times that we do not worship anyone or anything other than Him. No icons, pictures, statues, coats or flags. We worship Him, Life, the life principle that sustains us and sustains us in the Existence of the Earth. If that does not work, the Creator will not punish us, because punishment or condemnation is not part of the life principle.

On the other hand, the legal world is full of sanctions of a purely satanic nature, which directly and clearly says: “Or you subjugate to me, or …!” The state (of course not saying, because it does not exist, but its so-called representatives) say: “Who does not pay tax, going to jail. Those who do not bow down to the ymbol of the state are considered a traitor and therefore go to jail.”Adoration to non-existent entities of symbolic character that exist in the form of an image, statue, figure, idol is called idolatry and the most recognizable form of satanism. Believing in the state, the legal system, his worship is the mental departure of Man from the Creator in the direction of the deviation and degradation of consciousness and life principle whose unbelievable consequences today manifest themselves in the form of a perverted egocentric mind ready for all forms of fear in order to strike hunger for power, glory, wealth, energy resources. Today it is so clearly visible in the world, where rivalry, competition became “normal” … and end in itself.

Reason 6: Wrong interpretation of the rule of law

The magical word that is often repeated in the media, which no one has ever explained in full light is “the rule of law.” So what is the rule of law? Well, the Bible has one, only one verse that compiles the Golden Rule, as it is in all other higher civilizations; The Gospel of Matthew 7:12 says, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”. In other words, the rule of law is: “Everyone is equal before the law and no one is above him.”

And the same rule from the 6th century BC, through Confucius 15:23: “Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you”.

From Brahman Mahabharata, 5: 1517, we have: “This is the sum of the Dharma [duty]: Do not do to others that would cause you pain if done to you”.

There are also sources from other religions that speak the same but I will not list them here, it is enough to know that these rules are universal, they are fully in line with the natural law of common sense.

In fact, there is no rational, reasoned, healthy priest or judge, president or prime minister who would dare deny the existence of the Golden Rule of Law. Instead, they hope that we will not talk or write about it.

Why? Because these people are deeply immersed in the role of guardian of the system, those who now act, function without any trace of competence according to the original meaning of the law. In fact, there are numerous works and books that have been written in the last eighty years by the so-called “legal experts who prescribe that law is what is being done to keep order – in other words: “The law is what I say.” What a garbage! What a stupid statement! The rule of law is subject to the hierarchy of creation, so every law brought by man must be clear, straightforward, in accordance with divine law, common sense, and rights of the man. If the law is not such, it is not law at all, nor we can speak about the rule of law.

Reason 7: Corruption of the Rule of Law

The rule of law itself may not be a bad idea, it may even have a note of sublime consciousness, but for it could function, there is need for consciousness of the exalted people of broad view and knowledge. People who have overcome their petty personal interests and moved from personal interest to the domain of life’s interest. At this moment, the fact is that the power and leadership of the national state (thoughts on REPUBLIC OF CROATIA) compromised on all levels. All branches of government are full of former and current criminals who have come to this position with various legal abuses, with immoral and illegitimate political fuses in which the ideology and political stance of a particular party was not a limiting factor in the change of the political party for the purpose of achieving political power and taking position. This immorality and crime in the ranks of those who should be a moral and ethical role model, is an indication that the man can not and should not put their trust to such consciousness that is willing to give up and God and man for selfish gain and material gain. A longtime politician who has participated in all government structures Vladimir Šeks publicly on TV said that the laws is not brouht in the Parliament but the Parliament is only facade which gives legality and legal process, and that the laws is written in small private stakeholders. Attempts at all institutional and non-institutional group of people to change legal means this course of events are to the present moment successful. And the fact is that the problem is not solvable at the level of visibility/consequence, but of causality. Removing visible effects is usually just applying makeup to a dull head.

Reason 8: Corruption of Courts

The judgment is a word that indicates action or reflection that takes into account all available facts, verifies them through objective experience, knowledge, spirituality, and psychology, and in the light of this, brings a conclusion or a specific guide to action. In order for something to be called a judgment, it must be impartial and objective, while everything else is merely an opinion. The objective judgment is the one in which the subject of observation and verification does not have visible contact points with the one who brings a judgment based on only its characteristic qualities. A judgment that is free from ego and personal interests, although having individual qualities, can be called objective because it is free of interest, identification connections. Only one who has such qualities and abilities for such observation and objective decision-making can be a judge. It is clear from this small introduction that the judge should bring a just, true and objective judgment, be a very wise, honest, just, unrelated living being. We will not even mention the venalness and conflict of interest. In former times the judges were highly consciously people who lived in harmony with Nature, even in celibacy, mostly older people with many life experiences and various knowledge both physically and psychologically. The conclusion is that the people who make the verdicts in the local courts are not at all a judge. If you agree with this definition of the word judgment and consequently judge, then these bureaucrats who dive by paragraphs, articles and rulebooks are neither, nor can they be judges. They are missing the basic components of which the lost contact with reality is the greatest.

Therefore, the state court is not a court. It is an administrative fabrication, judges are administrators, bureaucrats who do not see the world because their head is lowered and their noses embedded in laws, rules and paragraphs. Their competence, expertise, knowledge, morality and honor in the real world are insufficient for you to respect their decision. Court and the so-called judges often do not hold basic court postulates that say no one should be a judge in an affair in which he or she has an interest, then everyone is considered innocent until proven otherwise, that there is no judicial process if there is no harm, no guilty without the wrong mind and the wrong intent, that everyone has the right to refuse to be a witness in their case and which are only of some of the most important.

There are a lot of public documents and written books, and we have been convinced, through various processes, that the legal system is imposed as a cancer on the body of society and that it is the main weapon for manipulation, corruption, revenge, racket, fraud. Once the verdict is made, everything is legally and by the law. What is legally never, in such a system, can not be judged. The judges can not be held responsible for the verdicts they bring.

Reason 9: Legalization of Crime

The legal system is currently relying on the institute of legality, which is often identified with the notion of lawfully. However, these are two different things. Actually, it respects the complete hierarchy of the rule of law, so there are very few such laws.

In the legal system, there are blackmail, coercion, crime, scams, because the legal system textbooks, using paragraphs, articles, and rulebooks, allow it. Therefore, it is often heard by “high officials” to say that many “laws” are not just, but the law has to be respected … In the legal system, therefore, crime can be legal, which is a “normal” phenomenon , of course, it can not be legal, ever. The best example of legal crime is the banking sector in which bankers by frauds steal others energy, property and lives in exchange for colorful papers or electronic bills zero and units.

On the other hand, say e.g. cultivation of hemp is lawfully, but it is not legitimate. When talking about decriminalization of marijuana, the wrong words are used. It can not be decriminalized because it has never been a crime. This is all assumed that the word crime means something bad, unlawful, something that is causing damage to other people. System of legality is a system that has no connection with truth and justice, but only with fiction, contracts and business relationships. It is a system of agreements and consents and to which we freely volunteer (read ignorant, unknowable), so we are willing to be slaves. With such a logic, the legal system could be called legitimate, since never the free will has been broken and everyone is familiar with the actual state of affairs. And that can be true, until at one point someone remembers to break up, the so-called. contracts. Then it becomes quite clear what is lawfully and what is legitimate.

Reason 10: The plundering of man through the financial system

The legal system is the promoter of the greatest scam of today and it’s personal bodyguard. This fraud is called a financial-banking system. The largest and most powerful societies in the world, such as the US, UK, Japan, and Germany, are obliged at the magnitude of the trillion dollars. Croatia, as a society, follows that trend. The question is only to whom are these enormous and powerful states obliged? Although all of them, like the Republic of Croatia, are called sovereigns, they do not have financial sovereignty, they are already borrowing money from private banks, and they still pay interest on it. Banks, working on the principle of “fractional reserve banking”, absorb in the system money without deposit, in the form of a loan (read debt) to be repaid with interest. Since interest has never been put into circulation, the debt is impossible to repay, and the state must again and again be indebted for servicing interest because nothing else can do. In such a system, a country that previously assumed ownership of public property sold it in the form of a loan pledge or as a repayment collateral. When it sells everything and is very close, then it will pledge the loans by it’s citizens, which is already entered as the property. So the man in the hell of this corrupt system became a pledge for debts and tied to debt. There is evidence in some cases, but also the suspicion that the birth certificates of natural persons known as “citizens” were used as a pledge to raise a loan or issue money with the same citizen pledges for debt. In the example of American birth certificates, it is evident that each birth certificate has a CUSIP number that is the unique number obtained by each security. There is no concrete evidence that this is the case with the birth papers in Croatia, as well as there are doubts, because each birth certificate has a silver thread on it, which is proof that it is a security paper, and Croatia has fully taken over all the „values“ and procedures of liberal banking-capitalist system, and it is reasonable to conclude that the same procedure is taking place in Croatia.

Reason 11: Transforming a living man into a person

The possibility of concluding a contract between a fictitious legal body and a living man in all systems, for lack of parity, is impossible. Since a legal entity can never become alive, a contract can then be concluded only by declaring a man dead or missing at sea. This trick was accomplished by registering a name very similar to Man’s name in the state books, making it that way property of the state. A living man from ignorance has been identified with that title/role of IME and SURNAME, and using it in legal traffic actually degrades himself to the title of a citizen, which is the title of vassal or state serf. The birth certificate as a basic document, on which absolutely all other documents are issued, is not ours and we can never get an original, but only a certified copy, which is just one of the many evidence that the name we use does not belong to us and by using this name we become system slaves.

A person is a fictitious term derived from the word persona. A person is by definition a mask worn by actors in plays and thus representing a certain character, character, identity. Therefore, a person does not exist as actual but as a representative of someone or something, not living Life in Presence, but plays, depending on the capacity of the role played (taxpayer, traffic participant, defendant …). In this performance, man is represented in certain words, forgetting that he is something what he can’t describe, explain, or describe by name, definition or any other misinformation (see Truth as the foundation). Verzal(caps lock) as the style of writing the names of citizens is unknown in the spelling-grammar system, and it is assumed that it is a version of the dog-Latin illustrative letter that marks the commercial entities in the legal-banking business. The names of the dead on tombstones are also written in verzal(caps lock).

Reason 12: System as a spell, malison on the energy body

By legal magic/degradation in consciousness, a man accesses the state by entering the parish register and becomes a citizen in it, a person who as such gains a legal personality. Legal personality is not a divine creation, to nature/life is a totally unknown term because such a personality in nature does not exist. Legal laws are written for citizens, as submissive socio-state elements, which are treated as things … legal things, things of legal nature … from form, not from form essence, being, i.e. as those who have no control over his body, soul, time, wealth, money.

How is that possible? A citizen by definition is a vassal, and on top of that is considered dead. The dead have nothing to do with the Creator of Rights because they are supposedly abandoning them by committing themselves to allegiance to the quasi-God-state. And Creator kindly tells us that we have no gods other than Him. This state of affairs, which in mythology is depicted as the world of the underworld and which is no longer touching the real world (and that is true because the state and system are completely fictional), can avoid all kinds of customs established as rules which is applied to the World Earth, alive world, not to the world of the dead, whic wants to rule. Such a spell on the people and their renunciation of their Source, is a difficult anchor, which if not solved will pull us all to the bottom. Maybe we’re already in the bottom. The bottom of knowledge, conscience, compassion, love, meaning, strength, and the system played almost a key role in that pull to the bottom. Anyway, we need to solve it.

Reason 13: Inability to Change Corrupt Consciousness

All living people who participate in this expansion/dissemination of consciousness, the result of which is among other things is initiatives for the establishment of this community, to some extent have tried to correct the corruptive consciousness embodied in the agents of the system of all colors, types ,and designs, which by common name we call the state. Attempts such as calling to the so-called laws of the higher order, international institutions, declarations, conventions, commercial law, and even the establishment of an arbitral tribunal as a legal institution for the protection of people from invasive and always hungry, insatiable, parasitic states have not yielded results. People as corrupt/degraded consciousness, embodied in power, completely ignore all the calls of a conscious human being to establish a just and free system. In this new system, for their sorrow, things would not have been hierarchically set, but they would all be on one level. Therefore, the narcissistic ego, embodied in the consciousness of the mafia-parasitic trait, is the main obstacle to the achievement of an institutionally just and free society.

Given that the duty of the Man is to take care of himself and not for a society or a community which is guided by corrupt awareness, the only possible common sense decision that can be made is the abandonment of this legal-legal society, because every action within it is a further waste of time and the energy that the parasites use for their own good. This document is the result of such arbitrary decision made through constant re-examination, contemplation and acting in truth. The corrupt system cannot be repaired, so the only possibility of a man who is live, guided by Truth, Love, Justice, and Freedom, is to leave it alone.

“Society is a fraud, take control over your own life”

Alan Watts, (1915-1973) a skilled speaker, philosopher and activist put all of this into one sentence when commenting on modern society: